24 May, 2022


Remember? Remember!

By Tisaranee Gunasekara

“The Accord triggered mass nationalist hysteria among the Sinhalese… ‘This is it,’ one rabid young monk remarked at a demonstration beneath a sacred bo tree. ‘We must be prepared to sacrifice our lives.’” ~ William McGowan (Only Man Is Vile: The Tragedy of Sri Lanka)

‘Motherland is in danger,’ it is claimed, again. The words are familiar, echoes from the late 1980’s. Sixty-thousand died in the South, it is said, during that time. The dead were men and women of every political persuasion and none. Some understood the issues at stake. Others didn’t. A story from that time tells of how at a demonstration against provincial devolution, participants cried, “Pala baba apata epa (We don’t want Pala baby). They would have been told to cry, ‘Palath Sabha apita epa,’ but the term Palath Sabha (provincial councils) would have been an unfamiliar one. That story demonstrates the plight of ordinary people dragged into a situation they neither understood nor wanted to be a part of. But saying no to men with guns was not a sensible idea, not in that time when intolerance reigned supreme and murder was as common as dirt.

For those who did not live through those blood-soaked years, it would be hard to fathom how provincial councils were feared and hated. Today they are as familiar as the parliament. Costly, corrupt, inept – these are the adjectives many people would use to describe them, not dangerous. The idea of provincial councils as an express way to separation would not have many takers today; such a claim would elicit a shrugged shoulder or a blank look, not murderous, murdering rage.

Things were far otherwise in the late 1980’s. Then provincial councils were depicted as the greatest possible evil, Eelam in another name and guise, a conspiracy devised by traitors and imperialists to destroy the ‘Motherland’. The political leaders who launched the campaign against the Indo-Lanka Accord, the 13th Amendment and provincial devolution would have known that equating provincial councils with Eelam was an outright lie. With them it was a matter of expediency. But their followers, like the monk quoted in William McGowan’s book, believed those fervid, mad claims, believed enough to kill, enough to die, enough to turn the first ever PC poll from a common or garden electoral contest into a mini-war.

Provincial Councils, then; Draft Constitution, now

The first provincial council election was held in 1988. It was held on a staggered basis, in four rounds, not out of choice or expediency but out of desperate necessity. The election was boycotted by the JVP, the SLFP and the MEP in the South and the LTTE and the TULF in the North. Anyone participating in the electoral exercise, be it as candidate, activist or voter, was deemed a traitor – to the Sinhala cause or the Tamil cause, to unitary Sri Lanka or to future Eelam. The punishment was death.

Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa would well-remember that past. Though not a parliamentarian (he lost his seat in 1977), as a close confidante of Anura Bandaranaike, he played a major role in that bloody drama. He was a visible presence at the Pettah Satyagraha which unleashed a cycle of violence and counter-violence in the South, of unprecedented ferocity. He was one of those who claimed that the Accord and provincial devolution will destroy the country. He was one of those who transformed the stance on Accord and provincial councils into an indelible line separating patriots from traitors.

The country was almost destroyed, not by the Accord or the provincial councils but by the insanely violent manner in which they were opposed. 60,000 lives were lost, it is claimed. Those lives could have been saved if the opposition to the Accord and provincial councils took place within democratic and rational confines, with arguments rather than bullets.

The secretive manner in which the government of JR Jayewardene signed the Accord didn’t help, but even if the process had been as open as the sky and as transparent as glass, it wouldn’t have mattered. The SLFP and the JVP were opposed to any political concession to Tamils – decentralisation or devolution, home-grown or externally-pushed. Their plan was simple: ignite Sinhala anger, and use the consequent protests as a battering ram against the Jayewardene administration. That was to be their path to power. The two parties had only one serious disagreement – which would eventually doom their alliance. That disagreement was not over the killing of unarmed proponents of devolution; it was about who should be the monkey and who the organ-grinder.

This past is relevant because it is being resurrected – deliberately, opportunistically, cynically – by Mahinda Rajapaksa, the Joint Opposition and their ultra-racist fellow travellers. Just as the SLFP-JVP-MEP combo saw in the Accord and the 13th Amendment a fast-track to power then, today the Rajapaksa-led Joint Opposition is seeing in the new draft-constitution a means of regaining their lost universe, ahead of 2020. The draft constitution of the Sirisena-Wickremesinghe government is the new provincial councils. Going by the rhetoric, the plan is not to defeat the draft-constitution democratically, in the parliament and/or at the referendum. The plan is to use the constitution to unleash chaos in the South.

The signs are clear. The old-old ‘Motherland is in danger’ screech is back in play. Forces are being gathered, from monks to students. The GMOA is in the fold too, claiming that enhanced devolution via a new constitution would endanger national health. Galagoda-Atte Gnanasara is there as well, demanding that the authors of the new constitution be driven out. Fortunately for the country, neither the JVP nor its offshoot FSP seems interested in joining the virulent bandwagon. That is the only silver line in the gathering darkness.

The point cannot be made often enough. The new constitution can be opposed democratically. It can be defeated democratically, especially at a referendum. The best time for the new constitution would have been the first year after the historic presidential election, when the government was still popular. Currently, the government’s popularity is heading down, in tandem with broken promises. Any referendum is likely to become a vote not on the merits and the demerits of the new constitution but the government’s performance in general, and its economic performance in particular. The electorate is bound to use a referendum to express its displeasure at the government’s penchant to do what it promised not to and refrain from doing what it pledged to.

Mahinda Rajapaksa and his cohorts cannot be unaware of this possibility. So why try to unleash hysteria and mayhem? Why try to recreate the spirit of the 1980’s?

Last week GL Peiris claimed that “it is clearly visible that a separate country has practically being created in the North,” and that the police in the North are being controlled by the TNA. It is hard to believe that Prof. Peiris believes such a preposterous lie. So why say it? The decision by a group of top-ranking monks to oppose not just a new constitution but even an amendment to the existing constitution is indicative of fanaticism at play. Someone should tell the venerable monks that Sri Lanka is not a hieratic system, not yet.

A seminar was held last week, titled, ‘Don’t turn Lanka into an Orumitta Nadu’. Orumitta Nadu is the Tamil translation of the Sinhala term Ekeeya rata – in the draft constitution, Sri Lanka is defined as an Ekeeya rata/Orumitta Nadu. But for those who don’t know – the majority of Sinhalese wouldn’t know, especially since the government hasn’t bothered to explain – Orumitta Nadu would sound like Eelam, Malaya Nadu and Nasiristan, a Tamil-Muslim paradise created by shattering Sinhala Sri Lanka. The title would have been picked deliberately, precisely to create such an incendiary impression. The seminar, an exercise in fear-mongering a la 1987-89, was attended by many JO heavyweights, including Dinesh Gunawardane and, most tellingly, Basil Rajapaksa. On the internet, the organ grinders could be seen sitting at the back, watching the monkeys on the stage perform.

Thirty years ago, Mahinda Rajapaksa was one of those who virulently opposed the first PC poll, denouncing it as a bridge to separation. People were murdered in cold blood in 1988 for defending provincial devolution and taking part in the first PC poll. The country was set on fire in the name of opposing the 13th Amendment. Provincial devolution was equated with federalism which was equated with separation. Provincial councils were denounced as tools of separatism.

Today Mr. Rajapaksa would admit that the 13th Amendment and provincial councils are not akin to separation. He would have to, since he, very correctly, opposes the government’s craven attempts to postpone PC polls. He would have to, since he, very correctly, wants the first round of PC polls held, sans delay. And he owes the country an explanation for his changed stance, not least because many of the charges which he and his acolytes are levelling at the Sirisena-Wickremesinghe administration’s draft-constitution today are near-identical to the charges hurled at the 13th Amendment and the system of provincial councils in the blood-soaked years of 1987-1990.

Who is ‘Strengthening the Devil’?

Responding to the less than cordial reception he got during his latest visit to Jaffna, President Sirisena warned the Tamil people not to weaken him as if would strengthen the ‘devil’, a not so oblique reference to Mahinda Rajapaksa, who, during the presidential election campaign, told Tamils to vote for the ‘known devil’. Given current political realities, Mr. Sirisena’s warning is not incorrect. The only really existing alternative to the Sirisena-Wickremesinghe administration is a triumphant return of the Rajapaksas.

But the president is wrong to blame the electorate for that possibility. It is not the electorate which has given the twice-defeated Rajapaksas a new lease of life but the President, his prime minister, his ministers and his government. The recent examples include the shenanigans of Shalila Moonesinghe and his patron Ravi Karunanayake as well as the inexplicable decision by President Sirisena to give an electorate organiser-ship to a provincial politician who gained national notoriety by forcing a teacher to kneel in her own class.

The Rajapaksas might be willing to set the country on fire to clear a path to power for themselves, but it is the Sirisena-Wickremesinghe administration that is providing kindle for that conflagration. Not only did the government fail to take up the promise of a new constitution in the first two years of its existence. Not only did it fail to build a national coalition to actively back a new constitution. It also failed to capitalise on unexpected favourable developments – such as the decision by the Supreme Court that federalism cannot be equated with separatism and the outspoken words of support by the Malwatte Mahanayake for a new constitution which aims to resolve the problems of the Tamil people.

The failure of the government is enabling the Rajapaksa-led Joint Opposition and its ultra-racist fellow travellers to denounce devolution as evil redefine patriotism as unequivocal and absolute opposition to devolution. Just as the Accord, the 13th Amendment and the provincial councils constituted the adamantine line separating enemy from friend in the late 1980’s, the proposed new constitution is being turned into the sole means of separating patriot from traitor today. Shrill invective is replacing rational arguments.

The government can still prevent a return to the old madness. It needs to explain the why, the what and the how of the new constitution to the public. It needs to expose the cynical attempts by the Rajapaksa-led JO to ignite mass-hysteria in the South and benefit from it. It needs to meet Rajapaksa invectives with rational arguments and provable facts. If it fails, the ‘Devil’ will indeed return, masquerading as the ‘Saviour of Motherland’. If that disaster occurs, the government would have none to blame but itself.

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Latest comments

  • 13

    Great – I could not agree with you more

    “The Rajapaksas might be willing to set the country on fire to clear a path to power for themselves, but it is the Sirisena-Wickremesinghe administration that is providing kindle for that conflagration”

    The problem is incumbent president and RW have been caught by catch 22.

    And they would not want to risk any new kind of riots. Those JO men are powerful to create new kind of violence and send the message across to the world that people are after Rajapakshes.
    In that way, they can block any good moves for permament peace in this country.

    Only way out would Rajapakseh led groups to bring to discussion table and make them clear, this is no party issues, but a national issues affect on all srilankens equally.
    There are various men that Rajapakshe woudl be able to twist in formation of turmoil against any good moves.
    They know tha well and abuse it for their power struggle.
    I hate GLP or the kind of men to hidden their tails between real legs and to see still marching behind Rajapakshes.
    There they the kind of scapegoats have betrayed entire educated communities in this country.

    The current situation is very complex but media would not want to reveal that as it is. They are the other factor that stand always on the way, people keeping in DARK.
    iF MEDIA would work as it is the case in the UK focusing on the side of the people, the situation would have been much nicer.

    We can only wish things to turn out to be better with th etime. Else, we have to stay in discussions as one of the dons of University of Colombo keep reiterating.

    • 4

      This monk is one who has realized it.

      Please listen to the link that is how MR has been.


    • 2

      I think GLP s problem is similar to that of DJ, Prof. Rajeewa W, Malinda Senevirantne, Mahindapala and the like men.

      Most of them are no different to the rural poor, that have been abused by RAJAPAKSHE media units narrating them about the RAJAPAKSHE magical powers.

    • 2

      Grass eating majority should be blamed for all the mess srilanka has evolved sofar.

      Had they been that firm with their voting power, no chain robbers, rapists, murderers would have EASILY been elected to Dhiyawannaoya.

    • 1

      I love this photo of an intellectual Giant acting the “slave’ to someone who was the closest one could get to a South Asian Mugabe, proving that what matters is not the education but CHARACTER to resist what was wrong.

      What a giant GL would have been, had he some intestinal fortitude!

  • 9

    Mahinda is an opportunist just like any other politician. Hence he cannot remember what he said or did before. Just like the witnesses who gave evidence at the bond commission or similar to the responses received from Ravi K at the bond commission. They all said I don’t know or I cannot remember.

    All politicians will do whatever it takes to win the next election. The Reds, Blus and Greens are all the same.

    What they are looking for is easy money and power without learning a trade, vocation or a profession. At the same time doesn’t want to be held accountable either.

    Hence don’t take any these leeches too seriously since they just want to look after themselves at the expense of the tax payer. We all know what a waste of money it has been to maintain the provincial councils with almost 80% of funds spent simply on paying salaries and administration matters.

    We Sri Lankans deserve what we get since we only elect these idiots!!

    • 1

      But Jagath, who else is there to vote for apart from them? All of them are corrupt and we have no clean party to support.

  • 6

    I think it is high time to compare the aggressions of former President with that of current leader in North korea.

    Both seem to have much in common than any leaders in the world.

    Lanken former Prez had no whatsoever country level relationships with developed world towards the end of the collapse of his tyrarny by end of 2014. Swaziland, Belarus and other handful of countries in Afria and central Europe were his focus.

    All these should be studied properly if we at all want to know more about the HIDDEN nature of former president.
    I really donot know at least one would know his real inside yet. Telling something and doing the other way around have been painted as his pragamatism, but YAKA is more dangerous than ever guessed at. is what I see.
    Two years passed since the man is not in lanken leadership, but his intoxicated power hunger seems to be there in the same strength as had been before. Can you imagine ? While one of the former Prezs of US -Gimi carter is on his next mission towards peace, our FORMER of very rare sort to behave this way is THE CANCEROUS situation the nation faces for the moment.

    • 5

      Ranil who lost 27 elections hanged on to politics. He was rejected as the leader of the party by his party members but he hanged on. Did he do that because he loves the country or because he is power hungry?

  • 6

    I have very big question how can a man of GLP nature to get on with former president ?

    Former Prez as we some of us know is a rascal and no knowleldge beyond his sorcery and astro beliefs.

    GLP s relationship with former Prez should be made through a GURUKAM.

    Former Royal astrologer to reveal the bits properly. My gosh. I cant even my dog would agree with former men:

    • 2


      “Former Prez as we some of us know is a rascal and no knowleldge beyond his sorcery and astro beliefs.”

      Former President as we some of us know had the guts to get rid of the bloody Tamil rascal Prabhakaran and his terrorist outfit LTTE that massacred thousands of innocent Tamil. Muslim and Sinhala civilians. He eradicated Tamil terrorism and brought peace of mind for the people in Sri Lanka. Actually, his name should have been nominated to the Nobel Peace Prize but instead wicked western bastards nominated the name of President Sirisenam because he is licking the boots of whites.

      • 3

        Eagle Blind Eye

        “his name should have been nominated to the Nobel Peace Prize “

        Alfred Nobel did not allocate funds for the awarding of person who had in the previous years stole, killed, committed war crimes, let out killers, ……………………………. therefore there is no Nobel Prize for crooks.

        “The said interest shall be divided into five equal parts, which shall be apportioned as follows: /- – -/ one part to the person who shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses.”

        (Excerpt from the will of Alfred Nobel)

        • 2

          His name would have been nominated to the NPP, had Swaziland, Uganada and Belarus were the chairmen of NPP bodies.
          Else, not many would ever vote for him.

          The very same MR not to have achieved an inch of progress towards reconcliation is beyond my question.
          Magical leaders should equally show their talents and abilities right ?
          Or even criminals IMPRISONed in local and international prisons would behave similar in such ALL -OR not situation.
          If one woudl make a toss, either one side should be the reality . like wise, it was just not big decision making but just let it go, being supportive to local army … was the what MR did.
          But the day he licked the KATUNAYAKE roll field on his return from a foreign trip, there, Army commander corrected, on that day, Army had not yet defeated all LTTERs.

          Punnaku eating lankens would be tamed by ANYTHING.

      • 2

        if I may remind you, it was not him alone but collectivity pursuaded him. Please contact Dr. Dambare Amila thero he can refresh your memory AND let you know how MR had been at th etime, he was elected to the office in 2005.
        Of course, after the elemination was done by all various groups, he jumped and claimed the credit. Sadly, in cricket match winning , not Minister of Sports but the captains become the man to have encouraged the team.
        So in this case, in war victory, all three forces under each of their commanders should have done the job or not ?
        Please egle, dont be part of MEDIA units that painted the pictures calling Rajapakshe have the magical powers to get rid of LTTER terror.
        Please consider LET alone today, all the factos as any analysts would do.


        • 1

          Dear Raritythoughts,

          Please remember that sports minister nor the cricket team captain decide which location the match is played and when it should be played. The Commander of the tri forces i.e. The President has to decide when and where the war is started. He alone bears the responsibility. No pressure group you have mentioned takes no responsibility regarding the war. If so, the war crimes charge should not have been pressed to commanding officers but the pressure groups.

  • 7

    You can predict such unrest and such political coup in Sri Lanka…but…foxy Ranil is clever enough to deal with it ..

    Do not see you how he put one by one into jail .
    Do not you see how police officers transferred and made to retire .
    Do not you see how army officer are sent home .
    Do not you see he made a politics of balance between india and China..
    Now; it would be suicidal for MR to attempt to topple government.
    Any such attempt will put them in jails or government can put them into trouble .
    M&s and Ranil know if there come back into power it would mean the end of M & S and Ranil .
    More would be danger for Mangala. Rabitha and FS and many more people so ..in the interest of all that they keep grips on power.
    Moreover ; India and west would not support M& R if they do any coup.
    All what MR wants is his children come into power ..that is it ..
    MR DOES not want hand over power to Gaota at all ..
    Rather he wants his children to come to power..

    • 1

      Singhalese pundit,
      I would say Mahinda was foolished and exploited by his brothers and few opportunistists like Weerawanse, GL Peries, Vasudeva and Dayan jeyatilake. Mahinda had the opportunity to establish his kingdom simply after the end of war. He should honoured what he said to former former secretary general in public about 13+, he should have visited to the refugee camps and made some effort to understand the suffering, convince them that they will be released with govt support soon, he should have asked military to help those refugees and not to hurt them. He should have kept the same level of good relationship with the west and India which are two major counties helped to defeat LTTE. He should have ordered Gotapaya not to murder those who surrended to the military, he should have told Basil not to openly involve with corrupt practices, he should have controlled his children not to involve with rape and murder. If he would have done these things he would be onsidered as a life time Hero of this land. Unfortunately, he was surrounded by evils within his family and outside family. He never understood about real Buddhism.

  • 2

    with all has being said in the past to the near present, I shall argue the facts on the following points:

    1. Have the providential councils established as per the constitution of 1978 done anything more THAN the elected members ( as per the electorates)

    2. What is the difference between the Village Council and the “pradeshiya Saba” concepts:
    Well I name a few:

    3. The VC members were DIRECTLY responsible for the development @ community level. The VC members used to take OWNERSHIP of the micro/mini level development @ community le

  • 9

    Can someone make some Posters of the below quote from this article and place them in all entry and exit points to the cities in all provinces, so that the foolish masses will know what this maniac is capable of. Sinhala translation too.


    Could not have said any better or any less. Kudos to Tissaranee.

  • 6

    Remember? Remember! – What an apt and fantastic title! Says it all in two significant words or should I say one?

    The government must explain better, why this country needs a new constitution. They are taking the people in this country for granted. Taking also for granted, that the people will accept. They wont. They are also taking for granted the people understand. They don’t!

    The fault lies with the government. The two top men haven’t explained in simple terms through televised addresses to the nation, WHY a new constitution is necessary, and what was wrong with the old one.

    Through their ignorance, the people of this country could drag this country back into the dark ages of hell….. And with the hell’s emissaries knocking at the door, it will only be a matter of time before total chaos will reign…

    Tisaranee, Sarath, Shyamon….. you have a huge role yet to play.

    Play on.

    • 0

      Remember? Remember! or should we say, Forget? Forget!. No I think we shall not forget; we mustn’t.

      Under the previous ideology what mattered was Getting There, Never Mind HOW.

      The right way is to Get there, The Right Way. I hope Sira and Ranil take heed.

      Even though hugely belatedly, getting rid of Ravi K and Wije R were both belatedly commendable. May you have the wisdom to act, a lot faster, lest the rug be pulled under your own feet.

  • 8

    Remember? Remember!….when Ranil after many months of discussions agreed to the draft 2000 constitutional proposals of CBK then backstabbed her in parliament?

    In fact, urged his MP’s to burn the document in parliament and hurl filth at her while she presented it?

    Might be good to remember that too dear TS!

    • 2

      Well said Perriamama. We have no statesmen, just politicians.

  • 3

    TG: I heard those who have connections to Wimala Wijewardhane and want to live her life and abuse the Sangha Karaka sabhava.

    • 2

      What on earth are you trying to say or are you simply seeking to prove – yet again – that you are close to being the dimmest of the dim wits who think they know how to respond to good sense?

  • 3

    Can GLP & DJ explain in detail to MaRa Bros & Co what TS is talking about through her factual analysis ?

    Can a smart patriot like DJ or GLP counter TG with reason and logic ? I doubt they will.

    The article should be translated in Sinhalese so that it has a wider reach.

  • 1

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  • 1

    Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi are responsible for ruining Sri Lanka. These two should rot in hell for trillion years because they are responsible for the death of thousands of innocent Tamil, Muslim and Sinhala civilians.

    • 5

      Eagle Blind Eye

      Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi pour bit of petrol when they saw the never ending eternal fire. In fact JR and his racist politicians asked for it.

      The flame never ceased burning since 1915. The killing was already endemic before their intervention. Lets see, 1956, 1958, 1961, 1971, 1977, 1981, 1983, …. –

      Well why didn’t your brave armed forces fight the Hindians back to New Delhi? If you think about it, the state should have honored VP with the highest medal of the country.

      You should see your local optician as soon as possible.

    • 2

      Nobody is responsible but majority of voters themselves.

      THey always supported the wrong candidates.

      They are even today NOT aware of the GREAT VALUE of Universal Franchise. They just let BRUTAL politicians to abuse them easily.

      Not even Ethiopians as the poor of the poor would ever let abuse them easily; but sinhala DONKEYs repeat.

      For the May day rally, them to turn up in masses were so easy, since JO abused them

  • 3

    Soon after independence in 1948, the language/religion divide was created and exploited by politicians. In the 1956 election hustings, RMP Rajaratne, Themis, Singhala Marikkar and ilk created a fear that India is about to invade with treacherous Tamils assisting India. SWRD B won, Sinhala Only came.
    In the 08 January 2015 election, the language/religion divide was not mentioned. We thought we have entered a new era. Or have we?
    Last week GL Peiris claimed that “it is clearly visible that a separate country has practically being created in the North,” and that the police in the North are being controlled by the TNA.
    GoSL has no control over police. The suggestion that TNA controls police is simply outrageous. Will GL go any lower? Watch this space.

    It is hard to believe that Prof. Peiris believes such a preposterous lie. So why say it?

  • 4

    Well written.But i persume R.W dont know to play chathuranga/Chess.
    After the prez elections M.R was beaten phycologically and mentally as he never ever expected to loose it.Then he went to medamulana on the next day without any plans…..And that was the time R.W should have check mated him.O.k. how
    To openly say what happened on the night of 8 of January.Was there a “coup” attempt or not.But R.W went to see M.R with T.Nadesan to make deals…..
    Then secondly within the first three months to bring the Thajudeen, Ekneligoda ,lasantha w cases heard by a special commission openly.
    Instead of doing these he went to rob the central bank.Now it is a wait and see game.M.R and co has definietly got the upper hand at the moment.

  • 2

    Sri Lanka became a tragedy for the elitist few who had the most power and privilege, when SWRD swatted them like flies with the swabhasha act. The elitist bootlickers, few of whom are still remaining, are talking of the “good old days” when over 50% of the population was below the poverty line. They still pander to the west knowing that it is their only chance of survival, even at the expense of the peace that the country is at right now. TG the imperialist bootlicker is grabbing at the straws inventing stories and insulting the common man and women (Really TG, your elitist idiocy is so apparent if you think rural folk is as idiotic as you are). TG is suggesting MR who was jailed for going to the UNHRC during the horrors of 89/92 was part of the Bheeshanya, knowing all too well that her namesake defended MR. Yes TG all remember the 30 years gunpowder, and treachery and treason of November (2014).

    • 2


      Brilliant only if it is true.
      However I envy your ability to spin a yarn.

  • 1

    Let us follow Buddhas preaching s leaving Buddhist priest s out of the equation as they don’t practice what they preach. According to four noble truths and eight fold path all good Buddhists should give up all things material and lay life and seek emancipation never to be born again. The solution to the ethnic problem lies there. I cannot understand why priests are getting involved in constitution making as they gave up lay life when they took to robes. Today we suffer due to foolish mistakes made by us in the past such as Sinhala only in 24 hours, abrogating the BC pact, poya pre poya , Kandy marschholidays, protesting against 13th amendment, nationalisaion policy etc.

  • 0

    Little Burampi Simon Bunja Rarity Wathie,, I know, we know that you are only one single Lanken individual and your attempts at pretending to be many Avatars is not successful. It is a Lanken who is doing menial job and living as a refugee from persecution of the Sinhala Government. I am saying menial not to demean the person who is doing it. It refers to the income he/she is getting.

    Anyway, I feel sorry for you. Soon you will be really persecuted by the EU and you will have to come back. The Nazi Angel who charged you $ 5000 will not come to your aid. You will be left with nothing.

    By the way, where Samuel Jayaweeran the other two Avatars? Sorry both the two are missing. Soon it will be both the three missing.

    At least show some respect for MR the man responsible for providing you with a ticket to Berlin without all that barking.

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