29 June, 2022


Rise Against ETCA: JVP Leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake Tells Public

The controversial Economic and Technological Cooperation Agreement (ETCA) with India continued to face protest after protest, with the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) too calling on the people to join hands and rise against the government decision to sign the agreement.anura copy

Addressing a seminar on ‘Trading, Sacrifice and ETCA’ in Colombo this week, JVP leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake said that the agreement will see the influx of low grade IT professionals to the country, which will result in the country’s youth losing job opportunities and Indians gaining.

“If talented Indian IT professionals want to go abroad they select Europe and America. Hence, the highest strata in India would never come to Sri Lanka. The middle strata would remain in India. It is the lowest strata that would come to Sri Lanka. There is a huge unemployment issue in India. As such, youths in Sri Lanka would not get any opportunity in India through the ETCA,” Dissanayake said.

“We must launch a struggle and defeat the government’s plan of signing this agreement in India. They are lying about this agreement,” he said.

Dissanayake said that when ETCA is signed that would mean the future of Sri Lankan youth will be sacrificed and they will have no jobs specially in the IT sector. “The government is also planning on signing such an agreement without the basis of any scientific evaluation,” he said.

He also accused both President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe of being ‘property auctioneers’ by attempting to sell the country’s resources as well as focusing on wrong economic policies. “Some said Ranil was an economic expert. But his strategy is all about selling, and sacrificing. He wants to sell state enterprises; sacrifice state institutions and natural resources – by signing agreements such as ETCA to open the service sector which will have dangerous repercussions,” he said.

Dissanayake said that the JVP is against selling. “The economy in our country is very small. The goods and services trade is only Rs.11, 000 million. The total investment is only US$680 million. Our share in the world market is only 0.05%. Exports earn only US$ 10000,” he said.

He added that the JVP has launched a campaign to educate the people on the ETCA and to garner support against this government’s decision to sign the agreement with India.

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    if we become competitive like singapore and malaysia we will not need to worry about having any agreement with any country on free trade or free movement of employment.However as now we are uncompetitive ranked 68,while india is 55,china 28,malaysia 18,singapore 2,we run the risk of losing jobs with such agreements.

    First put lipstick on the pig and then send it to roast is the policy today.

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        “[Edited out]”


        Thanks for keeping it brief.

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          Please refer Harvard University Economist Dani Rodrik’s critique of globalization

          The JVP and AK is right on this. Ranil and his neo-liberal team are way off the mark!

          From hyper-globalization back to sensible globalization

          Dani Rodrik in the New York Times tries to steer our globalization discussion in what I think is a more sensible direction. A brief excerpt:

          We need to rescue globalization not just from populists, but also from its cheerleaders. Globalization evangelists have done great damage to their cause not just by underplaying the real fears and concerns on which the Trumps of this world thrive, but by overlooking the benefits of a more moderate form of globalization.

          We must reassess the balance between national autonomy and economic globalization. Simply put, we have pushed economic globalization too far — toward an impractical version that we might call “hyperglobalization.”

          The principles I discuss are taken largely from my book, The Globalization Paradox — so if you’ve read that book, you will not see much that is new. But the intervening developments have made these ideas even more relevant now, I think.

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      Anura Kumara Dissanayake says:

      “that the agreement will see the influx of low grade IT professionals to the country, which will result in the country’s youth losing job opportunities and Indians gaining.”

      This is one reason the state should legislate the politicians are conscripted to serve in the private sector for 2 years if they want to discuss Investment, Trade, Technology, Skills Development, Capacity Building, ……

      Can someone find him an internship at Infosys, Wipro, TATA, Google, Yahoo, Alibaba, …..?

      He does not understand the employer wants the best brain at low cost.

      Does he think employer is ready to hire a monkey just because he wants to pay in peanuts. It is the state which does this all the time.

      Final decision on recruitment would be made by the employer and not by the ETCA.

      ETCA will/should not compel employer to recruit monkeys just because they are able to cross Palk Strait.

      Old Codger

      Could you find 2 year internship for Sri Lankan politicians, media reporters, editors, spokesperson for all kind of Trade Guilds, man on the street, opinionated chattering classes, Think Tanks, Academics, ….. at Infosys, Wipro, TATA, Google, Yahoo, Alibaba, ….. ?

      And please send KASmaalam, Dimwit, Sinhala Panda, somass, ….. NAK, Patriotic Pathetic, Dr No/Dr Strangelove, Sivajilingam, on a rigorous two year training programme at granite quarry in South India.

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        Thank god AKs views are confined to the political stage and no one takes him seriously and no one votes for him. He struggled to get 3 elected under the favorable PR system and would have none under the first past the post system!!

        These JVP beggars will oppose anything and everything and will support only a subsidy and hand out based economic culture where they even don’t want to pay taxes to fund such hand outs.

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        This is political posturing as usual. These are the same people who said they will use only Maruti cars as MP’s.
        I say, let’s vote them in next time and see how the tune changes.

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          old codger

          “I say, let’s vote them in next time and see how the tune changes”

          I am sorry I don’t want to take a chance. Is anyone in this island prepared to live in a North Korean in south Asia?

          I do agree when they are in power they too will push some policies which they may deem vital.

          However, the media in Colombo alienated from people still living in its secured bunker would not budge.

          Please read this excerpt from Editorial in Island:

          Enemies of reconciliation
          September 23, 2016, 9:02 pm

          The present government abused its power to enable the TNA and the JVP to secure the control of the official Opposition so as to prevent former President Mahinda Rajapaksa from becoming the Opposition Leader. It made a mockery of its commitment to good governance. But, as a result, the aforesaid two parties—one with a history of justifying LTTE terrorism and the other responsible for unleashing southern terrorism—now have to play a different role with some restraint as the democratic Opposition.


          Could anyone take this leader writer to a side and give him/her a basic lesson on Parliamentary Democracy and logic.

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      JVP leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake

      “The controversial Economic and Technological Cooperation Agreement (ETCA) with India continued to face protest after protest, with the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) too calling on the people to join hands and rise against the government decision to sign the agreement”

      This is not in Sri Lanka’s best interests.

      This is Legalizing the Kalla-Thoniosm, Hora-Oru, Illegal-Boats, in the Land of Native Veddfah Aethho.

      Does the Land of Native Veddah Aethho needs more Invasions from the paras from india? No.

      What should be done is yo send all the Paras in the Land back to their homeland, India, Baharat, Damba Diva.

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      All humbug,

      “china 28,malaysia 18,singapore 2,”

      These countries did not get to these positions with the help of ill conceived, dubious trade agreements like ETCA. Sri Lanka needs correct national leadership to be competitive in the global market.

      Hey Shankar, the same corrupt guys promoting ETCA have been the ruling class in Sri Lanka since 1953. We understand their game very well now, first we need to elect a National Leader outside the mafia gangs thrust upon us. Secondly, a parliament with qualified, honest and patriotic members. That is the key to be competiveness.

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        Sinhala Panda

        “These countries did not get to these positions with the help of ill conceived, dubious trade agreements like ETCA. Sri Lanka needs correct national leadership to be competitive in the global market”

        NIIT Unveils Flagship Training Centre at Tongren Polytechnic College in China.

        NIIT, a global leader in skills and talent development, unveiled its Flagship Training Centre at Tongren Polytechnic College in China to develop a pool of next generation IT professionals in the field of Big Data and Analytics. Earlier in April 2016, NIIT entered into a strategic agreement with Guizhou province to help the provincial government build global quality talent in IT services and Big-data industry. Under this agreement the company now launches its flagship centre at Tongren, the 3rd largest city in the Guizhou province. The centre was inaugurated by Mr. Chen Yan, Mayor of Tongren City and Rahul Patwardhan, CEO, NIIT Ltd.


        An Indian company NIIT established in 1995 in China has trained more than 300,000 Chinese students over the past 21 years.

        For further information on NIIT’s presence in China please pull your head where it is now and the click the link below:


        Fools rush in where angels fear to tread

        • 1

          Hello Kala Veddha

          NIIT may be prestigious to you but not for us. When you are free instead bad-mouthing us, take a tour of our ancient cities destroyed by your ancestors and the colonial powers. Did we ever get bloody third rated Indians to build Anuradhapura, Sigiriya, Polonnaruwa, Kandy Our marvelous irrigation systems, logistics systems, total infrastructure and the buildings. We did all these when your ancestors were living in the caves in Southern India.

          Remember “Sinhala-Buddhist” is an advanced, courageous and above all an intelligent hybrid race. Never underestimate us.

          • 4

            Sinhala Pandara Nayakka

            “Did we ever get bloody third rated Indians to build Anuradhapura, Sigiriya, Polonnaruwa, Kandy Our marvelous irrigation systems, logistics systems, total infrastructure and the buildings.”

            Of course you did.

            Please refer to Osmund Bopearachchii, R A L H Gunawardana, Mahawamsa, Sudharsan Seneviratne, …….

            “Remember “Sinhala-Buddhist” is an advanced, courageous and above all an intelligent hybrid race. Never underestimate us.”

            Of course Sinhala/Buddhists are so advanced they invented Zero, Genetic engineering, possess the ability to kill, rape, steal, burn library,…. periodically, ….. and then blame suddha.

            Sinhalese were so clever they imported mercenaries from South India to protect Temple of Tooth and the tooth itself.

            Sinhala/Buddhists have been so advance that they invented new and variety of torture technics, (THE HISTORY OF TORTURE IN ANCIENT SRI LANKA, http://torturemag.org/?p=419).

            Please go away, pull your head out of where it is now, see the world, …… then come back and rant.

            Sinhala/Buddhists were pioneers in mathematics, genetic engineering, computer science, alchemy, rocket science, brain surgery, medicine, astronomy, theoretical physics, …… however they are unable to stop death in police custody, smuggling of narcotics, incest, …… and continue to export women to Middle East Medieval Kingdoms so that unemployed and unemployable men could have good time while their women folks toil away from home.

          • 3

            Dear Sinhala B,
            ” Did we ever get bloody third rated Indians to build Anuradhapura, Sigiriya, Polonnaruwa, Kandy Our marvelous irrigation systems, logistics systems, total infrastructure and the buildings.”

            Talking through your posterior again? What about that bloody 3rd rate Indian by the name of Siddhartha Gautama? I don’t think even he would get a visa today.Nor of course Arahat Mahinda. Come to think of it, would your illustrious ancestor Vijaya get one? That might be a good thing too, because then YOU wouldn’t exist. Please go away.

          • 3

            Sinhala Pandara Nayakka

            Have you ever heard of “Rambodagalla Buddha Statue, Kurunegala”. I know you haven’t. So read and learn:

            Rambodagalla Buddha Statue is the largest rock carved Buddha statue in Sri Lanka. This statue is located in Monaragala Temple in Kurunegala district.

            The main character behind the creation of this Buddha statue is the Ven. Egodamulla Amaramoli Thero, the chief incumbent of Vidyasagara Priven Vihara, Monaragala, Rambodagalla, Rideegama, Kurunegala.

            After seeing the destruction of Bahamian Buddha Statues (Afghanistan ) by Taliban, Ven. Amaramoli thero determined to carve Buddha Statue with a giant granite rock in his temple premises.

            Creation of this gigantic Buddha Statue was started in 13th September, 2003. Chief Artist of this creation is Mr. Padma Sri M Mutthaia Sthipathi, from India.



            Documentary Video Of Largest Granite Samadhi Buddha Statue At Monaragala Temple:

            Listen listen good:



            Were you there among the crooks in the front row?

          • 3

            Sinhala Goonda,

            stop playing with your marbles.!

            sinha-le so how is the imaginary polish nanny going to survive after brexit??

            “”NIIT may be prestigious to you but not for us.”

            Iguana go back to the padura and vanantere.

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      Sri lanka should not think as an industrialized country or a country that should be industrialized.

      Sri lanka has a humongous trade deficit with India. What are tha advantages of ECTA ?. India will send its professional here. they can send 20 million IT, doctors, engineers and Scientists to Sri lanka. Every Sri lankan will be unemployed. Because for political reasons, sri lankan professionals are overpaid.

      • 0

        “they can send 20 million IT, doctors, engineers and Scientists to Sri lanka. Every Sri lankan will be unemployed. “
        If 20 million Indians come here, and all Sri Lankans are unemployed, who is going to pay the Indians?

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    Hey Galkatas Man. You bugger took my NIC card in 88/89. can you sen it to me???

    • 0

      galkatas man has ditched the bullet for the ballot and is our watchdog now.

      [Parliament was told yesterday that the ruling UNP-led coalition had given major tax rebates to Avant Garde Maritime Services (AGMS) under investigation by different agencies, including the Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery or Corruption (CIABOC).

      The revelation was made by JVP leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake. State Defence Minister Ruwan Wijewardene assured that the government would look into the matter and inform Parliament of its findings.

      The government launched investigations into AGMS immediately after January 2015 presidential polls. Responding to a query by JVP leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake, Minister Wijewardena said that the government would find out why AGMS paid Rs 255 mn less from Rs 853mn the company owed the state coffers.

      MP Dissanayake expressed serious concern over the government giving special treatment to AGMS accused of tax evasion and other malpractices during the previous administration.]

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    For once I agree with the JVP Leader! It is more beneficial to India than to Sri lanka. Prior to opening our job market it is essential that we have a proper education policy. Currently approximately 300,000 sit of the GCE A/L exam and only 26,000 students are admitted to the University (not even 10%)! We should have at least all those who pass the GCE A/L admitted to Universities. If the Government is unable to provide the facility set up universities in collaboration with foreign Universities to provide the education even at a cost to the student! I came across Indians who have been working in countries like Mongolia currently working in Sri Lanka! We should get professionals who have worked in developed countries coming to work for us. Unfortunately we wont be able to pay high salaries and provide suitable accommodation to attract them!

    • 5


      “For once I agree with the JVP Leader! It is more beneficial to India than to Sri lanka.”

      For once I agree with others he is as stupid as you are.

      He doesn’t give us business nor economic arguments supported by evidence and scholarly discussions.

      This is another opportunity for him to exercise his right as the leaders of racist JVP to tell India JVP oppose anything Indian.

      “We in the JVP founded our party on the idea of Hindian Expansionism. We successfully stopped Indian expansionism in 1988/1990 and since then we opposed every progressive political process because we saw eye to eye with MR, supported the brutal war, ….. and we are keeping numb on Chinese expansion in the interest of our party and we can’t help being paranoid.”

      I expect a honest statement like the above from Anura if he wants to claim the crowm.

      • 3

        Native Vedda

        “I expect a honest statement like the above from Anura if he wants to claim the crowm.”

        Amarasiri expects honest statements from the Para that they All are Para from India, Baharat, Hindia, Damba-Diva, in the Land of Native Veddah Aethho.

        Even the Catholic Church finally admitted that the Earth Spins and goes around the Sun.

  • 2

    Is this a knee-jerk reaction of the JVP?
    In 1971,one of the lectures conducted by the JVP was on Indian Expansionism!
    In 1987,the JVP ran amok by damaging hundreds of Buses and other public property costing several Billions[Rs] simply because the Indian Army set foot in the North-East region.On this pretext the JVP BEGAN THEIR TERROR OF 1988/1989 and had to eventually bite the dust!

  • 1

    Too F****** late.. isn’t it mate…

    You helped Batalanada Ranil to f***** them first.

    Now you are crying foul , telling them that the Indians will take their jobs.

    What a joke..

    It is not only IT jobs , Our kids won’t be able to get Chef Jobs Waiting ,Front Office and even meet and greet jobs , because Turban Cousins will be all over the country in 4 & 5 Star places.

    Wonder whether Naduans with their three wheelers will replace Galleon’s Tuk Tuk driving UNP brigade as well.

    • 1

      We are giving solutions to India’s unemployment problems,
      Great politicians!
      Land like no other!

      • 4


        “We are giving solutions to India’s unemployment problems,”

        Did it occur to you that, right now Indian population is roughly 1,330,511,401 and Sri Lankan population is roughly 20,833,280

        I believe what you typed.

        If it is true, why don’t we give solutions to our own people who are unemployed and nearly 2 Million working in the Medieval Middle East kingdoms?

  • 0

    Do the people know what this ETCA is and the contents of it are? If the “Answer” is a resounding NO, how and on what basis the JVP Leader is asking the people to oppose? Has the JVP received a copy of the “Draft Agreement” to be signed? If YES, please release it to the Public. Without making us to understand and know what it is, merely asking people to rise against in protest is not up to the expected standard of JVP.

  • 3

    Most IT jobs are done via the Internet and not by physical mobility. This guy is talking nonsense. If Indians want then they will take the market seated in India, not by coming to Sri Lanka. If Sri Lankans are so scared then why don’t they upskill themselves? As usual the sri lankan insecurity complex comes to the fore.

  • 0

    What ????????????? Whats bugging this Red Baby Elephant?
    Did he not wallop Harry’s santhosam?

  • 4

    As an employee of a Multi-National IT company, this is what I can tell.
    Well, guys currently in Sri Lanka our IT workers are underpaid when comparing to Indian. Because there is no competition so Sri Lankan so IT companies pay less. If there are more works in this sector people will compete and salaries will get higher. I doubt any Indian are going to rush themselves to be paid less?

    Second promotion and Grades. Because of competition people in India are promoted faster to keep them happy, stay in the company and properly defined the professional path. Let me give an example an employee with like 10-year experience will be a senior manager or a director. While the same counterpart in Sri Lanka will be so many levels lower. I doubt any Indian are going to rush themselves to be demoted?

    Also working for a big company we often find it hard to take those big projects given we don’t have professionally qualified people in the numbers to take those project. Yes we have talent people but not the numbers.
    Sri Lankans will always have an edge given our work ethics, straightforwardness, and no just blatantly look at a person’s face and promise the sun and the moon, and communication skills.
    Also if we have the numbers companies like google, Microsoft will easily build development center as Sri Lanka is an economic hub. Will bring in a lot of wealth,

    Look for example the government apparel industry there are so many countries like Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and China who can make the apparels much cheaper and better given the technological advantages and people advantages.
    But companies like MAS and Brandix are doing so well because companies like GAP , Victoria secrets, M&S are still choosing our country. Because our labor laws, Political and economic stability compared to China, India, and Pakistan.
    I know some may question what political and economic stability. Eg India and Pakistan any time can get into a war, terrorism in those countries, chines government involved in everything people do and how unfair trade practices, Poor the labor laws when so many ppl in those factories died to make an iPhone. Bangladesh with terrorism and floods and bad building code.

    So take my word Sri Lanka is a very attractive destination for businesses . Long as we keep the peace and our present reforms keep on building for good governance and policies. Sri Lanka can easily be the next Singapore.
    We live in global economy countries that can open up global only can develop globally. JVP still hold those protectionist communist ideologies !

  • 2

    CT, please put this up as a public service. Let AK and all read this to see and hear about where the world is heading to. Stop all crazy things for there is massive huge solar energy revolution is going on all over the world, and it’s making people lives better day by day.

    Dear Reader,

    As crazy as it sounds…

    …we are on the cusp of a boom that could revive America’s golden years…

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    And not just restore the hope for a better U.S.A….

    But restore the hope for financially free and independent retirement for millions of Americans.

    You see, a new device is emerging that produces “fuel” Hillary Clinton says should be in “every home in America.”

    One that could…

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    I know. It sounds hard to believe. But please, hear me out:

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    Forbes simply calls it “a massive opportunity.”

    Last year, it created jobs 20-times faster than the U.S. economy did.

    And more jobs than Silicon Valley giants like Apple, Google, and Facebook combined!

    In two years, it could double that. Then again and again.

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    Think about that.

    Solar was written off by the media and pundits as absurdly expensive not many years ago.

    Now the new generation of solar panels creates the cheapest form of energy available.

    Cheaper than oil…

    Cheaper than gas…

    Cheaper than nuclear…

    I don’t know of anything that could compete with it.

    Never before has a single form of energy had the potential to capture 100% of the global energy market.

    And that’s the potential of solar. Let me explain…

    100% of the Global Energy Market

    The Chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) puts it this way…

    Sun power is “going to overtake everything… it could double every two years”…

    He’s not the only expert who thinks so…

    The International Energy Agency (IEA) believes that solar will soon be the #1 source of energy on the planet, pushing oil, gas, and coal to the side.

    How soon?

    According to Ray Kurzweil, a New York Times best-selling author, and Google’s Director of Engineering, solar power use has doubled every two years for the last 30 years.

    At this rate, solar is less than 16 years away from meeting 100% of the world’s energy needs.

    And Kurzweil believes that’s exactly what’s about to happen.

    The Economist has profiled the solar market’s growth phenomenon, more commonly referred to as “Swanson’s law”…

    A pattern that mirrors the well-known “Moore’s Law” for transistors.

    It suggests that for every time the world’s solar manufacturing capacity has doubled, the price of the cells needed to generate solar power has fallen by 20%…

    At this astronomic rate, solar could overtake the world’s electricity market in only 16 years…

    Think about that…

    Right now, solar accounts for less than 1% of the global energy market.

    An expansion to 100% in the next 16 years is on a scale we’ve never seen before.

    And with global energy demand expected to DOUBLE during the same timeframe, we are looking at potential EXPONENTIAL GROWTH that’s hard to comprehend.

    What could this mean for the American economy? And for investors savvy enough to buy in now?

    Well, coal and oil gave birth to the modern industrial revolution.

    And with it, some of the biggest fortunes in history.

    Rockefeller and J. Paul Getty built their fortunes on oil.

    The Koch brothers, worth $40 billion apiece, also amassed their wealth from oil.

    In America’s recent shale boom, over 2,000 millionaires were minted in a year.

    And yet, solar could DWARF anything that’s come before it…

    And it’s just starting… with the biggest energy players on the planet making gargantuan shifts away from fossil fuels and into solar.

    The Solar Gold Rush Is NOW

    The Pentagon, if you already didn’t know, is the world’s single biggest consumer of oil.

    But that’s all about to change…

    It was recently announced that on 124 military bases in 33 states, solar farms are going up. All military branches—Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines—are joining the rush.

    The Navy is now investing in what will be the world’s largest solar farm… one that will supply power for 14 of its bases.

    All told, the Pentagon has 63 solar programs—more than any other federal agency

    The military is dishing out billions of dollars in contracts for this energy overhaul.


    The military brass considers this not only a substantial cost-saving measure…

    …but a necessary defense against the world’s two biggest threats: cyberterrorism and climate change.

    China and India—two of the world’s biggest power markets—are committed to making solar their largest energy source.

    India’s solar revolution is attracting $200 billion in investment for what Forbes calls “a gold rush” for investors.

    And China is growing its solar capacity at a rate faster than anywhere else in the world.

    But they’re not alone…

    Over 120 countries on six continents are equipping RIGHT NOW for massive solar buildups.

    OPEC, Big Oil, and Rockefellers Shift to Solar

    Even OPEC sees the writing on the wall, and is moving into solar.

    Saudi Arabia, one of the world’s biggest oil producers, has committed $109 billion for solar.

    Egypt, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates are on board.

    Big Oil is on board, too.

    France oil giant Total plans to invest half a billion each year into solar.

    The CEO of Shell Oil calls solar “the dominant backbone of our future energy system.”

    Shell was part of a recent $53-million investment in a new solar company.

    Oil barons must see much bigger fortunes in this than in fossil fuels.

    Like the Rockefeller family heirs, who recently announced that they were completely divesting their $850-million portfolio from fossil fuels and looking to “new energy” investments.

    And Russia’s richest man, oil oligarch Viktor Vekselberg, has announced a massive $450-million stake in Russia’s solar development.

    Billionaires Are on Board, Too

    This fact has not been lost on the world’s smartest investors. In fact, billionaires are now rushing in with full force.

    For example, in late 2015, a dream team of billionaire titans including…

    Bill Gates

    Mark Zuckerberg

    Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos

    Virgin Group founder Richard Branson

    George Soros

    And 22 other deep-pocketed investors

    … all committed to being the private capital that covers gaps in a targeted $20-billion annual spend into solar and similar next-generation technologies by 19 different countries by the year 2020.

    Gates has already invested $1 billion of his OWN money into solar—and has committed to doubling that.

    Warren Buffett has already invested as much as $15 billion in solar and wind power, and is set to double down.

    “There’s another $15 billion ready to go,” says Buffett.

    It’s also said that Japanese billionaire Masayoshi Son is planning to invest $20 billion in solar projects in India.

    I could go on and on.

    The richest, sharpest people on the planet are loading up.

    I suggest you do the same.

    This is no longer a question of “if.” And it’s not a question of “when.”

    Solar’s total domination of the energy markets is INEVITABLE, and the time for action is NOW.

    The day after the world’s billionaires committed to solar…

    … the governments of the world—led by India and France—made a similar unprecedented move…

    At the Paris Climate Summit, 120 countries agreed to form an unprecedented “solar alliance”…

    One committed to making solar the world’s #1 source of energy.

    This global pact will need a total of $2.5 trillion in solar investments over the coming years.

    120 Countries Unite to Make
    Solar the World’s #1 Energy

    These two huge developments lit a fire under the solar market… kicking off a massive surge in solar stocks.

    These companies are climbing fast… and you need to buy in RIGHT NOW while they’re still cheap.

    That’s why I’ve combed the sector top to bottom… and found the single best one.

    Here’s the scoop…

    The going rate for solar panels last year dropped to an average of thirty cents per watt…

    Already that’s a fantastic price—one that’s competitive with every other form of energy.

    Which is why over 120 countries worldwide are now scrambling to replace coal and gas.

    But it’s getting a whole lot better.

    You see, a tiny $15 company is quietly sitting at the center of this global energy shift…
    It’s been on the cutting edge of new solar cell designs and technology for years.

    Not only has it accumulated more than a whopping 400 patents….

    … It has created some of the world’s most efficient and powerful and cheapest solar cells.

    The second largest solar company in the world measured by megawatts shipped, this $3.5 billion American listed company employs 8,000 people.

    And with customers in 90 countries, its solar panels are currently generating electricity for hospitals, airports and universities in Canada and the U.S.

    It powers factories in China, India, Japan, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Chile, Turkey, Hungary, Denmark, England and other countries.

    Recent projects include powering a massive Volkswagen plant in South Africa and seven IKEA stores in Australia.

    Now here’s what is really exciting about this specific solar power company…

    Unlike other solar companies that have struggled, this company has been making money for years. In fact, it posted a profit of $172 million last year. And it has $1 billion in the bank.

    Such strong financials positions this company to exponentially grow as modern-day technology continues to push down the price of electricity created from solar panels.

    The best news for investors…

    You can get into this cutting edge alternative energy producer today at under seven times earnings! Yes, at a time when the average S&P 500 company is selling at 20 times earnings, this booming technology company can be bought at only seven times what it is earning!

    So far, this company has been off-the-radar screen of big institutional investors. Insiders still own 24% of the company’s outstanding shares.

    But that’s not going to last for long. Recently, a private money management firm in Norway accumulated 6% of the outstanding shares of this company. My prediction is that they will be the first of many big money firms that end up chasing the company, thus propelling its stock much higher.

    That’s why you need to get in now before it’s too late!
    Bottom line:

    This tiny $15 company is now at the center of a $5-trillion energy shift unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

    But it won’t be trading at $15 for long—not with all of its deals and the fast-moving developments in solar.

    How much money could you make? And how quickly?

    Well, it’s hard to say exactly, considering an opportunity like this is unprecedented…

    But solar investors have already seen pretty spectacular returns from a handful of companies…

    This solar stock surged for 791% gains in just 10 months

    SunPower Corp., jumped for 1,033% gains in 24 months…

    More amazingly is the performance of Solar Power Inc.

    The company’s shares skyrocketed for a staggering gain of 9,233% in just over 12 months!

    That’s incredible.

    A little more than a small $10,000 stake could potentially have made you a millionaire today…

    All in just over a year’s time.

    These returns are great and all…

    But the solar market has only just begun to take off.

    Remember, it still powers LESS THAN 1% of the energy markets.

    What you’ve seen today shows solar could take over 100% of global electricity within 16 years… making coal, oil, gas, and nuclear near obsolete.

    We’ve never seen a form of energy take over the entire market, and not this fast.

    Plus the power market is forecasted to DOUBLE during this time…

    So we’re on the very ground floor of a simply unprecedented development… one that could spin off more millionaires than any oil boom.

    I want you to buy in RIGHT NOW while there’s still time… and while it’s where all the real money could be made.

    That’s why I’ve formed a cutting-edge dossier titled:

    The Device to Make America Great Again: Cash in
    on the New Trillion-Dollar Solar Panel Boom

    • 2


      Thanks for your futuristic comment, which complements what Alvin Toffler propounded in his book, ‘Third Wave’. We as humans are mind beyond the age of the industrial revolution unto a new age, that will be radically different.

      Here is a link to how the Chinese are developing their one-party State to be more responsive to the needs of their people in a very vibrant manner. Democracy as we know it is not working anymore. We have to find new ways to make democracy work in the new age we have already entered. Each country has to find its own way. The Chinese model provides an example.



  • 3

    I believe that generally Anura Kumar is right, but not this time. ECTA must come.It will bring cheap labour- yes, but that is required.In the Western and Southern regions there is a shortage of labour. I am told that it applies to the FTZ and to the NCP during the paddy harvest.

    As a result, local labour has become very expensive.A person known to me was charged Rs 5100 to re-place a tile on his roof.

    Some professionals have become unreasonably demanding.The CEB engineers threatened to boycott any study by the govt unless Sampur is operated on coal. This knowing well that Coal releases tons and tons of heavy metals to the Atmosphere through the flue gases.

    If they are right, they should have explained why they insist on Coal. That was not done.

    The antics of the Doctors is another reason

    • 1


      Thanks for your futuristic comment, which complements what Alvin Toffler propounded in his book, ‘Third Wave’. We as humans are mind beyond the age of the industrial revolution unto a new age, that will be radically different.

      Here is a link to how the Chinese are developing their one-party State to be more responsive to the needs of their people in a very vibrant manner. Democracy as we know it is not working anymore. We have to find new ways to make democracy work in the new age we have already entered. Each country has to find its own way. The Chinese model provides an example.



    • 2

      Entrenched vested interests are now holding the country to ransom. They are organized and represent vital segments of our profession classes, which are critical components of our socio-economic system. They have supplanted the trade unions of old, which had altruistic objectives. Selfishness and protectionism have transcendent.

      How we manage these organized vested interests- political and professional, is the new challenge we have to grapple with as a country, if we are to pick and choose the best way for us as a country in the context of the evolving new world order.


    • 2

      Upali Wickramasinghe ,

      “The antics of the Doctors is another reason “

      atics are obvious in 2 sentences which add non entity.

      It adds to the kind of complexity of it kind of being a riddle, a secret- to see or not to see.

      a.-They have supplanted the trade unions of old, which had “altruistic objectives“- leading to October revolution.
      b.-`Selfishness` and protectionism have transcendent.(going beyond ordinary limits)

      One does not justify the irrational, one just takes it on faith.
      What most moralists—and few of their victims—
      realize is that reason and altruism are incompatible.

      The root of all evil is Appe radala anduva.’
      You’re not going to spell that out, neither he.

      Now you know who to blame when you blow everything on a poor ballot result. You’re welcome.

  • 0

    JVP was/is anti-establishment political party or its outfit has done irreparable damages to democracy and development since its came into being that our country from 1965 May.

    ETCA on an Issue that is not good or bad for the country or people’s that is immaterial for JVP leadership is concern ;but the JVP line of policies depend and changes on that time to time according to Ruling party of UNP directions that to show them what is the tactics of UNP’S governances and Its leadership are need!
    And what is that USA and UK power hegemonies urgently requires ?
    JVP cater for their political Road Map by UNP guide line!

    How can that UNP-Ranil. Www leadership cannot an opposed ETCA openly ,but then Indian -RAW will ousted UNP’s puppet regime by hook or crook. JVP voice is his “master” voice.

    So UNP -leadership find new alternative road that their closed allied of JVP can raise their voice against ETCA, they will shape & protected UNP survival in misrules governances of “GOOD”

    What I think, I take grant that JVP an opposed ETCA timely needed.

    But I am for Free Trade and Exchange of Commodities without barriers between two countries.
    That is also part of sustainability development of through out Globally which is going to expanded development and Democracy in a way of fast track in large scale.
    That is basic necessity of socialism. Until we have reached such achievement of FREE Trade so it is stage which we turn Monopoly capitalist into Free Trade development to first stage of Socialism.
    That is why I support in principally for FREE TRADE with all countries .

    What is that 1994 April 15 Marrakesh Declarations says;
    ..” which historical achievement..strengthen the world economy and lead more trade, investment, employment and income growth throughout world.
    —the strong and clearer legal framework they have adopted for the conducts of international trade, including more effective and reliable disputes settlements mechanism.
    —-the global reduction by 40% of tariffs and wider market and wider market -opening agreement on goods and the increases predictability and security represented by a major expansion in the scope of tariff commitments and….”
    That is why Marrakesh Declaration says establishment of the World trade Organization (WTO) ushers in a New Era of Global Economic cooperation.

  • 1

    The JVP is yet in many ways not tuned to the times. Are they handicapped by the Sinhala only schooling and lack of exposure to the profound thinking underscoring the modern world in a multitude of fields. Most Tamil politicians- their Tamil only counterparts- fall into this category.

    Are they our dinosaurs- ready for extinction or the albatrosses that will hang from our necks.

    The JVP should be aware that our country yet survives on the earning remitted by our exported brawn, brain and some skills in various categories, and is experiencing a shortage of skilled and unskilled labour in many essential aspects of modern life.

    We have to open our windows to fresh winds in terms of work ethics, discipline, commitment and technology. We have to permit good teachers and academics from abroad to work in our schools and universities. We have to have farmers who will help us modernize our farming methods. We have to have doctors who do not think they are special previleged breed. We have to have Veterinarians, Dentists, Engineers, agriculturists and Managers, who can bring in new attitudes and skills, to substantially improve ours, in their fields.

    This is an urgent need.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

    • 6

      We have to have Veterinarians, Dentists, Engineers, agriculturists and Managers, who can bring in new attitudes and skills, to substantially improve ours, in their fields. This is an urgent need. Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

      Why don’t you write (Vet) after Dr? Is it because folk would know that you experience was shoving the thermometer in the camels rear to gauge the temp?

      You are still the tiger at heart. In the UK the RIBA still don’t accept Surveyors – surveyors are into politics, real estate and what not- the multi millioners of UK- stinking new rich.

      you are the man who said Army pays tamil women for sex but not the tamils like Dr (maths)S Swamy the Tiger.
      Both RUMP pissu kottu.

    • 3

      Dr. RN,
      “We have to open our windows to fresh winds in terms of work ethics, discipline, commitment and technology. We have to permit good teachers and academics from abroad to work in our schools and universities”
      Exactly right. Our professionals think they know everything. The doctors say they are better than Indian doctors. But there is no bone marrow bank here, whereas there is in India. Liver transplant are routine in India whereas it is something novel here.
      We need GOOD teachers of science and English. Indians are the cheapest.
      An unwillingness to learn is part of the problem.
      Also there is a fixation with paper qualifications, like the idiotic IT association which wants to validate Indian qualifications. At that rate, even Bill Gates or Steve Jobs wouldn’t get a job here!

      • 2

        old codger

        “We need GOOD teachers of science and English. Indians are the cheapest.”

        A few years ago I met a senior lecturer from a leading university. He had been teaching economics for more than 20 years who told me that he used lecture notes that he prepared when he was a under graduate student.

        • 0

          Just try ordering a PC from Dell UK (you don’t need to buy) converse with them listen to the guys. Same with booking British Rail tickets.
          most bigots in the west plus Bengali and Pakistani Islamist in the west complain (i know both sides well).

          There are Heads of Dept University who have stunned Scottish, English, Welsh heads of departments and they have not minced their words about these HoD caliber to the students. I doubt they would come to Lanka because they are well settled and end up as selectors of foreign servants.
          I am talking of north and central india. You like the southern anna- the missionary college principals are generally qualified at Oxford with English Lit as major.

      • 4

        “” like the idiotic IT association which wants to validate Indian qualifications.””

        they want to learn through the back without lifting a finger- a very British government servants practice- because it is their language that they go around the world checking and editing research papers worldwide.

        But the Indians write better english than Lankans. The sinhalese are already having lucrative back-office IT work from India which is the main British and American contractor. Not even Philipines or South Africa can get that business off india.
        journalism- AP, APS, SKY the wholesalers of News have contracts with New Delhi- they send a little photo and request a write up in a minute- like Chess clocks. the day you guys can get a prize like Booker Prize you could enter the market not before.
        Lanka should think like our Vietnamese friends who get running sub contracts from China for engineering components.- that is how one builds a business not being overlord especially when English is not your strength.

  • 0

    JVP an opposed ETCA is surprised by all right thinking people of
    Sri Lankan. Why is that JVP since 2010 support for UNP or anti-SLFP candidates of Presindital Elections @@@@@@@! how is that by surprise which JVP become an opposed to ETCA ,what are reasons behind that ?

    JVP is Non-Democratic political Party of an anarchist- oriented policies has been apply many years of two generations to killed democracy in form of violence by JVP Leadership in an Island.

    We supposed to be guest that proposed ETCA is an opposed by many Unions, Political parties, the Sri Lankan diasporas not that the diaspora of Tamils, that JVP want join same bandwagon to be absolved their distort political game of rules of undermined democracy in last 50 years.

    It is understood fact that we could no underestimated that we as Nation will lost ours Economic Sovereignty once and for all that proposed by Indian originated ETCA ; current Govt. in power is back by Indian installed puppet regime in CMB, they will surrender national economies rights to Indians monopolies classes by leadership of UNP-Ranil. Wwwww and MS of New -UNP leader?

    ETCA is an open flood gate for Indian market & their businessmen by lop sided trade chances for only for Indian business classes in Sri lanaka .
    That is why we an opposed ETCA proposed by Indian monopoly will undermined entire ours national Economy. will enjoy all rights reserved for all economic benefits them, but noting left for
    Sri lakan by Indian businessmen.

    I have no idea why is that JVP an opposed on what ground of ETCA ?
    Of cause world Free Trade is motto, which is the mission of WTO entrust by members of UNO , where is that clearly JVP stand for ?

    JVP leadership could explain their position to public without delay!

  • 1

    You IDIOT Anura.. too little too late!..so consumed with spewing vengeance against the Rajapakses. You’ve failed to see the miserable road down which yahapalanaya was taking us! Bravo!!!

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