22 January, 2022


Sirisena Wants Judiciary To Decide On Central Bank Bond Scam

President Maithripala Sirisena today declared that the Treasury Bond scam at Central Bank must be an issue left for the judiciary to decide upon, sans interference from politicians.

Speaking at an event in Maharagama, Sirisena said that an impartial ruling without political interference will only be reached by the judiciary, hence the bond scam which cost the country Rs. 1.6 billion must be referred to the Courts.



“Politicians must not interfere in this Treasury Bond Scam anymore. It is the Court that should decide on this,” he said.

The statement comes just days after Sirisena’s very own members in the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) called for the appointment of a Presidential Commission to investigate the bond issue, in which ex-Governor Arjuna Mahendran has been implicated by the COPE, while Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has also been accused of covering up the incident by opposition parties.

Meanwhile, a six member Committee has been appointed by the SLFP to study the COPE report on the bond issue and submit their report to Sirisena. The six member comprises of Ministers Dr. Sarath Amunugama, Anura Priyadarshana Yapa, W.D.J. Seneviratne, State Ministers Dilan Perera and Lakshman Yapa Abeywardena and Deputy Minister Lasantha Alagiyawanna.

Meanwhile, the Joint Opposition has already lodged a complaint against Wickremesinghe and Mahendran, requesting the Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery or Corruption (CIABOC) to investigate both, over their role in the Treasury Bond transaction.

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    ////“Politicians must not interfere in this Treasury Bond Scam anymore. It is the Court that should decide on this,” he said.///

    Not only in the treasury bond but also in the robbery and the murders of Mahinda Family. Politicians including President Maithiripala Sirisena.

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      One should not underestimate, JVP and JO make every efforts to make use of the oppotunity to abuse it.

      Anyone with some healthy Knowledge would see it, foot notes added to the Report in the elevanth hour by UNP mps further explained its complexity not just focusing on one or few but more of them should be made accoutnable.
      There, the damage and losses made by Iquabal the CBG to MR Regime cant any means be excluded by the bond scam dealings. This means not dilute the damage probably may have done by AM and his Company but to Focus on the entire bunch of thieves.

      And in the same time, JVP s immaturity to allow NFF or the like men or anyone who seek every Chance to Sabotage current govt s rule, is no means acceptable.

    • 7

      I have no doubt those who have Brains will agree with that of president. Those who make every effort to abuse the Situation for their political reutnrs must not be the case. Now JO to drum louder than had been before is no means acceptable.
      These men wait until current rulers can be attacked for anything.

      Sure, had the complexity of the Bond issue been well Aware to the leaders, no leader in current adminstration would let it go. RW further believe, that it was no harm letting it go that way.

      I happened to watch yestreday s Satana on Sirasa and that caused me to Change my former attitude built over the few weeks on the bond scam.
      Ajith Perera made it very clear the manner JVPrs abused the Situation in favour of their political gains.
      That then JO abused to paint the Picture absive as they can ….. since those men had been waiting to attack current govt by every means.

      One Things is clear to me, People of all walks would want BOND SCAM to be investgated.
      Very same Folks also want Rajaakshes high Profile Money grabs to be investigated and punished them accordingly.

      Crimes of all Kind regardless of the statuses of the People that carried out them should be investigated. Basta

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      Well said Ajith. There should be one rule for everybody.

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      RE: Sirisena Wants Judiciary To Decide On Central Bank Bond Scam

      Gon Sirisena Gamarala is a turncoat, traitor and Scum.

      Through the Bulath Vine, Vettila Vine, Grape Vine…

      Maithri has had secret discussions after switching off the lights with Gota, Namal and Basil !

      -Our common candidate has been robbed – Prof. Wijesuriya Video..

      Vine News -03.Nov.2016,) After Maithripala Sirisena was made the common candidate and elected the president , is he and his conscience been robbed by others ? After Maithripala became the president , not only Gotabaya , even Namal and Basil had visited the residence of his secretly to have discussions in the dark after switching off the lights, and these were exposed by none other than National list M.P. Malith Jayathileke , and not by himself , said Professor Sarath Wijesuriya.

      Professor Wijesuriya revealed this when addressing the public rally organized by the Citizen’s Force yesterday (02) at the Public library auditorium , Colombo , while furnishing answers to the insults hurled against the civil society in the wake of the recent odious ‘cyanide’ speech of the president.

      These individuals without any qualms by pursuing the selfish self serving personal agendas of each have criminally and unconscionably plunged the country and its future into despair , the professor lamented . Not only the president even the prime minister was not spared by the professor in his scathing criticisms.

      The full text of Prof. Wijesuriya’s speech can be heard by clicking below


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    President Maithripala Sirisena

    RE: Sirisena Wants Judiciary To Decide On Central Bank Bond Scam

    Yes. It should be the Judiciary and Independent commissions should decide not the politicians and those politicians who were bribed.

    Now, Mr. President Sirisena, why the DOUBLE STANDARDS?

    1. You along with the Defense minister interfered with the due process of law with respect to the work of the independent commissions and the judiciary. Why ? Why did want to protect the crooks and killers?

    Did you get a big payout from the crooks and killers from theit stolen loot?

    2. Why did you let off your son, Daham Sirisena, after the criminal activities at the Night Club?

    3. You have taken an oath of the People to protect the constitution and its laws. Why are you becoming a Traitor? Are you being bribed?

    4. Since you have become a Traitor, you should be impeached, and given the standard Traitor’s punishment.

    Why are you playing plain dumb? Do you think that the people are stupid?

    Anura Kumara Dissanayake Reveals Details Of Properties Worth Millions Owned By Rajapaksas: Full Speech.



    • 3

      Who believes the Sri Lankan Judiciary, the Ali Horas?

  • 5

    Well I never! The judiciary is now back in fashion. Better late than never, I suppose. It would be nice if we could stretch to allowing our judiciary the luxury of being independent, and not influenced by ‘helpful’ pronouncements from the political class.

    To put it all in perspective, the 1.6 billion at stake is about what the Great Liberator and his acolytes would have salted away in a bad month during their tenure. So as punishments go, it would a ‘severe’ grilling at inconvenient times, interspersed by several breaks in the (now refurbished) Merchants ward.

    Our sweet island is truly the Miracle of the continent it sits in.

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    President Maithripala Sirisena

    RE: Sirisena Wants Judiciary To Decide On Central Bank Bond Scam

    So, whom are you trying to fool this time?

    So you are trying to hider under the bond scam , and protect the other crooks and cronies? How much did you get paid from the crooks, and killers of the Rajapaksas?

    Through the Bulath Vines, Vettila Vines and Grape Vines…..

    President holds 2 hour discussion at the last minute with civil organization leaders just before their public rally !

    (Vine News -02.Oct.2016) A meeting between president Maithripala Sirisena and the leaders of Civil organizations took place on the 1 st of November (night ).

    It is specially noteworthy , this discussion was held by the president just a day ahead ( 1 st November night) of the public meeting of the civil organizations that was scheduled for 2 nd November in order to furnish answers to the insults that are being hurled against the Civil Organizations.

    It is deducible that the president held this discussion (1 st night) at the last minute – just a day ahead of the public meeting convened by the civil organizations on the 2nd, in order to ward off the verbal onslaught that could be launched on him by the critics , because the president after his odious ‘cyanide’ speech has been continuously postponing the discussion requested by the civil organizations with him , and dilly dallying unendingly . It is only after the public rally of the civil organizations was decided to be held on the 2 nd to give ‘answers to the insults’, the president summoned them for a discussion on the 1 st (night).

    The president following his odious ‘cyanide’ speech , in his interviews with two newspapers said, ‘ the leaders of civil organizations were provided the opportunity to meet and discuss with him before holding media conferences ,yet that did not take place.’ That was an absolute falsehood . Requests were made to the president to hold discussions, yet he finally summoned the civil organizations only on the 1 st night just hours before the scheduled public rally of the civil organizations on the 2 nd.

    In any event ,the Civil organization leaders including Prof. Sarath Wijesuriya , trade union leader Saman Rathnapriya, Senior lawyer C.J. Weliamuna, Sahithyadara ( Literary Scholar) Gamini Viyangoda and Ravaya editor K.W. Janaranjana participated in the discussions with the president.

    The discussion lasted two hours , and many of the misgivings and misunderstandings that existed between the two sides were to a great extent ironed out.

    The grouse and grievance of the leaders of the civil organizations was : owing to the cyanide speech of the president , the civil Organizations that worked with commitment to steer him to power , the independent Commissions , the independent investigators and the UNP party that was solely responsible to put him on the pedestal of power had been hurt and harmed. They also pointed out after the cyanide speech, the granting of bail without any hindrance to criminals too had reached alarming proportions.

    It was implied the president did accept that harm had been done because he did not offer any answer to contradict them.

    The president then said, when the most vital new constitution is being formulated and the political reforms are being introduced in the future , the trust and confidence of the SLFP shall be won , and therefore he has to be sensitive to those.

    Another matter that earned the displeasure of the president was , the investigations into corruption being conducted on a biased manner.

    In support of his contention , he cited with regret the corruption cases of Gamini Senarath and Premasiri the two notorious rogues of the Blue brigand of the Rajapakse era ,which are proceeding at snail’s pace .

    May be the incumbent president had forgotten that Gamini Senarath is a bosom pal of the present secretary to president Maithripala Sirisena himself ,and both of them are notorious crooks of the Rajapakse Blue brigand .Nevertheless the question raised by the president is seemingly justifiable, because both these notorious Blue Brigand crooks Gamini Senarath and Premasiri are even now as free as free birds ,thanks to the weakness of the good governance government ,despite the treacheries and robberies they committed .Hence both sides had discussions in this regard and arrived at a consensus.

    The leaders of the civil organizations pinpointed , the two parties ,that is the UNP and the SLFP under Maithripala Sirisena shall forge ahead as a consensual government by resolving the differences and issues immediately , and bring about the economic and political reforms which are vital for the country . That is most imperative and is the task before them right now, it was concluded.

    The president too fully acquiesced to it . Finally the discussion ended in a most cordial note with everyone expressing their satisfaction.

    However, the question remains about the sincerity of President Sirisena and as to whether how much he was paid by the Rajapaksa and his cronies using the stolen funds from the people.

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    President Maithripala Sirisena

    RE: Sirisena Wants Judiciary To Decide On Central Bank Bond Scam

    President Maithripala Sirisena, are you a Traitor? Why?

    President Maithripala Sirisena, are you a Scam? Whom are you trying to fool? Why?

    Given below are some news from the Bulath Vines, Vellila Vines and the Grape Vines….

    Bail granted to suspects not only in Ekneliyagoda’s but even Lasantha’s murder confirming ‘Sirisenalization’ of judiciary
    -Wijedasa and Shiral mounted illegal pressures on judge Amal !

    (Vine News -30.Oct.2016,) Sergeant major Premananda Udalagama, a prime suspect in the ghastly cold blooded murder of editor Lasantha Wickremetunge , and a leader of the murder squad of Gota was yesterday released on bail. This was the latest in the series of callous release of suspects who were involved in the brutal ruthless murders of journalists during the nefarious decade , coming closely on the heels of the recent odious and outrageous ‘cyanide ‘ speech of the president , and clearly evident illicit ‘Sirisenalization’ of the sacrosanct independent judiciary.

    When this case was called up yesterday before the Mt. Lavinia Magistrate court , magistrate Mohomed Shabdeen decided to enlarge the suspect on a cash bail of Rs. 50,000.00 and three surety bails in sums of Rs. 500,000.00 each during the non summary trial that is being heard under the criminal procedure code , despite the fact , never before suspects were so released on bail.

    It was the opinion of the legal luminaries that this is obviously and clearly the outcome of secret and stealthy ‘Sirisenalization’ of the judiciary.

    Even after Rivira Editor Upali Tennekoon identified Udalagama as the suspect who attacked and attempted to kill him , the Gampaha magistrate Kaveendra Nanayakkara earlier on enlarged Udalagama on bail. Besides , the case is now being heard most eccentrically . Kaveendra instead of deciding duly on the assault launched on Tennekoon is now focusing on how Lanka e news is receiving information ?

    The photo of Udalagama posted by Lanka e News was referred to in court with a view to resort to this diabolic diversion from the actual subject matter of the case .Today (28) ,when this case was being heard , the CID was ordered to furnish a report on Lanka e News today. Might we state , Lanka e news has already complained to the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) and the Attorney General in relation to the topsy turvy manner in which this judge hears cases.

    Udalagama the suspect in Lasantha’s murder and attempted murder of Upali , was in remand custody for a relatively short period of 3 months. By granting bail to such a dangerous suspect who led a murder squad , and allowing him room to mingle in society freely is most portentous , and is to endanger the entire society . There are 17 witnesses for Lasantha’s murder case , and they could all be in peril since this notorious Udalagama the criminal can be a serious source of threat and intimidation to them, without any trace of doubt.

    It were Wijedasa and Shiral who exerted pressure on judges to release murderers on bail !

    Meanwhile it is none other than the minister of justice Wijedasa Rajapakse and President’s two penny half penny co ordinating secretary Shiral Lakthileke , the brief-less black coated shark and NGO culprit who have mounted intense pressure via phone calls on Avisawella high court judge Amal Thilakarathne on the 24 th to release the prime suspects , army Lieutenant Colonel Shammi Arjuna and sergeant major Rajapakse Mudiyansalage Priyantha Kumara Rajapakse in the Ekneliyagoda abduction and murder case . Amal Thilakarathne himself has made a confession in this regard.

    Amal Thilakarathne who is addicted to liquor had divulged the whole truth when under the influence of liquor to a friend . Shiral being a ‘bottle friend’ of Amal had assured that he would shield and safeguard him , Amal had further revealed .(The voice tape in this regard is with Lanka e news)

    At the same time , based on reports ,the investigators conducting investigations into the murders of Lasantha and Ekneliyagoda have also been threatened and pressurized. Details pertaining to these criminalities we shall reveal shortly .

    There was a rising tide of public opinion locally and internationally when the Rajapakses were leaving no stone unturned to safeguard the criminals involved in the murders of journalists , Lasantha and Ekneliyagoda during the period of the oppressive and despotic Rajapakse regime. It was at that time Maithripala Sirisena as the common opposition candidate came to power after making most solemn pledges to the people , and swearing publicly he would conduct impartial and independent investigations into these crimes , and duly mete out punishment to the culprits.

    Miathripala at no stage or time prior to 8 th January 2015 say , he would show sympathy if the suspects or criminals are from the forces. Neither did he announce what action he would take against his minister of justice and his coordinating secretary if they mount illegal pressures and threats on the judges to grant bail to criminals .

    In other words , the nation even in its wildest dreams never believed based on Maithripala’s loud assurances and solemn promises that his justice minister and his coordinating secretary would be this villainous or traitorous towards the masses who risked their lives and worked with commitment day and night to propel the president to power . This buffoonery and tomfoolery are therefore least expected from a president by the people on whose backs he rode gleefully to the winning post when he was being threatened with death by Gotabaya and Rajapakses at every turn.

    Connected Vine report :

    Granting bail to murderers ignoring AG’s advice by court is serious ‘Sirisenalization’ of judiciary.!Shocked legal luminaries bemoan.

  • 13

    How about other MARA/GORA/BASIL/NAMAL/YOSHIT murder and plunder cases.

    That you may decide, Justice Sira.

    Those are politically motivated cases, isnt’t it ?

    How about your son’s case, never even heard, may be you can hear it in Polonnaruwa Maha Saba.

    I told once earlier, go in front of the mirror and say, that I am the President of the Democratic Republic of Sri Lanka and not a gamarala from Polonnaruwa, so that you will know the seriousness of your silly utterances.

    Your cyanide public speech you made to protect the MARA FAMILY MURDERERS and PLUNDERERS, can never be erased.

    You owe a public apology for that blunder, do not utter more of those nonsense

  • 3

    One should not take seriously what he talks. The presi himself has proved what he is capable of. One thing to the North and the very opposite of that to the south. Same goes, when it comes to the international affairs. To his masters in the likes of US, UK, EU, India he says one thing. When he returns home, says the opposite of that. What else can we expect from a spineless leader who’s controlling switch is their in overseas?

    • 5

      why ?

      Should we all take seious JO you the donkey further back ?

      Mr Sirisena has promised that he would allow Parliament to be power Body, he did it as promised. Alone the COPE turned out to be a pronoucing Body today than had been in the days of your Athigaru.

      Please talk to your hearts but not to the hearts of the those studid men but with all malicious and divious charactor waiting to drag the power and continue looting process from the stop.

      You maximoron is a curse to this Nation. yOU and the like will see it in the futre.

  • 9

    How convenient ? UNP related matters referred to the judiciary immediately and anything to do with his son, the last regime and the Rajapakse’s, he decides !!!

    I have zero respect for this unprincipled, ungrateful and shameless man !

  • 1

    Amarasiri, do you still think he is a Gon Gamarala? watch and learn how a master craftsman works.

    • 5


      “Amarasiri, do you still think he is a Gon Gamarala? watch and learn how a master craftsman works.”

      Gon Gamarala thinks that he can fool all the people all the time. Even though there are enough people available to be fooled, still there are substantial number of people who cannot be fooled.

      Yes, he is god craftsman for the fools, but he is traitor for the others.

      People know whether he is good craftsman, traitor or a bribe taker.

      He wants to make hay while the sun shines, a hallmark of crooks.

      • 0

        Para Amarasiri, we know your tactics. You insult people calling them fools, gonas, whores and so on, behind the protection afforded by CT saree. You expect them to get angry and do the same to you. After the initial barrage of stink bombs, which would normally be returned by the other party in anger, you use your IQ bombs, para artillery, native veddah aththo mortars, genetic marking MBRL’s and all sorts of other nasty weapons. The problem is that these are all expired ammunition and they have started exploding in your hand. Why not start using some smart weaponry? Even then I feel it will be useful. Like in the case of smart phones, where the device is smart but the user is stupid, we are going to get only stupid results.

        I have a suggestion. Why don’t you stop copying and pasting the same thing over and over. Use some new ideas and new insults. That should make the battle more interesting. But if you want to use them may I suggest that you say something like this: * IQ*, * native veddah aeththo*, * genetic markings * and so on. The wild cards can be anything that the reader prefers.

        I am sure, being a highly respectable forum, that CT will pay people like you by the number of words you write or the number of times you bark. If it was any other forum I would have suspected that. But not in the case of CT. If these never-ending phrases are built in to your smart phone, try changing the phone, preferably to one as stupid as you.

        You say: “blah- blah -blah …. MR would be this villainous or traitorous towards the masses who risked their lives and worked with commitment day and night to propel the president to power blah … blah… blah” .

        Here you praise the masses for their courage and you are sorry that MS betrayed them. Elsewhere you say the masses are gonas, whores, fools etc for believing what MS says. So what is the truth as you see it? Are the masses fools or heroes? No don’t answer that. I know the answer.

        • 3


          “I have a suggestion. Why don’t you stop copying and pasting the same thing over and over. Use some new ideas and new insults. “

          Some of these fools do not get it, including the “President” Gon Gamarala, and many others.

          Many still think that the Sun goes around the Earth, because the Sun rises from the East. Some think that the Earth is flat, and Earth is held by a Giant turtle, or Elephant, or Bull, and it s turtles all the way.

          Hello Copernicus, Galileo, Kepler, Newton and Foucault, still many fools left.

          1 In 4 Americans Thinks The Sun Goes Around The Earth, Survey Says

          1 In 3 Europeans Thinks The Sun Goes Around The Earth, Survey Says

          1 In 2 Paras(-deshis) Thinks The Sun Goes Around The Earth,


          • 0

            Well Amarasiri, despite all your pretenses to be a high IQ intellectual, you are do not know much. For instance don’t you know that a whole new physics can be built on the assumption that the sun is going around the earth?

            But it is too complex for you. The convention that the Earth is going around the Sun is simpler and more digestible to people of low intellect like you.

            • 2

              EDWIN RODRIGO

              It is all right to be a Para(deshis), but there is no need for the Paras to show their stupidity and low IQ consistently.

              Now it is clear why the average IQ of Lanka, the Land of Native Veddah Aethho, Occupied by the Paras ( Paradeshis) cannot comprehend.

              Given below is the reference to the relative ranking of the Paras.

              Explains why Singapore is where they are today, and Lanka occupied by the paras, is where it is today.

              National IQ Scores – Country Rankings

              The intelligence scores came from work carried out earlier this decade by Richard Lynn, a British psychologist, and Tatu Vanhanen, a Finnish political scientist, who analysed IQ studies from 113 countries, and from subsequent work by Jelte Wicherts, a Dutch psychologist.

              Countries are ranked highest to lowest national IQ score.

              ——– Country
              ———————– %
              1 Singapore 108

              28 Sri Lanka ( Paras) 79

              Through a comparison with the mtDNA HVS-1 and part of HVS-2 of Indian database, both Tamils and Sinhalese clusters were affiliated with Indian subcontinent populations than Vedda people who are believed to be the native population of the island of Sri Lanka.


              • 0

                Folks, here we go again on the matter of IQ of Sri Lankans.

                Amarasiri, Amarasiri, Amarasiri, you Copy and paste idiot.Can’t you see that these are bogus figures. Figures can be manipulated as can be IQ tests. Hold an IQ test at a Colombo school and at a remote village in Anuradhapura for children who have never faced one before and what will you get? Surely, it is not the level playing field that it should be.

                The first historically recorded IQ test in the world, based on Boolean Algebra, was held thousands of years ago at Mihintale. The test was held by Arahat Mahinda and the one facing the test was King Devanampiyatissa. The purpose of the test was to see whether the King had an IQ high enough to grasp the complex Teachings of Buddha and the King passed with flying colors.

                If the Sinhala people are such fools, how did they manage to form their own sovereign nation, have their own language, culture etc and have the ingenuity to record their history in Mahavamsa, the only such chronicle in the world? How did they manage to construct huge monuments, develop the most advanced hydro technology at that time, produce stainless steel that was exported to countries as far as Iraq? Most of all how did they master a highly complex religion such as Buddhism?

                You admit that the IQ scores you refer to are based on the Para people. These must be the kalaveddahs, gam veddhas, gal veddahs and para kallathonis like you who have swum across the Palk strait.

                I challenge you to say with firmness that the notion that the solar system is sun centric and that there is no other way it can be thought about such as earth centric, moon centric or Edwin centric for that matter. Say that without ambiguity and we will see what happens.

                • 1

                  EDWIN RODRIGO

                  The genetic “disease” many Para(desis) in the Land of Native Veddah Aethho suffer is the lack of ability to reason, comprehend data and observations. The general cause is the lower IQ relative to the other homo sapiens, and their false unsupported beliefs. In this respect, they, the Sinhala “Buddhists” do share common ground with Wahhabies, Salafies and their clones.

  • 5

    Very well.
    Without three different bodies investigating the Bond scam, why not have one official body investigating the central bank and all there dealings in the last ten years. That will help the Governement to clean up the CB and establish rules and regulations to sanitise and make it transparent, all their dealings hereafter.

  • 10

    Enough of this drama of trying to make an innocent man look guilty… Shall we start investigating the real CB bond scam that took place under Ajith Nivard Cabraal please!?

  • 8

    Maithripala says, “Sirisena said that an impartial ruling without political interference will only be reached by the judiciary,”!!!

    Why doesn’t this man realize that he is among those “politicians” interfering with the judiciary, so that what he is saying is hypocritical and makes him look stupid?

    Oh well ….!!!

  • 6

    Politicians stay out.

  • 7

    “Meanwhile, a six member Committee has been appointed by the SLFP to study the COPE report on the bond issue and submit their report to Sirisena.”


    Just look at the composition. What a bunch of corrupt, incompetent rats!

    What has exactly gone wrong with our beloved President lately?

    Far worse than the committee of highly biased Sirikotha lawyers appointed by RW at the outbreak of CB scandal.

    • 3

      “Far worse than the committee of highly biased Sirikotha lawyers appointed by RW at the outbreak of CB scandal. “

      Can you give me why they are worse than the 3 appointed by Ranil?
      Some metric to measure “WORSENESS”?

    • 0

      President,the spineless creature, has no guts to take action ASAP. So his henchmen have come forward to save him.

    • 0

      Ben Hurling

      “Just look at the composition. What a bunch of corrupt, incompetent rats!”

      “What has exactly gone wrong with our beloved President lately?”

      Your beloved “President” has become a Turncoat, Traitor, Gona, Gon Siriena Gamarala.

      He is even dishonoring the Title Gamarala.

      He has taken bribes from the Rajapaksa from the stolen bullins, and interfering with the independent judiciary.

      So, he has transformed himself into Turncoat, Traitor, Gon Sirisena

  • 1

    The President is becoming an astute politician. Now who appoints the Governor of the Central Bank as per the law? The President. He also must take some blame for cowing down to Ranil in initially appointing Arjuna. He should have asked what experience has he got say as compared to Indrajit. Our information is that Arjuna is not even a citizen of this country. Can the President escape the fact that he appointed a non-citizen if Arjuna is not a citizen? Oh NO!.

    When Ranil, in order to give a white wash appointed a committee of three “wise” lawyers who are his people and the President accepted that as a valid response to his query there is a moral liability on the part of the President. He should have appointed say a Commission like the PRECIFAC at once. Even now it is not too late to appoint a Commission of inquiry like the PRECIFAC or extend the mandate of the PRECIFAC to cover this. All the activities of the Central Bank must be looked into.

    A lot of articles have appeared in the CT itself in the governing of the Central Bank and monetary policies. I am no financial whiz-kid to understand all those articles but I know that there are somethings that ought to be corrected. Squeezing the juice out of Mahendran and others is one thing but the most important thing is to have a properly working Central Bank.

  • 2

    Good idea. But how honest is the President. Today although the President is the leader of SLFP, the party is divided into 5 groups. 1) The group that supports the President Sirisena; 2) The group that supports MP Mahinda Rajapakse; 3)The group that supports UNP; 4) The group that supports Chandrika; 5) Lastly the group that is fed up with SLFP and left politics for good. President Sirisena although was not elected by SLFP is today wearing the SLFP cloak, a group that opposed him and he has very little control over it.

    If the Judiciary takes over the case, first thing they have to do is to slap a news blackout and no one should be able to talk about the Bond issue outside the courts. This is usually done in developed countries so that there is no influence by outsiders to the Judiciary. If no ban is placed then one group will use the public forum to attack the other and the other will defend it and the judiciary will get influenced by whats out there.

  • 2

    is our judiciary independent Hitan..? Bloody Jokers

  • 2

    Business at the Central bank is not just buying and selling and there
    are regulations to be followed when handling treasury bonds. This system is not understood by a ordinary politician or a layman and the
    President rightly said that judiciary should handle this case because
    the judges will know as to who is right and who is wrong and rest of the people who are involved in this case. What the Jnt.opposition wants
    is to do is to pin down Mr.Mahendran, because he was appointed by the PM of UNP. and the only way to do this is to keep the case away from the judiciary and take the law into his own hands.

    Rs. 1.6 billion lost,is a fraction of the losses we have incurred from money plundered by the politicians from the treasury during the last regime and the amount lost on ‘white elephants’ like the Mattala Air-
    port,HAM sea port,Sri Lankan airlines and many other Govt.undertakings
    but that does not mean that this case should be ignored like what the
    govt. did on above. It is worth mentioning here is that the Govt. had
    no alternative but to sell the sea & air ports to China for a song as
    they are unable to settle the heavy loans taken from China by the previous Govt.and save these national enterprises.
    This case should be taken up with the supreme court and the govt. and
    the Jnt. opposition should be satisfied with the SC decision and end this case for good. Mr. Mahendran should not be treated as a criminal and held under detention before he is proven guilty and the President should see that Mr. Mahendran has access to his lawyers. He is a foreigner and due respect must be paid.

    The President’s stand, though he did not favour Mr. Mahendran’s appoint
    -ment, should be appreciated, as he wants to give him a chance to prove
    his innocence and he can do it only at a court.

  • 1

    TNA knowingly supported a White Flag criminal to top of the country’s position. We wrote here many times in that past what will be the end of the secret solution of TNA. Especially yesterday, we sighted it with ex CBG Mahendran’s saga on CT. Today Tamil news contains a news piece that Sumanthiran has contended that the secret solution may face disastrous end by Mahendran saga. TamilWin has written its own article on this this this morning (US time).
    Mahendran has returned. The fires works has been set up. This tussle is predicting the long predicted balance of power between the parliament and EP in the new constitution is no longer possible too as in the New Constitution EP will not sacrifice any of his powers. The rest depends of how much UNP MPs he can buy to stand alone without UNP. He may not be too good on that but Old Royal will be always reay buy it for him. The culprit in this is Champika clown. He is muscle some UNP’s on his side. He really target for the power and not stands with power unlike Hakeem, Bathiyutheen……… The New King’s Bargain with Champika likes ones has to be careful. He was well under control for Old royals they even fired him from CEB (a big headache for Yahapalanaya) ministry. New King cannot fire Ranil like Chandrika did. But he can change the government when he finished buying UNP MPs. If he brings his side to 100 MPs then Hakeem category will automatically tilt the UNP’s Yahapalanaya boat and capsize it. If he manages to give the PM to his side, bringing the 18A back is a piece of cake. These are the political conveniences invented by the Sinhala Intellectuals by their 65 years political evolution. Joint comedians are there only for the 18A. Once power I changed they will take care of that part. At this time, Wimal may desperately need 18A to sack the entire judicial system. This is not a dream. This is what Old King is programming to achieve.
    Another one we wrote here is that Old King will not form a party. Last time Dulles preside the Pada Yatra. Now GLP is dealing with the party leadership. Media suggested Brother Prince, Younger Brother Prince, Old Son Prince, Dulles, GLP and many other names for the new party’s leadership. New Party leadership will keep changing until Yahapalanaya is finished off.
    Coup threat will be more intense once the American election is over. At that point Ranil may give in as he sees that Army will be no longer manageable without defense ministry.
    The manner Dulanjalee classic case handled by Old king tells when Ranil lose power what will be his safety level. This is what negotiated in Temple Tree House on the 9th Morning of January 2015. So when the time comes, he will vacate the Temple Tree House the same way Old King did in January 2015.

    The recent cases, for example Dilrushi’s resignation, made no effect in the power structure. Same way Wimal may end up in prison for his home incident (or even some others with him). As he has no real influence in the power system, it will do nothing. Champike came out clean from car accident. He never faced any problems for his management of CEB in the past. New prince is not arrested for the “Brawl in the Clique.” move.

    Ex CBG Mahendran case is only “Kakham Irukka Panampalam Vilzhunthathu” (the fully ripen palm tree fruit fell down only because crow sat on it- unreal excuse). Mahendran case is the sentence JVP inserted into the long lyrics of Lankawe Power struggle Anthem. It is only one of the latest incidents. But the history of Lankawe is 65 years. So only the Modayas within the Modayas would blame that case for anything going to happen tomorrow. The easiness there is that Mahendran is a Tamil (like UNHRC commissioner Navi Pillai) so it can be manipulated in any direction. Mahendran’s return can only be interpreted as he wants to stick to Ranil. So the JVP induced saga is to continue.
    Tamil news reports today that Ranil has said that whoever committed war crimes has to face it. It is only a mild threat. It is like tying an elephant with a cotton thread. The other party is not going to give up Mahendran case hearing this threat, because the coup threat is very powerful and it will keep tied New King on their side, not on Ranil side. So New King is going to push for this case ignoring Ranil.

    Russia is out of UNHRC. It is not enough to the Tamil activists to take the fate of the war crime investigation out of TNA and Sumanthiran’s hand. If there a crack comes in between China and Lankawe, they may bring some changes. But so far there is no way Lankawe can rebel against China as the loan interest grip very good. If it is needed, China may return back to work on Lankawe’s computers again too.

    This is an Idiyappa Chikkal. (Entanglement of an Idiyappa strings). Sinhala intellectuals thrive on their politics by screwing it more and never resolve it. The funny part on that is our political baby Secretary Kerry had said that Yahapalanaya government did not do the promises it made because some elements in the SLFP did not allow. The CIA has not given him a brief on Lankawe’s politics. So does not know Ranil is the one blocked the ICC accord to save Chandrika’s Army commanders. He went to New York and argued with UNSG that Darusman report (That is how he calls it) has to be destroyed. He promised on the election campaigns of 2015 that No leader, No Commander, No solider will be investigated. It is he who threatened to remove Mangala from FM for the UNHRC resolution of September 2015. He is the one came out with the idea of Constitutional change for in exchange of investigation. He is the one blocking all of any action on the resolution until now for appointing foreign Judges and lawyers. So it could be CIA’s mistake for Secretary Kerry did know the history of Lankawe, not his own ignorance.

  • 3

    Mr. President: You have to admit the naked truth i.e. You have lost your CREDIBILITY. When a LEADER loses his credibility, the core value of Leadership nothing remains in you to be trusted and honored. If you or your Media unit could take a look at the comments made in this column, it will dawn on you and them that your whole “MISSION” of re-building this country has failed. Yet, there is one more step you could take, i.e. establish a SPECIAL COURT to handle all those corruption and criminal cases and allow it to operate completely independent; but monitor and oversee its functioning without any interference from any outside sources. You also have to PROTECT and give all required FACILITIES to the Investigative Authorities and the courts to function efficiently and expeditiously. In short, if you or any other down the line has to be summoned and questioned and need to be charged; just ALLOW that to happen. Simple as that. Are you resolved to do that? If not, you are not a LEADER the PEOPLE want.

    • 4


      “Mr. President: You have to admit the naked truth i.e. You have lost your CREDIBILITY”

      Come on Douglas

      We are South Asians, we don’t make mistakes, we don’t own up our mistakes, we don’t apologize for our mistakes, we don’t seek the truth, ………. what credibility are you talking about?

      Once my Elders advised me

      “Vedda boy when you grow up, avoid joining Police and armed forces, forget becoming a politician, say complete no to job in the state institutions, .. if you want to keep your dignity intact.

      There are millions of jobs available out there. Go find one.”

  • 1

    Are these true.

    it was surprising that Central Bank Governor Indrajit Coomaraswamy had complained to the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) regarding the disclose of a secret document belonging to the Central Bank under the supervision of Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe.

    “Mr. Coomaraswamy has complained the CID to investigate this matter which had disclosed information related to the Central Bank bond sale scam. The government is attempting to find out those who had disclosed it instead of penalizing the wrongdoers,” he added.

    Meanwhile, joint opposition MP Bandula Gunewardena said apparently there was a loss of Rs. 1, 000 billion incurred by the government from the Central Bank bond sale scam through the Perpetual Treasuries Limited which had being taken place between February 27, 2015 and March 2016
    – See more at: http://www.dailymirror.lk/article/Perpetual-Treasuries-licence-should-be-cancelled-JO-118635.html#sthash.ayF92q9n.dpuf

  • 3

    Why NOT let the judiciary decides your son’s antiques in the night club & in Pasikuda beach.

    What a hypocrite.

  • 1

    Is our HE trying to score some brownie points by telling the obvious. Judiciary to decide on CB bond Scam- saying scam, if had used such wordings, upfront and going to judiciary is a joke, Should not it be investigate into alleged wrong doings or malpractices of … Not the CB bond issue but all that comes to the courts should be decided by the courts, not like as he requested that some cases to be referred to him publicly putting foot in his mouth. Since, he made himself a laughing stock creating some reasonable doubts that if he has been bought by the corrupted for his sudden change. Looks judiciary does it job, alas Mohan is no more at the helm there.

    The alternative to deal with is to commission a president commission as JCP requests with Weerawansa as the chairman assisted by GLP, and backing on legal issues to the latter by our able Namal.

  • 2

    COPE is an investigating arm of the Parliament and the duty of COPE is to investigate and present a report to the Parliament. At this point, there is an important question. The question is, can the chair of the COPE and members of the COPE who have their own opinions i.e. there was a fraud or not in the bond related issues, sit in investigating the bond issue? It is similar to a Judge who is sitting in judgement has predetermined view that the accused is at fault. If such a thing happens the case could be appealed and an upper court may decide to throw the case out. Can this happen in this instance as well? Further even in a court of law the evidence presented can be challenged, similarly since COPE based their investigation on the Auditors report, why cannot the Auditors report be challenged?

  • 5

    Mr. President, put your forceful talk into action. We have seen how you paralyzed the three independent commissions by your idiotic statement. JO echoing your statement whenever media people ask questions, not only the henchmen of MaRa but also himself.

    You have tacked fully swept you son’s brawl under the carpet despite telling stories of your past how you was beaten at school and you kept your silence at home thinking you will be beaten by your parents.

    Have you beaten your son knowing very well he was the culprit. People observing your every move and actions.

  • 1

    “Sirisena Wants Judiciary To Decide On Central Bank Bond Scam”

    Ha ha Sira! Ane pawu! He always ejaculates late! RW has already submitted the Cope report to AG dept. There is nothing left now that Sira can do about it. The bugger is just beating the bush where there is no hare! He hopes to get cheap political propaganda whereas RW has extracted the substance of the issue. Actually this Sira is a useless bugger who betrays the solemness of the high office he was conferred upon. He is also the minister of defence and environment but he has failed to make the army to submit the records required by the court in connection of the Eknaligoda case. Environmentally there is a catastrophe now going on for decades but he has the scantest regard for same: the news has it that chicken before they are killed for meat given food that contain formalin to preserve the meat from rotting! Can anybody imagine this type of crime against humanity is being done even among the most primitive and poorest tribes in the world? No! This is only done in this country called Sri Lanka! And Sira who gives high talks of civilization, culture, heritage and all that baila including his moda choon SLFP rebuilding is its President! Another news is that the vendors buy the manioc plantation and several days before the roots are extracted they apply kurator poison around the trees to loosen the soil around the roots so that the roots remain intact when extracted! Kurator being a horrendous poison this amounts to horrendous crime against humanity but Sira the minister of environment is in maraninda always talking about SLFP resurrection and forming their own government! The factories throughout the country are dumping toxic chemical wastes to water courses, rivers etc. but he does not raise an eyebrow on it! The illegal fishing industry is using dynamite to catch fish and dead fish are strewn all over the beach afterwards but no action is taken to protect the marine life! Still there is an untold amount of environmental destructions going on in this country but our president’s only concern is saving his patholamass SLFP! Even the so called civil society activists, environmentalists, various activists, religions leaders, politicians, the officials and law enforcement authorities do not care a shit about it! Alas! What about the fucking media padaththara padangu? They are all going after Mega, Denga and Spa Stars and not doing their duties. One kallathoni media is portraying as the problem solver of the nation giving away pvc tubes and water tanks! This is like fucking with the testicles while hiding the dick between legs! This padaththara nation called Sri Lankans, Sinhalese, Muslims and Tamils are fucked up to the hilt and are poisoning each other, killing each other while also killing the entire environment and animals. Where are we all heading?

  • 1

    Mr. Prez! show you are genuine! First punish your son and his clique for attacking the night club security personnel. You somehow managed to cover it up with your political power. Shame on you! Where is the ‘judiciary’ you are talking about?
    If you do it we will try to build some trust and confidence toward you, which has been totally lost and now remain at below zero. Your spy team must have already reported to you that your popularity is no longer with 62 million; it is now, I’m sure below the Central Bank interest rate. Only crooks love you!
    Your Yahapalanaya just talk, talk, and talk; people are so fed up of your idle talk that if you don’t get your acts together immediately and do something to rebuild your trust and confidence, you, your party along with the UNP will be politically put to permanent sleep. If it doesn’t happen in the near future, it will definitely be a reality at the next election.

  • 2

    I read this about Prez’s silence about the Bond scam on CT:
    “… The Colombo Telegraph asked a cabinet Minister close to President Sirisena as to the reason behind the silence on the issue by the President and members of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) in the cabinet, despite such flagrant abuse.

    ” He is stuck after Ranil shot down the issue regarding his son. After the assault at the night club by his son, he cant speak about Law and Order with the Minister or his confidantes because everyone knows what happened” he said.”
    Thank you CT!

  • 1

    Didn’t Diaspora Mahendran and his handler Yahapalana PM Batalanada Ranil both say the High Court found them both squeaky clean, and couldn’t find even any Bond scales on them?.

    That was when the first tranche was given to SIL and paid by SIL with the same money which the FIL lent to him at mates rates.

    Or should I say family rates..

    And Aiyo Sira got pissed off and demanded Batalanada Ranil sack his Diaspora mate.

  • 2

    If the Attorney General has already done a report, why should COPE have another inquiry, that too base their inquiry on the Attorney General’s report? This is waste of time and money? What additional value has COPE provided other than politicize the Bond issue to an extent no one knows who is right or wrong. The reasons for my assessment are:

    1.Most members of COPE had predetermined idea before conducting the inquiry and arriving at a decision that there was fraud committed.

    2.One report was presented to the Parliament by COPE and after submitting the report the Chair of COPE claims that there are two reports in one report as he has divided the members of the COPE into two groups in the report.

    3.The Chair of COPE had no business talking to the media, for any reason regarding the inner workings of the COPE before a report was presented to the Parliament.

    4.Did the Chair of the COPE get permission from the members to divide the group into two in the final report.

    In my opinion COPE has not contributed anything we did not know or was not there before from the earlier investigations and the only contribution COPE made was to politicize the Bond issue and dilute the legal validity of it.

    COPE should be dissolved and a new institution should be formed replacing COPE and the members should be from the public (educated, experienced, professionals etc). There should be a large group and based on the inquiry a smaller group should be nominated to evaluate the loss.

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