1 March, 2024


Sirisena Govt. Is Not Afraid Of Tackling Tough Issues: US Secretary Of State John Kerry

“One thing about this Sri Lankan Government seems very clear: the president and the prime minister and the foreign minister are not afraid of tackling tough issues.” US Secretary Of State John Kerry said today.

Kerry made above remarks during the Press Conference held at the Foreign Ministry, Colombo.

“They’re willing to make difficult decisions and they are committed to keeping their promises. We’ve seen that with the 100-day Plan. And as the government heads into the parliamentary elections this summer, Sri Lankans will continue to rely on their tremendous leadership and commitment.” he further said.

We publish below the speech in full;

I want to thank the foreign minister for an extraordinarily generous – good? Mangala has given me a really generous and very personal welcome here today, and it is an historic moment, one that I’m very proud and pleased to be able to share with him. And I’m grateful for his friendship and for the invitation, which he offered me when he came to Washington, to come here today in order to renew the relationship between the United States of America and Sri Lanka.

This is a paradise, a very beautiful island nation. It has enormous assets, wonderful, extraordinary people, and great, great promise for the future. And I pledged to him and to his delegation here today that the United States wants to work with Sri Lankans and help in any way we can to shape the future that the people of Sri Lanka want.

Kerry - Sri Lanka 2015The foreign minister and I last met in February in Washington, and today we talked about the enormous progress that Sri Lanka has made in just a few short months – and progress that can be measured: progress on restoring democratic institutions; progress on creating more accountable governance; the passage of the 19th amendment, in which the president kept his promise to reduce the powers of the presidency and move them more to the people through a broader sharing, is an example of that; progress in combatting corruption; and progress on reconciliation that can lead to a much more enduring peace and to shared prosperity for all Sri Lankans.

So I am very mindful that as I stand here in Sri Lanka, more than 10 years after the tsunami on December of 2004, so many people are suffering in Nepal from the devastating earthquake that struck one week ago. And I want to commend the government and the people of Sri Lanka for quickly sending response teams to Kathmandu. The United States is also mobilizing a major response, but it’s indication of the sensitivity of this government and its sense of responsibility and its desire to be a part of the world community that it responded so quickly.

It is tragedies like the Asian tsunami, of the Nepal earthquake – or the Nepal earthquake – that underscore our need to work together to support one another in times of crisis, yes, but also in times of opportunity. And this is a time of opportunity for Sri Lanka. In Sri Lanka today, I think many of us see a moment of extraordinary promise. The foreign minister recently gave a rousing speech to parliament, and I was particular inspired by his statement that the true safeguarding of sovereignty can be achieved only by fulfilling our obligations to our people and by preserving and upholding the multiethnic, multilingual, multireligious nature of our society.

He emphasized as well the importance of working closely together with other countries and with international organizations. Already we have seen those words actually backed up by actions. That’s what makes this government important, and it’s what makes this government different. Sri Lanka is now playing a role on everything from maritime security and trade to cyber issues and climate change. And I am particularly grateful to the foreign minister for hosting an event on cybercrime and for taking steps to become the first country in South Asia to accede to the Budapest convention.

But I know that you also have a tremendous amount of work to do here at home. You are working on creating an enduring peace and you’re working on providing prosperity for all of your people. Many challenges and difficult decisions obviously still lie ahead, and we talked about many of them this morning. But one thing that struck me was the readiness of this government to open its doors and to open its minds to different ideas and to new and more effective and efficient ways of doing things.

One thing about this Sri Lankan Government seems very clear: the president and the prime minister and the foreign minister are not afraid of tackling tough issues. They’re willing to make difficult decisions and they are committed to keeping their promises. We’ve seen that with the 100-day Plan. And as the government heads into the parliamentary elections this summer, Sri Lankans will continue to rely on their tremendous leadership and commitment.

So I am here today because I want to say to the people of Sri Lanka that in this journey to restore your democracy the American people will stand with you. We intend to broaden and to deepen our partnership with you. And to that end, the foreign minister and I agreed to establish an annual partnership dialogue between our two governments. I’ve also asked teams from across our government to mobilize quickly in order to provide technical assistance as the Government of Sri Lanka embraces these important reforms. And we will soon have members of that team from the Treasury Department and from the Commerce Department come here in order to work with the government on the economic measures that could be taken to provide for greater investment and greater growth. And as you know, President Obama recently nominated one of our most talented Foreign Serviceofficers – Atul Keshap – to be our ambassador to Sri Lanka.

So Mangala, thank you again for a very generous welcome. These are very important days here in Sri Lanka. And all of us need to rely on each other and we need to work together cooperatively. That’s exactly how we’re going to forge a stronger friendship, and that’s also how we’re going to forge a stronger partnership and an even better future for both of our countries.

What strikes me about Sri Lanka and the United States – and it got lost in the last years – is that the truth is we want the same thing for our people. We actually share the same values. We have the same aspirations for better jobs, for education, for health, for prosperity, for peace, for stability, for reconciliation. Those are the things that bring us together; that’s what brings me here today. And I’m very proud to be here to help renew the partnership and the friendship between the people of the United States and the people of Sri Lanka. Thank you, my friend.

*John Kerry’s speech today at the Foreign Ministry

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  • 7

    If the Sirisena Govt:is not afraid of Tackling Tough issues why is MaRa and GoRa still a blotch on the Landscape?

    • 2

      SriLankan and the world have yet to see the long-term detrimental effects of the political infiltration-bribery-nepotism of institutios by MaRa and GoRa

      • 3

        The Zionist scum says: “It has enormous assets, wonderful, extraordinary people, and great, great promise for the future.”

        Well! they are planning a mass de-population in the world.

        The scumbags who are controlling things in the US are trying to kill off billions of people for the Better Life for them and their few lots. These evil men and women so much drunk with power and destructive force they’re holding. They want to use those power to hijack the earth for THEM ONLY.

        Israel is the mark of the beast to unleash terror into the world and just shows how to destroy a nation or a group people with barbaric methods as you see in Palestine and its to its people.

        Its they who used JEWISH invented Nuclear bombs on poor peasants in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Napalm on Vietnamese, depleated Uranuim on Iraq and the Muslim countries. Now, they talk about “GREAT PROMISE FOR THE FUTURE????”

        PEOPLE DO NOT TRUST THESE CRIMINALS. Just watch the videos to know what they have done in the past and present. Also, you can know their future plans to destroy all of us and keep only the Lucifer worshipping evil scumbags living a good life on this planet earth.

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        • 3

          Zionism is a ROTHSCHILDS and BUILDERBERG project. It is not only deadly to the Palestinians. They are fighting at the buffer zone and once the Zionists become successful in exterminating all the Palestinians (Unfotunately) the Zionist scumbags will turn towards all of the world with their evil to destroy everyone who is GOYIM (meaning non-Jew) excepting the pro-Zionist goyims who support them.

          Just look at what they are (US/UK & the WEST) doing to the new born babies in the form VACCINES. They made the VACCINATION as a law and the scumbags who are manufacturing these VACCINES are the big Pharmaceutical corporations run and owned by the Jewish Bankers and their Zionist cabals.

          Vaccines are pure poisons made dumbing down the society. When its given to babies all sorts of side efects creeps up in their early lives as well as in their later lives. Autism is one of them.

          I don’t want to write more about it as the following video which is a great research by the specialists on the subject. Please watch carefully:

          Vacciness -The truth behind vaccinations-

          The Illustrated Protocols of Zion by David Duke

  • 6

    You are right Johnny..

    Sira rolled Ranil even as late as last t week.

    But it was no tough issue as Ranil is not an elected PM.

    If he was elected, your wishes, although tough on our great inhabitants, would have been no issues for Ranil.

    He would have done anything and everything for the Masters… Right.

    Ranil would have invited your UN mates to take Rajapaksa to the Hague for liberating the country from Terrorists, whom you identified as Tamils.

    Ranil would have invited the Army to do a Sissi, if the inhabitants , the 5.8 Million of them made a fuss about it.

    Ranil would have handed over all the Chinese projects to your mates ( But the only hitch is you guys don’t have much cash nowadays to give Economic Development)

    And the Vellalas would have had their Homeland plus Hakeem, & Bathudeen at least part of the East.

    But whether you agree for to the latter is a tough one.

    Now that Bodhi Sira is calling the shots , they are going to be tough issues for you guys to tackle. for sure , I guess.

  • 7

    It seems pretty obvious from these words, and from other remarks made recently by Secretary Kerry and other US spokespeople that the USA government has decided to reset it relations with Sri Lanka. There are strong indications here and elsewhere that the Americans are going to drop their call for an international outside investigation into the final stages of the war against the Tamil Tigers on condition that Sri Lanka pursues its own inquiries in co-operation with UN bodies and officials, which the Sri Lankan government have said they will, in fact, do.

    One result of this will be that David Cameron (Conservative) and Ed Miliband (Labour), the 2 main contenders for the post of prime minister in the upcoming UK general election, look like getting nowhere with their repeated promises to the human rights lobby and to Tamil migrants in the UK that they will continue to demand a separate UN investigation into the last stages of the war, if elected to power.

    Still, Cameron and Miliband are politicians, and modern British ones at that, so making promises they cannot fulfill comes easily to them.

    • 0

      Colony Kerry is there till the 20th January 2016. It’s not just after world war and school drop out with Atlantic poacher.

      Both India and England which governed until 48 are right wing kicking Lankan backside.

      Kerry has Truman’s headache to carry on his head- Russia.

      From his last visit Cameron will be like Roosevelt hopefully.

  • 1

    It appears Ambassador Blake took about 8 to say sorry at congress. Secretary doesn’t need even two years.

    “So Mangala, thank you again for a very generous welcome.” Mangala shook LTTE official to remit the money with the same had he shook with Secretary Kerry. Certainly there is lot of change in the position of anti-American SLFP Mangala to do the great welcome to an American diplomat. But Mangala is the same old Sinhala Intellectual. The Parliament and is the same same one which constituted the 18A now has constituted the 19A. The New King who has killed the surrenderd with the white flag is the one acting like ready to do tough action. The Lankave is the same old Lankave. Secretary Kerry will soon to the same old apology to Congress the same way Ambassador Blake did.

    Mistakenly Secretary Kerry compared the progress America achieved in Myanmar with the mirage they saw in Lankave. Lanka installed the dictatorship through democratic process, to hetch against Tamils’ survival in the Island. Sinhala Mahajan selected only the old King in the last election too. Tamils selected the New King. So the loophole in the election process will be fixed in the election to come. There after TNA who did this mess will become toothless snake. It has been caught and fangs will be removed in the next election. After that Sampanthar will have only one way left. That’s GG’s path. That is, Unconditional acceptance of the Sinhala authority to rule Tamils, in exchange for a cup of coffee.

    Myanmar did not elected the dictatorship through democratic process. Army captured the power. Bring back the election process is real change there.

    • 0

      Autonomous Lunatic Mallaiyuran is going crazy!

  • 1

    Kerry comes goes, no climax!

  • 4

    And…the Zionist (KERRY) goes onto say “We actually share the same values. We have the same aspirations for better jobs, for education, for health, for prosperity, for peace, for stability, for reconciliation.”

    What a bloody lie……

    Prosperity and Peace? you must be joking Kerry.

    Oh…! Now I know what he meant by Prosperity…. Its the profit that his MASTER ROTHSCHILDS making with ENORMOUS WARS waged in every other country and destroying their livelihood. Bombing inncoent families along with their kids, children and giving full rights to the ROTHSCHILD’s property of ISRAEL robbed from its original inhabitants and pulling them out of their houses and destroying them with all their might.

    Then the Zionist monster goes on uttering something he understands differently…PEACE & STABILITY.
    Yeah, its the same peace they gave all the Middle East countries from WW1 by destroying the Khalifate and dividing the Islamic lands into small nations and placing FREEMASONIC or JEWISH BLOODLINED “Name sake Muslims” as the rulers like the SAUD family, KAMAL ATATURK (Crypto Jews) to help the BRitish to steal the land of Palestine to unleash their orgy of mass murder to clear the way for their god “Anti-Christ” for his arrival.

    They want the entire ME cleared for the ROTHSCHILD plan of making the EVIL ISRAEL a GREATER ISRAEL for the Anti-Christ/Dajjal to arrive and establish his kingdom.

    According to the Blavatsky writings and her THEOSOPHICAL agenda, the arrival of the anti-Christ or Messiah is known as according to them is SANAT KUMARA (SATAN KUMARA). SO, he is embracing Buddhism is not a surprise. Already their main arm the UN principles are based on their religion “NEW AGE” and their god LUCIFER. They need make blood sacrifices in the form of MASS MURDER of other people. SO, WARS are the only way to achieve that goal to satisfy LUCIFER.

    The present day Buddhism is not the Philosophy that the Lord Buddha taught the humanity with love, peace. It is dead and now what everyone have is the Jewish touched converted form of Kabbala and Talmud of worshipping the idols. That’s why the Zionists favour Buddhism as it’s been converted into accepting their evil ideas in Racism, killings and all forms of attachment to the world. Its pure Luciferianism.

    The World is going through a dangerous phase as the Ultimate Satan (US) is planning for mass de-population with nuclear wars. The Satan needs a base in South Asia and Sri Lanka is the ideal place for them to extend their hegemony covering the Asian region to check the power of SATAN’s enemy nations.

    These scumbags have a branch in Slave Island area behind the TAJ Hotel…The Freemsonic Temple-The Secret Society. I am dead sure that the members of this evil group will meet Kerry to keep him updated on their secret evil plans.


    These videos will clear all your doubts about these criminal’s One World Government or New World Order plans. PLEASE WATCH:

    Teaching began with Satan in the Garden of Eden

    AGE OF DECEIT (FULL) Aliens, Fallen Angels and the New World Order


  • 4

    “One thing about this Sri Lankan Government seems very clear: the president and the prime minister and the foreign minister are not afraid of tackling tough issues.” US Secretary Of State John Kerry said today”

    You are another dumb and dumber in US politics as you do not know what you are talking about Sri Lanka and nobody cares.

  • 4

    A very proud moment for Sri Lankans

    A fine introductory speech by Mangala Samaraweera and a very proud moment for Sri Lanka to be honoured by Mr. John Kerry. His extremely rewarding speech on his arrival yesterday was made possible by the hard work of our President Mitriplala Siresena and Ranil Wickamasighe. As a retired Englishman with the good fortune to be residing in Sri Lanka, I am so very happy for the future of this country and its people. As the saying goes, ‘Miracles we achieve at once, it’s the impossible that takes a little longer’ and that is exactly what has happened in Sri Lanka!

    • 6

      Mate, Are you serious !!!

  • 3

    Kerry was wrong. The president is shy of tackling tough issues. There are several issues like punishing corrupt people needs tough handling.
    People voted for Mr. Sirisena to eradicate nepotism,thuggery,corruption
    and political intimidation and he should act fast within his 1st term
    to ensure that these freedoms are protected by enacting laws,so that such freedoms cannot be changed or diluted by future administrators, as 19A is not enough to cover all people’s freedoms.Today, people are enjoying freedom and fruits of democracy under two decent souls M/S Sirisena & Ranil but there is a possibility one day, that Mr.Dinesh Goonawardena could become the President and Mr.Wimal Weerawanse could be the PM as Sri Lankans are gullible and we may return to square one. President,who like ‘God Send’,got elected and saved the country from dictatorship which could have gone down the dynasty as planned for number of years. There is a saying that ‘What man proposes, God disposes’ President threatens to leave politics after 1st term(There will be demand by the people to stay for another period) and he should ensure that people enjoy the freedoms through out their life time and they should not be left in the lurch, after all, there will not be a chance, again to have a man with Ghandian principles, practising live and let live policy. I hope Mr. Kerry gets to read this comment !!

  • 0

    It’s pertinent to remember the saying …. timeo danaos et dona ferentes

  • 2

    What tough issues does sirisena faced so far and solved them ?? President Mahinda eliminated 30 year terror out of this country and that’s facing tough issues and eliminating the issues for ever!!!
    How has Sirisena faced the tough issue as the bond deal by Mahendran??? Just ignore the issue??? Is that the way to handle a major issue that is hemaraging our economy?????
    How has he faced the issue on port city project???the major foreign investors are pulling back their investment and what is Sirisena doing??? Get a grip man and do something or get out and give Mahinda to govern!

  • 0

    Well of course Mr. Kerry!. Now that the US has SL in its pocket, everything is alright… LMAO

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