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Removal Of The Occupying Sinhala Forces Is The Only Solution – Rudrakumaran

By Colombo Telegraph

“The recent arrest of Jaffna University students has once again clearly demonstrated that as long as the Sinhala army is stationed in Tamil areas, the safety of the Tamils will never be guaranteed.” says Visuvanathan Rudrakumaran, Prime Minister of the Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam.

Visuvanathan Rudrakumaran - Prime Minister TGTE

“Today we are witnessing the worldwide phenomenon of students and youth standing up for their democratic rights. At various stages of the Tamil liberation struggle, the student community of Jaffna University too has played its part in speaking the voice of the Nation’s freedom. The emergence of Pongu Thamil as the just symbol of the Tamil Nation’s struggle also happened in Jaffna University from amongst a student community in the midst of military occupation.” issuing a statement he further says.

We publish below the full text of the statement


The Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE) has launched protests and demonstrations in Tamil Diaspora countries calling for the release of Jaffna University students arrested by the Sri Lankan forces and the complete removal of the occupying Sinhala forces from the Tamil homeland.

The recent arrest of Jaffna University students has once again clearly demonstrated that as long as the Sinhala army is stationed in Tamil areas, the safety of the Tamils will never be guaranteed.

While the Tamils overseas continue to clamor for justice in the international arena for the genocide perpetrated by the Sinhala forces in Mullivaaikaal, the structural genocide of Tamils in the homeland continues.

Whilst there may be a difference in the modes of operation between the genocide perpetrated by the Sinhala rulers in Mullivaaikaal and the present structural genocide of Tamils in the island, the complete annihilation of the Tamil Nation in the island of Sri Lanka remains as the sole purpose of their work of genocide.

Through the killing of tens of thousands of Tamils in Mullivaaikaal under the pretext of war, the Sinhala rulers were attempting to eliminate the Tamils’ quest for freedom, their identity as a distinct nation, and their political aspiration to establish an independent and sovereign state of their own. They were attempting to submerge the Tamil identity politics in the dominant stream of Sinhala majority. Yet, they have not managed to touch the political awareness of the people of Tamil Eelam.

There are two important features in the genocide endeavor of the Sinhala rulers while occupying the Tamil homeland. One is to erase all attributes of nationhood from the Tamils and the other is to compel them to surrender to Sinhala dominance and prepare to be assimilated. Both constitute the sinister designs of the Sinhala State to eliminate all traces of a Tamil Nation from the island of Sri Lanka.

It is imperative for their genocidal agenda that the Sinhala rulers eliminate all traces of democratic space in the Tamil homeland. To us, the present attacks and arrest of Jaffna University students have arisen out of the necessity to close down that democratic space.

Today we are witnessing the worldwide phenomenon of students and youth standing up for their democratic rights. At various stages of the Tamil liberation struggle, the student community of Jaffna University too has played its part in speaking the voice of the Nation’s freedom. The emergence of Pongu Thamil as the just symbol of the Tamil Nation’s struggle also happened in Jaffna University from amongst a student community in the midst of military occupation.

The intention of the Sinhala rulers in attacking the student body of Jaffna University today is to shutdown the democratic space available to them and to nip in the bud any opposition to the Sinhala genocide agenda that might gain foot amongst Jaffna youth. It is therefore imperative that all Tamil entities in the homeland and overseas launch a determined struggle against the anti-democratic forces in Sri Lanka and enlist the support of the international civil society including Sinhala people for such a struggle.

The demonstrations and protests undertaken by the Tamil Diaspora condemning the attack on the student community of Jaffna University will convey the message of solidarity to the students and the Tamil people in the homeland. The TGTE stands alongside the Tamil Youth Organization which is spearheading the protests overseas.

The youth caucus of TGTE is taking action to galvanize support for the ongoing struggle of Diaspora Tamils and to take it to other dimensions through the use of social media and in working with the Tamil Youth Organization.

As long as Sinhala forces retain their hold on the Tamil homeland, there will not be any democratic space or a sense of security for Tamils. It is only through a complete withdrawal of Sinhala forces from Tamil homeland that there will be peace and security for Tamils in the island of Sri Lanka. Until such time, there is need for an interim measure in the form of an International Protection Mechanism to be established and guarantee the security of the Tamils in their homeland. The Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam will work unceasingly to mobilize the necessary international support for such a Protection Mechanism.

The Thirst of Tamils is Tamil Eelam

Visuvanathan Rudrakumaran

Prime Minister


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Latest comments

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    Native Veddah,

    The Tamil Nation and its political leadership have, on numerous occasions in public, expressed their sorrow and revulsion against
    the loss of Sinhala lives in the South – allegedly caused by Tigers
    responsive action. While I do not want to get into this, the question
    of who threw the first stone is often invoked in similar debates.
    In the Central Bank, CTO, Pettah Bus Stand, CGR explosion (Dehiwala)
    and other several Tamils too perished in a determined struggled where
    the activists gave no quarter. The tigers, in the pursuit of their
    military-political agenda, bestially massaccred Tamil and Muslim civilians as well is the sordid history of the past three decades.

    As to your question in lighter vein, in view of the crazy allegations against some of us giving expression to the Tamil cause,if I personally
    carried out these please note I suffered enormously in July 1983 in a
    residential area of Colombo where my re-modelled Villa was attacked and robbed for 4 days and my valuables – then estimated close to Rs.5
    million,were taken by vans, lorries and tractors under the very nose of the law. I had to send my wife (34) son (12) and daughter (5) to England for safety. Many of our Sinhala friends came to our safety and comfort for months – in Colombo,in London and later in Madras – where my children eventually continued their studies and sports. I have records with me where the highest in the land today also came to my assistance – joining me personally to visit officials – to bring some form of justice 2 decades after the event. I blame no individual or groups for these events in particular as everyone had to pay a price for this shared guilt in a political process that has been deteriorating from the mid-1950s and eventually divided the once united nation into feuding races.

    In my reading the 7/83 events did not begin with the killing of Sub.Lt
    Vass Gunawardena and 12 others at Tinnevely. The fact armed mobs,some of them coming in State vehicles, carrying carefully prepared Voters Lists to specific wealthy Tamil homes in Colombo and elsewhere is
    suggestive a conspiracy to subject Tamils on a massive pogrom has been
    prepared months ago- something that has been recorded by experts in many records both here and abroad.

    I abhor revisiting the sordid past as anyone else. But sometimes we are compelled to set right false notions lest they are taken as the truth by the younger and by the un-informed. What is relevant today is the present and the future. The Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims have paid a heavy price in blood and resources so far. It is upto our religious, political and army leadership to unite and guarantee a safer, more united and prosperous future to this and future generations.


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      So you didn’t do it.

      What are these Sinhala/Buddhist rednecks mourning about?

      All attacks on minorities from 1915 to 1983 were carried out as a consequence of LTTE’s attack on civilian and military targets after 1983.

      Would you agree with my above observation?

      This is what I learn from the writings of Sinhala/Buddhist rednecks in this and other forums in addition to SPUR istas’ publications, websites and other media from Australia, New Zealand and other parts of the world.

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        While expressing sorrow and regret yet again, for the Rs 5 Million loss, it is more regretable that reader Sengutuan didn’t bother or care to mention the two masscres in Kabalethigollawa and Kaththankady , where over six hundred innocent mums, dads, toddlers, infants and Muslim worshippers were hacked or shot to death.

        Over 50% of the current inhabitants were either toddlers or hadn’t come out of the womb,when the UNP supporters engaged in the atrocities instigated and supervised by one their supreme leaders.

        But these inhabitants are brought up all their lives amidst the terrible atrocities day in day out ,executed by the LTTE.

        People who cry foul now are the same people who encouraged, nourished, financed and even cheered the LTTE atrocities.

        Now Sinhala Buddhists are the baddies.

        Non citizen PM of Srilankan Tamils demands the Military out of the ex LTTE territory.

        His proxies in Srilanka, the TNA is doing OT to recycle the ex cadres.

        Elite UNP membership are expressing unstinted solidarity to the TNA supporters.

        All in the the interest to execute Mr Prabakaran’s Will.

        Peace and Happiness to all Inhabitants.

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          K.A Sumanasekera

          “Now Sinhala/Buddhists are the baddies.”

          How long did it take you to find out the obvious?

          They have been since they swallowed the Anagarika’s (the homeless one) myth, Aryan/Sinhala/Buddhist a lethal cocktail of racism.

          Those three ingredients somewhat harmless on their own but have had a devastating effect on the moral compass of the island when artificially blended. The country lost its way or gave way to the Aryan/Sinhala/Buddhist.

          Anagarika’s own identity problems affected the identity of Sinhala/Buddhists. The people continue to suffer from and perhaps will never recover from his stupidity.

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            They have been since they swallowed the Anagarika’s (the homeless one) myth, Aryan/Sinhala/Buddhist a lethal cocktail of racism.

            When ISS says that not even unused lands in the N & E should be used for creating Sinhala settlements, isn’t that a lethal cocktail of racism?

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    NV – What is astonishing is how learned Sinhalese running the State and leading civil society do not understand the cause of our ethnic
    strife which an amude-clad axe-carrying Veddah cousin has grasped with
    such profound conviction. It is a pity you are wastefully hibernating in Ole Blighty. Your place is in the ancient hunting lands of Mahiyangana, Bintenne and Bullers Road (home of the Spittels) – where you will make such an able and wise leader to our respected adivasis –
    and that includes the House at Diya Wanne as well where you will surely make a nobler contribution than most of the buffoons there.

    My humble greetins to you for the colonial New Year – Maha Ura.


    • 0

      Amude-clad axe-carrying Veddah cousin has grasped is very well for he is a Tamil Native Veddha like you yourself and not a real Adi Vasi.

      The guy is hiding behind Adi Vasi’s amude like LTTE hid behind the loincloth of civilians in 2009 to deflect criticism and nothing else. His Adi Vadi amude is not very different from Rudrakumran, the LTTE cut throat, ‘s Human Rights amude. All different tactics to continue to attack Sinhalese evading “accountability” for crimes of your Tamil Nation.

      Anyways, his own one-sided/biased posts has exposed him and it is clear he is a Tamil Native Veddha like you.

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        If you are looking for a Tamil Vedda you have one in the East, the name is Pillayan, former deputy to Col Karuna of the LTTE who killed more than 700 policemen in the East.

        The former chief minister of the Eastern Provincial Council Pillayan is the current adviser to the Clan chief.

        Once he claimed to be Tamil Veddah. Veddahs are neither Tamils nor Sinhalese, but the sons and daughters of the land.

        You should speak to him.

        Have you met any of the soldiers who suffer from PTSD? They need you.

        Your fellow SPUR istas should help them.

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    ‘….The Thirst of Tamils is Tamil Eelam…”

    “The thirst of Rajapakshas is the establishment of a familial autocracy where all the nationalities including Sinhalese lick their boots for supper…”

    No matter however hard or however long you strive to realize your utopian dream of a separate state you will never succeed as much as the Rajapakshas are doomed and destined to embrace defeat one day or the other in their perverted nationalistic and despotic dreams. However there is a way out for everybody to win: both Sinhalese and Tamils defeat the Rajapakshas and the chauvinist Sinhalese Buddhists!

    First you must undergo complete metamorphosis in your tribal and nationalistic demands and dreams to common and universal demands to coincide with the demands of the ordinary oppressed Sinhalese and Tamil people which are in line with international laws and human rights and policies and earn the support of local and international crusaders. Every single oppressed individual in this country wants to live in a free country where the Rajapakshas and their tyranny is no more and we invite you to come to common grounds with the rest of the country and the world! If you can play your part and cause an international peace keeping force to be stationed in this country until the country transfers itself from a despotic country to a democracy where all nationals can live peacefully with dignity and with all the democratic and human rights we would be extremely happy to welcome you as a crusader of the common cause of the common man of this country!

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    To dear native

    I understand that there were indegenous groups in sri lanka. According to the ramyana there were four groups inhabiting present day sri lanka. They were Yaksha, Naga, Raksha and devas. The two most powerful being yaksha and naga. The present day sinhalese and sri lankan tamils are a mixture between these indegenous groups and indian settlers. So quit trying to say that we should go back to india. Yes while i accept that you are purely indegenous we(both sinhalese and sri lankan tamils) are mixture between you and various indian ethnic groups.

    Also now that you mentioned india, india also has various indegenous groups collectively known as the adivasis. The present day indians are probably again a mix between them and so called aryans. so even in india they have indegenous groups just like we do. we are not an anomaly.

    what is your response to this??

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    “Also now that you mentioned india, india also has various indegenous groups collectively known as the adivasis.”

    India too has confused Dravidian Aryan mixture just as Sri Lanka has its very confused “Dravidian Aryan” clones. Both in India and Sri Lanka grabbing land and resources and destroying lively hood of Adhivasis have completely marginalised their lives.

    There is no limit to their greed.

    The saddest part or the funniest part whichever way you want to look at it is that these Aryan clones and Dravidian clones continue to fight over Adhivasi land.

    My advice to them is they should go back to India and continue their war of the clones either in Tamilnadu or Sinhapura.

    If they need transport I may be able to arrange a few Kallathonis for their return journey.

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    NV, I remember your adivasi leader, the leader of the vadda community here used to lick the asshole of MR. Several years back he visited MR taking with him gifts for the king and sang hosannas to him. Your leader seemed to heartily appreciate the king who vanquished the LTTE devil and therefore it was his duty to pay tribute to their savior! Now tell me, if as you say all the Sinhalese, Tamils and others are kallathonies and not the real original rightful and legal inhabitants of this land but invaders who amputated and suppressed your native vadda community, why the hell your leader went to lick the asshole of MR and gave him credits, credibility and acceptance despite your claimed allegations? With the lapse of time I also noticed your vaddha leader whimper and complain about the same king about depriving your rights!!! What is this comedy? Your whole nation is groping in the oblivion and ignorance whereas you have been crusading a one man show of a original rightful pure indigenous nationhood held up high-noon by invaders of Indian origin? Are you the only one left in your nationhood and if so how do you plan to survive your nation and your peculiar vadda culture and sentiments? Do you expect any help from a kallathoni female? If so what would happen to your immaculate vadda community concept? If you say you do have such an established nationhood can you show us living and working example of such members of your community? As I understand vedda community in itself infer a primitively civilized, tribal, hunting for living, fearful of nature and dead venerating and superstitious group of people. Prove us if you have otherwise facts! But remember we need to know about other living examples of your community, their state of human civility, development and heightened consciousness which used to manifest in the religion in the case of “kallathonies”!

    • 0

      silva says:

      “Several years back he visited MR taking with him gifts for the king and sang hosannas to him.”

      However he also belives in Sama, Dhana, Peda Dhunda. Please read the following news item which you might have conveniently chose to ignore:

      Veddah chieftain warns of a war in the jungles
      NEWS | MARCH 17, 2012 11:33 AM

      (Srilankamirror) – Veddah chieftain Uruwarige Wanniya has expressed his displeasure to the government over the killing of a young member of his clan, on top of the disappearance of three others.

      He has warned that if the lives of the young Veddah members are threatened in this manner, a war similar to the 30-year-old war in the north east, could begin in the jungles.

      Speaking to ‘Divaina’, the Veddah chieftain he would not be able to control his people if these threats continued.

      Twenty-six-year-old Thalawarige Sunila was gunned down by wildlife officers and three other youths at Hennanigala in Dehiattakandiya went missing in recent days, according to him.

      Following these incidents, the Veddah members became agitated and around 150 police had to be deployed to prevent an attack by them on wildlife officers.

      According to police, two wildlife officers and a civil defence member have been arrested on suspicion over the killing.

      Also, an investigation is underway into the missing Veddah youths, police said.

      The Veddah chieftain said wildlife officers have not yet been made aware of an order by the president to the wildlife director to allow Veddah people to go to the jungles to find bees’ honey, herbs and other needs.


      • 0


        You say:

        “..Please read the following news item which you might have conveniently chose to ignore:

        Veddah chieftain warns of a war in the jungles
        NEWS | MARCH 17, 2012 11:33 AM ……………”

        I quote mine:

        “..With the lapse of time I also noticed your vaddha leader whimper and complain about the same king about depriving your rights!!!..” where I meant what was quoted by you.

        You say:

        “..However he also belives in Sama, Dhana, Peda Dhunda..”

        Who believes? MARA or veddha chieftain?

        If MARA believes and you people go and lick his ass then your people lack the pride, esteem and authenticity that you are used to claim to possess by you and them.

        If chieftain believes he stoops to the kallathoni and attempts to sell his and his people’s conscience and esteem to win favours from one who is stripping them off from your people. If you feel unjustly treated you don’t carry bee honey but freedom fights to the despot!

        If you intend to reply, it has to be a full reply covering all the questions I raised because otherwise things like your above reply may occur. Anyway If you do not want to reply I don’t mind. It just occurred to my mind seeing your posts to ask these questions. Our primary problem is this “uneducated uncultured bastards'” problem!

  • 0

    Navin (Dec 30 12.26 am) – You gleefully engage in the distortion game, which much of the Buddhist Sinhala supremacists have throughout adopted – with substantial success. I have not said unused land should not be given to Sinhalese. I have said, what Dr Colvin R. de Silva suggested as a formulae – land primarily for the landless in the area and the region, District, Province first. If there are no claimants from these, then certainly to others from outside.

    You must do much more to refine your art of deception and mendacity now that you have no facts or rationale to fall back to.


  • 0

    Perhaps there is some shade of humanism – free of the characteristic and inherent generous flow of toxic racialism – when reader Sumanasekera goes sentimental when he notes “while expressing sorrow and regret for the Rs 5 Million loss…” In today’s terms the loss will be in the Rs.50-100 million region – that, if given, can be useful to the family. The regret is the provisions of the Constitution guaranteeing the safety of person and property to Tamils is a cruel joke. How many successful prosecutions can the State claim against
    the hordes that desecrated and emptied wealthy and other Tamil homes?

    While multiple thousands were robbed, physically beaten and tortured
    the Police hardly filed a successful case against any perpetrator.
    Former CJ Sharvananda’s Commission of 3 that went into the matter
    recommened Rs.750,000 as the highest compensation. Some awards were as laughable as Rs.5,000. Some recommendations made to REPPIA to rehabilitate enterprenauers who suffered the State Banks that came into play frustrated the process by insisting on gilt-edged securities. What collateral of equal sum can a businessman brought down from his multi-millions provide when he is sent to the streets?


  • 0

    Mr Sengutuan’s loss certainly would be around the LKR 100 Mil if the inflation , captal apprecation and interest are all added up.

    Even LKR 5000, from the Tax payers as compensation for the damage done by their Elitist mates, is c ommendabl,e cobsidering the inhabitants didn’t reach even per capita of 1000 USD when these payments were made.

    Mr Sengutuan’s compo surely would have been the upper limit of 750,000.

    LTTE which tried to give Messers Sengutuans their dream of exusive Home lands caused much more deaths and much more property damage.

    As result of the LTTE campaign , a new Eelaam has been born with an International Govt and an International PM.

    They claim to have an asset base worth 125 Billion USD as one poster here pointed out a few weeks ago.

    The LTTE victims inoffice towers such as CB and Celinco had super and perhaps insurance.

    But the village mums, dads ,infants who were cut down in Mahabodi, Kabilithigollawa,and Kaththankady did have only their clothes on the back.

    Wouldn’t it be a magnificent gesture on bebalf of this rich Diasporians to offer a compensation package to their innocent survivors?.

    Could Mr Sengutuan consider using his pull to organise a new version of the “TRO” and help these victims to recieve some form of payments to help heal their wounds?.

    Wouldn’t that be a great legacy for a well respected, wealthy and influential member of the C olombo Elite?.

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