22 October, 2021


Rohitha Rajapaksa – Only Flying On Choppers With His Thaththi

President Mahinda Rajapaksa‘s youngest son Rohitha aka Chichi malli tried to portray himself as sober and level-headed in a special interview in the Daily Mirror on the 5th of January.

Rohitha Rajapaksa claimed he had never received an expensive gift from his father even on his birthday.
He spoke dreamily of his time in his father’s village Medamulana.

“We still meet our old friends when we go to Medamulana. Even though we have now grown up, we have not grown apart. Our hearts are still the same. The house in Medamulana is open to anyone. We even play with the kids of our friends. Still we play cricket and bathe at the anicut” he said.

AAAAThese responses were markedly different to an interview granted to the same newspaper in 2013. The following were his answers.

What is your favourite thing to spend money on? Bikes and cars.

Where do you like to shop? I shop everywhere, anything that fits perfect will be purchased, price and name does not matter. However, for belts and shoes LV (Louis Vuitton) is my brand.

If you woke up one day looking like Yo, what would you do? Grow my hair, run to my girlfriend’s closet and burn it, get her a new set of clothes and give her freedom to choose her own style of clothing with no restrictions. Send my girlfriend to a cosmetic surgeon and get her birthmark removed.

However it appears that the opposition attacks on the Rajapaksa family corruption and abuse of power resulted in a much more sober interview this week.

Rohitha Rajapaksa also claimed to be a more astute judge of politics than his father.

“I told my father that he would leave us. But he said that, he won’t leave. When one of my friends brought the list of defectors, my father said that we don’t need to panic; it is better if they leave rather than being here and causing harm to the party. But he always said that Maithripala was a senior member and he deserved the Prime Ministerial post” Rohitha said.
He also claimed that Sri Lanka’s ‘royal family’ did not own stable horses or helicopters.
Asked if he and his brothers had a helicopter each at their disposal ‘Chichi’ responded that it was not true.

“We like to travel in helicopters. But we don’t have helicopters. We sometimes travel with my father in helicopter. Sometimes when he asks us to accompany somewhere urgently, we tell him to send the helicopter, but he always says that only he can use the Airforce helicopters. He has bought us toy helicopters, even those were not very expensive ones. We have never asked him for gifts and he has not given us any such special gifts” Rohitha said.

The following are some of Rohitha’s ‘toy helicopters’ that he sometimes shares with his girlfriend Tatyana.



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  • 51

    Unasked questions due to fear of white vans

    Do you ever think of the poor while you are buying LV goods?
    Of course, I want them to buy LV goods too

    Is it right for you to spend millions while the people go hungry?
    Yes, they should spend their millions on food

    How could you have so much to spend when your father only has a president’s salary?
    It’s called salary inflation. I learned economics at school.

    What do most people think of you?
    They think I’m wonderful. I think so too.

    • 13


      ” I learned economics at school.”

      From K A Sumanasekera’s teacher, father, brother …….? Was he/she a Catholic vellala Jaffna man?

      • 4

        In a Catholic Vellala style, call them “Sevalayan”, which seems much appropriate!

        Ouch!!! you rude eve teasing Naughty Veddan!

  • 32

    When the cat closes its eyes it is supposed to be thinking the whole world is dark.!

  • 12

    Those who live in glass houses should not undress with lights on !

  • 5


  • 32

    I guess he is a young, immature kid, not smart enough to realize that he compromised himself last year, when he gave honest answers, which he now contradicts. They are a family of liars, and will say anything to keep their powers.

    These spoilt young men have lived a good life, worn the best clothes, and their playthings are super expensive vehicles that are too powerful on our little roads. Most probably, they have millions of dollars stashed off shore, and will continue their life of luxury, even if their father loses.

    Hopefully, the people in Sri Lanka will make a change and prevent this power hungry family from continuing their corruption and supporting racist attacks on minorities. Enough is enough.

    • 7

      [Edited out] I was awed reading it… and much more info regarding the plan of the Jarapassas… So Rohitha Lied in the interview with the Daily Mirror..umm how can we believe him or his bro Namal, both of whom stated that their dad bought them only toy helicopters…. liars from top to bottom… btw Tatyana sounds a Russian Name… how lucky is a Russian hoe I wonder…to have joy rides via helicopters while she rides him…ummm

      • 4

        Idiot! You are no Snowden. You know nothing! Tatyana is very much a Sri Lankan. She is NOT a Russian Whore. She is just one more kid who has had her head stuffed with the stupid “American Dream”.

  • 15

    There is a possibility that their “toy” cars have been shipped off to Male, Maldives, most probably for safe keeping. They love their posh and latest cars, and most probably sent them off for safekeeping.
    The guilty are afraid, so right now, they must be terrified, their ill gotten gains will be taken away.

  • 4

    This small helicopter was flying around Fort area a few months ago.

  • 10

    Young and immature so much so that it costs his father a decline in popularity and votes……

    Absolute spoilt self centered Moron.

    These medamudalane kids have simply lost their heads and focus.
    They think surpassing western traits is the in thing instead of behaving like simple village kids.

    Nothing to be guilty, afraid or be terrified, the morons have done it for their father.
    Whatever said and done, their father appear to be a simple man identified with village folks.

    These kids must be sent to the threshing filed to learn simplicity.

  • 4


  • 4

    why dont these Rajapaksas inform the UNHRC that those Multi Barrel Rockets and Artillery used in the final phase of the war was infact Toy guns and artillery given as Xmas gift from the Chinese?

    We can get the expert help from a self acclaimed political scientist called Dayan Jayatileka to re-phase this and all our problems will be sorted with this.

  • 10

    How come these parasites have so much money accumulated merely from MPs and ministers statutary salaries. This particluar clown was just a school kid about 2-years ago, and how come he has been put in charge of Sri Lanka’s dept for space interests. How do they account for thie lambroghinis and other racing cars, pedigree horses and everything else, symbols of power and extreme richness. We know that their father is not Rockefeller, or Mr Ford. They never say that they NOT CORRUPT, and always say, ok show the evidence. This statement itself proves that they are corrupt and living off the national assets. Any honest man’s first response would be I have never stolen and received graft, but these brainless baskets could only say, Show Me the Evidence. Thieves!

  • 7

    If they lose they must be prevented from leaving the country and must face justice.

    • 6

      on an earlier post here, I mentioned about their fleeing on the night of elections.. they have made arrangements to charter 2 Indian airplanes coz they do not trust the sl pilots… ( lanka e news of 27th Dec at 11.30 pm) I mentioned on that post for all people who knew of SL airlines pilots to fly them out of sl for 2 hrs and come back to base citing engine failure so that they, the MARA family, goons and thugs would face Justice… OF course they need to face justice… this kid stated that he was pursuing a PhD at a University in SL… I laughed my ass off reading that, he like his bro Namal who sat for a law test would have been helped by the chancellor of the uni to file his answers… CLOWNS

  • 4


    The proceedings should be before a reconstituted Supreme court.

  • 3

    Is it this birthmark on the girlfriends —- that led to the Ruggerite who had seen it being killed?????????? I want this investigated. This chichchi malli looks like a murderer.

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