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Russia-India Relations: The Significance Of Subjective Factors

Sergei Lunev argues that Russia should pursue improved political and economic relations with India, despite the many setbacks in the partnership. This is the second of two posts examining parallels and bilateral relations between India and Russia. Click here for a post titled ‘Globalisation: Many Indias, many Russias’. 

Many reasons underpin the successful development of India-Russia relations, but it would be imprudent to set all hopes upon these. Concrete, consistent initiatives and changing Russian and Indian elites’approaches towards the partnership are essential, otherwise the stagnation of bilateral ties might worsen to degradation. At present, the relationship is predicated on cooperation in the defence and aerospace sectors, but the potential of these are insufficient to secure long-term, positive ties. Click here for “Russia-India relations: The significance of subjective factors”

*Sergei Lunev is a Professor at the Higher School of Economics at Moscow State Institute of International Relations under the Foreign Ministry and National Research University.

*Tomila Lankina is a Senior Lecturer at LSE’s Department of International Relations.

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