26 May, 2024


‘Refrain From Creating Troubles’ CBK Tells MR

Former President Chandrika Kumaratunga while urging former President Mahinda Rajapaksa to refrain from creating issues in the country and within the SLFP however said, if he insists on stirring troubles, she too is ready to accept the challenge.

Chandrika“I am not talking alone; I am saying this as a senior SLFP-er. . . This is the third time that he is attempting to destroy the party. The first time he attempted to break up the party when ex-president JR Jayewardene stripped Sirimavo Bandaranaike of civic rights. He went around the country trying to gain support for his call to oust her from the party leadership. The second attempt was in 2001 and this is the third time,” she said last night in an interview with Sirasa TV.

She pointed out that before MR, all other Presidents of Sri Lanka retired while he is the first President in history to be voted out by the masses.

“During my tenure, many told me to create provisions that would enable me to re-contest. . . But I respect the democratic processes and stepped down so that someone else could get the chance. I took MR by his hand and sat him down in the President’s seat,” she added.

CBK urged the SLFP supporters to be well aware of the troubles that MR is attempting to create.

“His family and he have plundered this country and those charges can be proven. We are in the process of gathering evidence regarding these charges so that we can present them before a court. . .The Presidential Secretariat, which during my tenure, ran on a staff of just 283 had increased to a total 1600 officials during his term – most of them were his relatives who would come that way only on the pay day to collect their salaries,” she said.

Speaking further she urged him to think about the country and refrain from stirring troubles.

“I urge him to take pointers from the Presidents before him. . . If he even has an ounce of love for this country, I request him to please stay away (ගියා නම් ගිහිල්ලා පැත්තකට වෙලා ඉන්න).”

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    The deposed corrupt dictator Rajapaksa is all out to cause trouble and he must be stopped. It is obvious that he hasn’t got the common decency to accept the people’s verdict. He has been rejected by the people and he has lost the perks of life as a king – a cruel and corrupt king who didn’t care too hoots about the country or it’s people when he plundered their money, property and their liberty.

    Desert Storm’s solution appears reasonable to me if the country and its people want to prosper and live in a free and democratic country. The dictator bumped of many of his enemies and bumping him off shouldn’t be a big deal.

    • 1


      Look, these racist Dumbos are so distraught without the bugger Mahinda in the driving seat they are trying to re-ignite their cow dung filled brains to see if any “Brilliant” idea lying anywhere in it bring him to power back again.

      My Question is:
      Do we need to waste all our energy in thinking to fight back this once defeated scumbag from capturing the power again?????

      Can’t we use all our energies to develop this country and rescue from the debt this bugger took from the ZIONIST IMF/World Bank as they would trap any nation or country run by criminals in their DEBT-NET.

      Almost, all the ZIONIST backing white skin countries supported the both sides in the conflict. Openly they claim to be wishing for an end for the conflict. But, secretly the Zionist bastards fully backed both sides and supplied arms to the LTTE and the SLGovts.

      Coming to the point of [Edited out] Mahinda, [Edited out] you can find from the many victims of the Mahinda’s many murders and crimes.

      [Edited out]

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    The Wicked Queen is (term I used by Dr Victor Ivon of ex-JVP Terrorist leading Carder of his Thesis on CBK ) really retired from politics as past ex-President of JR and DBW? No

    How she is asking Mahind Rajapakase do away form National Politics our Island?
    Who is CBK?
    What is her political authority derived from on what sources power ?
    How can she threaten to Mahinda R… not do engaged politics or not to be represtaitaive of People of Sri lanka?

    What type of ‘democracy’ practice by CBK?
    Is that Capitalism or Feudalism by CBK ?

    SLFP is party ownership by Feudal Lords( Solmon West Reggiway ?,and Anura & Felix- that LSSP call Satan) and Ladies( Sirimovo, Sunratra and Chaindrike) of Banadarake’s and later join by Ratwattes?

    Why was that SWRD compelled to created new Capitalist Party, that which against UNP, was ex-Colonial Master Party, 1951?

    CBK is thinking 25,000 square Miles of Island of Sri lanka is belongs to their Nindagam ( their feudal land)?
    Or House of Banadarake clan’s private property?

    And she is recently invented myth that occupation land is belongs to House of Banadarake? After Colonial Rule 425 years!
    Is that Sri Lankan has to take permission and approved do politics from Banadarakes? or CBK of SLFP?

    This shame to do democracy politics of Sri lanka?
    In fact is Christians Identity of Feudalism and Family racist Cosmogonies Banadarake’s and their Pseudo history new interpretation power game enter into democratic politics by CBK

    While she got that upper hand which is capable of CBK can be king makes by Hook or crook after pre-President election 2015 January, change that political coup was really organized behind by US UK and Indian RAW?

    Overthrown MR political power by misleading masses voters by idea that manipulated into masse media, incommunicable of incommensurable mass propaganda ,agitation and organized by ‘Good Governance’s and Rule of Law’ and name of ‘corruptions’ by foreign power Indian RAW, US-CIA and UK-MI15 and locally UNP CBK and MS.

    This so-called democracy politics over-eager to editors pounced on opportunity and promptly made by CBK her piece of her interview.

    Unfortunately for CBK interview was hoax a mishmash of jargon, she had concocted.As soon as her interview was published that immense embarrassment to whole democratic platform and norms in Sri lanka.

    What are witness of Interview by CBK point was to demonstrate the poor Intellectual Bankruptcy of the post-war modernism democracies of right thinking democratic scholars, politicians and public. CBK is out of touch with ground reality and poor knowledge of Sustainable of national capitalist model and path of Sri lanka.

    What if the perpetration of a similar hoax more elaborate than CBK? This is nothing of CBK we can imagine a sort of deathbed confession of her version of ‘feudal democracy’ at which CBK reveals that she did NOT REALLY believe any of what she had interview.

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      You stupid men would have been shut your cesspits if the bugger would have been relected on the 9th January. Many over 6 millions of voting communnity of the country would see it right that CBKs mediation to support oppostion saved the nation once again. This time it was multiple times difficult than it was the case with terror eleminiation. However the stupid MR biased media men had painted the pictuer in favour of Rajapakshe thinking the same nation would stay eternally shut up while letting the highly abusive mafia family et all to loot the poor man s taxes. Rajarata people AND Rathupaswala people went on demonstrations asking most cheap food item of the living being- DRINKING WATER…. what happened was nothing towards their demands. Instead Ballige putha led coalition almost ruined it to core so that notnhing could remain for the health of unexpected numbers of renal patients among the farming communitiy. What intersting was every time going back to the paddy field he went on greeting the innocient eyes of those people – as no hearts are born to Rajapakshes. He is the most devious man in lanken politics next to any other leaders since indepenence. So long idiot of your kind would do the job for the idiots… it is will be NOT easier to take the ground for fair thinking justice respecting folks of the nation. Apita Budu saranai.

    • 3

      Sirisena Yatawara – The world has been watching without taking a firm action against the corrupt and criminal practices of MR regime –
      – attack on the independent Media
      – abduction, attack and murder of Journalists
      – War Crimes committed with impunity
      – appointed alleged war criminals as diplomats
      – White Van abductions, torture and murders
      – cold blooded murders of 17 French Charity workers and students
      – denial of rule of law, freedom and Justice
      – denial of human rights, no independent Judiciary
      – genocide of the Tamils

      Do you think that the world is blind and continue to tolerate a mass murderous regime?

    • 3

      I agree with what you say…CBK is out of her mind.The present Govt with Sirisena taking disastrous decisions against the sovereignty of this this mother land. Men who fought for this country wants MR back in power.

  • 4

    MR was Anura B’s pal and drinking buddy. It eas HER brother, Maithripala Senanayake who went to court to get rid of Mrs. B. IT WAS NOT MR. she’s lying as usual because of her pathological propensity to lie and say anything delusional.

    I’m not defending MR and his family ruke, but she’s the one found guilty of corruption with Waters Edge.

    She broke up the SLFP and Rajitha wasvher close friebd and thdy fell out and Rajitha accused her of many things. It was her OWN BROTHER who wanted to usurp Mrs.B and she’s lying. That lazy brother couldn’t do anything abd she undercut MR in 2005 too.

    Stop lying .

  • 5

    MR is guilty to the core ,that is why ,he is so disturbed,that he wants to
    topple the cart of the My3 government.Arrogance and revenge is written on his face.
    MR IS ACTING AS IF HE IS STILL THE PRESIDENT ,when will he realize that his time is over,and that, THERE IS A NEW MAN AT THE HELM,and MR has to take orders from the him.

  • 2

    Well Said!

  • 5

    So the point has hit home with force! wicked queen is paniking and the fear is all over her her face, return of MR is inevitable

  • 1

    Common sense commenter….in my common reading, what you listed an issues of MR are not known to me. Certain past those issue were created by evil democracy.

    Some are concocted stories by conspiracies of political coupes to overthrown MR Ruling parties, that vested interest of Foreign powers. But that serve for the Global hegemonic agenda. Is this issue are locally not created by UNP or CBK or MS! not that. They had been part of Global agenda of political conspiracies.

    Politics has come to the level of Globalization, as well as its has comes to the turning point of Globalization Democracy into new pattern of Lumpenzation — Moribund imperialism. What Lenin thesis put forward, very correctly side Last Stage of Imperialism.

    But in your reading having different background ,that depend on according to vested interest of classes, Parties and political differences and other sources of funding.

    That is natural phonemmnoe of class society by but that CS ..commenters has not yet reflection in my mindset the reality of society.

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    The check and balance of democracy in the executive presidential system is the TWO TERMS ONLY. Otherwise, it will lead to a DICTATORSHIP. MR manipulated to change the constitution in order for him to build up his dynasty. People must understand the core values of democratic rule. People must be educated what is democracy. The only thing MR did is with the help of India, China, Pakistan, EU and USA eliminated the LTTE and killed thousands Tamil civilian which became a defacto government with strong armed forces in Asia without a backing up a single country. After the brutal ending of the war he started his game to robe the country in the name of development but completely destroyed the democracy. Now the wheel is turning.

  • 2

    Instead of beating the drum of the filthy acts of the Rajapaksa family clan please make the poor, innocent, ignorant people in the rural areas aware of these scoundrels. They believe this filthy rotten MR family and MR’s clan. Go to the grassroots and make people aware!

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