15 August, 2022


Sarath Fonseka Is Bluffing On War Crimes

By S. V. Kirubaharan

S. V. Kirubaharan

A reputed newspaper in the United Kingdom, The Independent”, published a disturbing news item and an article on 18 February 2013, under the headlines, ““Handed a snack, and then executed: the last hours of the 12-year-old son of a Tamil Tiger” (Photographs show boy was held before he was killed at close range) and “This is proof, beyond reasonable doubt, of the execution of a child – not a battlefield death”. The author of this news item is Callum Macrae, director of “No Fire Zone: The Killing Fields of Sri Lanka”.

The article establishes how 12 year old Balachandran, an innocent child, son of the leader of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam – LTTE was brutally killed. The first photograph shows him sitting in a bunker, alive and unharmed, apparently in the custody of Sri Lankan troops. Another photograph, taken a few hours later with the same camera, shows the boy’s body lying on the ground, his chest pierced by bullets.

While the civilised world is ashamed and denouncing the inhumanity of this cold-blooded killing, ex-army commander of Sri Lanka Sarath Fonseka is bluffing and denying this War Crime. Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa is Commander in Chief of the Sri Lankan Security Forces and one time good pal of Fonseka.

Analysing the statements of ex-army commander Fonseka, it can be easily understood that his statement on the inhumane killing of 12 years old Balachandran has no value, but is pure bluff. His present statement seems rooted in political expediency during his apprenticeship political career, and in hunger for power.

It is not surprising that this dishonest ex-army commander has joined Rajapaksa in an attempt to divert the attention of the international community. There is no other way to save the Rajapaksa brothers and other culprits from allegations of war crimes and crimes against humanity, than the ex-army commander posing as an opponent of the government, making unrealistic statements regarding this inhumane act.

In an exclusive interview to the Daily Mirror in Sri Lanka, Sarath Fonseka said on 19 December 2009:

“I was personally supervising down to a very low level. But those who did not know, how we fought the war, who were just trying to pass down irresponsible instructions and trying to deal indirectly, not indirectly, unprofessionally with the junior people, secretary of defence tried to contact the junior commanders in the field, never heard these systems in any armies. In disciplined armies, you don’t do that. So he was trying to deal with direct people, talking all nonsense, giving wrong instructions, like ’don’t disfigure the white flags and various things. He thinks that’s heroism or something. If you say, ‘go to hell, if white flag, kill every bugger… everybody.’ Something like that, is not leadership, this is you known trying to, without knowing the job, trying to behave a ‘cardboard hero’. That is the manner he has been behaving. But they were not carrying out those stupid instructions, but they were carrying out my instruction. I had tight control throughout the war and they behaved very well and I don’t think there were any abuses. I saw in an American report, I will give you the reference later on that says the secretary of defence has admitted there were abuses from the government side during the war. So to whom is he referring, when he says government? The government did not fight the war, the military fought the war. So in other words, he says there were abuses from the military, he has said that, to those US official. So we will get that report out, one of these days”.


In this interview and in many other interviews, Sarath Fonseka admitted that secretary of defence Gotabaya Rajapaksa was bypassing him and directly in touch with a few army commanders on the ground. Likewise, the secretary of defence Gotabaya Rajapaksa acknowledges the same.

Given this dual reality, how can Sarath Fonseka have the audacity to make the following categorical statement on 20 February 2013, to the Daily Mirror : “About these pictures I don’t know, we had no knowledge about this youngest sons whereabouts when I was the Army commander during my time and I can give the assurance that the Army had no information of his youngest son” he said.” 

If he can speak with such certainty, why does Sarath Fonseka use terminologies such as : “I don’t know……I think……. To my knowledge,…..” ?

Can he deny that the bunker where the 12 year old Balachandran is sitting alive and unharmed, belongs to the Sri Lankan Army?

The question is, how can Sarath Fonseka give his assurances regarding this incident, whereas when he referred to the White Flag incident to the “Sunday Leader” of 13 December 2009, he stated that “Gota Ordered Them To Be Shot”. This news item again clearly indicates that, Sarath Fonseka had no clue about much that was happening during the last days of the war.

The same news item of 13 December 2009 revealed that, ‘General Fonseka said it was Basil Rajapaksa together with the Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa who through foreign intermediaries conveyed a message back to the LTTE leaders who wished to surrender to walk out carrying a piece of white cloth. “It was their idea,” he said’. 

Sarath Fonseka’s latest statement gives rise to serious doubts as to whether he is aiming for the impending vacant position of Prime Minister.

While the international community received confirmation from President Rajapaksa on 4 February 2013, that there will not be any political solution to the Island’s bloody conflict, many may have missed the fact that Sarath Fonseka expressed the same view in an interview on 28 December 2009.

Fonseka said that, “…thirteenth amendment is now out dated. It was dated 20 years ago, during the war. Now we have better understanding within the communities. We have better respect towards communities. There is no mistrust…all the communities to live together, like take example from America, how blacks and the white live together. They live like one country one nation…Still live together as one Nation…”            


This is the man who polled more votes in the last Presidential election, from the Tamil areas, the North and East, than from the South. This is how every politician from the South cheats the Tamils.

There are only a very few honest politicians from the South who consider that Tamils have grievances and that there must be a durable solution to the long-standing political issue.

Meanwhile those who worked internationally with the Sri Lankan government on the subject of child soldiers, must be ashamed at the hypocrisy and crocodile tears of the Sri Lankan government. They wonder, if such heinous brutality can be inflicted on one child of 12 years, what else would have happened to others?

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    How can one be absolutely sure that Balachandran was killed by the Sri Lanka Army?

    There is a very strong possibility that he could have been killed by any one of the para-military outfits operating at the time.

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      This is a foolish article – the author must learn to read and anyalise what is said. SF says “to my knowledge” thus carefully clarifying that there were things he did not know and is not accountable for.. It is Gotabaya the Great White Van Goon who is accountable for the war crimes and white flag case where Pulithevan etc. were killed when crossing over..
      Besides, SF was in China buys more arms in the last week of the war.. so clearly he would not know and it was Gotabaya Rajapakse the White Van Goon who was giving instructions at the time..
      Shavindra SIlva had told the Studio TImes photographer Chris Silva, who likes to brag about his war photography that he was with Shavindra Silva when the Catholic Priests who were killedwere trying to cross from the no fire zone that they had asked the military to hold fire but could not be absolutely sure that this would be done..

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        Hello Sudu,

        I’m talking about Balachandran and not the White Flag case, Pulithevan etc.

        Now please don’t accuse me of being a Rajapaksa bum-sucker because I’M NOT but did you see or hear “Gotabaya the Great White Van Goon” giving instruction to the Army to give Balachandran a snack and then shoot him?

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        SF Says, “I can give the assurance that the Army had no information of his youngest son”

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        Sudu where have you been. You have become a reformed character and by the way did you go to Thirupathi with MR to cleanse your sins and it seems to have worked as you have turned your guns on your heroes ( MR, Gotha etc) and become friends of the traitors SF.
        Why dont you enlighten every sinhalse by sending them to Thirupathy it will solve Sri Lankas problems

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      Mr. Kirubaharan,

      General SF aside.

      Tamils have grievances? What are they exactly? Please specify.. without beating abou the bush. Exactly what are they? So, we can start searching for solutions.

      Are they any different or worse than grievances of Sinhalese or Muslims?

      Or is “Tamils have grievances” a not so secretive code for “We need an ethnically pure seperate Tamil state so bad”. Which is an extremely ethno-nationalistic project.

      Atleast be truthful the the people about what you mean.

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        First of all you have no guts to write with your real name. This shows that you secretive than the Tamils.

        Secondly, thank you very much for showing your political, historical knowldge of Sri Lanka.

        With such a dummy, will any reasonable person engage in a discussion or debate.

        You should ask about the Tamil grievances from your President Rajapaksa, who said to the international community during the war that for grivience of the Tamils,a permanent solution will be found, as soon as the LTTE is wiped out.

        Are you a Sri Lankan or from a different planet.

        To educate yourself, refer to the President’s website.

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          Please play the ball. Not the player ;-).

          I assked Kirubaharan a very simple, straight forward question. Answer it, if you wish to debate.

          What are the so called “Tamil only grievances”? That are remarkably different compared to Sinhalese or Muslim problems?

          I repeat, please specify. Without getting so worked up or name calling. So, we can make progress. And actually resolve problems.

          However, if your intention is to hide behind the smoke screen of “Tamil grievances”, when you really mean an “ethnically cleansed seperate Tamil state”, like VP tried so hard to achieve with dispicable violence, then atleast have the courage to say so openly. So that, we know where you stand.

          What you should not do is telling lies to Sri Lankans and the world about your true intentions and objectives.

          Please note I am not a Rajapassa fan. I love my country. And all people in it. Including fellow Tamil citizens. If tamils have grievances, fighting to correct them is my national duty as a citizen of Sri Lanka and as a human being.

      • 0

        “Tamils have grievances? What are they exactly? Please specify.. So, we can start searching for solutions. “

        WOW… sorry mate. If you didn’t know all these days, you would not do anything. WE who??? Government has been searching for a long time, and you want to join them? JOKE, huh!!

        • 0


          Funny, nobody can specify these so called grievances. After killing people for 30 years over it.

          Does anyone know how they are different from the problems faced by other citizens?

          Can you answer concretely rather than wasting time?

          Or are you just another subscriber to extreme Tamil ethno-nationalism? Hiding behind the slogan “Tamil grievances”.

          • 0

            Ben Hurling,

            Did you just woke up from your dream world not knowing what those grievances you are talking about…….Here’s few…

            1)How come in Sri Lanka never appoint a President, Prime Minister,Most of the Ministers, commanders of any armed force,Police IGP, Ninetry percent( 90% ) of diplomats et.etc..other than Sinhala Buddhist. Even USA a black man who come from slave ancestors became the President. Could you ever expect it in Sri Lanka.

            2)All Corporation Heads and middle management and minor staff (95%) are Sinhala people and most of them are Buddhist, when Sinhala population represent only 70% of the population.Tamil and minority population represent only 5% of strate and Govt. jobs.

            3)What kind of development you talk 65 years after Independence with a bunch of uneducated, uncultured, thugs running our parliament…….and 95% of them are Sinhala Buddhist……..while country, it’s economy and it’s communities been gang raped by respective heads of the country and it’s Sinhala Buddhist parliament goons continously 65 years after Independence.

            4)Why SWRD Banda who was a Christian and an Oxford educated…..came to Sri Lanka and Became a buddhist and changed national language to Sinhala in 24 hours…..which led the country’s distruction ever since.

            5)Why did Sir John Kotalawela said to SWRD BANDA not to unleash the yellow robe dogs that he leashed……….but Banda not listened to him and unleashed them and thereby paid with his life.Why Sir John said so……..

            6)Now MR doing the same Banda did and will get his as…s scr…..ewed also. Giving them luxury cars, unlimited land deeds, unlimited air tickets, dana, mega buildings, Buddha statutes,TV and media coverage, building pansalas in North East and other parts of the country, unlimited monies to pansalas are few of them…… and not to any other Minority religions in the country……..

            7)Therevada buddhism is practised only in poor SE Asian countries such as Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos etc……..while Mahayana buddhism is practiced by Developped countries such as Japan, China, Korea,Mongolia etc….
            Please visit following veb.


            8)Making Sri Lanka saying… Sinhala Buddhist country is the first racist remark and the Logo given saying all other races and religions are inferior. This could be part of Racist Therevada Buddhist preaching…..Visit following veb….

            Don’t you see there is a clear difference between Theravada and Mahayana Buddhist preachings…….

            9)BBS is nothing but an emerging racist Extrimist Therevada Sinhala Buddhist Cult geared to suppress all other Communities and religions in Sri Lanka. Also MARA using BBS to maintain his dictatorial dynasty in Sri Lanka.

            10) What happened to all our educated, cultured and respectable Burgher, Portuguese, Tamil, Malay and Sinhala Christian communities……other than leaving Sri Lanka to other countries ….leaving the Racist uneducated, uncultured Buddhist Sinhala envious and jealours racists who do not like other communities comming up in life.

            I could write more……but these are few to remind you….

            So in future don’t say that there is No Tamil or other Minority community or religion Grievences….


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              Obama’s ancestors were not slaves. His father was a Kenyan.

            • 0


              Thanks a lot for the informative answer.

              A lot of these problems you mention are real. However, they can be solved. Must be solved and will be solved. All Sri Lankans Sinahelse, Tamil and Muslims have a responsibility to make sure it will happen.

              Racial tension and discrimination is dispicable. But, not unique to Sinhalese Buddhists or Sri Lanka.

              What we do not need is world’s worst terror outfit and their agents in our backyard. While we struggle to resolve these serious problems in our country.

            • 0

              Both,Padraigcolman and Ben Hurling

              I know Obama’s father was a kenyan…..but in US all the (dark skin) blacks other than Pure whites are fall under one category……and there in a name for it and you may know it.

              If not obama….his wife’s generation could fall under this category….which Martin Luther King Jr.fought for……and died for.

              Ben Hurling….

              Yes I agree with you but I don’t like the Law of the jungle to prevail when it comes to a national issue.

              Also there should be a clear demarcation when it comes to solving a political or a trade issue, they should be resolved by respective selected members only……and not to intervene by third, fourth and fifth parties.

              Sheer lag of Political will to resolve political issues make way for foreign nations to intervene……and if still no remedy…. it could lead for terror outfits to intervene terrorising the whole country.

              Is Sri Lanka’s politics, race issues, religious issues and governing been a headache to both it’s citizens and to the International community………

              I believe so……….and there’s no answer in sight.

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          Rohan it is funny you ask. But I will tell you what the Tamil grievances are and it is this. You started killing the Tamils in 1958 during the first race riots and have continued that relentlessly and please why are you taking so long to finish the job hurry up man and pass this message to your partner in crime Ben

          • 0


            Mate, I have not attacked anyone coz’ they happen to be Tamil.

            Where do you get it from?

            Watching too many crappy South Indian films?

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      True how can you tell that LTTE was there it can be some other organization perhaps from Pakistan

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      this was published in LANKA NEWS WEB.

      Major General Kamal Gunaratne had murdered Balachandran on Gotabhaya’s order
      Thursday, 14 June 2012 17:39 Exclusive

      LTTE Leader Velupillai Prabhakaran’s 14 year old son Balachnadran Prabhakaran had been killed after surrendering to the army on a direct order of Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa.

      Lanka News Web learns that Balachandran had been killed under the supervision of the Commander of the 53rd Brigade Brigadier Kamal Gunaratne.

      Balachandran had surrendered to the army near the Nadikadal Lagoon at 7.30 a.m. on May 19, 2009. He had surrendered to a group of eight soldiers led Sergeant Mutubanda from the 4th Vijayaba Infantry Regiment.

      Balachandran had said his father, Velupillai Prabhakaran had been shot dead the previous night and that his body was hidden in a shrub near the Nandikadal Lagoon. Mutubanda had then informed the detail to Lieutenant Nalaka from the C Group of the 4th Vijayaba Infantry Regiment.

      Nalaka together with another officer named Kirinda and Sergeant Wijesinghe were engaged in a search operation in the Nandikadal Lagoon at the time.

      Nalaka had informed the Commanding Officer of the 4th Vijayaba Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Rohitha Aluvihare that a boy claiming to be Prabhakaran’s son along with two security personnel had surrendered to the army. He had then informed the head of the 53rd Brigade, Brigadier Kamal Gunaratne about the matter through head of the 681 platoon, Lieutenant Colonel Lalntha Gamage.

      Following orders, Brigadier Gunaratne together with Lieutenant Nalaka and Balachnadran had gone to the shrub in the Nandikadal Lagoon and shown Prabhakaran’s body to the army.

      Lalantha Gamage had then personally taken charge of Balachandran and taken him to Gunaratne.

      Gunaratne had then personally interrogated Balachandran.

      During the interrogation Balachandran had said his father was killed the previous night when he was caught in the crossfire between the LTTE and security forces.

      He had said that his father’s body was hidden and two of his security personnel who had survived the battle the previous night had then surrendered to the army with him.

      Balachandran had said that he was with his father in one boat trying to escape the gunfire while his mother and sister were in another. However, he had said his father was shot during the battle and that he was unaware of what had become of his mother and sister.

      Balachandran had also revealed that his father and his few remaining security personnel had fought back, but excluding two members of the security detail, everyone had been killed in the gun battle.

      Gunaratne had informed all the details he had learnt from Balachandran to the Defence Secretary on his mobile phone. The Defence Secretary had informed all the details to Karuna Amman.

      Karuna Amman had told the Defence Secretary that Balachandran should be killed since there was a possibility that he would become the next LTTE leader if he survived and because he would be released from courts since he was under age.

      The Defence Secretary had then ordered Gunaratne to personally supervise Balachandran’s killing and to destroy his body.

      These details have been revealed by an army officer to a foreign government since he is now being accused over the telecast of footage of Balachandran’s murder in a Channel 4 film. The army officer had said that he did not want to be held accountable for sins committed by others.

      • 0

        Mr. amaraya

        Where did you find this fairy tale story

        if this much of people involved killing this boy
        it should come up very before this photo was published

        did you ever belive this lanka news run by Mangala Samaraweera Goons and his “Kollas”

        His whole life deicated to sling the mud to others
        Please do not ever try to betrayed your country and the people who sacrificed their life and limbs

      • 0

        hey you forgot anyone there,, what about Indian and Chinese prime ministers they may also consulted get real did yu feel funny…

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    The govt says he was killed in cross fire and no need to investigate. Why shouldnt we investigate and record statements from those involved? Thats what we undertook in geneva last year. Shouldnt an investigation precede the conclusion?

    Now we have some contradictory statements which destroy the entire credibility of the armed forces. First it was zero civilian casualtiess. Now we didnt know about VP and family. Why destroy the honour and standing of the entire nation by defending a handfull of black sheep.

    • 0

      Sri Lankan military never said that there were zero casualities. Military was instructed to act keeping in mind to maintain zero civilian casualties as far as posible. An official Sri Lankan ground census conducted in 2011 has shown that some 6000 deaths have occured. Later the defence officials stated that there were very fey civilians among them and the few also died due to brutal LTTE acts. Delay in capturing the LTTE leeders woud have caused much higher deaths than this figure. All these C4 and other baseless media reports are allegations and not facts. Consider the following facts.
      1. How do we know that he is VP’s son who lived with his terrorist father in a Bunker in deep jungle for all his life amidst a brutal war where anything could have happend, although he may be an innocent child?
      2. How one says that where he was held is an SL Army bunker that may be a LTTE bunker as well? The time of taking those high quality photographs?
      3. Sri lanka has prosecuted many military personal for uniformed crimes and even sentenced some to death. Why the same photographer can’t produce sufficent evidences in a Sri Lankan court proceedings to punish and identify the responsible persons for this crime.
      4. Sri lankan military has saved the lives of the family members of Wijeveera, Susei, Tamilsevan etc. who made severe harms to military lives and assets. Moreover they saved nearly 300,000 tamil lives including over 10,000 hard core LTTE terrorists who were in the clutches of the VP. Thus there is no cense in beliving that the SL army killed such an innocent looking boy.
      5. How this single incident despite the fact that it was sparked just by an enhanced digital photo, links to the entire Sri Lankan military’s past and future behaviour?
      6. Why the bullet wounds shown without any blood stains in the two photos are in differnt body locations.

      All these facts prove that all these are nothing but a systematic fabrications of stories made by a few retired proffesionals, unpopular media groups and bankrupted Indian and Western politicians who were hired by this former terrorist Kirubaharn group crooks paying hard earned Tamil diaspora money to regain theire lost cash flows. However their stories are highly inconsistence to each other.

      • 0

        WK Costa

        Yours are very brave questions indeed. Keep asking them until the cows come home and you will indeed prove yourself to be unworthy of a cow.

      • 0

        WHEN Gota gets a promotion, you can apply for his post.

        But try to oil White Vans.
        You are more suitable for that.

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    The killing of Balachandran is abominable and those responsible – whoever it is – should be condemned in no uncertain terms and punished. But we should not ignore the countless other children who were killed because their fathers were not prominent like Prabakaran or because we cannot make much political capital out of their deaths. Prabakaran killed many Tamil children by recruiting them as soldiers and sacrificing them as cannon fodder. Prabakaran also killed many Sinhalese and Muslim children through his indiscriminate suicide-killer attacks on civilians in the South and East for over 30 years. Sinhalese and Muslim infants in the border villages were killed by dashing their heads on the wall on the express orders of Prabakaran. Ignoring those less-known child victims at this critical moment is unpardonable.

    • 0

      From SF´s point of view, there were none smilar to 12 year boy among the 400 dead bodies that had then found. And no info about the wife, daughter and the little boy of VP were known to the millitary in the last phase of heavy fighting against ltters. So all authorities should now focus on how could they then have been able to make fotos of the little boy to have been found in under millitary custody. It is obvious pictures of the boy should be not realities. And I am doubt why the blood stained wounds are not clear as it is normally seen on an any dead person. Further to this, pics with the shot wounds should have more likely have been taken several hours after the boy found shot dead even if his shorts are the same for all pictures. However, authorities should further trace the real stories of the brutalities.

  • 0

    Let’s take a look at the past elections. Overall (not only the North) how have the Tamils voted? How did the Tamils in Colombo, Nuwara Eliya, Kandy, Negambo, Ampara ,Wellawatta (all govt controlled “safe ‘areas) vote in the 2004 Presidential Election where MR was elected for the first time? THey essentially vote with MR- by voting or abstaining. The Tamil people of East, how will they vote in the next election. The Muslims who are attacked by Bodu Bala Sena, how will they vote ? They will vote Muslim congress and Muslim congress will join MR. Where is Thonda? With the goverment. Under whose alliance did they first contest? UNF. Muslims, Tamils they are all with MR. This is why MR’s regime is unshakable. They are all in it together. THe author of this article may be raising valid points- but Sir, why are you lamenting. Your people are the supporters of these murderers. Your leaders along with the Muslim leaders are supporters of this govt! Even Karuna and KP- your very very own brothers are all a part of this government. What’s your point? Your people are with MR.

  • 0

    Why did suasi, Thamil selvam families spared.They should have been killed also.

  • 0

    Concentrating on SF is giving him “deliberately unbalanced prominence”.

    It’s always touching to read of Mr Mr Kirubaharan’s heartrending concern for children and child soldiers. Despite his extensive travels and report writing on human rights in Sri Lanka, he failed to produce a single report critical of the LTTE as the major forcible recruiter of child soldiers in Sri Lanka. Odd, no?

    Does Mr Kirubaharan use a special keyboard that doesn’t have the letters “L”, “T” or “E”.

    Then Mr Kirubaharan criticised the LTTE for being blamed for child soldier recruitment as “deliberately unbalanced prominence”. Priceless.

    “…Sri Lanka introduced a new international phenomenon, regarding ‘Child rights’, namely the ignoring of major human rights and welfare of children and the giving of deliberately unbalanced prominence to the issue of ‘Child soldiers’.”


    I congratulate Mr Kirubaharan on enriching English with his wonderful euphemism for avoiding that tricky subject by calling it “deliberately unbalanced prominence”.

    • 0


      The people were caught between devil and the deep blue sea. One is still remaining.

      Let us talk about the remainder.

    • 0


      Read the following Fonseka’s interview with National Post. You are free to make up your own mind:

      In an interview, Lt.-Gen. Fonseka talks candidly about the war, which he believes will be over in less than a year, and his views on the militant Tamil nationalism that has spilled from Sri Lanka into countries with ethnic Tamil diasporas, Canada included.

      “The national leadership basically is determined to solve this problem,” he says. “The task given to us is to eradicate terrorism … If we have the same commitment one more year, the LTTE’s destination is, I think, decided.”

      In the general’s view, the war is driven by Tamils who want a homeland and have chosen Sri Lanka as the place. But he says the country’s ethnic Sinhalese majority will never allow the ethnic Tamil minority to break the island apart.

      Lt.-Gen. Fonseka is a competitive swimmer who won the U.S. Green Card lottery but has remained in Sri Lanka, heading the army he has served for three decades. He is lucky to be alive. On April 25, 2006, a suicide bomber attacked his limousine in Colombo. He was seriously injured in the assassination attempt and nine others were killed. The Tamil Tigers never claim responsibility for such attacks but were almost certainly behind it.

      “I strongly believe that this country belongs to the Sinhalese but there are minority communities and we treat them like our people,” he says.

      “We being the majority of the country, 75%, we will never give in and we have the right to protect this country.
      “We are also a strong nation … They can live in this country with us. But they must not try to, under the pretext of being a minority, demand undue things.”

      He dismisses concerns by international human rights groups about the conduct of his forces, saying that while civilian deaths are inevitable in war, relatively few non-combatants have died in the Sri Lankan conflict.

      Sept. 25, 2008

      • 0

        NV, I thought SF was an idiot for saying that, then, and still think the same thing, now. Unfortunately his mindset echoes the views of a significant part of the SL population.

    • 0

      Mango, you are recommended for a sophomoric prize.

      Watch, somebody may be shoplifting in your off licence.

    • 0

      Mango, does Kirubaharan refer to you in his last paragraph?

      Meanwhile those who worked internationally with the Sri Lankan government on the subject of child soldiers, must be ashamed at the hypocrisy and crocodile tears of the Sri Lankan government.

      • 0


        I doubt it. Mr K doesn’t talk to ordinary people like us. He only speaks at UN Human Rights conferences.

        • 0

          Yes Mr.Mango, you are right!He is VIP’s man. Mind you that Mr.K claimed that he trained late Mr.Kumar Ponnambalam Jr., on international advocacy and even taught international politics. No wonder if he claims that he taught criminal law to senior Ponnambalam (GG).
          You will have more fun in the coming weeks with his articles and interviews in ”Tamil National channels” about his performance in the UNHRC.
          People gathering with Tiger flags under the broken chair and TNA VIP’s finding despair in a bankrupt politico like Kirubakaran to enter into the UNHRC in order to serve Tamils shall serve nothing. Instead it shall bring negative impact on the already wounded Tamil society.
          Sorry I find nothing to comment on ‘K’s article. This is nothing but a chewed chewingum.

  • 0

    The present version of SFs statement is related to his physical well-
    being compared to his earlier statements. The circumstances differed.
    He is more prepared to face an ICC trial, which he does not want to
    disclose in a way to hurt the feelings of his two superiors, for the
    time being. This is Politics.

  • 0

    Can I ask Mr Kirubaharan to investigate and report on the “the arrest, torture and murder of ‘Sinna Babu’ a young paramilitary belonging to the EPRLF who was allegedly murdered by L TTE cadres.”

    According to Kumar who was en eyewitness:

    “It was about 6:30 in the evening when I saw the body. The body was of ‘Sinna Babu’ and the LTTE men had cut off both his arms with an axe. Apparently they had first tied a semi- conscious ‘Sinna Babu’ to the back of a tractor and dragged him around the main road in the village of Karativu before putting him against a tree trunk and dismembering him.

    Some people think that he was dead by the time that the dismembering began. The body lying at a junction in the village. The right arm was cut off at the shoulder and the left was cut off above the elbow. Both his legs had also been severed at the knee.

    His neck was also severed. The body was in the middle with the legs, hands and head lying nearby. All the village people came and everybody was afraid. Next morning I went there again and only the body was remaining at the junction because the village dogs had removed the head, arms and legs. They had taken these parts back to the houses of their owners.

    Afterwards, the village people found the missing parts and brought them to the junction, where the body was eventually burnt by people living nearby, after the LTTE had refused to remove the body [Personal interview, 1995]”


    I guess this was one those EPRLF eggs that had to be broken to make the Eelam omelette, no?

  • 0

    A reputed newspaper in the United Kingdom, “The Independent”, published a disturbing news item and an article on 18 February 2013, under the headlines, ““Handed a snack, and then executed: the last hours of the 12-year-old son of a Tamil Tiger” (Photographs show boy was held before he was killed at close range) and “This is proof, beyond reasonable doubt, of the execution of a child – not a battlefield death”. The author of this news item is Callum Macrae, director of “No Fire Zone: The Killing Fields of Sri Lanka”.

    The independent is not correct because if you look at the pictures
    Two pictures taken in side bunker the child looks younger and picture of dead body he looks mature and look taller. pair of shorts he was wearing color is different in the last one. black stripe is on right side of the shorts in bunker pictures and left on dead bodies picture.
    I don’t know how he was killed but this pictures doesn’t say he was captured and later killed.

    The independent has reputation for lying for money.

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    What is the big deal about killing this boy, his father, brother sister killed many tamil and sinhalese kids so their family members put this boy into this killing , if there family were not mars murders then this boy also should have saved his life with other 295,000 tamil people

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    I think Gen Sarath Fonseka will be a GTood leader to all communities, all races and all religion groups in Sri Lanka……..provided he stay away from Racist Therevada Sinhala Buddhist clergy.

    It is these Racist Sinhala Buddhist Priests and the racist sinhala Therevada buddhist uneducated and uncultured parliament goons that ruined our country which British built it so beautifully and gave to us 65 years ago.

    My tamil house servant will run Sri Lanka better than this Parliament Sinhala Pin Padi Gas Gemba Kelawedda thieves…….

    she is more methodical, hardworking, reliable, honest and has wisdom than our Parliament Sinhala crook Gon Harakas.

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