24 October, 2021


Right To Information Bill Presented In Parliament

The much awaited Right to Information Bill was presented to Parliament this morning for its first reading, by Mass Media and Parliamentary Reforms Minister Gayantha Karunathilaka.

Gayantha Karunatilake - Minister Media

Gayantha Karunatilake – Minister Media

The Right to Information Bill provides for the establishment of the right to Information Commission, setting out the procedures for obtaining information and for matters connected, in an effort to uphold the people’s right to know.

The Bill, as per constitutional requirements was submitted to the nine Provincial Councils, which have approved the Bill. The Western, North Western, Central, Southern, Eastern, and Uva Provinces agreed with the contents of the Bill, while Sabaragamuwa, North Central, and Northern Provincial Councils, agreed to the Bill subject to certain amendments, which led to the delay in presenting it to Parliament.

The Bill which is one of the main pledges as part of President Sirisena’s 100 day work programme, received Cabinet approval in December last year.

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    Hope this will clear so many issues. AKD please be alert on this… you are our hope.. on this…. this will open more as to why ALL THE HIGHCRIMINALS ALLOW EVEN TODAY TO MOVE SCOT FREE. …… we ve been waiting this to come sooner than later.

    Like we have no idea as to why Duminda Silva s case get extended

    Like we have no idea why Yoshita Rajaakshe s arrest ended up with a bail … knowing that uneducated uncultured boy had failed in compliant with all the laws wthin the navy…. who gave those funds him to go abroad to all over 74 times or so within 3 months or less than… all sums collected as debts for Srilanken airlines – should contain unnecessary travels being abused by Rajakashe family not forgeting his play boy brother in law s sex abusive acts.

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      Gayantha Karunatilake – Minister Media

      “The Right to Information Bill provides for the establishment of the right to Information Commission, setting out the procedures for obtaining information and for matters connected, in an effort to uphold the people’s right to know.”

      Thank you.

      This is very critical. Had we had a RIF, earlier, we would not be in this position today.

      It is the knowledge the culprits have that there are no rights to information, that lies in the root of the problem.

      Make sure it has teeth and get it passed in this current atmosphere of confusion.

      There is only one Truth, and a thousand lies.

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      Minister Gayantha Karunathilaka

      Expose, Expose and Expose using the Right To Information tp prevent future problems.

      Listen to Prof. Noam Chomsky The War in Afghanistan Fascinating Lecture! on Information and crimes.


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        I am planning to ask few questions under the proposed FoI Act. Can I expect a comprehensive answer to my niggling questions and they are as follows:

        It was revealed in Parliament that remains of 463 housemaids
        had been returned to Sri Lanka from Gulf countries,
        between January and d October 2012.

        Do we have a body count for the period from November 2012 to 23 March 2016?

        Between Jan 2005 and May 2009

        The cost and types of arms imported from Russia, USA, China, India, Pakistan, UK, …..

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        why readers seeem to show no interest in this bill.. not even 50 comments are on the thread yet .. if a nonsence had been posted by Dayan De Silva, people wold have added their two cts worth on and on…

        This alone shows, what topics they are really interested in.

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      Weeraunsa, Gomanpila and other few henchmen of MR will definitely go against this genuine Bill.

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    I heard speaker setting this to parliament yestreday – there the bill needs to be amended to meet the expectation of some provincial councils.

    How many more days/weeks would take this to get passed ?

    People of this country have no patience at all – just to stay gawky not seeing anything being done in terms of high profile criminals whose records are known to almost every households across the country/internatoal community

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    Earlier is better.
    we have been waiting this to be passed by Parliament soon

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    Then Meehharaka Rajapakshe would have no space left to divert from the questions. And Journos would have no rights to stay further mum. Questions of the people would rain and the answers will have to be… basta.

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      Samuel Jayaweera

      It will be another ACT to glorify our five star democracy.

      However how does the government intent to enforce it?

      People may express their will through parliament however the “will not” of the officials finally determine the effectiveness of this ACT.

      You too would have experienced how the duty bound bureaucracy effectively/efficiently scuttles all those responsibilities enshrined in various ACTs of parliament which they are paid to implement.

      You too would have experienced the officials mastering the art of not responding to your numerous letters, at various levels of the hierarchy. They are the masters of their craft, the best practitioners of “art of keeping mum”.

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    What are the amendments proposed by the Provincial Councils? We have a right to know?

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    Excellent news!

    Wondering if a PC can veto a bill. If they do what can the Parliament do short of forcing a dissolution?

    I think the Bicameral is unnecessary given there are 9 layers of govt that can scrutinize bills! Its excessive and time wasting too in my opinion.

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      To an exultant readership and perhaps an exuberant citizenry, I strike a discordant note. Environmental laws have stymied half of SL’s movement. The balance half will be constrained by Right to Information Laws. Just one year will dissipate all ebullience, when the rivets are seen.

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    The Right to Information Bill is in principle good.
    I have read some seemingly valid analyses in the print media saying that there are various caveats which restrict that right.
    There is the risk that the access which the society has under existing constitutional provisions could in effect be curtailed.
    Thus, joy may be premature.

    I remember the euphoria about the pharmaceuticals legislation last year.

    However, there is time as such restrictive aspects could still be challenged in court.

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