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Rein In Your Family – UNP Tells President Rajapaksa

The UNP in a strong statement issued in reference to the several recent controversies that have occurred in the country involving Rajapaksa kith and kin, has called on President Rajapsksa to rein in his family.

The UNP statement that was released today, has referred to the recent slip up that occurred following the defamatory article published in the Defence Ministry (MoD) website that almost erupted a diplomatic row between India and Sri Lanka, pointing out the Ministry has made a fatal error in failing to recognize that opinions published on its official website is reflective of the government opinions.

The UNP has pointed out that although this is a fact that is true of all official website and social media sites administered by government agencies across the world, it is hardly surprising that the MoD would fail in this regard due to the severe politicization and rampant incompetency and nepotism that has triumphed over experience, ability and basic intelligence within the Ministry.

“Also, the government and its mouthpieces are accustomed to having their say, often in the most uncivilized and brutal terms vilifying other governments, the UN and its officials or local political opponents,” the statement notes pointing out, this situation has arisen out of those responsible for such crass actions rarely having to face repercussions of their deeds.

The UNP has gone on to describe the inquiry ordered by the President into the incident as ‘ridiculous and farcical’ since many inquiries ordered by the Rajapaksa-regime particularly into violations committed by the military has been made into farces as seen by the killing of three innocent young boys during Weliweriya clashes.

“Will he inquire into the conduct of his brother and powerful secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa?” the UNP questions adding there is little choice left but to surmise that these writings are actually reflective of the thinking of the Secretary and the Minister in charge of the MoD.

Furthermore, the statement notes that President Rajapsksa is in an unfortunate situation where he has lost control not only of his brother, the de-facto Minister of Defence but even his young offspring whose ‘illusions of grandeur and blatant disregard of the norms and traditions of civility are setting new precedents in the impunity and indulgence afforded to inexperience young political adventurers’ as seen through the recent controversy that erupted involving Namal Rajapsaksa visiting a girls’ school to promote rugby among schools girls.

“We appeal to all religious and community leaders in this country to take note of this degradation of values and unprofessional juvenile handling of matters of the state. The time has come to end this circus,” the UNP has remarked while adding the President can no longer continue to call himself the ‘loving father of the nation’ when he and his kith and kin are intent on destroying the very values Sri Lanka once embodied.

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