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Repression Against Kumar Is An Act Of Political Revenge By Sirisena Govt: FSP

The Frontline Socialist Party (FSP) has stated that action being taken against FSP Leader Kumar Gunarathnam’s arrival in Sri Lanka is an act of political revenge and a serious assault on the people’s right to democracy.


The FSP issuing a statement today has pointed out that it was due to the emergence of an anti-democratic situation that many people had to resort to certain measures to protect their lives and as such, Kumar who had a grave threat to his life and after being abducted and almost killed in 2012, had to resort to similar measures to protect his life.

However, they have stated that his leaving did not imply that he would limit his political activities to the frontiers outside of the country and was in fact intending to return to Sri Lanka and engage in political activism. The FSP has stated that they were seeking an opportune moment for Kumar to return to Sri Lanka and it was presented when the Rajapaksa regime was weakened and challenged.

The FSP notes that despite the government’s invitation for those who sought asylum due to the anti-democratic state in the country to return, they have simultaneously adopted a stance that is in contradiction to their own statements since the legal mechanisms are being used to repress those who have returned.

“Despite information being exposed on the financial corruption, murders and other crimes committed by members of the previous regime, the government has instead prioritized taking swift actions on the matter relating to Kumar’s return,” the FSP states adding that the government intervention in the matter has been made clear by the fact that it is the Defense Secretary who has made a complaint against his return to the Immigration Department.

While stating this action is a serious assault on the people’s right to democracy, the FSP has emphasized on the fact that this trend should be defeated while ensuring the people’s right to live and engage in politics in Sri Lanka.

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