24 May, 2022


Sirisena’s Blatant U-Turn On Deepavali Press Release Indicates Duplicity On Tamil Issues

President Maithripala Sirisena‘s Media Division, headed by former Sirasa employee Dharmasri Bandara Ekanayake, today took a blatant U-turn by revising its own press release on the Deepavali Celebrations at the President’s official residence.

The first version of the press release, which was circulated among journalists, carried the President’s remarks on the current political situation and his plans for the Northern province and its people.

In the first version of the press release, Sirisena was quoted saying his strong ambition to resolve the problems in North will remain the same.

It also says Sirisena acted with great responsibility when it came to issues concerning to people in the North and he decided to “change” the Prime Minister due to the latter’s failure to find solutions to their burning problems.

The press release also says the President has faith in a political solution that does not divide the country and he has instructed security forces to release all lands belonging to religious places in the North.

However, the second press release, which was circulated minutes after under the title ‘Deepavali Celebration – Edit News’, omitted the President’s remarks about the release of lands, development in the province and the current political situation.

It only highlights Sirisena’s remarks on Deepavali and the national unity.

A source familiar with the matter said the amendments to the press release only indicated Sirisena’s duplicitous policies and double-standards when it comes to Tamil issues.

“It is evident that Sirisena did not want the Sinhala audience to know what he communicated to the Tamils about their issues. This alone is a strong sign that Sirisena was blatantly lying when he made those promises,” she added.

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    I guess as usual MS had two stories to tell on Deepavali one for the good and one for the evil.

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    This behaviour is not new to Tamils. Not only Srisena, almost all Sinhala politicians are the same in dishonouring their words and actions.

    Funniest side is Srisena has failed to mention eastern Tamils as if he has sorted out their problems. His govt granted holiday to North and Uva province schools today for Deepavali but not to Hindu students in the East. Very clever he is.

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    It may be appropriate for a Neuro Surgeon and a psychiatrist to check on Srisena before further deterioration.

  • 21

    Dear Sirisena,
    You anD Mahinda are disgrace to country. Do you want to live in the world with a name lifetime Liar and Hora.

  • 14

    When a weak guy is appointed as President what else can we all expect? Flip Flop is the middle name of Sira.

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    I saw only the first one in the Tamil media. Either the Tamil Media is willfully suppressing the 2nd one or, most probably, with intention the second one was not distributed to Tamil Media.
    This is another election Campaign. He did two campaigns, one for North and one for South. He said in South “No Leader, No Commander, No Soldier will be prosecuted”. In the North, Sampanthar promised all the goodies in behalf of him. It is Sampanthar allured Tamils into this mess.

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    Tamil Diaspora pumped money to LTTE. All that money went down the drain.
    Tamil Diaspora pumped money for the Regime Change. That money went down the drain.
    Tamil Diaspora pumped money to get the New Constitution with Federal System. That money went down the drain.
    I do not know when their brains will start functioning?
    If they pumped all this money for the betterment of Demalu in this country, they could have become the happiest and most prosperous people in the world.

    • 9

      Eagle Eye
      You need to see an psychiatrist or is it too late for any treatment???

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    Tamils should not worry about Maithripala Sirisena. TNA leader Sumanthiran says he will Build the tallest EVANGELIST – TV TOWER IN THE nORTH AND HIRE MOST OF THE YOUTH to that. Not only that, he will Telecast out resligion even to Tamilnadu. So, vote TNA.

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    MAtirhipala did something very wrong to Tamils. It is Tamils who elelcted the COMMON CANDIDATE. Maithripala spoiled that by removing the SAMANALAYA.

  • 6

    The Pathola is unravelling and the nuts are spilling out.

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    Why wasn’t Deepavali declared a public holiday for schools in the eastern province , where Hindu Tamils are the largest individual community and are the real owners and the indigenous population of the east and were the outright majority in the east until the late 1970s. It was large scale illegal Sinhalese colonisation , deliberate killing/ethnic cleansing of eastern Tamils and the Tamilised Vedda and high Muslim birth rate , that has now made them a 40% minority in their own ancient homeland, where they have lived and ruled as an outright majority. They are still the largest community in the east but are being systematically being marginalised by the recently arrived illegal Sinhalese colonist , 90% of whom have arrived in the east only in the last 30-40 years and the back stabbing cunning treacherous fake Arab Dravidian Muslim immigrants from South India, who only arrived in the east a few centuries ago , as refugees/asylum seekers fleeing Portuguese persecution along the west coast and later Sinhalese persecution in the central areas. It is due to the generosity of the eastern Hindu Tamils , that found a place to stay , when the Portuguese wanted to kill them all and the Kandyan Sinhalese did not want them. Now these state sponsored illegal Sinhalese settlers in the east and these ungrateful fake Arab South Indian origin immigrant refugee Muslim backstabbers have ganged up together to marginalise the real owners of the east, the eastern Hindu Tamils and the Tamilised Vedda. The former in the name of Sinhalese Buddhist Fascism and the later in the name of Wahhabi Arab Islamic fundamentalism. Strange the Sinhalese persecute Muslims in their areas but in the Tamil areas they gang up with the Muslims to marginalise the Tamil population in their own homeland. What is this shameless Karuna doing ?

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    eagle eye

    “Tamil Diaspora pumped money to get the New Constitution with Federal System. That money went down the drain.”

    then why are they burning sumanthiran’s effigy aboad,and why is he so unpopular?

    Where does it mention in the new constitution about federalism?It is unitary only.

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    Tamils have burning roblems as same as all Sri Lankans and the anser is Economic Empowerment. That is all.
    Do not expect anything on a platter beyond here even LTTE Terrorism could not bring after 30 years hy even armed struggle could not bring because those demands ere non-existing and unrealistic.
    The fact is Tamil masses were deceived since 1933 up to 2009 and never any more.

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    {“Sirisena’s Blatant U-Turn On Deepavali Press Release Indicates Duplicity On Tamil Issues”}

    We have been brainwashed into a mindset in which any attempt to address the grievances of Tamils is deemed treacherous/unpatriotic. One has got to be duplicitous to get the votes, hold the reins and the go about plundering.
    SLPP has shown that the language/religion-divide is a winner.

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    Dear Author and all participants,
    The class of politicians in Sri Lanka have become unreliable and opportunistic. They hide a lot of truth and explore all fowl methods to come to power. To be a true politician he or she must show love for the Country and love all citizens, should be able to sacrifice comfort, position and even life when necessary. Should uphold all the Fundamental Truths of life. Should be more dignified and respectful in behavior. The way a politician behave as a leader will spread his qualities among his admirers. He or she is in a position to bring glory, prosperity and happiness to all. Somehow in Sri Lanka the class of politicians are corrupt, unreliable and want to be in power by any means!

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