24 May, 2022


Reject Dayan Jayatilleka’s Nomination: Civil Society Tells High Post Committee

94 Civil Society activists and 14 organisations have today urged Secretary to the High Post Committee to reject Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka’s nomination as the post of Ambassador to the Russian Federation.

We publish below the letter in full:

Secretary to the High Post Committee,

Parliament of Sri Lanka,

Sri Jayawardenapura, Kotte 

Representations on the Nomination of Dr. Jayatilleka as Ambassador to Russia

The following Sri Lankan civil society activists and organisations are deeply concerned by public reports indicating that the Government of Sri Lanka has proposed the name of Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka to the post of Ambassador to the Russian Federation. We write in response to the public notice dated 12 June 2018 issued by the Committee of the High Post of Parliament of Sri Lanka calling for representations regarding nominations including that of Dr. Jayatilleka. 

Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka

At the outset it must be noted that Sri Lanka has a rich history of diplomatic engagement with the international community and cultivated standing and respect among its allies across the globe including in multilateral forums such as the United Nations. With the escalation of violence in the early 1980s, the then United Nations Human Rights Commission, and subsequently the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) which replaced the Commission, discussed Sri Lanka’s human rights record where victim groups and civil society were able to make representations and successive governments of Sri Lanka engaged in constructive discussions. 

A marked shift in this stance was evident under the Rajapaksa regime when we experienced unprecedented levels of violence targeting civilians, civil society, media and other dissenting voices. It was during this period we witnessed a shift in Sri Lanka’s foreign policy. Dr. Jayatilleka who served as Sri Lanka’s Permanent Representative to the UN in Geneva at the time, took an aggressive and triumphalist line on the violence unfolding back home. For example, in 2009 a Special Session was called to discuss Sri Lanka and it was under his leadership we witnessed a hostile position taken and the deliberate targeting of those who held a different view to his own. Such a stance created divisions within the UNHRC and undermined Sri Lanka’s reputation of being able to diplomatically engage with the international community. The divisive line has had a lasting impression among missions and other entities in Geneva who remain dismayed by the negative impact the session had on the unity of the UNHRC and its impact on human rights globally. 

We also note that the line taken at the Special Session ultimately ran counter to Sri Lanka’s national interests. Professional diplomats have argued convincingly that the line espoused by Dr. Jayatilleka at the 2009 session, and triumphalism about his ability to ‘win’ a resolution congratulatory of Sri Lanka’s execution of the war, galvanised Geneva actors whose concerns had been cast aside by the Sri Lankan delegation. The 2009 Special Session debacle ultimately had a significant impact in convincing the international community including the members of the UNHRC that grave violations took place in Sri Lanka and that an independent international investigation was required. This hostile and triumphalist line was counter productive as it subsequently led to several resolutions being adopted by the UNHRC in 2012, 2013 and 2014. We also note that Dr. Jayatilleke who was subsequently appointed Ambassador to France was unable to prevent the French Government from voting against Sri Lanka in these resolutions, demonstrating his ineffectiveness as a head of mission. 

With the political change in 2015, we were relieved to see President Sirisena and the coalition government reverting to a more conciliatory tone where there was recognition of past abuses and the need for genuine reforms towards reconciliation. This was based on human rights being fundamentally a domestic issue, in recognition of the rights of all of Sri Lanka’s citizens rather than a game played with the international community. We were also heartened to see the Government of Sri Lanka rebuilding bridges with the international community and engaging in a constructive manner to further the interests of Sri Lanka, not the whims of particular individuals. This was also welcomed by the international community and in recognition invited President Sirisena to events such as the prestigious Group of Seven (G7) summit in Japan and Anti-Corruption Summit in the United Kingdom both in 2016.  

This hard work of rebuilding Sri Lanka’s image and reputation to be a truly democratic and plural country where all citizens are equal and a country that values its international standing can be damaged with the promotion of individuals who were not only apologists of the previous Government but also, to date, its most ardent champions. 

We note that Dr Jayatilleka’s ideology and the ideology that shaped the January 8 2015 movement for change are poles apart. Dr. Jayatilleka has denounced the very concept of Yahapalanaya and members of this administration. He has stood stoically against democratic reform and reconciliation initiatives, repeatedly attacking progressive ministers and leaders of the current Government for making concessions to victims of the war, as seen when privately owned land is released by the military or a permanent office to investigate thousands of cases of disappeared is established. Where we fear the violence perpetuated by the previous regime, Dr Jayatilleke openly extols the virtues of ex-President Mahinda Rajapaksa, and his ‘strong-man’ tactics. 

On both previous occasions when Dr. Jayatilleka was sent on diplomatic postings, to Geneva and Paris, he furthered a personal agenda which had detrimental consequences to Sri Lanka among its most important allies. If that was the case under the Rajapaksa administration, where Dr. Jayatilleka’s ideological inclinations found resonance, then the potential for damage to this current administration which seemingly does not align with his ethno-nationalist views will be significantly greater. 

It is in this context we question the nomination of Dr. Jayatilleka to a senior diplomatic post and urge the High Post Committee to reject the nomination. We also request President Sirisena, Prime Minister Wickremesinghe and the coalition government to acknowledge the work done since 2015 to rebuild Sri Lanka’s image and standing internationally and to nominate individuals who are able to best represent the reforms promised in 2015 and not those who deliberately seek to undermine them. 

Thank you



  1. A.C. Mohamed Rumaiz 
  2. A.D.J Rajani 
  3. A.L. Ratnayake 
  4. Anurasiri Hettige 
  5. A.R.A Ramees
  6. Bennette Ratnayake 
  7. Bhavani Fonseka 
  8. Bishop Kumara Illangasinghe
  9. Brito Fernando 
  10. C. Ranitha Gnanarajah- Attorney-at-law
  11. Chandra Jayaratne 
  12. Chandra Hewa Gallage 
  13. Chandraguptha Thenuwara 
  14. Cyril Pathiranage
  15. Danesh Casie Chetty
  16. Deekshaya Illangasinghe 
  17. Dharmasiri Bandaranayaka
  18. Dileep Rohana 
  19. Dr. P. Saravanamuttu 
  20. Dr. Ranjith Pathirana
  21. Faaiz Ameer- Attorney-at-law 
  22. Faheema Begum Marsook
  23. Fathima Fayaza
  24. Freddy Gamage
  25. Gamini Viyangoda 
  26. Gnaweera Dissanaike 
  27. H.M Premasilee
  28. Harsha Gunasena- Charted Accountant 
  29. Harshana Makalanda
  30. Helen de Alwis 
  31. Herman Kumara
  32. J. Subashini 
  33. Jayatilleka Bandara
  34. Jayanta de S Wijeratne 
  35. Jeanne Samuel 
  36. Jeyakanthi Jena
  37. Juwairiya Mohideen 
  38. K.M.D Nilasini 
  39. K.W Janaranjana
  40. Kaushalya Fernando 
  41. Keerthi Kariyawasam
  42. Lakshman Gunasekara
  43. Lal Wijenayaka 
  44. Lala Hegoda 
  45. Lionel Guruge 
  46. Lucian Bulathsinhala 
  47. Lukshman Mendis 
  48. M.D Mahindapala 
  49. Mahaluxmy Karushanthan 
  50. Mahesh Senanayaka- Senior Lecturer, Colombo University 
  51. Mahinda Ratnayaka
  52. Mangalika Fernando 
  53. Marian Pradeepa 
  54. Marshal Fernando 
  55. Mohammed Dilshan 
  56. Mujeebur Rahman
  57. Nigel Nugawela 
  58. Nihal Attapattu 
  59. Noel Christine Fernando 
  60. P. Manoharan
  61. P.D. Dissanayake 
  62. P. D. Gunathilaka 
  63. Padmini Weerasooriya 
  64. Philip Dissanayake 
  65. Prabodha Rathnayaka 
  66. Prasanga Fernando 
  67. Priyadarshani Ebenezer 
  68. Prof. Arjuna Parakrama 
  69. Prof. Camena Guneratne 
  70. Prof. Desmond Mallikarachchi
  71. Prof. Jayadeva Uyangoda
  72. Prof. Kumar David 
  73. Prof. Sarath Wijesuriya 
  74. Raisa Wickrematunge 
  75. Roshaan Hettiaratchi- Attorney-at-law 
  76. Saman Ratnapriya 
  77. Sampath Samarakoon 
  78. Sandun Thudugala 
  79. Sandya Ekneligoda 
  80. Sanjana Hattotuwa- Senior Researcher, Centre for Policy Alternatives 
  81. Sarah Arumugam- Attorney-at-law
  82. Seetha Gamage
  83. Shaheera Lafeer
  84. Shanthi Dissanayaka 
  85. Shreen Saroor 
  86. Sumika Perera
  87. Sumathipala Kariyawasam 
  88. Sunil Perera- Gypsies 
  89. Titus Fernando 
  90. Tharanga L. Patabandhi
  91. Upul Kumarapperuma 
  92. Ven. Dhambara Amila Thero
  93. Ven. Mahagalkadawala Pungnasara Thero
  94. Visaka Dharmadasa 


  1. Association of War Affected Women  
  2. Centre for Policy Alternatives 
  3. Families of the Disappeared 
  4. Janasansadaya 
  5. Mothers and Daughters of Lanka 
  6. Muslim Women’s Development Trust, Puttalam 
  7. Northern Muslim Civil Society 
  8. Northern Muslim Forum 
  9. Platform for Freedom 
  10. Rights Now Collective for Democracy 
  11. South Asian Centre for Legal Studies 
  12. Women’s Action Network 
  13. Women’s Centre 
  14. Women’s Resource Centre, Kurunegala 
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Latest comments

  • 5

    The biggest charge against Dayan is that he antagonised Queen, something no other diplomat had ever done.

    • 2

      Lot of jeppos and unp stalwarts in disguize as the civil society. You have done enough and more to ruin this country… please retire, commit suicide or migrate. People shall not believe your lies any more.

  • 15

    Dayan is a Communist parasite. He and his wagging tail Tamara K’nayagam, another Communist, should be sent to Grade 1 in school to learn afresh

    • 7

      Russia is no longer a communist stronghold like the Stalin purges and persecutions of church. The Internationale is outdated by a higher power and lankan communists need to upgrade themselves, not stuck in the mud. By Putin’s confession, he was secretly baptized in the Cathedral as a child, carries a cross and is a devout member of the Russian Orthodox church, which is now freed from Communism. It is not a place for so called “communist parasites” except perhaps to continue to shield the financial rackets of the previous regime rather than the issue of his aggressive speech for SL.

    • 6

      Communist mutation would fit most. He does not know what he has been talking about.
      No consistent one article to the other. Main thing to stand against his enemies. His arguments are no worth. Almost similar to that of Wimal Ponnaya Buruwasnse. Dayan s is a curse ot the educated folks. Unfortunatley, bugger would never sense it.

    • 2


      “Dayan is a Communist parasite. “

      When did he become a Communist adherent?

  • 1

    No 48 M.D Mahindapala. is it HLD Mahindapala, the ex journo?

    • 6

      I think this is unfair. Whatever grouse we have against Dr. D.J ‘s politics (and he is given to 180 degree reversals quite often) , it should not figure in this sort of appointment.
      An Ambassador’s job is to lie for his country. D.J will do just that. He might tell diametrically opposite lies from the ones he spouted post-2008. Being well known as pro-Russian is also an advantage. He can go there and sing endless praises of Fidel and cause no offence.
      In the final analysis, Dayan in Moscow will do less harm than Dayan in Colombo.

      • 6

        You are absolutely wrong.

        Ambassador means a representative to the world.

        If we cant rely on a person #s behaviours, how can we expect the kind of men to do the job properly.

        Dayan s was not even welcome by former Mafia King even if DJ works with him JO propaganda machines closely today.

        A does not match with B but to go for it is a stupid act.

        This man should better be kept in Mulleriyawa/Psycho hospital, believing he would recover some day. Basta

      • 2

        old codger

        “He might tell diametrically opposite lies from the ones he spouted post-2008.”

        Can I just remind you that the opposite number who would deal with this racist is a highly trained liar with broad experience. Do you thing this war crime denier (not a good one at that) can match his Russian opponent?

        • 2

          “Do you thing this war crime denier (not a good one at that) can match his Russian opponent?”
          That’s why he will be good in Moscow. The Russians won’t be his opponents.
          Anyway, going by his latest writings, Dr. DJ is adjusting his sails again. I expect a stern call to prosecute “war heroes” quite soon.

  • 6

    superb english, who wrote it? send that person as the Ambassador

  • 7

    I wonder why Nimalka Fernando and Ms Udagama both of Human Rights fame not signed? Do they want him (Dayan) to go?

  • 6

    why cant these civil society and organisations send an open letter against Ganasara?

  • 4

    Yes he is a joker of the highest grade and an opportunist .

  • 3

    What is crystal clear is the intellectual bankruptcy of these personalities who have endorsed this plea against Dr. Dayan Jayatilleke whose capacity to confront the hegemonic Western man at his own level seems indisputable. No doubt it is just envy that drives some of those signatories. Some of them are dependents on Western money. Others are servile residue of the colonial past and still others are victims of dubious circumstances. Who can defend the Yahapalanaya regime that has unprecedently put the Country in peril with a colossal Bank robbery and dire mismanagement of the economy and continueing miserably to hoodwink the people?

    • 5

      Yes, he is the one who can defend the Yahapalanaya regime as only he has the “capacity to confront the hegemonic Western man at his own level.” Only the local, Eastern hegemonic men – like Premadasa and Gotabhaya – are an issue for him. Before them he has a tendency to kneel down and suck up. And now Maithri. But he’s no hegemonic man. That shows Dayan is now desperate …. he will clutch at any straw before becoming totally irrelevant and fading into oblivion.
      Dayan’s political odyssey:
      From Vikalpa Kandayama to EPRLF to SLPP to Premadasa to Mahinda to Gotabhaya to Maithri’s Siberia.

  • 1

    Ah, don’t worry man. Dayan the chameleon will change his colours to Yahapalanaya rainbow colours in no time.
    I am against him too, for different reasons. He is a supporter of the 13th Amendment, Provincial Councils and the Federal Constitution as against a unitary Sri Lanka. If he represents this traitorous government, then he will promote and justify separatism and Federal Constitution abroad.
    Mahinda should be glad to get rid of people like Dayan unless of course there are other reasons to approve his posting to Russia.

    • 2

      Champa the ……………………………………………profession

      “Dayan the chameleon will change his colours to Yahapalanaya rainbow colours in no time.”

      Did you know your fellow racist and war crime denier typed the following a couple of years ago:

      ” So Wimal was probably right when he said to rapturous applause “Mahinda is not a name, Mahinda is a country!”

      He also called Wimal Sangili Karuppan Weerawansa a pure Jacobin orator. Do you know why?

      You cannot afford to offend your pimp’s admirer.

  • 3

    Thero should consult a makeup artist because his nasty villain smiles in Photo makes women organizations rebel against him. Had they written against Post Ayatollah when he was searching for Hitler to seat on Countries top job? Because Ayatollahs never smile; that is their lonely life!
    But it hard to differentiate this letter from what Thero did in Geneva
    “ With the political change in 2015, we were relieved to see President Sirisena and the coalition government reverting to a more conciliatory tone”
    “This was also welcomed by the international community and in recognition invited President Sirisena to events such as the prestigious Group of Seven (G7) “
    “We note that Dr Jayatilleka’s ideology and the ideology that shaped the January 8 2015 movement for change are poles apart. Dr. Jayatilleka has denounced the very concept of Yahapalanaya and members of this administration.”

    Isn’t the same kind of argument Thero presented in Geneva? After isn’t the same New King is selecting Thero to go and complete the Junk yard Ship deals? He was the defense minister fished war. He was in the government when Thero was sent to prove Zero Casualty! Did eve New King condemned Thero’s appointment before or May 2009. As jewel in the crown, he is one proposing to get out UNHRC, but not resolve differences with it. What is hypocrisy while praising New King but hating his appointments?

    Thero opposes Ranil, not the New King. He, in fact, welcomed New King in 2015.
    ” Dr Jayatilleke openly extols the virtues of ex-President Mahinda Rajapaksa, and his ‘strong-man’ tactics. “ Thero does of that to New King too.
    The signatories are misunderstanding Thero.

    What the letter saying is Thero created a unique name recently using the Sirasa Media time.

    Thiruvalluvar said know the person’s capacity and assign him the job. So this letter confirms Thero’s suitably for the Junk Yard Ship deal.

  • 2

    From his writings I can gather that Dayan Jayatilleka takes a dim view of civil society. He seems to believe that civil society is a dubious entity that is constituted of fringe groups. His conviction is that (reading between the lines), since civil society cannot be dismissed outright, the best way to deal with it is to humour it!

  • 0

    Like many other intellectuals, Dr DJ unashamedly (MR removed him from the post of Sri Lanka’s Permanent Representative to the UN in Geneva) .and sadly thinks Sri Lanka has no future without Rajapakses. But, I take this appointment as a comparatively good one.

  • 1

    I’m glad Civil Society has come forward at large

    The names are shiny

    Let’s expect a lot from them in the future to come

  • 2

    Civil Society, Bravo

    We want more fireworks from you to save this nation

    I’m sure the ultimate leader of the Civil Society is Most Ven Dambara Amila Himi

  • 0

    What a list of names, my God

    Appa Sira will have retract now

  • 1

    This Dayan appointment is part of Gota’s Wipath Maga plan. I think Dayan is the head of Gota’s Eliya. So why should Yahapalana Govt benefit Dayan who had done nothing. Why not appoint Ven Dambala Amila instead as the Russian Ambassador?

  • 4

    Another charge sheet against Dayan- he constantly writes untruth praising his late dad and mum. Very unjournalistic

  • 1

    Am not surprised. who are the signatories to this letter? most of these people are not know and some known are first class anti-Sri Lankan identities, intellectually deficient, lunatics, those who depend on foreign money, some saffron wore are rogues, servants of corrupt politicians, envious people who are unable to stand and win over Dayan’s arguments, those who become podians and small in front of this giant personality Dayan and the list goes on…………!.

    No one of these follows are any match to Dr. Dayan’s intellectual capacity, credentials, Sri Lankan identity and above all personality.

    Can these jokers answer the following few questions?
    a) how many have received Allosious’s money?
    b) can any one of these fellows self-nominateRussias Sri Lankan ambassador position and what are their credentials?
    c) Can anyone of these fellows publicly announce just one progressive contribution they have done to Sri Lanka in their lifetime?

    Ok, let’s appoint Sunil Perera, Sandhya Eknelligoda, Dambara Amila, Rathnapriya or any of these jokers as our ambassador.

    I congratulate President Sirisena , the only clean Yahapalana leader remains so far with clean hands for his wisdom for nominating Dr. Dayan.

  • 2

    I think the plot is to safeguard Udayanga. Dayan will keep him (Udayanga) safe in Ukraine as our new Ambassador

  • 3

    Taking on the western man is fine. Doing so at our expense, by whitewashing the crimes committed by the regime against its own people, is not.

  • 2

    This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our Comment policy.For more detail see our Comment policy https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/comments-policy-2/

  • 2

    Dayan’s PhD thesis was on “The political thought of Fidel Castro”.
    Maybe he should have written another on “The political (!) thoughts of the Rajapakse family”.

  • 3

    The egocentric, eccentric Dayan, with his warped mind and known for his anti-West diatribes and invectives against India, how is going to do the balancing act?

  • 4

    Dayan Jayatilleke has no policy and that alone is a disqualification for him to be appointed to the post. When persons are appointed to High diplomatic positions it is imperative that he or she is not recruited solely on academic credentials..but other achievements, quality or aspects of the person’s background. Because later there should not be any qualms in controlling ..specially in a country like Russia. He was a Sympathizer of LTTE…then with EPRLF ..Vijaya Ossie …Late President R.Premadasa.. former President CBK… Then with Mahinda Rajapaksha…now an ardent fan of Gotabaya Rajapaksha promoting him openly… there is no argument or question about his right or freedom to change allegiance to anyone or anything .. but ..a person nominated to such high posts should carry an indelible policy / character that could be held in high. Many have forgotten how he was stripped off his clothes by the crowds gathered at General Cemetery in 1983 for the funeral of 9 soldiers for being a sympathizer of LTTE …In the program “Sithijaya” suddenly he expressed his love to the country and a special his emphasis of his trust ONLY on the President..??? nonetheless expressed his strong belief that only MR could take the Country to the next level..anyone who read in between the lines can understand his motive and he is a HMV..can a person be so biased when in Foreign service if he loves the Country..? It is evident that his ultimate objective is to hold the bucket for Gotabaya Rajapaksha, his ‘Bose’ , than becoming an Ambassador….for him this appointment is a blessing in disguise.. Because in 2020 If Bose wins he is in and even if not he still is in.. Besides another feather in the cap…Indispensable..

  • 0

    The petitioners are exactly what the Lankan problem is about- esoteric groups intent on preserving elite statuses against all democratic odds, by using their usual bullying tactics whilst feigning discrimination. Thank God there is someone like Jayatilleka doing the needful for the struggling Lankan Masses.

    • 1

      Looks like Dayan is being praised and applauded by our member of the mental institution.

  • 2

    DJ will have to learn to respect the pulse of the citizens.

  • 1

    Reading these comments, is Dayan J the most hated man in Sri Lanka?

  • 3

    Dayan Jayathillake is 100% Mahinda man, so why appoint him under anti Mahinda govt?

    • 1

      This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our Comment policy.For more detail see our Comment policy https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/comments-policy-2/

    • 1


      good question.mahinda has got sirisena to do it.Something to do maybe with mahinda’s cousin udayanga i think.They need someone over there to do the coverup.

  • 1

    This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our Comment policy.For more detail see our Comment policy https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/comments-policy-2/

  • 2

    OMG. This hypocrite DJ has emerged as a nominee for ambassadorship under the yahalapanya government of which he has been so critical. MS and RW must prevent this Rajapakse stooge from ever being appointed as an ambassador. The moron is not fit to polish the shoes of an ambassador and it is amazing how this scoundrel has undertaken a program of deceit, lies and cunning to con the ignorant Prez to consider appointing him.

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