14 June, 2024


Secretary MoD Gen Kamal Gunaratne Displays Ignorance, Falsifies Diplomatic History

By Dayan Jayatilleka

Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka

An official can have his/her opinions on any matter, or be forgiven for being ignorant of a subject, but he/she should not place on the public record his/her wildly unfounded version of the facts of history while utterly ignorant of them.

As Mao Zedong said “no investigation, no right to speak”. Gen. Kamal Gunaratne should seek a briefing from the PM or Lalith Weeratunga before going on the record on subjects outside his scope.

The dangers of the type of education that will be imparted if the KNDU bill goes through are best evidenced in an interview given by Gen Kamal Gunaratne, Secretary to the Ministry of Defense.

The interview was conducted by Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Sri Lanka Chief Media Officer Amy Yang on the first anniversary of the Sri Lanka chapter of the Alumni of China’s National Defense University (NDU). The Lankan chapter was founded by Gen Gunaratne. Here is a quote from the interview, in which (through no fault of the Chinese interviewer) Gen Kamal Gunaratne engages in outright falsification of history.

When we were challenged by the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) on ‘war crimes’ and ‘crimes against humanity,’ China supported us by exercising the veto power against the UNHRC Resolution against Sri Lanka, which will never be forgotten even by our future generation.” (May the long-lasting friendship bear new fruits: Defence Secy. | Daily FT)

If as Gen. Gunaratne says, “China supported us by exercising the veto power against the UNHRC Resolution against Sri Lanka”, how could Sri Lanka have lost the vote at the UNHRC in 2012, 2013, 2014 and this year, 2021?

Contrary to Gen. Gunaratne’s flattering account, China couldn’t “support us by exercising the veto power against the UNHRC resolution against Sri Lanka” because there is no veto power at the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC).

No wonder the best-educated stratum of our society, i.e., the community of university academics as a totality, is utterly horrified by the implications of the KNDU bill for the ethos and substance of higher education and the training of the mind of “our future generation”.   

There is a veto at the UN Security Council (UNSC) though, but there was never any ‘resolution against Sri Lanka’ on ‘war crimes and crimes against humanity’ in New York because of an assured Russian and Chinese veto. Geneva was the only access-route and battlefield.

China, like India, Pakistan, Russia, Cuba and the Nonaligned Movement, was a member of the strong coalition amounting to a near two-thirds of the UNHRC’s member-states, that Sri Lanka assembled at the UNHRC on the occasion that Gen. Gunaratne speaks of as one which “will never be forgotten even by our future generation”.

China supported Sri Lanka robustly during the war, as it did diplomatically at the UN, but just as the war was fought and won by the Sri Lankans (of whom Gen Gunaratne was a frontline commander), so too was the diplomatic battle at the UNHRC, a week after Nandikadal.

Gen. Gunaratne’s version is the equivalent of saying that China, which assisted our war effort (and it did), delivered victory by dropping a bomb on the LTTE at Nandikadal (which it didn’t).

What must “never be forgotten even by our future generation” is the factual historical truth. A Chinese veto would have meant that the challenge to Sri Lanka was deterred or stopped in its tracks and we were saved from having to battle. What actually happened was that the challenge came – there was no veto possible, to stop it– and Sri Lanka won.

If the KNDU proliferation takes hold, doubtless Gen. Gunaratne’s imaginary version of Sri Lanka’s diplomatic history at the UNHRC would be imparted, so that it “will never be forgotten even by our future generation”.

No wonder the regime cannot manage Geneva, and suffers grave defeat. It cannot understand what went on there. Its topmost defense official doesn’t even know what on earth happened. Instead of pontificating about it, he should adhere to Mao Zedong’s famous instruction: “seek truth from facts”.

*Dr. Jayatilleka was an elected Vice-President of the UN Human Rights Council 2007-2008 and Ambassador/Permanent Representative of Sri Lanka 2007-2009, including in May 2009. The only time Sri Lanka won in Geneva was in May 2009. It lost four times since then.

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Latest comments

  • 47

    So china has supported sri lanka at the UN has it?
    Is that why the lankan politicians are selling off the island to china as a gesture of gratitude?

    • 37

      Yes, eternal gratefulness. They allow China to bite chunks out of this country, and we are fast becoming another Chinese “colony”, just like some African and South American countries. They have sold us to China who is owning large portions of land around the world, swapped in bailing out desperate and mismanaged nations like ours.

      • 25

        “Gen Kamal Gunaratne ………. Falsifies Diplomatic History”

        When has a Lankan in this game ever told the truth?

        It’ll be news ……. and I’ll be shocked, if one of them ever told the truth!

        I’m more concerned about the direction Lankan-fashion is going ………..

        If Gen Kamal Gunaratne wants to wear a pinstripe suit he should get it tailored in Savile Row

        Gen Kamal Gunaratne might detest the Tamils ……. but in this cheap imitation pinstripe ……… he looks like MGR on a bad day ………..

        • 16

          nimal fernando

          “When has a Lankan in this game ever told the truth?”

          You are not a smart patriot are you?

          Kamala in his “Road to Nandikadal Hardcover” claims to have won the war

          The day when Gota transferred authority to deal with Pandemic from Ministry of Health to Ministry of Defense, instead of fighting COVID 19 he has been fighting with LTTE.

          Since he was appointed Secretary of Defense he refuses to visit state institutions where they don’t give Red Carpet Welcome, in other words he would only walk on Red Carpet.

          In his previous incarnation as Head of Private English school he was very fond of corporal punishment.

          Corporal punishment as I understand it gives pleasure”in sadomasochism, the infliction of pain, as retributive punishment, through the administration of blows with the hand or with a flexible object such as a whip , a switch , or a bamboo cane. – The Language of Love, Lust, Sex.

          • 6

            nimal fernando

            In his previous incarnation as Head of Private English school he was very fond of administering corporal punishment.

            Sorry I missed a word.

        • 3

          nimal fernando,
          “When has a Lankan in this game ever told the truth?”
          Compared to the blatant lies told by Tamils to the International Community to get their support for their bogus claim ‘Traditional Homeland’, this is nothing.

          • 16

            “Compared to the blatant lies told by Tamils to the International Community”


            Have any of your/our Sinhalese heroes the Rajapakses, Ranils, Sajiths, …….. told any less lies?

            The unvarnished truth, dear EE, if you can face it ………. is that we Sinhalese don’t have any better morals than the Tamils not to lie …….. it’s just that the Tamils are better at everything than us: even in lying.

            If not, how did 20% kick 80%’s asses for 30 years? …… We just got lucky to catch – with all the help of the rest of the world – a diabetic sick middle-aged Prabakarn on one of our rare lucky patches.

            EE, can you name 1 thing we Sinhalese are better than the Tamils? Just name one!

            We survive only because we have the majority! ……. Especially the 15.1m that are not the 6.9m !

            • 14


              Remember, I tell it as it is.

              Unlike your great heroes, the Rajapakses ………… I don’t need your vote, your money, your job, your wife, your daughter, your affection, your adulation, your praise, …….. totally unencumbered …….. free as a bird!

              EE, do you even have a clue what it feels like to be free?

              Not be a prisoner of your own fears …….. and insecurities?

      • 16

        If Kamal Gunaratna was bright enough to know the difference between the UNHRC and the Security Council, he wouldn’t have had to join the Army to survive. He might have, at the very least, been a good accountant. Contrary to popular opinion, ranaviruwos in any country are not noted for being bright, but for willingness to fight.

        • 16

          “Contrary to popular opinion, ranaviruwos in any country are not noted for being bright, but for willingness to fight.”

          Oh Boy, OC! ……. You can say that again! …… it’s not their “willingness to fight” ……. but the only best career path available to them for their mental-capacity

          In the Iraq war more American soldiers died by “friendly-fire” – American soldiers shooting one another by mistake – than by Iraqi gunfire.

          Is it any wonder that it took 30 years for the 80% to beat the 20%? ……. Most of the LTTE commanders had some education in areas other than merely soldiering ………..

          The funny thing is, the truth is not Sinhalese or Tamil ……. but just the truth …………

          • 10

            Nimal reading doctor surgeon’s articles, it is not a surprise why it took 30 years but reading Evil and few others comments explain, why it even started in the first place.

        • 3

          He tried to be one as part of his duties in a academy with Royal affiliations couple of years ago and tried to coerce parents to pay or remove the child from the educational institute.
          Failed miserably and faded away (Ranaviruwo cannot use the term TKO) due to popular or unpopular demand of the clientele. Sadly but truly missed the mark of achievement, by a whisker.
          So part of Resume’.
          So tried and failed at administration and accounts of student ledger.

      • 4

        “…and we are fast becoming another Chinese “colony”,
        Becoming a Chinese colony is million times better than becoming an Indian colony. Chinese are civilized people who have a great history like Sinhalayo. So, we will be able to get along very well.

        • 21

          Eagle eye
          Becoming a Chinese colony is million times better
          Interesting how the rhetoric has changed!
          It used to be all this talk about ‘aryans’ ‘sinhala buddhist land’ ‘sovereign nation’ ‘mother lanka’ etc
          Now its ‘its better to be a chinese colony’

    • 17

      Srilanka chapter of alumni of China, s national defense university.Wow. Who are the other members of this prestigious alumni ?? Must be those who voted for, during last Geneva session. Do other countries have their chambers of commerce in Lanka.

    • 3

      “So china has supported sri lanka at the UN has it?”
      Yes, China helped at the UN as well as to eliminate Tamil terrorists. Native Sinhalayo are eternally grateful to Chinese for helping to defeat separatist Tamils.

      • 12

        Eagle Blind Eye

        “Yes, China helped at the UN as well as to eliminate Tamil terrorists. “

        Do you think so?
        Dumbo could you list what sort of help did China provide for Sri Lanka’s stupid war preparation?
        It was VP who completely eliminated LTTE with little support from Hindians and Gota’s Yankee Doodle Uncle Sam.

        “Native Sinhalayo are eternally grateful to Chinese for helping to defeat separatist Tamils.”

        In return you are prepared trade off my ancestral land, along with it loose your dignity, once land gone along witth it your dignity (if you ever had ..) too gone, … According to Scholars Admiral Zheng took “Vira Alakeswara prisoner and seized the Tooth Relic along with the king and his family as captives – Sunday Times – 05th October 2014.)

        Dumbo you have decided on your own that the people of this island should remain colonial subject forever.

        You never understood what freedom means to the people.
        Is HLD M still sitting on your head?

        • 1

          You mean sitting on ‘brains’?

          • 1


            Well said.

  • 28

    delivered victory by dropping a bomb on the LTTE at Nandikadal (which it didn’t)
    You are right. It was not china but india that did it. But they didnt drop bombs but
    used their banned chemical weapons.

    • 18

      Poor deluded anti Thamizh Hindians. Constantly running behind the Chingkallams and betraying the Eezham Thamizh,as the Chingkallams are anti Thamizh too and Indo Aryan speaking ( sic) . They mistakenly think by these actions the Chingkallams will throw some crumbs to the Hindians. At least a mythical stone on which Sita sat , as a corner stone for their mythical Rama temple in Ayodhaya. Hindians give a lot of aid to foster Buddhism in Sri Lanka and for Chingkallams to visit Buddhist sites in India but nothing to foster Saivaism or protect and repair ancient Hindu temples in North East Sri Lanka. Turn a blind eye when Chingkallams destroy ancient Hindu temples in the north and east, as they cannot displease the Chingkallams, otherwise crumbs will not fall. Gave all sorts of help military and diplomatic in 2009. to the Rajapussies to kill and defeat the Thamizh. Giver overt and covert support the the Chingkallams at the UN . All in vain as the Chingkallams love China and rub behind them, Hindians can only be satisfied with crumbs , that too only at times. Hindians are very similar to the Chingkallams. will do anything to destroy the Thamizh, even if it means China is now is now knocking at the doorstep, of their two southern states.

      • 3

        Pandi Kutti,
        Come on man, Modi said Tamils in Sri Lanka are his brothers and sisters. Return to your ancestral ‘Homeland’ without grumbling. He will give you a warm welcome.
        “Poor deluded anti Thamizh Hindians.”

      • 8

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        For more detail see our Comment policy https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/comments-policy-2

      • 4

        Pandi Kutti

        Is Prabaharan still alive?
        If he is alive what is he doing now?
        If he is dead why Tamil Money Collectors still attempting to convince their former supporters/donors that he is still alive?

        Do you think Prabaharan is still alive and Tamils are awaiting his return?

        Where can I find out ?

        • 8

          Vataikaran Amavan/Aman, please contact Eagle Blind’s wife, as she is one on these Thamizh Money Collectors still attempting to convince former supporters and donors that Prapakaran is alive. Lots of money is needed to keep Eagle Thaatha at the Aged Care home. Once she gives you the answer, please inform us. As we are also eager to find out.

  • 10

    Well laid out response.
    Thirukkural couplet by Thiruvalluvar, amongst other matters, cites,
    “Lies and Lying is the worst of all evils in mankind and Root cause of all other manifested evils”
    ‘Nandikadal’ Kamal at the helm of the defence establishment of SL, wouldn’t know that. He may not admit that Tamil literature was taught at Ananda College (AC), to Tamil students who are proud to claim their association with AC. Tamil stream at Ananda, when erudite Buddhist educationist of yore were at the helm.
    History is in the process of becoming ‘Manufactured Truth’ based on presumption and not facts. As claimed by the saying of Mao Tse Tung to borrow it from your article “Draw the truth from the facts” is ignored.
    According to the new elite and intelligentsia of the emerging nation post war could be manufactured!’
    Destroy Hindu temples and in place have Buddhist temples, Beef stalls and Mosques. In about 2 or 3 decades historically demography of any area could be changed. Easy as ABC!
    Question, what happens, if China resorts to this, in CPC or Hambantota? Then will become part of SL History. KDU claim of course when the 99 year lease in 2117!

  • 18

    The writer has corrected Guneratne’s misperception on China bailing out SL on war crimes. If this is the kind of divisive bailout we seek from foreigners on covering up crimes, what are we doing to straighten out our own affairs? The CT piece below describes the AG’s cover up of the Navy 11 case. What supreme courage and wisdom? No wonder we are going bankrupt in the name of protecting sovereignty and the country is being carved up for dollars while a few get super-rich! Who will provide the bailout when the reckoning comes?

    • 12

      Rajan Hoole

      This island is bankrupt on all front, morally, financially, …..
      This island is financially bankrupt because the rulers are morally bankrupt.

    • 4

      Rajan Hoole,
      “If this is the kind of divisive bailout we seek from foreigners on covering up crimes, …”
      China told the truth about the military operation carried out by Sri Lanka Armed Forces to eliminate Tamil terrorists. It was Tamil terrorists who committed war crimes and crimes against humanity. Can you deny that Tamil terrorists recruited children as child soldiers which is a heinous war crime? By defeating Tamil terrorists, the Sri Lanka Armed Forces put a full stop to war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by Tamil terrorists. But UNHRC and some foreigners are trying hard to cover up war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by Tamil terrorists and going after members of Sri Lanka Armed Forces who wiped out terrorism from Sri Lanka. Hypocrites!

  • 5

    India too wanted an end to Tamil terrorists.

    Since SL defeated Tamils in 2009, Modi defeated Tamils in India cleverly without shooting a bullet.

    Both countries agree on this.

    • 17

      Yes Hindia loves Thullukans a lot, This is why you were chased out of your original South Indian homeland a few centuries ago and arrived in the island on wooden boats called Marrakallam begging for refuge. Especially in the Thamizh areas, as you were ethnically Thamizh. Now conniving with Hindia, Porukistan, and everyone else to destroy the Thamizh who gave the Thullukans refuge, a few centuries ago and steal their lands. Trying to pathetically behave like Arabs and wearing Burkha, Nikab, Hijab instead of your traditional Saree, to pathetically look like Arabs, will not fool anyone, as 95% of the Thullukans have South Indian Thamizh Dravidian faces and looks, that they really are. Even the so called light skinned ones largely look like light skinned Hindians and not Arab or a Camel.

  • 12

    This is what will happen when quarter baked leaders appoint half baked golayas to responsible positions. But these guys can utter anything they please because there is no one to take them seriously. Even that 6.9 million victims are up in arms. We earlier saw an interview by Colambage to Tim Sebastian and what a disgrace it was. After that nothing heard of this Colombage. In fact Sebastian asked his as “not ashamed to be a Sri lankan”? Do you need nay more examples. And see the morons who back them such as Blind Gona Eagle alias HLD and what more one can expect. Incidentally our foreign misserable minister claimed that they won at UNHR because many did not vote in favour of SL but refrained from voting. What a fool he is.

  • 17

    Twenty-three countries helped Sri Lanka win the war of liberation with LTTE,
    Truth didn’t help Sri Lanka win in Human Rights Council in Geneva, it’s China’s veto that helped Sri Lanka? Whatever that means.

    While people argue about veto or not, it was a genocidal war that Sri Lanka conducted against Tamils, which is going on in different forms even today.

    That is the whole truth, and nothing but the truth – just like the Turks committed genocide of Armenians several decades ago.

    Tamils worldwide will remember this fact for ever, whatever lies Sinhalese people say.

    • 5

      “just like the Turks committed genocide of Armenians several decades ago.”

      Wish you were correct Thiru. Wish you were correct.

      • 12

        Fathima Jadam, why you love to commit genocide and ethnic cleansing? Were you part of the Islamic home guards in the east that was killing raping , ethnically cleansing Thamizh and destroying Hindu temples or the southern Muslim mobs, that was again busy killing raping, looting , burning and destroying Thamzh homes and businesses, during every state sponsored anti Thamizh pogrom? We all know that you are a rabid Thamizh hating fake Arab, low caste converted, South Indian origin Thullukachchi, who is itching to destroy the island’s Thamizh, steal their lands and create a fake Arab Wahhabi/Salafist Islamic homeland. Hindia will be very happy with your endeavours.

  • 15

    Dr. Dayan Jayatilaka,
    “Mao Zedong said “no investigation, no right to speak”. “
    “What must “never be forgotten even by our future generation” is the factual historical truth.”

    I like this above statements from you. Yes, Sri Lanka won the UNHRC resolution in 2010 immediately after Nanthikadal massacre of Tamil civilians. Why Sri Lanka failed to win 2012,2013, 2014 and 2021 resolutions. China continued to support Sri Lanka even in the lost resolutions.
    Did Sri Lanka fought a war against another Country?
    Did Sri Lanka supported an impartial investigation about war crimes and human rights violation during and after the war?
    What is the factual truth you are teaching to the future generation?
    Do you deny the fact that India, USA helped or contributed in the war against LTTE?
    Do you deny that India supported Sri Lanka in the UNHRC resolutions?

    Kamal Gunaratne is a war criminal. He is good at telling lies to cheat Sinhala masses and future Sinhala generation. If you ask majority of Buddhist Sinhala they will just believe without any question that Kmal Gunaratne is right.
    Sri Lanka built its culture by Lies over Lies. That is the truth. Dayan, You are nothing different.

  • 6

    How long are we going to argue over the same old thing?

    Just split the island into 3 mono ethnic nations and relocate people. All forms of ethnic discrimination will end all ethnic aspirations will be met.

    If Norway and Sweden could do it, India and Pakistan could do it, Serbia and Croatia could do it why can’t we? Otherwise there will be perpetual war (not that there aren’t beneficiaries of war).

  • 11

    Why did Gota appoint a para dhemalu as AG. So that he will dance to his tune. Otherwise the guy will be charged for financing LTTE. We know how to handle these guys. We learned the trick. Even teachers are LTTE supporters according to recent intelligence information.

  • 10

    Well, isn’t it universally known that Kamal Guneratne is an obnoxious fool? What is so surprising about an idiot making another idiotic statement to match the many other idiotic statements made by the idiots who now mismanage our blessed land?

    Isn’t, instead, Dayan’s main purpose of penning this essay, to boast about the fact that he represented Lanka in Geneva in 2009?

    Dayan, i suspect you are a huge narcissist!

    • 2

      ‘Dayan, i suspect you are a huge narcissist”
      Probably the world’s best narcissist. I suspect he was the reason his father died young.

      • 2

        old codger

        “I suspect he was the reason his father died young.”

        Another patricide in this island’s bloodied gory history.

  • 6


    Section 66
    Clause 666

    Gen. Sir John Kotelawala National Defence University will have a Gen. Kamal Gunaratne School of Global Studies. Those who graduate from this program will all be absorbed to the security guard service protecting Chinese interests in the country from global threats.

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