2 February, 2023


RTI Passed In Parliament

The Right to Information Bill was unanimously passed in Parliament this evening, without a vote.

Gayantha Karunatilake - Minister Media

Gayantha Karunatilake – Minister Media

Several amendments were made to the bill, before it was passed in Parliament.

The bill was taken up for debate yesterday, and during the debate the Joint Opposition said they would not vote in favour of it unless certain amendments were made to the bill. Subsequent to several amendments, the bill was passed in Parliament without a vote today.

The Right to Information Bill was presented in Parliament on March 24 by Mass Media and Parliamentary Reforms Minister Gayantha Karunathilaka. The Right to Information Bill provides for the establishment of the right to Information Commission, setting out the procedures for obtaining information and for matters connected, in an effort to uphold the people’s right to know.

However, in May, the Supreme Court ruled that the bill must be passed by a special majority in Parliament, if it is to be made a law in the country.

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Latest comments

  • 7

    Now public has the right to know truth to all the jarapakshas, white van addiction, murders,and all the corruption..

  • 8

    Great, hope that media men will support it – spreading the news as it is.

    • 2

      Dear Gayantha Karunatilake – Minister Media,

      RE: RTI Passed In Parliament

      //”The Right to Information Bill was unanimously passed in Parliament this evening, without a vote.Several amendments were made to the bill, before it was passed in Parliament.”//

      Thank you Sir, for getting this passed. This is a new begging.

      Thos would never have passed, if MaRa MaRa Chatu MaRa AmaMa MaRa HoRa MaRa Dhushana MaRa and his cronies were in power.

      You need to say, this is one of the differences of Yahapalanaya vs. the MaRa MaRa Dhushana Palanaya.

  • 14

    Good. now can you publish this Right to Information Bill online for all to see!?

    • 3

      Exactly, this is DM type of journalism. Show what the RTI means in reality, and do an in-depth piece on how journalists use it to start writing some real articles – most journalists in Sri Lanka aren’t that familiar with their own profession!

  • 7

    Great.The sluice gates have been opened at last to ease the pressure on the Dam.

  • 1

    In this country the gestation period of good laws are very long and painful but obnoxious laws get passed very quickly and without any hassle. Just shows what sort of parliamentarians we have!

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    Great news. Hope RTI reduces the rampant corruption in Sri Lankan society and politics. Media also stop receiving gifts like laptops & vehicles from the government and start using RTI to report the corruption to the public. Otherwise, it will not work and no use.

  • 0

    We totally lost Free Information of by passing RTI act.

    Under the UNP -Ranil.W…. there won’t be any room for Free Information?

    Same thing will happen by proposed New Constitution of leadership of UNP-Ranil.W…

    UNP will lead to authoritarian Rule of Politics by replace ongoing democracy of Parliament !

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