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Shiva Lingam – Some Scientific Truths

By Ayathuray Rajasingam

Ayathuray Rajasingam

A glance at the rounded, elliptical, an-iconic image of Shiva Lingam placed on a circular base (known as Peedam), which is found in the Sanctum Sanctorum (Garbhagraha) in all Shiva temples, has given rise to various interpretations, without realizing the scientific truths discovered by the ancient Hindu sages. The practice of worshipping Shiva Lingam as the holy symbol of Lord Shiva, has been from time immemorial.

The worship of Shiva Lingam was not confined to India and Sri Lanka only. Lingam was referred to ‘Prayapas’ by the Romans who introduced the worship of Shiva Lingam to European countries. The statutes of Shiva Lingams were found in the archeological findings in Babylon, a city of ancient Mesopotamia. Further, the archeological findings in in Harappa-Mohanjo-daro, which yielded numerous Shiva Lingam statutes, have disclosed the existence of a highly evolved culture long before the Ariyan’s immigration.

In Hinduism, there are various ways of realizing God, which indicates Hinduism is liberal and have no rigid principles. Individual Hindus realize God according to his/her temperament. According to Hinduism, God becomes manifest in various aspects and forms and is known by various names.

Shiva Lingam consists of three parts. The bottom part which is four-sided remains underground, the middle part which is eight-sided remains on a pedestal. The top part, which is actually worshipped, is round. The height of the round part is one-third of its circumference. The three parts symbolize Brahma at the bottom, Vishnu in the middle and Shiva on the top. The pedestal is provided with a passage for draining away the water that is poured on the top. The Lingam symbolizes both the creative and destructive power of Lord Shiva and great sanctity is attached to it by the devotees. This does not mean others should give a false meaning to the image of Shiva Lingam.

It is unfortunate for some critics to have an imaginary invention on the image of Shiva Lingam as a male organ and viewed with obscenity, but had conveniently forgotten how a phallus could have appeared from the base. Moreover, since Lord Shiva is described as having no form, it is ridiculous to maintain that Lingam represents a phallus. This is the reason why Swami Vivekananda described Shiva Lingam as the symbol of the Eternal Brahman, when a German Orientalist, Gusta Oppert traced it to phallicism. Swami Vivekananda cited Atharva Veda that the worship of Shiva Lingam was sung in praise of sacrificial post – a description of the beginningless and endless of the Eternal Brahman and refuted it as an imaginary invention.

Hinduism does not oppose Science. It does not even oppose other religions. Science is a continuing effort to discover and increase human knowledge of the physical or material world through experiment and observation. But Hinduism has the force of providing answers to certain issues that Science could not.

The Lingam is shaped like an egg and represents the ‘Brahmanda’ or the cosmic egg. There are two types of Shiva Lingam. One is a black meteorite egg-shaped stone. It is said that such a stone is installed at Kabba in Mecca. The other one is man-made and is solidified mercury. Solidifying mercury is an ancient Vedic science.

Shiva Lingam represents the totality of the Cosmos and the Cosmos, in turn, being represented as a Cosmic Egg. Again an egg is an ellipsoid depicting with no beginning, nor end.

A glance at the image of Shiva Lingam shows there is a pillar with three marks and a Disc beneath it and sometimes with a coiling cobra snake around the Pillar and shows its fangs above the pillar. The truth behind the scientific research by the Danish scientist, Neils Bohr, demonstrates that Molecules (the smallest part of everything) made up of Atoms which consists of Proton, Neutron and Electron, all of which play a vital part in the composition of Shiva Lingam. In those days instead of using these English words such as Proton, Neutron, Electron, Molecules and Energy, the ancient sages employed the usage of the words like Lingam, Vishnu, Brahma, Sakthi (which in turn is divided into Renuka and Rudrani), Sarppa, etc. as Sanskrit was the dominant language in those periods.

According to Hinduism, the Pillar is described as the column of fire which represents the three Gods – Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara while the Disc or Peedam represents Sakthi. The Disc is shown with three ridges, encarved at its periphery.

Sage Vyasa, the author of Maha Bharatha, mentions that Lord Shiva is smaller than the sub-atomic particle like Proton, Neutron and Electron. At the same time, he also mentions Lord Shiva is greater than anything greatest. He is the cause of vitality in all living things. Everything, whether living or non-living, originates from Shiva. He has engulfed the whole world. He is Timeless. He has no birth, no death. He is invisible, unmanifest. He is the Soul of the Soul. He has no emotion, sentiment or passion at all. There is a mysterious or indescribable power in the Shiva Lingam to induce concentration of the mind and helps focus one’s attention. The contents of sage Vyasa is corroborated with the instance of that Arjuna fashioned a Lingam out of clay when worshipping Lord Shiva. Similarly, in Ramayana that before crossing to Sri Lanka, Rama, Lakshmana and Sita fashioned a Shiva Lingam at Rameswaram for worshipping Lord Shiva and also that Ravana could not lift the Lingam after it was placed on the ground by the small boy. These instances show that God may be conceptualized and worshipped in any convenient form. It is the divine power that it represents, is all that matters and here we see that both Arjuna in Maha Bharatha and Rama and Sita worshipping Lord Shiva as Nirguna Brahman or the formless Supreme Being.

The outcome of the scientific research is that the world came into existence with the formation of Molecules. According to Science, two atoms make one Molecule. The valency of molecules indicates the combination of the atoms.

It is essential to have a clear idea of the structure of an atom according to the findings of the Danish scientist, Neils Bohr., the nature of which is given below.

An atom is made up of Proton, Neutron and Electron.

Neutrons do not have a charge and so would continue on in a straight line.

The nucleus of an atom is composed of positively charged Protons and neutrally charged Neutrons. Almost all the mass of an atom is in its nucleus. The nucleus is the very dense region consisting of Protons and Neutrons at the centre of an atom.

Electrons are negatively charged and so would be deflected on a curving path towards the positive plate.

But the whole atom is electrically neutral on account of the presence of equal number of negative electrons and positive protons.

The electrons revolve rapidly round the nucleus in circular paths called energy level. The energy levels are counted from centre outwards.

Each energy level is associated with a fixed amount of energy.

There is no change in energy of Electrons as long as they help revolving in the same energy level and the atoms remain stable.

The Bohr model shows that the electrons in atoms are in orbits of differing energy around the nucleus. It is like planets orbiting the Sun.

An examination of the image of Shiva Lingam in the context of Bohr model, would demonstrate the puzzling truth that Brahma has created the world. The behaviour of Proton, Electron, Neutron and Energy are well demonstrated by Shiva Lingam.

Vishnu signifies Proton with positive electrical charge.

Mahesha signifies Neutron with no electrical charge.

Brahma signifies Electron with negative electrical charge.

Sakthi is Energy. Sakthi is a type of energy field represented by a Disc.

Shiva Lingam represents the atomic structure. According to the Rishis, Shiva and Vishnu are present in the Lingam. In Sanskrit, the three lines signify multiple. In the atomic structure, there are Protons and Neutrons which are surrounded by fast spinning Electrons.

Sakthi is represented by a Disc in oval shape with three ridges carved at its periphery. She is Energy and plays a vital role in the Universe.

If one look at the portrait of Vishnu, a lotus is depicted as arising from the navel of Vishnu and Brahma is shown as seated on the lotus. Lotus signifies Energy which has the force of attraction. The stem of the lotus can bend because of its flexibility signalling that Brahma moves around Vishnu. This is a message that Electron is attracted to Proton because of the opposite electric charge.

Moreover, Neutron is depicted as Shiva which has no charge at all. The nucleus of the atom also contains neutrons. Neutrons are about the same size as Protons, but have no electric charge. Neutrons are bound very tightly in the atom’s nucleus with the Protons. When the atom’s nucleus contains as many Neutrons as Protons, the atom is stable.

Similarly, the ancient sages provided the idea that when Shiva is not disturbed and separated, he remains calm. Shiva remains calm because Sakthi takes the form of Renuka. The energy which forms the molecules is denoted by its valency, which in Sanskrit is Renuka. Renuka is one produces Renu or molecule. Two atoms make one molecule.  Hence ancient Hindu sages brought the idea of Sakthi as Shiva’s wife and as part of Shiva and dances around Shiva throughout. However, when Neutron is disturbed and separated natural disaster occur, which signify that Shakthi turns out to be a terror known as Rudrani (Kali) performing destructive dance, signalling natural disaster.

The actual producer of molecules is Electron which signifies Brahma. Modern physics shows that Electrons are shared between the atoms to form a molecule. Therefore the Hindu concept that Brahma created the earth is in conformity with Science.

Yoga as a form of Lingam

Hinduism is deep rooted in the practice of Yoga and meditation. According to Hinduism, Yoga refers to the integration or union of a person’s own consciousness with the Supreme Reality or in other words Cosmic Consciousness.

Yoga was one of the greatest gifts provided by the worship of Lord Shiva to the world and received by people from all walks of life amidst diversity. The concept of Yoga began to surface with the excavations of stone seals from the archeological findings of the Indus Valley civilization and the Mohenjadero-Harappa civilization. The Vedas were the revelations of the ancient sages, received through yogic meditation during the period of the Indus Valley civilization.

The initial form in the existence is a geomatrix surface, known as ellipsoid. According to Yogic tradition, Lingam is a perfect ellipsoid. The first form of creation is an ellipsoid. Apparently the final form before dissolution is also a Lingam. Modern cosmologists are of the view that the core of every galaxy is in the form of ellipsoid. Yoga always maintains that the first and final form is a Lingam. If a person meditates, his/her energies will naturally take the form of Lingam. As the first and final form before dissolution is also a Lingam, Lingam is considered as a gateway to the beyond. In Hinduism, Lord Shiva is considered as the Supreme Truth.

There is another scientific truth that water poured down on the Lingam is not considered as holy water or Theertham as it is called. Shiva Lingam is considered to be an atom model. There is radiation from Lingam as it is made out of a type of granite stone. Granite is a source of radiation and reported to have higher radio activity thereby raising some concerns about their safety. Granite is said to have formed as lava or molten rock cooled and solidified over thousands or even millions of years, contain naturally occurring radioactive elements like radium, uranium and thorium. Perhaps this is the reason that ancient Hindu sages advised their disciples not to touch water that is poured down on the Lingam. The sages were aware that there will be radiation fall-out if some accidents occur and that is the reason that Shiva Temples were built close to the vicinity of sea, ponds, rivers, tanks or wells. Perhaps this may be the reason why these five Ishwaram temples were built around the coast of Sri Lanka, though Thondeeshwaram was submerged in sea on account of the movement of the tectonic plates. Even lake Manasrovar is situated at the base of Mt.Kailash.

It is unfortunate that the Truth of the great work done by the ancient Hindu sages are misinterpreted by citing some verses in the Vedas, but we are fortunate to witness that the practices and literatures were left as legacy. It is a consolation that recent scientific discoveries have shown that the findings of the ancient Hindu sages were meaningful.



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  • 9

    Please add “A brief history of time” by Stephen Hawking,and,
    “The God Delusion” by Richard Dawkins to your library.

    • 4

      What a load of nonsense. In this age of scientific truth and discovery we should be enlightened by knowledge and empirical evidence. To call this “scientific truth” is an insult to science.

      It’s sad that adults still play with imaginary friends in the sky. We don’t believe in the tooth fairy and Santa Claus after the age of 9 or 10 but adults participate in this mass delusion without question because of “blind faith”. If someone believed that Elvis was alive or in Aliens society will laugh at them and recommend a good psychiatrist but believing in sky gods and holy water and the spiritual power of a phallic rock is considered to be perfectly normal.

      • 4

        T DIAS;
        correct, but that is one’s own belief.
        so we cannot change the way, what they used to.


        Mr Ayathuray Rajasingam;

        Now days, to Us, We, to The Sri Lankans;
        The most Important thing is to live.
        Then comes the religion or belief.

        Not Siva Lingam, Lord Ganesha, Mecca, Lord Buddha, Jesus Christ or Buddha Gaya.

        We Sri Lankans Are Suffering Mentally of fear of wrong governance. and very badly on economically,
        because of our moronic governance and foreign interference of our internal affairs on our country’s economy and security.

        My idea is that,
        we should have a look on those and not on

        • 1

          In harmony with you J.Amarya,

          Come or Go Chicago!

          ◕Fascism is not defined by the number of its victims, but by the way it kills them. J.P.S.

          ◕I do not believe in God; his existence has been disproved by Science. But in the concentration camp, I learned to believe in men.

          Jean-Paul Sartre

          Only the guy who isn’t rowing has time to rock the boat.–J.P.S.
          (like the above writer)

      • 12

        Science only originated now. Half of what science proofs now is not true.The truth is we are made from molecules after the big bang. If you read the ancient books that where written thousands of years ago, it is mentioned in those books about how we came about in this world, but scientists only are discovering these evidence now. Science gathers all information from these ancient books and they make up there own. Example scientist say jesus christ is the son of god and he was the son of mary, which is not true. Jesus was the son of Cleopatra who was given to the servant Mary to escape to another country where he was brought up by Mary and he then became the son of Mary.Now scientist say he is the son of god which is not true. He could heal people by the powers of meditation which he learnt from india and Tibet. So dont believe everything what scientist say.

        • 0

          Lol… jesus was son of cleopatra :) :) lol lol… dude I think you watch lot of movies & they have influenced you a lot…& also have confused you :D.. I think you are mixing up Moses & Jesues characters…it was fun though… :D

      • 1

        by your own theory, jesus was just a local village magician….as there is no’empirical evidence’ of what he really was eh?

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    Very interesting presentation that would dispel myths sorrounding the “Shiva Lingam”. Hope this would enable a large majority to be awakened and follow your own “correct instincts and understandings” to guide you to “freedom”. This reminded me to “peruse” some of the notes I have taken long years back and I quote:-

    “…… You begin to reawaken your natural energy, curiosity and wander rediscovering a place within yourself where you are strong, clear and whole. Some name this place “SOUL” or “SPIRIT”. Some call it our “INNER LIGHT” which softens the darkness in our hearts. Others call it the “DIVINE” or the “BELOVED”. Still others described it as our “TRUE NATURE or our “BUDDHA NATURE”. Many of us simply name it GOD”.

    P.S. Please don’t ask me from where I have taken down this note, because I have neglected to do that. It is from a book I have read. Perhaps someone who reads this comment could educate me on that. Thank you.

  • 2

    “Adam” Lingam – Some Scientific Truths

    Here is some information as to where the Lingam gene pool originated, and as to how you can test to find your own Lingem genealogy from the Y Chromosome.

    It is the Scientific Adam from East Africa 70,000 years


    All,except the Africans, descended from Africans by way of Arabia, before they spread out.

    Africans stayed in Africa.




    The Genographic Project Confirms Humans Migrated Out of Africa through Arabia. New analytical method approaches the unstudied 99% of the human genome.

    WASHINGTON, D.C., – 02 Nov 2011: Evolutionary history shows that human populations likely originated in Africa, and the Genographic Project, the most extensive survey of human population genetic data to date, suggests where they went next. A study by the Project finds that modern humans migrated out of Africa via a southern route through Arabia, rather than a northern route by way of Egypt. These findings will be highlighted today at a conference at the National Geographic Society.


    There is a Table There that shows the gene diversity and original location of the genes.

    Mediterranean 4%
    Northern European; 2%
    Southwest Asian” 58%
    Southeast Asian 35%

  • 3

    A Rajasingham, apropos your Statement, “Lingam was referred to ‘Prayapas’ by the Romans who introduced the worship of Shiva Lingam to European countries. The statutes (sic) of Shiva Lingams were found in the archeological findings in Babylon, a city of ancient Mesopotamia.”
    I believe that you are trying to rewrite ancient History. (Which came first, the chicken or the egg)? This symbol was known to the ancient Greeks as ‘Priapus’, before the Tamil language Hindus started worshipping it as ‘Lingam’, which by the way means the same thing in Greek or Tamil! I attach below a definition from Wikpedia:-

    “In Greek mythology, Priapus or Priapos (Ancient Greek: Πρίαπος), was a minor rustic fertility god, protector of livestock, fruit plants, gardens and male genitalia. Priapus is marked by his absurdly oversized, permanent erection, which gave rise to the medical term priapism. He became a popular figure in Roman erotic art and Latin literature, and is the subject of the often humorously obscene collection of verse called the Priapeia.”

  • 3

    What is the meaning of lingam? penis. The Sivalingam is the penis of Siva. The ladies will worship more this than theirs

    • 4


      “The ladies will worship more this than theirs”

      They don’t as they see Sri Lankan Sivalingams unattractive and ineffective. Hence men resort to rape.

    • 10


      Did Mohammed have sex with the infant Ayesha as recorded in the Hadith? Islam is full of the sexual exploits of its founder, is it not?

      • 2

        The matter is not about Mohamed or his infant Ayesha, but is lingam. What is the meaning of lingam?

        • 7

          Musthafa, what an idiotic question – read the article. The Siva Lingam lost its phallic connotation two to three thousand years ago. Why rake up its origins when it no longer has that meaning? Many suspect that the meteorite at the Kaaba itself is a Siva Lingam.

        • 3

          ‘Linga’ means ‘symbol’ in Sanskrit. Peace to all.

    • 9

      Mecca is a Hindu temple, that why muslims do circumambulation. No other Abrahamic religion followers do so.

  • 1


    “Please add “A brief history of time” by Stephen Hawking,and,
    “The God Delusion” by Richard Dawkins to your library.”

    And keep them away from Sri Lankan politicians, police and armed forces.

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    Modern scientists even have discovered sub particle called God particle.You can not even devide the atom.It is infinite.Then Mr Rajasinham s discoveries will become pointless. Therefore you have to find this new lord HIGGS-BOSSON. So please do not make people idiots.

    All the phenomena subject to change.So called Gods and lords subject to change. Open your eyes. People try to explain Gods and divine Lords without knowing themselves.

    Google the term PATICCA-SAM-UPPADA. It reveals the absolute truth.

    PS: Really sorry about my english.I tried my best.Thank you.

    • 5

      How Humans like to convert scientific truths to their own delusional way of thinking. In a few years time the ‘God’ particle will be worshipped as God!
      I read sometime ago, that a very isolated community in the highlands of PNG, was visited by an aeroplane carrying medical and nutritional supplies.
      The next time the aeroplane arrived, they found that the community had carved an aeroplane out of wood, and was worshipping it as a God. Such is Human Delusion (Moha) as the Buddha taught!

  • 2

    Delusion makes more illusional thoughts. Thats why creatures with illusional mind, make more conflicted thoughts.Even Gods and so called supreme Gods have this conflicted mind.

    According to this article, you do not need to worship this SIVA-LINGAM. You have this new Neils-Bohr model. We could call it NEUTRO-LINGAM.This is no insult. Please Do not get offended.If so you are the loser.

    Purify the mind. Cause and Effect rules everything.



  • 5

    Dear A. R. I wonder when people like you realise the truth. You just bow down to stone, mud, wood, soil and claim these are Gods. What a stupidity is this in this modern world. Even people worship private parts in the name of Gods. What stupidity is this.? In the name of religion you have divided people into low cast and high cast? Who gave your religion power to divide people into low and high cast? One cast is born from head and one is born from feet? What a stupidity is this to believe like ? Low cast can not become high cast at all in this world, they can not marry high cast, they can not do dealing with low cast, they can eat/ drink with high cast? Do you have any racism and descrimnation like this in is modern world. Is it a true religious teaching. I wonder in a few decades time all Hindu changed their religion if you keep these rubbish things in you heads. That is what happened in India and still happening. This about human dignity and respect. Human beings are bound to be respected . you distroy human dignity. There is scientific about this so called superficial beliefs and crazy outdated lies.

    • 4


      “You just bow down to stone, mud, wood, soil and claim these are Gods.”

      If professors and police officers are keen to bow down to political brats and criminals whats wrong with Hindus praying to harmless stone, mud, wood, and soil?

      Remember stone, mud, wood, and soil are essential elements for human and animal survival.

      • 0

        “You just bow down to stone, mud, wood, soil and claim these are Gods.Remember stone, mud, wood, and soil are essential elements for human and animal survival.”

        Very Interesting. and Wicramaratne says:

        “Therefore you have to find this new lord HIGGS-BOSSON.”


        1. Hindus, Buddhists and others make statutes f their Gods using Rock, Stone, Clay and Paint them. Then they worship them, and ask for favors.

        2. If one ASSUMES, the HIGGS-BOSSON, in in all matter, and ASSUME it is the “GOD PARTICLE”, the “GOD PARTICLE” is everywhere, except in ABSOLUTE VACUUM not populated by cosmic rays. If so, making statues out of rock, dirt and paint, and praying to them, s the same as praying to thin air. In thin air, the “GOD PARTICLE” concentration will be from 1,000 to 1,000,000 times or more. Given this reasoning, it mt be better to pray to a Mountain, the Whole Earth or, the Sun, as the ancients have done for a different reason.

        3. Therefore, get rid of all your Statues of Siva, Ganesha, Buddha and many others. In the case of Buddhism, statutes are not required. All that praying, all those all night piriths, including the Bodhi Puja, other Pujas and other sacrifices are for naught.

        4. Why not stop them? Are you kidding? Then the Priests and Monks will have nothing to do. They will be technically unemployed. Thy will have to work in the fields to produce food. No. They will have none of it.

    • 3

      Dear Truth,

      Have you found the truth in Science or in the modern world. Have the modern world found the solutions to the problems of the world? The author or Hinduism do not force you to go and prey the Lingha (Stone) or practice Yoga. He clearly says that Hinduism is not against to any other believes or practices or against modern life. As Native Vedda points out if you are happy to go behind nasty political criminals who cheat day and night it is up to you. It is true that people and leaders (whether it is political or religious) create troubles, divisions among people using various things including religion, language, status, caste, locations, colour etc and scientific discoveries are used to resolve problems as well as create problems. How many people in the modern world killed every day by wars. For example, the discovery of cluster bombs are used to kill hundreds of innocent people in the Mullivaykal.

    • 3

      Is Islam that progressive, enlightened and rational as you appear to be saying? Look at its track record of bigotry, its treatment of women, its treatment of the ‘kafir’, its bloody history full of wars and conflict. Turn to Buddhism my friend and be restrained, not self righteous.

      • 3

        “Turn to Buddhism my friend and be restrained, not self righteous.”
        To A Reader; Please clarify what you mean by Buddhism, before you ask someone to turn to Buddhism. Is it the Buddha’s Dhamma or the Buddhism as practised by the Bodu Bala Sena, that you are advocating?

    • 6

      Hinduism is NOT a religion..but a way of life almost practicd by all others in this universe. The Sanatan Dharam 9the oldest religion on this planet) never singled out people by caste or even ostracising them..it has simply ben don by human on account of prejudiced beliefs…since caste is nothing discriminotry but basd on occupation level……

  • 1

    Native Vedda

    Could you please, write with sensible attitude. We can discuss this topic with some intelligence. Do not bring politics to this.

    • 4


      “We can discuss this topic with some intelligence.”

      Please educate me.

      Why would the high priests of Physics, the CERN scientists install a bronze statue of Nataraja in front of their Laboratory?

      I believe you are not familiar with Fritjof Capra’s “The Dance of Shiva: The Hindu View of Matter in the Light of Modern Physics,” and
      “The Tao of Physics” based on similar theme.

      You should start reading on Large Hadron Collider and the Nadaraja Statue at CERN.

      “A plaque next to the Shiva statue captures the contemporary connotation of the metaphor of Shiva’s cosmic dance from Fritjof Capra’s book “Modern physics has shown that the rhythm of creation and destruction is not only manifest in the turn of the seasons and in the birth and death of all living creatures, but is also the very essence of inorganic matter and for the modern physicists, then, Shiva’s dance is the dance of subatomic matter. The metaphor of the cosmic dance thus unifies ancient mythology, religious art and modern physics.”
      Times of India – 28 July 2011

      Type CERN Nadaraja and you can’t miss millions of article on Google.

  • 1

    with all respects Mr. Rajasingham is on the other side of the spectrum as prof. Hoole. They appear to be having a lot of time on their hands to be indulgent on those of the others. This is hardly the time for it counterproductive and fruitless.

  • 3

    Fine explanation and the manner of presentation tempts everyone to read.
    Only persons with clear mind will understand this subject. I think Hinduism is science.

  • 3

    I feel like singing Satyam Sivam Sundaram …………..

  • 1

    I was wondering why Colombo Telegraph let AT to write on it’s web. But after reading the comments, it seems that it is mainly to refute his ideas and bring out interesting comments. Some are good while some are idiotic.

    Religious philosophy tried to give answers to questions related life. They were able to answer some questions but failed to answer all the questions. This is applicable to all the religions. Religious promoters who see the decline of their religion, now resort find support from science. They find half baked science theories to support their religion. This is happening in all religions.

    Some people believe that history of religion is flawless based on the evidence of archaeological findings and textual evidence. They forget that only a few evidence is available and researchers try to imagine a history based on the few evidence and their own biases. When no one knows how many people died in the recent conflict of 2009 (some claim zero victims and others claims in ten thousands, how do we know what happened in 3,000 or 10,000 years ago?

    However we have to admit religions give much solace to the believer when they are in distress. At the same time it divides the society and causes many conflict. Remember the crusade war between Christians and Muslims, Hindu-Muslim war especially at the time of India-Pakistan division and recently attack by the Buddhist on Islam in Sri Lanka recently.

    I like the pseudonym “Native Vedda” and his/her comment “If professors and police officers are keen to bow down to political brats and criminals whats wrong with Hindus praying to harmless stone, mud, wood, and soil?”

  • 2

    What is connection of Shiva lingam to the pre-roman worshipping of lingam and yoni ?

  • 0

    Mr. Ayathuray Rajasingam,

    What this talk about a Shiva Lingam, Hinduism teachings go far greater,
    in-depth analysis of the universe , human life etc,& the mother of all the religions, some 10,000 years old.
    Biggest problem is that Hinduism’s religious teachings are rarely taught in Sri Lanka, so no wonder some have become victims to conversion, it’s time Hindu scholars did that, any shortage, can be brought from Hindu India.

  • 3






  • 5

    Peace Lover

    I suggest you you do not preach! The Siva Lingam was celebrated in art and architecture in Indonesia, Cambodia and Vietnam, not just India, Sri Lanka and Nepal. It lost its phallic connotation two thousand years ago and now means a column of light. It represents God as formless and with form.

    When Hinduism speaks of 300 million Gods, it means the 300 million residents in Devaloka – those who had done good on earth and on account of good karma were reborn in a higher plane. In this Buddhism and Hinduism share the concept of Karma and Samsara.

    The Islam that you represent is backward and self righteous. A few facts are needed here. Four of the five bombs detonated in the world today are by Muslim militants. Koran 49:10 says, The Believers are but a single Brotherhood. Those who reject the word of Allah are described in the Koran as unbelievers and infidels. In fact, Koran devotes 61% of its space to infidels. Koran 7:176-9 dehumanizes non-Muslims as vile Animals. 4:101 says, unbelievers are unto you open enemies. Koran 8:38-9 says; Non-Muslims are to be fought until religion is only for Allah. Likewise, there are as many as 109 verses in the Koran that call Muslims to fight war with non-believers for the sake of Islamic rule and to recruit new followers. No Muslim can avoid “fight in the cause of God” for Koran 3:167 say those Muslims who avoid such fight were hypocrites.

    Reform your own religion first before you preach!

    Another bigot – “Truth” also talks from the vantage point of Islam and asks why Hindus worship images made of stone and mud. We do not worship images – the images represent a higher truth – let when a picture is garlanded at a commemoration of a public hero – its not the picture that is being garlanded but the person it represents!

  • 3

    Meaning of shivalinga is not male penis! N u can explain it as bohr model….but actual meaning is very deep…..its a state of consciousness. …it should not be told to people widout sadhana….n higgs boson cannot b seen yet…..it can b called brahm (different from other brahma) n gauge oson can b called sakti….bt no point discussing that widout sadhana….n castism is very much scientific….the highestcast means highest sacrifices. ..n lowest cast can emerge to Brahmin. .with sadhana….widout hindu sadhana u wont get mukti….n remember scientific proofs r time bound….but vedic knowledge is forever…actually it is super science….bohr model itself is wrong…..

  • 1

    Dear readers all of u that u r thinking r interesting but i want to say how can people believe and pray apart from India if it was not exist r happened how can people pray and made so much temple that seen from so many years ago

  • 3

    I agree with the author. Plz find below meaning of Shiv ling based on Vedic sources and commentary of Vedic sages such as Swami Vivekanand, Swami Sivanand and Shri Ram Sharma Acharya of Gayatri Parivar(Haridwar).

    ‘Linga’ in Sankrit means form or mark and it is shaped like an egg and represents the ‘Brahmanda’ or the cosmic egg. Thus it represents elliptical form of divinity. A glance at the image of Shiva Lingam shows there is a pillar with three marks and a disc beneath it called ‘Peetham’ and with a coiling cobra snake around the Pillar and hows its fangs above the pillar.

    Shiva Lingam represents the totality of the Cosmos and the Cosmos, in turn, being represented as a Cosmic Egg. Again an egg is an ellipsoid depicting with no beginning, nor end. Shiva being worshipped as Linga means the Consciousness in its primodal form where consciousness is entering into the Eternal Energy (Shakti).

    Base of the ligna is called ‘Peetham’ and Coiled Cobra snake represents the ‘Kundalini’ shakti or feminine principle of the divinity whom we refer as Mother goddess. Three rows on pillar represents ‘Brahma’, Vishnu and Mahesh – different aspects of the divinity.

    When un-manifest energy begins to manifest itself, the first form is always the Linga. The word Linga means the form. Linga means a perfect ellipsoid. The first form of creation is an ellipsoid and final form before dissolution is also an ellipsoid.

    Thus the first form is a Linga and the final form before dissolution is also a Linga. If you become meditative, your energies will naturally take the form of a Linga. Thus Linga means Linga means the place of dissolution for the world and all beings. It signifies also Satya, Jnana and Ananta—Truth, knowledge and Infinity. It indicates that Lord Siva is endowed with all-pervading and self-luminous nature. Linga is a symbol which makes us understand the various kinds of Artha which are indicated above.
    There are six Lingas, viz., Anda Linga, Pinda Linga, Sadasiva Linga, Atma Linga, Jnana
    Linga and Siva Linga. These Lingas are taken to mean the characteristics by which the Anda (the Universe), Pinda (the body), Sadasiva, etc., are to be recognised and understood.
    Linga is only the outward symbol of the formless being, Lord Siva, who is the indivisible, all-pervading, eternal, auspicious, ever-pure, immortal essence of this vast universe, who is the undying Soul seated in the chambers of your heart, who is your Indweller, innermost Self or Atman, and who is identical with the Supreme Brahman.

  • 1

    Respected Shri. Rajasingam! Your articulation on the Sivalinga is very interesting and very informative. I could relate the various aspects of Hindu puranas and current science exploits. Science, as per one definition,is the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment. So it is on going…. and we explore on and on….Science is about physical matter that is visible (and to some extent invisible also, like no one can see electricity but they dare not put finger into the power socket). People who are interested in Hindu texts, can understand the invisible energy by exploring inner self. But Truth (or Satyam) has to converge ultimately to only one defintion, although initially there may be so many contradictory views or perceptions at different time lines, different contexts and different levels of consciousness. Accordingly, today’s science exploits are being correlated with the ancient Vedic scriptures. Today, we hear about ‘A big-bang theory gets a big boost: Evidence that vast cosmos was created in split second’ which can be correlated in the ancient Vedic scriptures that the entire creation has been generated within a momentary disturbance of the Lord Shiva. I happened to browse for the link (between Science and Vedas) and got into your beautiful and well written article. I am obliged.

  • 0

    its a very interesting topic tat u put ther Mr.Ayathuray Rajasingam…. i can noe more about the relation of science and hinduism…. I always bear in mind tat hinduism is not only a religion… Its a way of life in terms of using science.
    However,i always have a question in my mind… Islam is founded by Nabi Muhammad, Buddhism was founded by by Buddha, (said to be he is an incarnation of Lord Visnhu), Christianity is founded by Son of God, Jesus Christ…. While who founded the the Hinduism???? wen my other religion frenz ask me tis question…. i dunno wat to answer… So can u help me in tis sir??? Waiting 4 ur answer as soon as posssible. Till tat watin 4 ur reply. Tq.

  • 1

    Was Prophet Muhammad in the Vedas?

    Starting With the Rig-Veda

    In this article we will take a look at some of the verses in the Vedas that some people, such as Dr. Zakir Naik, say that Mohammed is mentioned or foretold in them. This is a summary based on the research by Dr Radhasyam Brahmachari and others, and shows that these verses in fact do not speak of Prophet Mohammed, but are used in a way that is based on mistranslations to justify that idea.

    First of all, the Rig-Veda is globally recognized and accepted as the oldest book created by man and hence if it could be shown that there is mentioning of Prophet Mohammed in that text, it will be immensely helpful to paint the Arabian Prophet as a divine personality. Not only that, it will be helpful to deceive the Hindus and convert them to Islam. So, it does not become difficult to understand what has inspired Dr Zakir Naik and others to discover the mentioning of Mohammed in the Rig-Veda and in other Vedic texts. But as his investigation culminated into a failure, he had no other way but to apply stupid arguments to befool the kafirs and infidels but to twist the meanings and translations into something different, all the while acting most scholarly and convincing.

    First of all, we should see what the Rig-Veda actually says about Prophet Muhammad. It should also be mentioned at the outset that two Sanskrit words sa•sata and narasa•sa play the central role in these arguments of such people as Zakir Naik. According to him, the word sa•sata stands for an individual who praises. In Arabic, such an individual is called Ahammad, the other name of Prophet Muhammad. Therefore, wherever he could find the word sa• sata, he took it as the mentioning of their Prophet.

    According to him, the second word narasa•sa means an individual who is to be praised or who is praiseworthy. The Arabic word Muhammad means a man who is praiseworthy. So, wherever he could have found the word narasa•sa in any Sanskrit texts, he took it to be a mentioning of Muhammad. In fact, both the Sanskrit words sa•sata and narasa•sa stand for a deity or God, who is praiseworthy. According to Sayana, the most reputed commentator of the Vedas, the word narasa•sa means a deity or a respectable entity (not a man) that deserves to be praised by man.

    However, we should have a closer look to see what Zakir Naik has to say. According to him, the verses (1/13/3), (1/18/9), (1/106/4), (1/142/3), (2/3/2), (5/5/2), (7/2/2), (10/64/3) and (10/182/2) of the Rig-Veda contain the word narasa•sa, and hence mention Muhammad, and the verse (8/1/1) of the Rig-Veda contains the word sa•sata (Ahmmad), or the other name of Muhammad. So here he begins with another blatant lie and says that the word sa•sata stands for a man who praises, the Arabic equivalent of Ahammad and hence mentions Muhammad. The said verse (8/1/1) of the Rig-Veda reads:

    Ma cidanyadvi sa•sata sakhayo ma risnyata lIndramitstot a vrsana• saca sute muhuruktha ca sa•sata ll (8/1/1)
    “Glorify naught besides, O friends; so shall no sorrow trouble you. Praise only mighty Indra when the juice is shed, and say your lauds repeatedly.” (Translation: R T H Griffith; The Hymns of the Rgveda, Motilal Banarsidass Publishers, Delhi; 1995, p-388). So the word sa•sata (praiseworthy) in the above verse refers to deity Indra, and not a man who praises (Ahammad) as claimed by Dr Zakir Naik.

    We shall now see what the verses containing the word narasa•sa say. In Rig-Veda, a verse is refered as (x/y/z), where x stands for Mandala, y stands for Sukta and z stands for the Verse or Rk. The verse (1/13/3) of Rig-Veda, as mentioned above, belongs to 13th Sukta of the 1st Mandala. It should also be noted here that every Sukta of the Rig-Veda is dedicated to a deity. The presiding deity of the 13th Sukta of the 1st Mandala is Agni (the God of Fire). The verse says:

    Narasa•samiha priyamasminajna upahvaye lMadhujihvat haviskrtam ll (1/13/3)
    “Dear Narasa•sa, sweet of tongue, the giver of oblations, I invoke to this our sacrifice.” (tr: ibid, p-7) As Agni is the deity of the entire 13th Sukta, there is no doubt that the word narasa•sa (praiseworthy to man) in the verse refers to Agni. One should also note that the word narasa•sa does not signify a man who is praiseworthy, as some people claim.

    The verse (1/18/9) of the Rig-Veda says:Narasa•sa• sudhrstamamapasyam saprathastam lDivo na sadmakhasam ll (1/18/9)
    “I have seen Narasa•sa, him most resolute, most widely famed, as ‘twere the Household Priest of heaven.” (tr: ibid, p-11) The 18th Sukta, to which the verse belongs, is dedicated to Brahmanaspati, the Priest of heaven and hence the word narasa•sa (praiseworthy to man) in this verse refers to Brahmanaspati, the Priest of heaven.

    The verse (1/106/4) of the Rig-Veda says:Narasa•sa• vajin• vajayinniha ksayadvira• pusana• summairi mahe l Ratha• nadurgadvasava sudanavo visvasmanno aha•so nispipartana ll (1/106/4)

    “To mighty Narasa•sa, strengthening his might, to Pusana, ruler over men, we pray with hymns. Even as a chariot from a difficult ravine, bountiful Vasus, rescue us from all distress.” (tr: ibid, p-69) The 106th Sukta of 1st Mandala, to which the verse belongs, is dedicated to the Visvadevas, and hence the word narasa•sa (praiseworthy to man) in this verse refers to the Visvadevas, again not to Mohammed.

    The verse (1/142/3) of the Rig-Veda says:suci pavako adbhuto madhva yajna• mimiksati lnarasa•sasthrira divo devo devesu yajniyah ll (1/142/3)

    “He wondrous, sanctifying, bright, sprinkles the sacrifice with mead, thrice, Narasa•sa from the heavens, a God amid Gods adorable.” (tr: ibid, p-98)The 142nd Sukta, to which the verse belongs, is dedicated to the deity Apri , and hence the word narasa•sa in this verse refers to Apri. Most of the scholars agree that Apri is the other name of Agni and hence the word nar asa•sa in this verse refers to Agni, the god of fire.

    The verse (2/3/2) of the Rig-Veda says:Narasa•sah prati dhamanyanjan tisro div prati mahna svarcih lGhrtaprusa manasa havyamundanmurdhanyajnasya sanamaktu devan ll (2/3/2)

    “May Narasa•sa lighting up the chambers, bright in his majesty through threefold heaven, steeping the gift with oil diffusing purpose, bedew the Gods at chiefest time of worship.” (tr: ibid, p- 132) Like the earlier one, 142nd Sukta of 1st Mandal, this present 3rd Sukta of 2nd Mandala, is dedicated to the deity Apri or Agni and hence the word narasa•sa in this verse refers to Agni the Fire God.

    The Verse (5/5/2) of Rig-Veda says:Narasa•sah susudatim• yajnamadabhyah lKavirhi madhuhastah ll (5/5/2)
    “He, Narasa•sa, ne’er beguiled, inspireth this sacrifice; for sage is he, with sweets in hand.” (tr: ibid, p- 240) This 5th Sukta of 5th Mandala is also dedicated to Apri or Agni and hence the word narasa•sa in this verse refers to Agni the Fire God.

    The verse (7/2/2) of Rig-Veda says:Narasa•sasya mahimanamesamupa stosama yajatasya yajnaih lYe sukratavah sucayo dhiyandhah svadanti deva ubhayani havya ll (7/2/2)

    “With sacrifice to these we men will honor the majesty of holy Narasa•sa – to these the pure, most wise, the thought-inspires, Gods who enjoy both sorts of our oblations.” (tr: ibid, p- 334) Again this 2nd Sukta of 7th Mandala is dedicated to Apri or Agni, and hence the word narasa•sa in this verse refers to Agni the Fire God.

    The verse (10/64/3) of the Rig-Veda says:Nara va sa•sa• pusnamagohyamagni deveddhamabhyarcase gira lSuryamasa candramasa yama• divi trita• vatamusasamaktumasvina ll (10/64/3)

    “To Narasa•sa and Pusan I sing forth, unconcealable Agni kindled by the Gods. To Sun and Moon, two Moons, to Yama in the heaven, to Trita, Vata, Dawn, Night and Asvins Twain.” (tr: ibid, p- 578) This 64th Sukta of 10th Mandala is dedicated to the Visvadevas, and the word narasa•sa in this verse refers to the Visvadevas.

    The verse (10/182/2) of Rig-Veda says:Narasa•so na avatu prayaje sa• no astvanuyajo habesu lKsipadastimapa durmati hannatha karadyajamanaya sam soh ll (10/182/2).

    “May Narasa•sa aid us at Prayaja; blest be out Anuyaja at invokings. May he repel the curse, and chase ill-feeling, and give the sacrificer peace and comfort.” (tr: ibid, p- 650) The 182nd Sukta of 10th Mandala, to which the above verse belongs, is dedicated to Vrhaspati, and hence the word narasa•sa refers to Vrhaspati, the Priest of the Gods.
    Another verse (1/53/9) of the Rig-Veda says,Tvametanjanarajno dvirdasabandhuna susravasopajagmasah lsasti• sahasra navati• nava sruto ni cakrena rathya duspada vrnak ll(1/53/9)

    “With all-outstripping chariot-wheel, O Indra, thou far-famed, hast overthrown the twice ten Kings of men, with sixty thousand nine-and-ninety followers, who came in arms to fight with friendless Susravas.” (tr: ibid, p-36) To narrate the incident, Sayana, the renowned commentator of the Rig-Veda, says that twenty kings with a force, 60,099 strong, attacked the King Sus rava (Prajapati) and Indra alone defeated them and frustrated their ambition (the Vayu-Purana also narrates the incident).

    Most of the scholars agree that the Rig-Veda was composed more than 5000 years BCE, and hence the incident narrated in the verse (1/53/9) took place more than 7000 years ago. And Muhammad conquered Mecca in 630 AD. But Zakir Naik has proceeded to link the incident with Muhammad’s capturing Mecca, which any sane man, except a Muslim, would feel shy to undertake. To give his mischief a shape, he has, firstly replaced the word Susrava withSusrama and says that the word Susrama stands for one who praises, and hence equivalent to Ahammad in Arabic, the other name of Muhammad. And he claims that the verse narrates Muhammad’s conquering Mecca, as the then population of the city was about 60,000 and Muhammad had invaded Mecca with 20 of his closest followers. It is not difficult for the reader to discover the absurdity of this claim and the deceit involved with making it.

    The verse (8/6/10) of the Rig-Veda says,Ahamiddhi pituspari medhamrtasya jagrabha lAha• surya ivajrani ll (8/6/10)

    “I from my Father have received deep knowledge of the Holy Law: I was born like unto the Sun.” (Tr: ibid, p- 396). In this verse the word ahamiddhi stands for “I have received.” But as the word spells like Ahammad, the other name of Muhammad, Zakir Naik claims that the verse mentions Muhammad, which shows how he is prone to error on account of his Islamic bias.

    Thus we have studied all the verses of the Rig-Veda which, according to Naik, mention Muhammad. It has been said above that the Sanskrit word narasa• sa stands for a deity or God who is praiseworthy to man, but not a man who is praiseworthy to other men, which is what Naik claims. So, according to this kind of childish logic, whenever someone uses the word “praiseworthy,” it should be taken granted that he mentions Prophet Muhammad. But that is far from the truth.

    However, the intellectual level of those who try to use these techniques of mistranslations are revealed when they try to do the same thing with the word narasa•sa in other Vedas, like Atharva-Veda and Yajur-Veda and is again projecting them to be mentioning Prophet Muhammad. Though it is sheer wastage of time to deal with the utterances of such insane people as this, we may discuss these matters more thoroughly in the future. In the meantime, many are those who are realizing the confusing and inaccurate conclusions such as these and are losing confidence in such people who depend on this kind of tactic, as they also become an embarrassment to the religion they represent.

    Debunking the Atharva-Veda Connection Atharva-Veda, HYMN CXXVIIA hymn in praise of the good Government of King Kaurama

    1 Listen to this, ye men, a laud of glorious bounty shall be sung. Thousands sixty, and ninety we, O Kaurama, among the Rusamas have received.

    2 Camels twice-ten that draw the car, with females by their side, he gave. Fain would the chariot’s top bow down escaping from the stroke of heaven.

    3 A hundred chains of gold, ten wreaths, upon thee Rishi he bestowed, And thrice-a-hundred mettled steeds, ten-times-a-thousand cows he gave.

    4 Glutthee, O Singer, glut thee like a bird on a ripe-fruited tree. Thy lips and tongue move swiftly like the sharp blades of a pair of shears.

    5 Quickly and willingly like kine forth come the singers and their hymns: Their little maidens are at home, at home they wait upon the cows.

    6 O Singer, bring thou forth the hymn that findeth cattle, findeth wealth. p. 364 Even as an archer aims his shaft address this prayer unto the Gods.

    7 List to Pariksit’s eulogy, the sovran whom all people love, The King who ruleth over all, excelling mortals as a God.

    8 ‘Mounting his throne, Pariksit, best of all, hath given us peace and rest,’ Saith a Kauravya to his wife as he is ordering his house.

    9 ‘Which shall I set before thee, curds, gruel of milk, or barley-brew?’ Thus the wife asks her husband in the realm which King Pariksit rules.

    10 Up as it were to heavenly light springs the ripe corn above the cleft. Happily thrive the people in the land where King Pariksit reigns.

    11 Indra hath waked the bard and said, Rise, wander singing here and there. Praise me, the strong: each pious man will give thee riches in return,

    12 Here, cows! increase and multiply, here ye, O horses, here, O men. Here, with a thousand rich rewards, doth Pushan also seat him-self.

    13 O Indra, let these cows be safe, their master free from injury. Let not the hostile-hearted or the robber have control of them.

    14 Oft and again we glorify the hero with our hymn of praise, with prayer, with our auspicious prayer.Take pleasure in the songs we sing: let evil never fall on us. This hymn is merely a praise of King Kaurama (probably of Rajasthani origin). Some people, like Zakir Naik, have tried to twist this to mean that the first 13 verses tell the story of Mohammed! “Kaurama” actually means “ born of a noble family” and has nothing to do with referring to Mohammed. It is closely related with the term Kaurava. And “Kuntapa” merely means the internal organs in the belly and has no alternate meaning as “safe journey” or as such. Sanskrit words aren’t as multi-layered as Arab words. All the verses in the Atharva-Veda from 126-133 are considered Kuntapa, but only one mentions a desert.
    The Sama-Veda ConnectionSome people (and you can guess who) think that the Sama-Veda, Book II, Hymn6, verse 8, refers to Mohammed.The verse –

    1. Indra whose jaws are strong hath drunk of worshipping Sudaksha’s draught, The Soma juice with barley brew.
    2. O Lord of ample wealth, these songs of praise have called aloud to thee, Like milch-kine lowing to their calves!
    3. Then straight they recognized the mystic name of the creative Steer, There in the mansion of the Moon.
    4. When Indra, strongest hero, brought the streams, the mighty waters down, Pushan was standing by his side.
    5. The Cow, the streaming mother of the liberal Maruts, pours her milk, Harnessed to draw their chariots on.
    6. Come, Lord of rapturous joys, to our libation with thy bay steeds, come With bay steeds to the flowing juice
    7. Presented strengthening gifts have sent Indra away at sacrifice, With night, unto the cleansing bath.
    8. I from my Father have received deep knowledge of eternal Law: I was born like unto the Sun.
    9. With Indra splendid feasts be ours, rich in all strengthening things, wherewith, Wealthy in food, we may rejoice
    10. Soma and Pushan, kind to him who travels to the Gods, provide Dwellings all happy and secure.
    So some people say that verse eight says “Ahmed acquired from his Lord the knowledge of eternal law. I received light from him just as from the sun.” Then they associate the word as Ahmed to be Mohammed. But let us understand the verse accurately.

    In these verses, Indra is strengthened with Soma sacrifice and the Priests cry out for Indra’s arrival. The priests recognize the name of the creative Seer – the personification Soma, there in the mansion of the moon – which in Vedic symbolism, resembles a drop of Soma. Next, Indra’s legendary battle with Viritra the dragon who holds back the waters of the Earth is reflected and it is seen how Indra brings the streams towards Earth with Pushan by his side. The description of a cow pouring forth her milk is also given and is thought akin to Indra’s action. Then, the priests once again call to Indra as the lord of joy to give his strengthening gifts to Soma and Indra doing so, fades away. The Priests partake in the Soma and receive knowledge of the eternal law – the law that governs nature (no Law in the ‘ Jurisdiction’ sense) and share a feeling of warmth as if they were born unto the Sun. Once again, the Soma is praised for its strengthening qualities. Soma the personification and Pushan thus travel to the Gods.

    Soma is a non-intoxicant juice from a certain vine that is burnt in Vedic rituals and the leftover remnants are eaten. This is not done anymore because nobody knows what the Soma plant is (presumed extinct). The Soma plant is renown for its strengthening properties and is drunk before war. Indrais a deity especially fond of Soma.
    So the conclusion for this verse from the Sama-Veda is that there is no place for any “Ahmed” in this verse either storywise or literarywise. Adding “ Ahmed” here is saying the grammatically incorrect (the Veda is gramatically perfect) – “Ahmed have received.” And besides, it is akin to saying Mohammed himself did the ritual to Indra’s glory, and partook in the leftovers and knew the Sharia – which is once again akin to idolatry for Muslims. The phrase “I from my father” seems second most likely (it refers to the Priests receiving knowledge from “Soma” about the Eternal Law) but the most likely seems to be Aham + Atha. It would translate the sentence to – “I now have received the eternal law.”

    We could go on like this, and other people have, and compare additional verses from the Vedas to show how by mistranslations, people have tried to place references to Prophet Mohammed in them, thus misleading the public into thinking that the Vedic literature was advocating and giving credence or even prophecies to the Prophet Mohammed, but no such honest references can be found therein. It is another trick, the type of which is becoming increasingly common in order to persuade people to drop out of the Dharmic spiritual path and to convert to something else.

    Such trickery is only successful with those who are under-educated in the Vedic philosophy, and are used by those who still lack genuine spiritual depth that can itself attract people. When that is missing, then they have to resort to all kinds of deceit and trickery, or worse, such as types of violence and attacks, to show the superiority of their religion. This is a pathetic technique but seems to be the last resort of those religions who especially want to gain popularity without showing a truly deep and sacred and enlightening spiritual path that is meant solely for the upliftment of the individual and society in general, rather than control through dogma and peer pressure and status from a growing congregation.

  • 1

    I want my 20 min back which I spend reading this shit. I actually thought that there was a point. An example would be that in Hindu mythology, we take a coin and throw in the water after waving around kids as copper coins can reduce radiation or use of copper bracelet which pushes through copper into skin but no this article just poured rubbish on me. Now I need a cup of coffee.

    • 1

      You sound to be the true mughal Gupte with Genghis khan Y chromosome.

      you said you saw shit- tattie? you would love tattie the way we see truth.

      The greatest happiness is in the movement of the bowels-

      this makes sense to the Chinese who gave tea and the potty to the world.

      The silk route train Yiwu China to Madrid, Spain Runs on smoothly.

      Remember UNICEF slogan Hindian Take The Poo To The Loo – (::()::)

      Happily Agnostic.

  • 3

    I have a simple theory to all of this. Im a believer in lord shiva and im a hindu. When i worship lord shiva’s idol i pretend to see gods of all religion in him even though there arent any images of them. This conversation is mostly a hindu muslim conflict. I believe allah and lord shiva is one and the same. Its us who are trying to differentiate them. Worship own religion but also respect others. This is wat i belive.

    Jai bhole nath

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    “It is unfortunate that the Truth of the great work done by the ancient Hindu sages are misinterpreted by citing some verses in the Vedas.”

    God forbid that we should cite the Vedas when we interpret Hinduism. (Sarcasm.)

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    I believe everything is true.. 1 will understand the article only if he believes it.. Everything is science.. And I even say scientists now has not discovered even 10 percent compared to ancient people.. I strongly believe and partly understood science behind linga.. Thanks

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    you can’t reach to Lord shiva…. because where the science ends… the lord shiva start.. it means he is the manager of universe…. u can’t be understand that…. i realize that.. i m student of physics… and all theories could fail.. if u understood shiva

    • 0

      you can’t reach to Lord shiva…. because where the science ends…””

      Stupidity has no limits in Hindian pysche??

      therefore 68 years after independence Hindia has no hardware and the objective Chinese are the workshop of the world.
      They gave the world the potty and tea.

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    Ayathuray Rajasingam ,

    very intresting article …thanks

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