13 July, 2024


Removing The Cobwebs & Transitional Government: Senadipathi Signalled The Exodus Of Rajapaksas?

By W. Vishnu Gupta

W. Vishnu Gupta

The splendid Mirihana uprising of courageous residents in Nugegoda area on March 31st, 2022, removed the cobwebs from the heads of all Sri Lankans. These cobwebs prevented seeing the reasons for insurrections lead by JVP and LTTE, it prevented seeing the rationale behind every dirty political move made by SWRDB, JRJ, Sirima, Chandrika, Premadasa, Ranil, Maithri, Rajapaksas, and all other political leaders in the current legislature. Certainly, it has taken nearly 74 years for a group of citizens who flocked to Mirihana to express their misery and agony and to remove cobwebs in the psyche of every citizen irrespective of their demographic background. They were apolitical and nonpartisan, and their non-violent agitation won the hearts and minds of many millions of Sri Lankans. Mirihana protesters inspired every citizen without the involvement of the dubious political establishment. The traditional political parties especially, JVP and SJB were highly disturbed by the success achieved by this non-partisan group of men and women, the arrogance and confidence of ruling SLPP was shattered, undoubtedly the President, Prime Minister and the Cabinets Ministers were shaken. Despite the organized political campaign rallies of JVP and SJB well known to spend many millions of rupees, AKD and SP never had any success or getting any footing among the ordinary citizens to oppose the governing ruling party. In response to the demands of Mirihana protesters, President Gota declared a state of emergency next day invoking certain sections of the Public Security Ordinance, which gives him authority to make regulations in the interests of public security, preservation of public order, suppression of mutiny, riot, or civil commotion or for the maintenance of essential supplies.

Yet, many people from every walk of life in every city and hamlet including the residents of Cinnamon Gardens have ignored the emergency laws and started to follow the example set by the Mirihana protesters, they all blame (225+1) for economic insecurity in the country, specifically, and collectively demand the resignation of Rajapaksas.

Maldives, Dubai, Singapore, or Uganda

It was reported that one of the financiers who campaigned vigorously to elect Gota has left for Dubai after sending his family to take sanctuary in the Maldives.

Incidentally, he is being a member of the inner circle of Gota has signalled his corrupt political cohorts, that the time has come to leave the country, because the cover of their illegal business schemes is exposed, and their unscrupulous business ventures are in danger. The question is, which country will accept these dirtbags and scoundrels responsible for making Sri Lanka a failed and bankrupt state. (225+1) must be wondering how to escape from the wrath of the people that they have marginalized for a long time. Those holding dual citizenships may not worry about their future and how to enjoy the ill-gotten wealth. However, others have very few options to seek refuge, Maldives, Singapore, Dubai, and Uganda are only choices left. India most likely will refuse to accept any of the (225+1) fearing a backlash from the people of Sri Lanka and above all India knows the LOVEFEST with Rajapaksas is over, no future government truly elected by the people under a genuine democratic rule will not pay any tribute to Indians.

Few years back, it is alleged that Rajapaksas believed Seychelles would be an ideal place to live lavishly with their kith and kin, unfortunately, that dream was dashed with the election defeat of the political party of MR’s friend James Michel. Only Nivard Cabraal and Rajapaksas know why they opened a Bank of Ceylon branch in Seychelles, an island nation with about 99,000 people. Also, a few months back Rajapaksas introduced the idea of establishing diplomatic relation with Liechtenstein, another haven for billionaires with a population of 39,000 recently. It found no traction in the legislature, and yet to see what happened to the idea; hence Liechtenstein is not viable.

Let’s review other possible destinations, it is well known that MR could not attend the Commonwealth Games held in Glasgow in 2014 despite being chair of the Commonwealth bloc, and he has not visited that country since then, and it simply explains most likely Rajapaksas will not be well received in the UK or in any other European country. The fate of other prominent figures in the (225+1) gang who wish to settle down in Europe are not different from that of Rajapaksas excluding GR and BR with intricate special circumstances.

BR renounced his citizenship in the USA to be the President of Sri Lanka, however, it is doubtful that his wife did the same, therefore his chances of going back to America with his brother BR is still feasible but what about other Rajapaksas.

Families of Mahinda and Chamal, where would they go, their respective constituencies have rejected them and labelled them as thieves and criminals responsible for economic woes of the country. Rajapaksas are blamed for rewarding their wealthy friends with enormous tax/duty breaks, selling national assets, having lovefest with India, amassing a fortune to last many generations, incurable and widespread nepotism and cronyism, and enjoying a culture of consuming imported luxury goods.

The Inglorious Lot

Moreover, people are demanding Rajapaksas to return the wealth stolen from the country. And they have waylaid their allegedly illegally acquired mansions and other properties in various parts of the country. Under this anti-(225+1) political climate, most of these inglorious politicians may seek refuge in other countries depending on where their illegal liquid assets are hidden. It is contended that Sri Lankan politicians have stashed away ill-gotten booty in Maldives, Dubai, Singapore, and Uganda. Above all, the departure of Rajapaksas are expected by the citizens mobilized against the government lead by Gota. If there are lessons to be learned from a) Iranian revolution; removal of Shah, b) Arab Spring; removal of similar political dirtbags in Tunisia (Ben Ali) Libya (Gaddafi), Egypt (Hosni Mubarak), Yemen(Abdullah Saleh) and many other Arab leaders c) Removal of despots in Philippines (Marcos) and Indonesia (Suharto), according to the protesters, Rajapaksas fall into the same inglorious category of political leaders and hence the removal of Rajapaksas from Sri Lankan politics and the country can be expected sooner than expected. As a person who witnessed and experienced the Iranian Revolution that drove Shah Reza Pahlavi to flee the country, I believe, if claims of protesters are upheld the humiliating fate of Rajapaksas is on the horizon. The departure of the Avant Garde Chairman, Nissanka Senadhipathi, a staunch ally of Gota for Dubai and his family to the Maldives can be interpreted by the detractors as a strong signal that the preparations are being made for a safe exit for Rajapaksas.

Transitional Government

The constitutional quagmire hatched by J.R. Jayewardene, popularly known as (JR’s Political knot – ‘Gatey’) ensures that Sri Lanka “in name a democracy but, in fact, governed by its first citizen”. Gota the present first citizen must be paying homage to JRJ at least three or four times a day these days and seeking advice from JR’s nephew Ranil Wickramasinghe, because Ranil was the first graduate of the JRJ School of Corruption and political trickeries. Yet, Gota must recognize that he has no other choice, he must vacate presidency willingly or unwillingly. His departure is inevitable but cool heads must prevail in the legislature to prevent the country descending into another Somalia or anarchy. The moral authority of Rajapaksa government has evaporated completely, as many Sri Lankans have become disillusioned with life under a government lead by Rajapaksa family.

With Rajapaksa family gone from the political landscape of Sri Lanka, there will not be any SLPP government left either, 90% of the SLPP MPs may choose to become independent legislatures and other 10% may retire or leave the island forever. Under these circumstances, both propositions made by SJB and JVP are “non-starters” for the change that that people are demanding. Sajith and Anura Kumara are demanding the pound of flesh for themselves, these two scheming and unethical politicians must postpone their dreams of becoming the next president indefinitely because the constitutional quagmire of JR does not warrant or facilitate it. However, the citizens cannot afford a protracted lack of a permanent central political authority. Therefore, a transitional legislature, a transitional President, a transitional cabinet of ministers lead by a transitional Prime Minister in other words an interim or transitional government proposed by certain politicians is the only viable solution to the political, economic, and fiscal crisis in the country which ensures affordable food, clothes, shelter, and medicine for the people. A transitional government will be acceptable and legitimate in the eyes of international community, but the political ploys engineered by SJB and JVP will lead to a civil unrest and bloodshed in the country.

The transitional government must develop an acceptable plan to free the masses from economic insecurity, repeal 20th constitutional amendment, enhance 19th amendment with an electoral system that combines the FIRST PAST THE POST (or single member plurality) voting system and the PROPORTIONAL REPRESENTATION system and above all abolish the executive presidency. A promise to fulfill these changes before December 2022 will certainly quell the discontent of the people and pave the way to elect a legitimate and truly democratic government that people have been waiting for 74 years and end the curse of SWRDB, SIRIMA, JRJ, Premadasa, Chandrika, Ranil, Maithri and Rajapaksas.

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Latest comments

  • 26

    This is a terminal Singhalese cancerous tumour . There is no cure nor remedy for it.

  • 17

    Once again a very well compiled analysis!
    Hopefully 225+1 Naluwa’s are dispatched off and the country as a whole returns to normal soon

  • 20

    Dear Mr. Gupta.
    Yes I agree to some extent : The splendid Mirihana uprising of courageous residents in Nugegoda……and applaud it.
    In fairness, we should not forget the courage of Hirunika, the first to dare GR in front of his own residence (liar) that paved the way for more courage later.

    • 5


      Hirunika is an extension of SJB and Sajith who wants the “pound of flesh” for himself. Her campaign is driven by cancerous political ambitions and organized with political backing. Therefore, it does not have the same effect and credibility of “Splendid Mirihana Protest” of ordinary nonpartisan citizens.

      • 7

        Dear Vipuli,
        Whatever reasons, whatever motives drove Hirunika, the fact remains that is she was the first to protest/demonstrate right in front of the devils den. In the circumstances, that she braved the possible usual violence and backlash, needs some recognition.

  • 3

    Raja family knows very well nothing much more happens as people anticipate.
    In 2015 we had 100 day programme, bringing back the loot ,take them to court etc……..then again 52 days coup no action taken, now they are clean and cleared and elected by people.
    Soon the gas and fuel avail then all will be normal.

  • 8

    If Imran is send home, because people have had enough imagine Rajapaksas who had been screwing for decades. Imran like Gotha was elected claiming apolitical outsider with no nonsense management. A new party started by him exploited the failures of conventional old parties. Soon becoming a head, new priorities came in and promises went out. Instead of his captain qualities of taking responsibility and reverse swinging he switched to spin doctoring, like anti India , kashmir, pro China , Rebel trip to Russia. And worse try to bounce out military and in desperation attempted derailing parliament / constitution. But robust Supreme Court rightly called it a noball / dead ball and offered a free hit to the opposition. Where as in SriLanka people are facing constipational dilemmas because Rajapaksas changed the rule books and umpires are told yo follow.

  • 2

    W.Vishnu Gupta: Your proposal to solve all the problems is all “Transitional” – Legislature, President, Cabinet of Ministers, led by a Prime Minister and finally an “Interim or Transitional Government” as proposed by “Certain Politicians”. In that “Transitional” or “Interim” Government there is no participation by SJB and JVP, because, according to you they ask for the “Pound of Flesh”. What about other recognized political parties in the present Legislature. Are those also excluded? I ask this question because you have either by choice or oversight did not make any reference to them.

    Now my next question is: Who are those “Certain Politicians” who have proposed this “Transitional/Interim Government”? Are they to be the same “Old Wine” filled into “New Bottles”? If that is, do you think the people who demand “225+1” OUT (as per your statement) are going to “Accept” and “Tolerate” the working system of the “Interim & Transitional” Government and wind up the protests and go home?

    For your information, that proposal by “Certain Politicians” you mentioned has been rejected by the President and the Prime Minister. So how do we proceed now? Live with the present? OR Let them “Go Home”?

  • 7

    Well, articulated piece. Like Muammar Gadaffi, the Rajapaksas are refusing to abdicate power. Gadaffi refused to believe his “children” are revolting against him, At the last phase of the rebellion, Gadaffi responding to demands that he step down stated that he could not do so as he held a purely symbolic position like Queen Elizabeth and that the people were in power. Gotabaya Rajapaksa too is refusing to see the writing on the wall claiming 6.9 million people have given him the mandate to rule for 5 years.

    To be charitable, it is unfair to blame the Rajapaksa family alone for the present crisis though they were the worst when it comes to misuse of power. All those who came to power after independence promoted ethnocentric politics to capture power and then stay in power.

    What the country now needs is a complete break from the past and the promotion of real democracy, equality and freedom.

  • 6

    Golden passports are available in many Caribbean countries, Seychelles, Cyprus & other small countries, for as little as $3m. Money talks & how it was earned is immaterial unless it is an embarrassment caused by an international money laundering investigation. I am sure almost all of Rajapakse cronies will find a safe haven, even in developed countries, with ill gotten money to invest. The Rajapakse family, however, will not be welcome in any developed country & GR may face prosecution for his war crimes allegations & there is also the civil case brought against him by Lasantha;s daughter.

    Justice may be denied to honest citizens of SL & I am sceptic about karma but I live in hope.

    • 4

      Dear Raj,
      …The Rajapakse family, however, will not be welcome in any developed country ….
      I am not so sure on that as some countries have their own reasons to do otherwise. There is already some talk of Chi Chi the youngest, has taken residency down under.

  • 1

    ” FIRST PAST THE POST (or single member plurality) voting system and the PROPORTIONAL REPRESENTATION system a”

    why is the author asking it to be mixed.Proprtional makes it more difficult for the politician to enter parliament while mixed with first past the post makes it easier.Also proportional is better for new parties and independents to get a foothold and get rid of theold wine in new bottles.If we make getting elected easier for politicians we lose our power over them because they got to earn our vote and we got to see that each vote counts.Proportional is the best way to go for the people power. common sense.

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