1 March, 2024


Shanika’s Cartoon

Cartoon from Shanika Somatilake

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    This maladjusted, malfunctioning grave-digger doesn’t know how to do his job properly.

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      I think GR is caught by untold stories today, because of his servility to his brother’s CRIMINALS.
      Else this man could do lot more good this nation uplitifting the standards if he really meant it.
      Leadership skills of GR are fallen to the levels of BULATH HAPAYA from Polonnaruwa – AKA Sirisena who betrayed almost anyone gave his hand to him by end of last Nov 2019.
      Only way out would be an another BY PASS SURGERY or caught himself totally by COVID 19

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      They talk high round the clock. But the graph is yet far from becoming flattening. What have our ballige puthas led govt been doing? THey are masters at fooling the nation. How many months passed CRIMINALS have been elected as the leaders – but not a single good step is taken.
      SRILANKA – country no others
      Coronavirus Cases: 1,319
      Deaths: 10
      Tests done sofar 56,181
      But the countries such as Vietnam
      Coronavirus Cases:327
      Tests done sofar 275,000
      But the countries such as Nepal
      Coronavirus Cases: 772
      Deaths: 4
      Tests done sofar 152,391
      But the countries such as Venezeula
      Coronavirus Cases: 1,177
      Deaths: 10
      Tests done sofar:832,526

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      Can anybody please draw a catoon – that the current president cant be without a pacifier…. and he has already proved to be SIRISENA Number too ?

    • 5

      Dear Friends, perhaps following info will help you further to check it out by yourself…
      What my recherche proved me today, that SEYCHELLES is reported to be connected with international links . The reason why srilanken bank of ceylon brach was set up in that small country is more than questionable. This country s population is not even 100 000 (one lack of people – just 1/220)

      For more details :

      Oliaji Trade Centre,

      Francis Rachel Street

      POBox 1599, Victoria,

      Mahe, Seychelles

      Country Manager

      Mr. Lasantha Dissanayake

      Tel: 00248 4611880 (Office),

      00248 2814955 (Mobile),

      E-mail: agmseychells@boc.lk


      Deputy Manager

      Mr. J.G.P.Kumara

      Tel: 00248 4611889 (Office),

      E-mail: dmseychelles@boc.lk


      IT & Finance Manager

      Mr. B.Sethusanker

      Tel: 00248 4611890

      E-mail: itmseychelles@boc.lk

      Operations & Credit Manager

      Mr. J.M.M.J.P Kumara

      Tel: 002484611884

      E-mail: crseychelles@boc.lk

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    Nice one.
    Let’s help GR to bring SL out from the grave created by “Yahapalana” setup.

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      It is almost like the mad soldier took the weapon.
      we warned stupid rata thanakola eaters prior to last Nov 2019:
      Can anybody please give us one single good thing these buggers to have done to this nation during the last 6 months.
      They failed it in COVID-19 CRISIS proving that we the srilankens are no good to even compare with far poor folks like Nepalese (with 900 US as their per capita).

      They are only champions at self-congraduations/self proclaimations.- Yet today, Ms Pasqual and that Ultra Racist Eagle Evil compare the death tolls in SL with that of Italy and rich countries in europe …..
      If Yahapalayan did not bring back and implement election commission, people in this country and their flesh and bones would already been seen in LOCAL supermarkets considering the number of COVID deaths in the country.
      They the bugger DUO were that late to CLOSE down single ENTRANCE into the country BIA until the third week of March. Then almost thousands of the infected entered and mingled across the country.
      Even today, there should be lot more within the country be infected if enough tests were done. In order bury the real numbers HEALTH authorities are that retarded with the TESTS even if the capacities are there going the levels of Nepal and Venzeula.

    • 14

      Nice ONE – u got it totally wrong… it clearly shows how he will sink … in the days to come.

      GR does not seem to show up today in press, because he is Playing with his pacifier in JANATHIPATHI MADURA by throwing whole lot of responsiblities on the TRI FORCES to their best leaving their own things aside – This spineless man proved he cant rely on local MINISTRY OF health but tri forces.
      Even far poor coutnries managed it to the top by their state ministries but srilanka chose MILLITORY it is the easiest ha haha…

    • 7

      No Senali.

      Let’s help him dig a grave for himself and his Crime Minister brother. Cremation is a better option.

    • 9

      SCP, you are the Mr NUMBER ONE BUMSUCKER of Rajakshe rule. No matter even if any crime would have been committed on broad day you would protect them… becasue you have that in your genes. But please try to answer my question below
      Can you please explain us as to why the bps let those SEASHELLS people to get in while there are over 400 srilankens lag in that country not being able to return to the country ?

      Has that lot to do with RAJAPAKSHE black monkey which is alledged to have been desposited in SEASHELLS ?

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    He missed a crucial lesson during his job training: “The Pitfalls of Grave-Digging and How to Avoid Them.”

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      Mr. Ajay,
      I think these cartoons are beyond your level of understanding.
      GR carried arms to protect his country for 20 long years.
      GR led the war with LTTE as secretary of defense for another decade.
      Have some respect for a man who risked his life for 30 long years while you idiots are hiding under the bed.

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        A decade as secretary defence in a war with LTTE? Only 4 years dumbo. No LTTE war after 2009. The other 6 years working for KP and Karuna.

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    The backdrop to the grave is a fitting juxtaposition that depicts our long political history. No change in sight.

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    D.B.JAYASUNDERA may have advised him to dig the old LTTE grave yard to look for the balance gold if any left behind BY LTTE other than what he and his BROTHERS have recovered and in VANNI killing fields with out giving the share what is due to be given to SARATH FONSEKA and put him in jail on fabricated charges as he was demanding for his share of LOOTED GOLD WHICH SHOULD HAVE GONE TO THE GOVERNMENT COFFER BUT WENT TO RAJAPAKSE MEDAMULAAND BANK LTD.

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