5 March, 2024


Sirisena Bribes Mano Ganesan With STF Security In Run Up To Colombo Election

Colombo Telegraph is now in a position to reveal that President Maithripala Sirisena has ‘bribed’ Democratic People’s Front Leader Minister Mano Ganesan with Police Special Task Force (STF) security.

Mano Ganesan

The President has given the order to IGP Pujith Jayaundara in an attempt to entice the Minister to support the Sri Lanka Freedom Party at the Colombo Municipal Council election.

According to election regulations, offering goods, money, perks, positions and privileges in the run-up to an election, based on decisions made during the election period, can be considered a bribe.

The Police Special Task Force security is a privilege enjoyed by only a handful of members of the ruling alliance.

The move comes in the wake of a minor fallout between Ganesan and the United National Party over nominations for the Colombo District. Party sources said the differences were mainly between Ganesan and former Minister Ravi Karunanayake, a UNP stalwart in the Colombo district.

“After the disagreement happened, the President saw an opening. He immediately ordered STF security for Ganesan and opened up a channel of communication with him,” a well-informed source from the Presidential Secretariat told Colombo Telegraph.

However, Ganesan has still not explicitly pledged his support to either of parties.

“He will now bargain with both parties. The President’s gesture will stregthen his bargaining power,” a spokesman close to Ganesan said.

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  • 11

    Lankan Police Special Task Force Security has become a status symbol now.
    Mano Ganesan must feel very very special now.
    They say “Flattery is hard to detect and harder to resist”.

    • 2

      Yes! it is more of a Status Symbol than a necessity. Sumanthiran was partly bought over With STF and PC. Never mind let them Enjoy.

    • 9

      Colombo telegraph why put a spin on this story!? Maybe he really needs protection from an underworld element that it threatened by a party trying to field clean candidates…

      There are Tamil gangsters contesting in other parties who hate this man…

    • 0

      typical bs by cmb telegraph as per usual. its election season and colombo underworld comes out as per usual this time of year. controled by certain board room politicos, we all saw the open threats, still cmb telegraph out to defend certain top criminals as we saw in the recent scam

  • 16

    Sirisena has allowed Rishad Bathiuddin also to do what ever he likes and rishad Bathiuddisn is resettling muslims in wilpattu but they have a first home else where. I think, Sirisena got some cash reward from
    QAtar. rishad Bathiuddin had come to colombo with a plastic bag full of stuff during the LTTE war. Now he is a land owner multimillioniar.. I heard he is gong to (not earn) but a get a degree from PEradeniya.

    • 5

      If only the IPKF is allowed to monitor and operate, the IPKF and Sri Lanka will be surprised to see unwanted elements in the Wilpattu jungle.

    • 0

      Do not think it is unrealistic absence of proof

  • 6

    This guy is an indian Tamil. Are there many indian Tamils that support Mano Ganeshan. He was working reconciliation of Yapanaya Tamils. and language policy iof brining up Tamil to the level of Sinhala. Is Maithripala Sirisena that bankrupt and can not find a proper man ? What about Mano Ganeshan’s brother who also wanted to be or who is in politics ? Parliament and every political institution is a sahodara samagama and family endeavours. I think this may be to support the Indian Politicians.

    • 17

      Jim softy Dimwit

      “This guy is an indian Tamil.”

      So were your ancestors, until your grandfather converted to Sinhala/Buddhism. .

      • 1

        N V
        J S “S ancestors came from Africa. Where else?

  • 6

    It is reported that M.A.Sumanthiran an MP of the Federal Party[TNA] has also been given a Security detail similar to that of a Cabinet Minister.
    Now it is Mano Ganesan.

    Iscola Mahataya turned Governor of the Northern Province has commented,as reported in the Press, that the Tamil Politicians seem to prefer Sinhala Security Personnel as opposed to Tamil!

    Perhaps, the President has quite rightly thought that they need to be protected from assaults by those who voted for them!

    • 2

      Yes! it is more of a Status Symbol than a necessity. Sumanthiran was partly bought over With STF and PC. Never mind let them Enjoy small mercies.

  • 6

    Any govt is responsible for the protection of all its citizens, having said that the govt has a moral responsibility to provide extra security to public officials and the security detail is based on the level of threat.
    MR converted this security detail to a status symbol and provided scores of security , bullet proof cars and doz of vehicles for the scavengers that walked behind him. We saw the result in Raviraj etc.
    Providing security should not be an issue while the Rajapaksa’s are still provided security when there is no imminent threat and they walk around temples ruble rousing.

    • 4


      In 2010 elections every Tom Dick Harry who was willing to or capable of splitting opposition votes was given 24/7 STF protection.

      I would rather provide security to Jim softy to stop him from self-harm.

  • 1

    I think Mano Ganeshan wants to be a part of the govt even though he is right now a National list MP because of indian influence became a minister.

    • 4

      Jim softy Dimwit

      “I think”

      I trust you.
      However you better verify whatever you type.
      Mano Ganesan is the Minister of National Dialogue and was elected from Colombo District at the 2015 parliamentary election.

      Why do you make your life difficult for yourself? Is it because you always want to remain a unsophisticated unwise feudal tribesman?

      • 2

        Dumb Native Veddo: find out whether he is elected in any of the electorates in colombo. He is a Tamil extremist in hiding. In his face book he says, he loves to be Tamil and favorites are RajinaKanth like people. when he help people sinhala Brethern are at the last place of his list. He doe snot recognize that Sinhala is a Sinhala buddhist country. He mostly talk about Indian Tamils, Northern Tamils, Eastern Tamils and new Indian Tamils living in the south.

        • 1

          Jim softy the Dimwit

          “find out whether he is elected in any of the electorates in colombo.”

          Could you get your medical practitioner to find your brain.

          The Gazette of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka
          No. 1928/3 – WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 19, 2015

          (Published by Authority)
          PART I : SECTION (I) — GENERAL
          Government Notifications
          Y%S ,xld m%cd;dka;%sl iudcjd§ ckrcfha .eiÜ m;%h
          This Gazette Extraordinary can be downloaded from http://www.documents.gov.lk 1A
          IT is hereby notified under Section 62 of the Parliamentary Elections Act, No.1 of 1981 that each of the person whose names
          appear in Column II of the Schedule hereto has been elected as a Member of Parliament for the Electoral District specified in
          the corresponding entry in Column I of that Schedule.
          Commissioner of Elections.

          Elections Secretariat,
          19th August, 2015.

          Column I
          Electoral District
          No. 01 – Colombo

          Column II
          Names of Persons Elected as Members of Parliament
          United National Party

          Ranil Wikramasinghe
          Arjuna Sujeewa Senasinghe
          Harsha De Silva
          Raveendra Sandres Karunanayake
          Achchige Patali Champika Ranawake
          Saidulla Musthajab Marikkar
          Mohamed Mujibur Rahuman
          Iran Wickramarathne
          Wijayadasa Rajapakshe
          Hirunika Eranjalee Premachandra
          M. Ganeshan


          Preferential Votes – Polling District – Colombo


          1.Ranil Wickremesinghe 500,566
          2.Sujeewa Senasinghe 117,049
          3.Harsha De Silva 114,147
          4.Ravi Karunanayake – 111,399
          5.Champika Ranawaka – 100,444
          6.S.M. Marikar – 92,526
          7.Mujibur Rahman – 83,884
          8.Eran Wickramaratne – 82,737
          9.Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe – 81,758
          10.Hirunika Premachandra – 70,584
          11.Mano Ganeshan – 69,064

        • 2

          Jim softy the dimwit

          “He is a Tamil extremist in hiding.”

          If he is a Tamil extremist in hiding how did your former National hangman Dr Gota (DSc) miss him during his hunting days?

          “In his face book he says, he loves to be Tamil and favorites are RajinaKanth like people.”

          He is a film buff who likes Rajakanth, so are millions of fans from all over the world including Japan, middle east pakistan, ………….. Does it make Rajanikanth fans in Japan extremists?

          “when he help people sinhala Brethern are at the last place of his list.”

          You should be happy he has given his Sinhala Brethren a place in his list, perhaps he must be keeping a system of “First Come First Served”.

          “He doe snot recognize that Sinhala is a Sinhala buddhist country.”

          There has never been nor is Sinhala buddhist country in this island. Only the crooks, bigots, racists, fascists, common and war criminals think so to hide their sins behind their empty slogans.

          “He mostly talk about Indian Tamils, Northern Tamils, Eastern Tamils and new Indian Tamils living in the south.”

          You should be happy here you have a politician who talks about people.

    • 4

      Jim Softy, please get your facts correct or don’t make false statementes if you don’t know… Mano Ganeshan was elected and did not come in through the National List…

  • 2


    Recently a politician from northern province has revealed that the govt has given a house in Colombo 7 to MA Sumanthiran for a very meagre rent, in spite of him having a house in Colombo 6.

    Security Officers, posh residence, and what else? Only God knows how this govt bribe.

  • 3

    This Mano Ganesan is another “Shrimp” who speaks at TV debates and discussions as if he is “Lily White”; but now we see his “Shit” on the head . When are the Sri Lankan “VOTERS” going to kick them in the ass and send all these vagabonds into oblivion? That “TEST”, we will know after the February 10th Local Government elections. In the meantime let us see the “Street Dramas” performed by this set of clowns.

  • 3

    Sri lankan politicians have Inferiority complex and they may be thinking that they are not worth anything. That is why they want to make them important by surrounding with special guard , Army or STF etc., I have seen Foreign prime ministers mingle with the public freely and they want to know how the public accept them. In Sri lanka all the 45 national list MPs are failed politicians . They either lost the seat or asked by the courts to vacate the seat as they were caught in corruption. Others who fail federal politics go to provincial politics. If that also fails go to municipal mayoralty office and in between they stay in the PM’s office. that is SL politics. when all fail, they go as Ambassadors.

  • 4

    sena and guttika have started horsetrading again.Horse traders become kings in srilanka but because of kuveni’s curse they are not able to enjoy their power with peace of mind.I remember when JRJ got his barber down he used to always ask Julius,sorry Junius while cutting his hair about jaffna.Irritated JRJ asked him why so often he speaks about jaffna.The barber replied”sir,when i mention jaffna your hair stands up nicely and is very easy to cut”.

    • 4

      Not a man to be trusted with STF. Sirisena is getting senile well before his due time. Certainly his head should be examined.

    • 1

      Horse Traders won’t find it difficult to rope in the Donkeys into their stable.

  • 1

    The man has a huge garage full of high powered SUV’ vehicles , all paid for by the struggling masses of this country . Shameless they all are , and parasites .

  • 1

    Yes! it is more of a Status Symbol than a necessity. Sumanthiran was partly bought over With STF and PC. Never mind let them Enjoy small mercies. ( NOT Duplicate)

  • 5

    All of a sudden Roopavahini and eyeTN has started throwing mud at youNP and the two channels are not at all biased. They can be compared to mud slinging channels like Seerasa , Hiroo, Theyrana.

    After all MY3 was elected on youNP votes and mud slinging by the state channel is despicable!

  • 5

    Yes Thengai S very true,

    Now these days all the Channels are attacking UNP and its up and coming young leaders.
    I voted for Yahapalanaya but this time i am going to stay away from voting.

  • 1

    Chamuditha Senanayake

    “I voted for Yahapalanaya but this time i am going to stay away from voting.”

    You are being lazy aren’t you?
    It is your responsibility to vote periodically. On the election day get up early, pick up your bum, get your bum to the polling booth, look at the list of candidates if you are not happy spoil your vote.

    • 5


      All hopes and dreams shattered to pieces by the fake Yahapalnaya MS side and even worse when the state channels are biased.

      All the murderers fraudsters rapists drug addicts are Joining the betel leaf.

  • 5

    Holy cow and what a bloody shame on the part of the SLFPEE Bastards.
    I think after all the writing is on the wall for the Polonnaruwa GS.

  • 1

    Govt says the country is now safe & there are is law & order. This was created by mahinda. Thank hi for the guts shown. He is a chap with balls not like PONIL. If it safe country why securities behind these politicians.?

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