23 April, 2024


Robert Blake And Gotabhaya On UNHRC And Reconciliation

US Assistant Secretary for South and Central Asian Affairs Robert O. Blake talks exclusively to Debrief about the resolution on Sri Lanka at the UNHRC. You can also watch Gotabhaya Rajapaksa on reconciliation .


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    05 March 2012. With US Resolution against Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka step into Eelam-war-5! Instead banning terrorism, it has become legal in Europe and USA! Victor Koppe (Dutch Lawyer for LTTE) said in a speech (link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o3fpa0zZPB4 ) made infront of United Nations in Geneva on 05.03.2012 that attempts are being made to remove LTTE Ban in EU and LTTE has been considered as freedom fighters in Dutch courts in the Netherlands and in Italy. The consequence of that decision is that LTTE can not be considered as a terrorist group but “Liberation Fighters” Thereby, LTTE activities in EU are legal. Mr Koppe who is a Lawyer specialized in International Criminal Law said that there is some kind of “hope” and legal proceedings are well under way to remove LTTE ban imposed in 2006. LTTE is a banned terrorist organization in 27 countries within EU and its financial assets were frozen. 4:00 The LTTE ban was imposed by political pressure from USA and other countries. Now things have been changed after May2009 and international community (USA, EU) is pressing Sri Lanka for alleged violation of war crimes while politicians from France, Belgium and England were participating on the demonstration to prove that it is not only the Tamil diaspora seeking justice.

    LTTE terrorists who massacred civilians in Sri Lanka for 30yrs which excelled in suicide bombings and committed crimes against humanity are now to be called as freedom fighters by Europeans and USA! Shame! on you!

    During “Arab Spring” Blood Baths in Middle East, breaching International Law was easy and simple for US-EU coalition which was often neglected. They even dared join with terrorists (Al Qaeda) openly to change (unfavourable) regimes including change of Rajapaksa regime Sri Lanka which defeated LTTE terrorism. LTTE was the number one terrorists committed mass crimes against humanity but not for Europeans. As long as no harm for USA and EU they are not terrorists! Human rights laws only apply for regime changes!

    He said in June 20011, that the EU ban of the LTTE has been called illegal and a breach of international law. A petition was put forth by LTTE sympathizers argues that under international humanitarian law the EU and its member states have a duty to refrain from involvement in the conflict. It further called for an amnesty to be granted to all those involved with the LTTE following the conclusion of the war.

    It was presented in the petition that ‘international humanitarian law prevents intervention of third states with an armed conflict between a non-state actor in the pursuit of self-determination and a state.’ The listing of the LTTE as a terrorist organization can only be seen as an intervention according to the petition. The petition however fails to recognize the role that the Norwegian government played as a mediator. The Norwegian government intervened in an attempt to broker a lasting peace deal and despite its failure the role of Norway was an intervention of a third party.

    The petition which presented to the president and members of the general court of the European Union argues that the LTTE cannot be considered a terrorist organisation as defined by in ‘Article 1 (3) of the Council Common Position 2001/931/CFSP.’ As they cannot be considered a terrorist group. Victor Koppe, the lawyer for the LTTE activists in Europe, states that group cannot be banned. The petition further states that the actions carried out by the LTTE do not amount to offences under national criminal law. It concludes by explaining that as the LTTE was militarily defeated in 2009 and are no longer active in Sri Lanka a review under article 1(6) of the Council Common Position 2001/931/CFSP would have removed the group from the list.

    Quoting UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights and Terrorism, Dr Kalliopi K. Koufa, the petition states that ‘under the law of armed conflict, acts of war are not chargeable as either criminal or terrorist acts.’ Koppe is stating that criminal law cannot be applied to armed conflict. The law of armed conflict, however, states that military forces are permitted to engage only in acts necessary to accomplish a legitimate military objective. It also limits attacks strictly to military objectives. The LTTE’s continued attack on civilian targets throughout the conflict proscribes it from the law of armed conflicts.

    Interview with Koppe in June 2011: http://www.thesundayleader.lk/2011/06/12/petition-to-remove-ltte-from-eu-bann

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    Do not believe a word uttered by Robert Owen Blake, former Ambassador to Sri Lanka and US foghorn for South Asia. This man does not have a single honest, decent bone in his body and has always acted as a devious snake under the grass where Sri Lanka is concerned. They are now publishing all kinds of random cables to exonerate him to show that he was impartial, etc. When you read those cables check the dates because the time-line is very important.

    No Eelam in Sri Lanka don’t worry. If they want to whitewash the LTTE and absolve them in Europe and US by their lawyers, don’t try to stop them. Do go ahead and encourage them to do so. Some people just have to learn the hard way.

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      With you guys getting a beating in Afghanistan,wouldn’t it be a great idea to absorb the leftover Tiger terrorists into fighting in Afghanistan?Now without any chance in hell to resume their terror campaign in Srilanka,they wouldn’t mind doing the dirty work for the Yankies.

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