28 May, 2022


Resolution In Geneva Will Go Through

By  S. V. Kirubaharan

S. V. Kirubaharan

S. V. Kirubaharan

It has taken more than three decades for the International community to understand the attitude of Sri Lanka, which is unbending and characterizes each and every Sri Lanka government through history. Better late than never, two consecutive resolutions have been passed on Sri Lanka at the UN Human Rights Council – HRC.

Now there are rumours, talks and discussions about a resolution on Sri Lanka in the forthcoming 25th session of the HRC. If so, this 3rd resolution may call for an ‘international independent inquiry’. Well and good.

As a person working on the Sri Lankan situation for more than two decades, writing appeals, producing reports, meeting VVIPS, VIPs, experts and others, I am not jumping to say there will be a resolution or what the contents will be. However if a resolution is put forward, I am 100% sure that it will go through without any hurdles. The Rajapaksa government may be good at vote-rigging and manipulating the counting, but are they capable of doing this in the HRC?

Some are concerned that China, Russia and Cuba are back in the HRC. So what? Not only these three countries, but also Venezuela and Pakistan are there to save Sri Lanka. Out of these countries for Human Wrongs, many were members in the 19th session in 2012, when the 1st resolution was successfully passed.

Before we deal with the members of the UN HRC and the reality of voting, let me consider the Tamil Diaspora and the Sri Lankan attitude.

Tamil Diaspora

Many grass-roots diaspora activists who have become involved lately, have personalized the Tamil ethnic issue and the accountability issue. They think that if there is a news item about them in the media it is an achievement of the Tamil Nation. This is a selfish thought.

Whoever it is, Tamil diaspora activists should learn to promote affairs concerning the Tamil Nation in the Island – war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by Sri Lanka during the last days of the war and before, rather than promoting themselves.

There was a time when some of us were not present in the UN Human Rights forums; no information was available about the situation of Tamils in Sri Lanka. Today this situation has changed. Now there are international human rights organizations and even States working on the atrocities committed by Sri Lanka. Therefore diaspora activists should not disturb the genuine efforts of these powerful parties.

It is ugly for any diaspora activist to mark their presence in the HRC in Geneva purely for their own purpose. If anyone’s motivation is for their personal glory, political ambition or aiming at a Nobel Prize, it would be better for them to shine in their own field, rather than misusing the affairs of Tamils.

The HRC is a politicised organ of the UN, but not a political forum. Even though the UN Charter; article 1 of International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights – ICCPR and International Covenant on Economic Social Cultural Rights – ICESC all enshrine the right to self-determination, the HRC does not focus on this collective right. There are many reasons for this.

Therefore, there is no point for any Tamil representatives, especially unelected representatives to lobby purely on right to self-determination in Geneva. This will sabotage the recent fruitful development in the HRC on accountability – an international independent inquiry in Sri Lanka. The UN General Assembly and the Security Council are in New York. That is the best place for any lobby on the right to self-determination.

Sri Lanka attitude

Concerning the Tamils in Sri Lanka, the attitude of Sri Lankan governments has not changed since independence in 1948. From time to time there has been regime change, but their attitude is always based exclusively on the path of Buddhist chauvinism. Therefore it is very clear that no Sri Lankan government is going to do any good for the Tamils.

Their path is war and aggression. Every Sri Lanka governments’ hands have been covered with Tamil blood. Tamils have no good memories of any Sri Lankan government. I could write pages about their strategies and actions but here I will be brief.

To aid so-called development in the North and East, the government wants the diaspora to fund rebuilding projects and reconstruction. But developments in other regions are done with State funds. When the diaspora spend their money to renovate the churches, temples and schools in the Jaffna peninsula, at the final stage of the renovation, the military personnel go with a readymade stone demanding that it be set in the wall. The writing on the stone says that the renovation was done by the government of Sri Lanka. This is presented to outsiders as ‘development’ in the North.

It is well known that the government has been preparing some videos to show in the 25th session of the HRC. These are to counter a few well-documented incidents taken up by some international NGOs and certain States. Sri Lanka has forced some people to say utter lies and exaggerations to include in this video. This so-called evidence has been given under duress and at gun-point. Evidence collected in Sri Lanka, especially under military control is not coming from free voices. Sri Lanka will earn even more shame when they try to show this footage in the 25th session or elsewhere.

According to Defence Ministry sources, now they are considering rehabilitating those who missed the government rehabilitation project, in which even Advanced Level qualified surrendees are taught carpentry, masonry, hairdressing, etc. This project is meaningless.

If they are seriously thinking of undertaking this rehabilitation project for those who are in foreign countries, we would welcome it – provided they can arrange a few charter flights. This will give those people a chance to see how their villages were demolished in the process of Sinhala colonization, buddhisation and militarization in their land.

Members of the HRC

Mr Ndong Ella, the Permanent Representative of Gabon is the President for the year 2014 – 8th Cycle of the HRC. Member states of the Human Rights Council on regional basis from 1 January – 31 December 2014 are:

African States Algeria (2016); Benin (2014); Botswana (2014); Burkina Faso (2014); Congo (2014); Côte d’Ivoire (2015); Ethiopia (2015); Gabon (2015); Kenya (2015); Morocco (2016); Namibia (2016); Sierra Leone (2015) and South Africa (2016)

Asia-Pacific States – China (2016); India (2014); Indonesia (2014); Japan (2015); Kazakhstan (2015) ; Kuwait (2014);  Maldives (2016); Pakistan (2015); Philippines (2014) ; Republic of Korea (2015); Saudi Arabia (2016) ; United Arab Emirates (2015) and Viet Nam (2016)

Latin American & Caribbean States – Argentina (2015); Brazil (2015); Chile (2014); Costa Rica (2014); Cuba (2016) ; Mexico (2016) ; Peru (2014) and Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) (2015)

Western Europe & other States – Austria (2014); France (2016); Germany (2015);  Ireland (2015); Italy (2014) ; United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (2016) and United States of America (2015)

Eastern European State – Czech Republic (2014); Estonia (2015); Montenegro (2015); Romania (2014); Russian Federation (2016) and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (2016)

New Members

During the voting on the 1st resolution in the 19th session in March 2012, all 47 members cast their votes. The result was 24 for the resolution ‘Yes’, 15 against ‘No’, and 08 abstained, neither yes nor no.

For the 2nd resolution, in the 22th session of the HRC in March 2013 – only 46 members cast their votes. The result was 25 for the resolution ‘Yes’, 13 against ‘No’; 08 abstained. Gabon didn’t take part in the voting.

Since 31 December 2013, out of 47 members, 14 members have left the HRC and another 14 new members have joined the HRC for a period of 3 years. This rotation happens on a regional basis:

African states – Angola, Mauritania, Libya and Uganda have completed their period and Algeria, Morocco, Namibia and South Africa are newly elected.

Asia-Pacific states – Malaysia, Maldives, Qatar and Thailand have completed their period and China, Saudi Arabia and Viet Nam are newly elected. Maldives has been re-elected.

Latin American & Caribbean States – Ecuador and Guatemala have completed their period and Cuba and Mexico are newly elected.

Western Europe & other States – Spain and Switzerland are outgoing. France and United Kingdom which both have strong links with many colonial countries in Africa and Asia, are in the HRC.

Eastern European States – EU member country Poland and Republic of Moldova are out going and Russian Federation and Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia are newly elected.

The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia is a semi EU country. The Council of the EU decided in December 2005 to grant it candidate status. Due to an un-resolved dispute with Greece over its name as “Republic of Macedonia”, Greece is blocking Macedonian accession to the EU.

Remaining 33 members

Now let’s look at the remaining 33 members who are still in the HRC:

Argentina, Austria, Benin, Botswana, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Chile, Congo, Costa Rica, Cote d’Ivoire, Czech Republic, Estonia, Ethiopia, Gabon, Germany, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kuwait, Montenegro, Pakistan, Peru, the Philippines, Republic of Korea, Romania, Sierra Leone, United Arab Emirates, United States and Venezuela.

For the last resolution on Sri Lanka, out of 33 members – 19 voted in favour;  07 voted against and 06 abstained. Gabon didn’t take part in the voting.

Considering the voting on the earlier two resolutions on Sri Lanka and in the forthcoming 25th session, there are possibilities that only 3 or 4 votes may change. These are: Russia in place of Poland will vote against; South Africa in place of Uganda, Namibia in place of Libya will either vote ‘Yes’ or ‘abstain’. Malaysia which abstained in the last resolution, but the replacing country will certainly vote against.

The South African voting may need a detailed explanation. Libya voted ‘yes’ for the last resolution and Namibia is most likely to follow South Africa.

During the past two resolutions, my predictions were never wrong. My position is not about the number of votes, but about the result of the voting. After the last voting, Sri Lanka’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations in Geneva, H.E. Ravinatha Pandukabhaya Aryasinha asked me in the corridors, ‘where are those 33 votes’? I told him ‘I never said the number of votes in any of my articles, but of course I wrote about the result of the vote’. Anyhow, the voting in the 25th HRC may differ. There may be more abstentions than ever before, but beyond doubt the resolution will go through.

South African Tamils

There are over 500,000 Tamils living in South Africa and they are well respected by all communities. Like the Plantation Tamils in Sri Lanka, the Tamils in South Africa were brought by the British to work in the Sugar Cane plantations as indentured labourers. But today they are prospering at all levels in South Africa – academics, educationalists, businessmen, politicians, professionals, bankers, and serving in the National Defence etc. Presently you hardly find any Tamils working in the Sugar Cane plantations.

Compare this with the pathetic situation of the Plantation Tamils in Sri Lanka. Apart from less than 10% of this population, all the others still work in the tea plantations picking tea leaves for very low wages, in desparate housing and social conditions. This is one of the indications that the racism in Sri Lanka is even worse than apartheid was in South Africa.

In South Africa, there are more than 150 Saiva (Hindu) Temples; Tamil schools; Tamil language, cultural and religious organizations.

South Africa will never vote against anything which is good for any oppressed people. If bad comes to worse, they may abstain from voting.  If Sri Lanka believes it can convince South Africa, this means, they know neither the history of South Africa nor politics.

In my view, the ‘Standardisation’ introduced in 1971, gave birth to militancy and resulted in 30 years of armed struggle. If the International independent investigation does not take place, or drags its feet, this will give birth to another war at some stage. Certainly it will have the support and recognition of many!

The Standardisation system introduced by the Education Ministry of Sri Lanka, was directed against Tamil-medium students. For example, University entrance for the medical faculty required 250 out of 400 for Tamil students, whereas only 229 for the Sinhalese students. Students sitting for the examinations in the same school, but belonging to two different ethnic groups (Singhalese and Tamils) needed to gain different qualifying marks. This is the Sri Lankan racial educational system.

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Latest comments

  • 9

    An average Sinhalese child would read Kumarodaya – book2, in grade 1 or 2, refers to the Tamils as ‘Ovun Hari Napuru Minissu’ (they are very nasty people).

    Even today Sinhalese pupils may be taught the same racism. No wonder the Sinhalese society lives comfortably with repeated pogroms and other atrocities against Tamils.

    How is it possible to solve the ethnic problem in an equitable manner if the Sinhalese society is brought up on this kind of brain washing and racism?

    This must be stopped if Sri Lanka is to continue as a single entity in peace and harmony.

    • 5

      This anti-Tamil prejudice, based on racist Mahavmasa, is the root cause of the Sinhalese problem of not being able to live harmoniously with other ethnic/religious groups.

      This must be eradicated for good if Sri Lanka wants peace and harmony.

      • 3

        But Mahavamsa was written by a Bhikku Mahanam who came from Kanchipuram, Tamil nadu.

        I hope Sinhalese adopt the Tamil racist ideas!

    • 1

      You picked up things from others comments, and repeat as if you find it.

      that is fine, between why do you flee without replying to comments made by others?? Inability?

    • 3

      An average Sinhalese child would read Kumarodaya – book2, in grade 1 or 2, refers to the Tamils as ‘Ovun Hari Napuru Minissu’ (they are very nasty people

      Over to you oh Dear Jaffna library burner DR.Ben Hurling….hello r u there…

    • 3

      Did you read Kumarodaya ever?

      Kumarodaya mentions Tamils as tree climbers because Sri lanka imported tree climbers from Tamil nadu and Kerala for toddy tapping.

      But you are a moron bark without reading the book!

      • 2

        Sivanathan, don’t tell us stories, ask Shirani Serasinghe, she will tell the truth.

        May be you didn’t go to school.

  • 4

    Cowardly Terra boy talking tough from 10,000 miles away as he did when his brotheren were being annhilated on his behalf. So, he is admitting that Tamils are incapable of achieving their objectives without outside help. Has he forgotten that Tamil students got high marks because Tamil examiners were marking up their marks? Stick to your broom and brush and clean up the pulic toilet.

    • 2

      Interesting point that is often repeated. But it begs three questions-
      1. How do non-Tamil speakers know if this were the case or not?
      2. If, somehow, the Sinhalese could figure this out, they would necessarily require persons with Tamil knowledge, whom they could trust. If so, why not ask them to correct the papers in the first place?!
      3. If the Tamils were giving extra marks to Tamil students what is to prevent them from giving even more marks to overcome the increased cut-off mark?


    • 4


      “Cowardly Terra boy talking tough from 10,000 miles away”

      Distance between Sri Lanka and France:

      8506.71 KM


      5285.82 Miles

      to be precise.

      Your wild exaggeration gone mad.

      • 1

        So, you know where your mate lives; France. I don’t. He could have been in Alaska. Even as you have indicated at 5000 plus miles, it is a safe distance from where the action was, wasn’t it. The essence of my contention is that this Karuppan guy talks tough from a safe distance.
        Now Mr Veddah, tell me how far is the reach of your arrow?

        • 3


          “Now Mr Veddah, tell me how far is the reach of your arrow?”

          I assure you, your ar** is safe with my arrow, as long as you don’t sit on it.

          I too wish him and you to live far away from this island. When you go to Alaska take your brethren with you.

          “So, you know where your mate lives; France. I don’t.”

          I know you don’t know many thinks, this is only one of them. I am not at all surprised with your ignorance.

    • 1


      Please clear me of this small doubt.

      did MR/Gota/BBS win on their Own? Or Whether India, Pakistan, USA, UK, China, Norway & ETC helped them to play a foul Game With the Hora Umpire(UN) watching from the side Lines.

      Was the Game Played in accordance with the rules of the Game. Or played on the basis that Win by any means?

      Where Winner is declared winner by fair means and that the looser committed all the foul played during the Game?

      When you win by playing Foul you encourage the opponent to play foul and with mistrust if an when there is another Match.

      That match may prove really bad.

      God Save Sri Lanka. Theruvan Saranai.

      • 1

        You and your terror buddies didn’t play fair did you? Suicide bombings, child soldiers, credit card fraud, drug smuggling aren’t exactly fair methods. The whole world was against LTTE terrorists becauce they were low born, low intelligence scumbags,and why else? Did you really need help from anybody to play foul? Your defeat was a humiliating defeat. Forget all that, move on and enjoy the peace.

    • 0

      You do that to Singhalese students? OMG, no wonder the standard of Doctors and Engineers from Srilanka have gone down miserably.

  • 7

    “Resolution In Geneva Will Go Through”. So what?

    You think your namesake mass murderer Pirapaharan is going to come back to life? He is suffering in hell.

    Ask your friend Cameron to wait for the Chinese and Russian reaction. You shameless traitors will be surprised.

    • 5

      USA already backed off and Cameron cannot do anything. USA don’t like to get humiliated at the hands of India! India take anti-US steps already after the strip search and deportation of the Indian woman diplomat Devyani!

      What is the point of passing resolutions? How many resolutions passed against Israel? Did they make any effect?

      Can these Nari Pillai gang go to Tel Aviv and preach Human Rights?

      • 1

        Muttal Sivananda ,

        Read DJ whining that SL is neither israel, nor India can go against the Tamils of TN at a time when request for plebisite to Kashmir is being rigorusly asked.

      • 1

        Forget Navi Pillai going to Tel Aviv. Can Navi Pillai go to US and preach human rights? No, she is afriad of being strip searched. Strange, no (Western) women’s rights group have protested at the treatment handed to the Indian diplomat! Wouldn’t it be a reason for drone attacks had an American woman diplomat posted overseas receives that treatment of body search, including cavity search for a minor offence?

  • 5

    Even this LTTEr who is the Champion Tamil HR activist in the Diaspora is not putting his money on a third Resolution…

    Has he been reading the tea leaves, or his NGO mates and Ms Pillai have told him

    Vellala CM stitched up a deal with the Prez to get Diaspora Dough for his benefit as well as the benefit of the latter.

    CM knows that they are going to miss the boat otherwise.

    Manmohan doesn’t want to go down as the only Indian PM who succumbed to the US, after been the best performer for ten years.

    Although Sonia got some revenge for her husband’s killing. the real killers are still safe in Tamil Nadu.

    She knows that there is Buckley’s of her son getting the plum job this time.

    After the hardcore Hindus have a go at the poor Muslims and create chaos on Butcher from Gujarat’s watch only. the . young Gandhi may have a chance to get the PM post.

    And US will be all they with Modi.

    So it is unlikely that the Indian Govt will attend the vote.

    Or Sonia may even demand a dissenting vote from the Indian delegation.

    The main English daily in India said sort of the the same thing recently.

    • 3

      Funny old fellow! You will be proven wrong on many account.

      • 2

        You and other fools from Tamil nadu will be happy if Americans make naked your wives and film the episode! What a moron you are!

        • 2

          dont open your family secrets of past

        • 0

          LOL don’t forget how the Americans treated their diplomutt I’m sure she enjoyed the strip search & anal probe LOL

  • 1

    Quote: Resolution In Geneva Will Go Through”… thereafter, taking it home hatch it.

  • 2

    Eelamists should chose one of either devolution of power or revenge for finishing off their trigger happy thugs. You can’t expect to work against the country and then gain more power.

    If this is the path they choose we should wait another decade until our economy matures and then repeal the 13th amendments. It is quite evident these hate mongers want nothing but revenge and co-existence is something beyond their hateful brains.

  • 2

    Did you have or consider HR when you were serving for LTTE?? Touch your own heart and ask yourself , how many innocent people you kill with Brabhakaran..

    These are the people who talks about human rights.. What a joke???

    • 1

      dear chutti

      “Did you have or consider HR when you were serving for LTTE?? Touch your own heart and ask yourself , how many innocent people you kill with Brabhakaran.”

      Please extrapolate

      Did Sinhala Buddhists etc have or considered HR when they were Busy on Tamil Pogams. that resulted in the evolution of Your “Brabhakaran.”

      An impartial inquiry is required to prevent repeat of the Sad History. Repeat might cause greater losses to both sides.

      Better resolve.

  • 1

    What ever resolutions comes, the koththu rotti business of Diaspora LTTE is in full throttle.

    Mahinda & co know very well the resolution is just an intimidation to do more business deals with Mahinda.

  • 3

    Mr. S.V.Kirubharan: You say: ” As a person working on Sri Lanka situation for more than two decades….” What a waste of time and energy. I will not say “money”, because that money was virtually “pickpocketed” from the innocent Tamils “smuggled” into various countries. You don’t mind spending it lavishly in any way you please.

    Your presentation is not worth commenting.

  • 13

    SVK – The Sole Agent For Tamils’ Human Rights

    There should be an international independent inquiry on you. Who the hell are you? Who gave you the mandate to talk about the Tamil people of Sri Lanka. Are you accountable and transparent to the people on behalf of whom you claim to work. Who is employing you, and from where do they get their funding? I challenge you to put all your cards on the table in your next boring article.

    You indicate there are other Tamils who are also involved in the same kind of work as you are. The insinuations and the unprofessional manner in which you write about them and the way you boast about yourself shows that all of you are involved in some kind of scam – for money and fame. Your writing betrays your attitude: you think you own the issue of Tamils’ human rights, sort of like a sole representative. Are you trying to be the Prabhakaran of human rights? The Tamil people of Sri Lanka want you to get lost – you are a fraud and a violator of the human rights of the people you misrepresent.

    You imbecile, what is wrong with teaching trades to youth with GCE Advanced Level. Haven’t you noticed in the West people with degrees working in carpentry, construction, hair-dressing, etc. This shows your typical Jaffna caste-mentality of looking down on certain blue collar jobs while many of you in the diaspora work as janitors, or even worse, peddle drugs and engage in credit card frauds and other scams.

    The pathetic situation of the Tamils of Indian origin in Sri Lanka is partly due to Jaffna Tamils regarding them as of lower caste and distancing themselves socially from the estate workers. G.G.Ponna supported their disfranchisement. Jaffna Tamil planters, tea makers, chief clerks, RMPs and teachers were part of the colonial structure that exploited them. They also used the children of these poor people as their domestic slaves. Most of the Tamils who died in the Wanni during the final stages of the war were these upcountry Tamils who had settled there after they were displaced from the estates due to nationalization. The Jaffna middle class after launching the war to achieve their class interests (yes, as you confirm “standardisation” was their problem) had escaped to the west or had bought freedom for their children with their money, leaving these most vulnerable people to die as cannon fodder for an Eelam they never asked for. That is why the upcountry Tamils now know better to pursue their own politics, thank you. SVK, you must be ashamed of yourself for being so obviously condescending.

  • 6


    How do you guys spend money for these things.

    Is that with hard earned cash or you still have reserves of money stolen from Credit card thefts, smuggling, drug trade, selling illicit liquor and many more ?

    I don’t think you guys spend your hard earned cash at the expense your families ?

  • 4

    Kirubaharan, stop misleading the Sri Lankan people about South Afrika. I have first hand experience of Africa. Firstly, the Indian community there aren’t solely made up of Tamils. Your 500,000 is a gross exaggeration unless you are lumping Malayalees and other South Indians in this figure. Secondly, the Indian community is viewed with suspicion and derision by black and white alike because of their selfish, opportunistic attitude. The reason some of them are wealthy is because they took advantage of the western education system and apartheid system to exploit poor blacks. They are perceived as having primary loyalty to India, and not Africa. Their day of reckoning is yet to come. The main obstacle to Sri Lanka’s plantation Tamils is caste-oppression by fellow Tamils, including your Vellalas, and by nearby Tamil Nadu. South Afrika has the advantage of being 10,000 miles away from Tamil Nadu. In general, the further they travel from Tamil Nadu, the more “free” Tamil communities feel. Don’t blame Sri Lanka or the Sinhalese for this. Sri Lanka is also a victim of the Indian caste system. Sinhalese and Tamils must unite to reject Indian bullying, to bring true independence and democracy to Tamil Nadu and lasting progress to Sri Lanka.

    • 0

      Rambuka! South Africans are going laught at you.

      Your anger on S. V. Kirubaharan doesnt mean that you should write misleading account of South Africa and the Tamils here.

      To educate youself about South Africa and Tamilians here, you need to study the South African history. It looks like you have no knowldge.

      You talk about your first hand experience in South Africa.

      Do tell us when and where were you here? Tells us an individual or an organisation that you met here and in which town.

      When an article appear in this electronic media, Colombo Telegraph, it is not only for the Sri Lankans, it is for all, without any ethnic, nationality barrier, for everyone who see this website.

      I understand that people in Sri Lanka are not allowed to read Colombo Telegraph. So how people in Sri Lanka can read this article?

  • 1

    Quite a simplistic analysis. Voting goes by favours and not guided by any norms, principles or past history. Rajapaksa in recent weeks has been making desperate trips to the Middle East and other African countries that do not know the situation n Sri Lanka or simply refuse to understand the long standing implications of the oppression of the Tamils. Mrs Rajapaksa goes to Uganda to curry favour.Bensen

  • 2

    Dear Mr Kirubakaran,
    It is welltimed & wellwritten, for the benefit of Tamils as well as our Sinhalese brothers.” Self-determination” venue must shift to UNHQ & not
    Geneva.That would give a helping hand to Mr Rudrakumaran.

  • 3

    Reddy, you Indians always blame others and wont see your own faults. I have South African friends of all races and I know the picture. Once the ANC honeymoon is over and the Tutu crowd are deposed, the Indian’s time of reckoning will come.

    Instead of bickering about standardization, which happened 40 years ago and was clearly intended to benefit rural students, not discriminate (although it did affect you English educated elite Tamils the most) – lets do something for the real Tamil homeland Tamil Nadu which has been subjugated by India to the point where:

    1. Low castes arent allowed to progress, save money, educate themselves or improve their lot in any way.
    2. Face routine lynching by upper castes.
    3. Where corrupt politicians siphon off billions from the public to live luxurious lifestyles whilst the poor live permanently begging on the streets.
    4. Where Dalits are expected to carry buckets of human excrement as their only occupation.
    5. Where basic health, education and sanitation is not provided and open latrines and sewers are the order of the day and millions die of preventable diseases.
    6. Where women arent allowed out of the house unchaperoned for fear of being raped, or fear rape for dressing in a way considered “immodest”, where female infanticides is commonplace as is dowry burning.
    7. Where Muslims and Christians are routinely harassed and killed.
    8. Where there are numerous disputes with neighbouring states and the centre.
    9. Where schoolchildren are forced to learn Hindi, an alien language and Hindisation is creeping.

    Theres plenty more but I wont go on.

    The only solution to this is Viduthalai Thamil Nadu.

    And you’re worried about standardisation?!

    • 0

      Let us be frank, here what you have written , got to do with Tamils in South Africa.

      Have lost your argument and slaming on the table.

      Any of your comment should concern only to the Tamils in South Africa.

      Your reply shows that you are nowhere of what we talk.

      You are a typical Sinhala Buddist.

    • 1

      Can you that all the listed by you are not existing in your heaven land? We too know about SL. Dont make us play dirty words here, please

  • 3

    You must acknowledge the crimes commited by Tamil Tgers against the Sinhalese civilians during the past three decades when pointing fingers at state for genocidal war .Otherwise your efforts are one sided and racially motivated without analysing the realistic issues . It has become a next to impossible tast to convince sinhala people to share power with Tamils solely because of the bitter memories of Tamil Tigers. Unless both parties are willing to accept their crimes commited against humanity this problem will never be resolved.

    • 1

      Then what about your jinga racists elements did in 1983 and prior to that?

  • 1

    @Reddy, I am neither a Sinhalese nor a Buddhist. You are a typical Indian trying to undermine Ceylonese, black-Africans, Fijians, Malays, etc. I have seen enough of your kind all over the place, playing your wily, shrewd, boot-licking ways. Non-Europeans everywhere hate you, Mr Fair and Lovely (haha, what a joke!). Clean up your own filthy, corrupt country first before you come preaching to your victims.

    • 1

      PS: self-respecting Tamils hate you too. No self-respecting Tamil in Africa or elsewhere describes themselves as “Indian”. Only opportunists and Hindi-lovers like you.

      • 0

        Dog barks and caravan moves!

        You have proved from your writings, what an ugly character you are?

  • 0

    This whole page stinks. A lot of Indians are here caste-ing negative and false comments about Ceylon. Go to your own websites and do something for your own people who don’t have toilets or a roof over their head, instead of coming here, pretending you’re something your not and making guerilla noises.

  • 0

    The fellow who wrote this article identifies or worships Indians ands Hindians when it suits him and wants them to invade Ceylon! People like him are responsible for the IPKF rape, genocide and murder of the Tamil people, and other SL victims. He is playing a game with the Hindian slaves (such as Jeya-lalitha). After GOSL, India will be held responsible for their historical crimes in Ceylon. In Tamil Nadu, Jeya-lalitha, Karunanidhi, Semen, etc will be tried for being traitors and Hindian stooges and oppressors of the poor. Their time is coming.

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