24 May, 2022


SLC To Review Progress Of Real Change Under Maithri Regime

Sri Lanka Campaign has introduced a list of tests to be used as a yardstick in order to judge whether Sri Lanka is really on the road to recovery or whether it is nothing more than a superficial change.

The group that campaigns for a just and lasting peace in Sri Lanka, has noted the ‘tests’ are demands that have been voiced by victims and civil society activists in Sri Lanka. SLC has pointed out that although the majority of the issues listed were not included in the election manifestos of either of the main Presidential election candidates, the ‘change’ that has been promised by the new President and the Prime Minister can be judged by observing the progress on these issues:

Following are the topics that have been listed by SLC to be used as a yardstick to review the progress of changing Sri Lanka:-

– The release of political prisoners

MaithripalaNoting the concern expressed by a large number of society activists concerning the increased incidents of arbitrary arrests and detentions, the SLC notes that any progressive developments on the issue of the political prisoners can be measured by noting the progress on these questions:

  • · Has Jeyakumary Balendaran, a mother of one of the disappeared against whom no evidence has been produced, been released after over 300 days in detention?
  • · Is the government moving to abolish the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA), a draconian piece of legislation which allows people to be imprisoned without trial for up to 18 months?
  • · Has it withdrawn regulations promulgated under the PTA which keep in place the effects of the lapsed Emergency Regulations?
  • · Has the government released all prisoners held under the PTA, or otherwise brought them into open court for trial on specific charges?
  • · Is Boosa Detention Centre, Sri Lanka’s most notorious torture site, still open? If it is, are civil society and international inspectors allowed to visit it and are lawyers provided unrestricted access to their clients?
  • · Has the government disclosed how many LTTE cadres are being held in secret “rehabilitation camps”?

– A return to a normal way of life in the North and East

SLC has stressed on the importance of returning normalcy to the lives of war affected communities, noting the inability to do so due to heavy militarization carried out under the former regime:

  • When a meeting is called in a predominantly Tamil area, do military personnel attend and keep a note of what is said? Do they attempt to break up the meeting?
  • Have any abductions or assaults being reported in the Northern or Eastern Province?
  • Do former LTTE cadres still receive regular night time visits from the police and army?
  • Have the ex-military personnel appointed as Government Agents to districts in the Northern and Eastern Province been replaced by civilian officials proficient in the Tamil language? How many Government workers in Tamil areas speak Tamil?
  • How much Tamil and Muslim land does the Sri Lankan army, and paramilitary groups such as the EPDP and TMVP, continue to illegally occupy? Do they continue to use it commercially? Is there a plan for return of the land and provide compensation?
  • How many Tamil families remain internally displaced and in temporary accommodation? How much effort is the Government putting into resettlement, into allowing Tamil families to return to their own lands, and into restoring fishing rights?
  • Is there a plan to reduce troop numbers in Sri Lanka’s Northern Province and to move towards demilitarising Sri Lanka’s north and east?
  • Have checkpoints in the Northern Province preventing free movement to travellers, such as in Omanthai, been removed? And can foreigners travel to Sri Lanka’s Northern Province without having to get permission from the Ministry of Defence? (NB the second half of this has already happened)
  • Has the Government implemented a “Certificate of Absence” scheme, in lieu of a death certificate, for those who have been missing for a long time? Is this granted the same degree of legal recognition as a death certificate?
  • Has any compensation been given to war affected families and the families of the disappeared?

– Providing a political solution to Tamil grievances

SLC has urged the leadership of both communities to learn from past experiences and approach the issue with a deeper understand and sensitivity towards a peaceful coexistence.

  • Has the government presented any concrete plans to promote peace and friendship between Sri Lanka’s different communities, for instance through implementing the recommendations in the Lessons Learned and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) report on reconciliation (9.167-9.285) and through expanding the National Plan of Action to include all the LLRC recommendations?
  • Have there been more anti-Muslim rhetoric and acts of violence from the Buddhist extremist Bodu Bala Sena (BBS)? If so, how has the government responded?
  • Do the sanctions on 16 Tamil Diaspora organisations and 424 individuals remain in place?

– Ending the culture of impunity

Noting that Sri Lanka will never have reconciliation or lasting peace until and unless we know whats happened to the disappeared individuals, the SLC has listed out the following questions to be used in observing any progress with concern to the above topic in Sri Lanka under the new regime.

  • Is there now an investigation into the hitherto uninvestigated deaths and disappearances of 36 journalists and media workers during President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s term in office?
  • What is the status of the investigation of the Matale mass grave, Lalith Weeraraj and Kugan Muruganandan’s disappearance, and the Trinco 5 and Muttur 17 killings?
  • Has the report of the “Presidential Commission of Inquiry into 16 serious violations” been released to the public?
  • Is there a plan to investigate the 19,471 cases of disappearances registered before the Presidential Commission on missing persons in a timely manner?
  • What is the new Government’s attitude to the United Nations’ procedures on human rights? Are they continuing to disrespect the office of the High Commission for Human Rights and block investigations? Have any of the eight UN Special Procedures mandate holders with outstanding requests to visit been allowed to do so?

“The main barrier to a lasting peace is the culture of impunity, which a lengthy serious of domestic processes has failed to break,” the group has stated. Furthermore, they have noted that they will be duly reporting back on the status of these tests and the progress on each of the issues.

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Latest comments

  • 8

    Sri Lanka Campaign???? CAN CMB TELEGRAPH please list us who are the people and where this Groups known as the Sri Lanka Campaign is????? As Transprancy was and is one of the Crucial Yard sticks which was fought in this campaign.. Now we have seen Colombo Telegraph have many ‘sources ‘around the word, Infact in some of the unimaginable places frankly.. ANd quite good at getting ‘the news’.. Yet failed to report on the many progressive steps that the New Government have carried out in the North.. Such as replacement of the Military Governor, Remove of Travel restrictions, Freedom of Press and speech, Top Post Given to Sri Lankan Tamil citizens etc etc.. I wish Colombo telegraph Actually Reports the news in a True manner, Insted of Trying to combine stories and get ‘CREATIVE’ with the news.. MAny days later i wet and looked at the Twitter Feed of the ‘national security’ who socalled reported that GOTA ahd landed in MAldives, YET WHEN WE POINTED OUT TO cmb tELEGRAPH THIS WAS WRONG LIKE MR KIND IN CHINA, THE STORY got more creative GOTA landed off loaded some VIP passengers and took off..(the sea plane would not have fuel for return journey if true)SO the feed of the CMB telegraph sourcse ”national security’ also stated that the Paris Attack ws planned by the USA CIA, and a host of other conspiracy theories.. Anyone please check the time line’s.. More Nut job than a sourcse.. ONLY POINTING FEW IMPORTANT FACTS.. news must and should be accurate.. NOT CREATIVE to manipulate the reader.. TODAY ACCORDING TO CMB TELEGRAPH the North and sri lanka has ceased to exist..Just a few weeks ago they could not stop reports form the region.

    • 3


      Sorry you are living in the year 2015, you only need to search on the net to learn all about Sri Lanka Campaign! Why are you so interested in who they are when you can critically review the article?

      • 7

        @Burning Issue.. yes as SRi Lankans we need to know who are the people behind this Group??? Their Names.. And Based in WHich Country (london i suspect) Their BAckground.. Human rights also Include Right to Information.. TRANSPRANCE.. Why would they this so called campaign deny these Fundemental Rights??? For instance they ask for donations such as ‘500GBP to fly a Human Rights Activits to SRi Lanka’ How are they Going to Choose this socalled Activitist?? and background??? they ask money for ‘online ads raising the alarm about the situation in sri lanka’ All these from Hidden human rights so called Defenders… Yet The Fundemental Right of information and Transprancy Is denied.. WHY??? we all knwo such groups are open to ABUSE, BIAS, Political in nature.. And thats why Transprance is essential. At the moment its Like a Secreative MAFIA ORG faising funds… SO WE NEED TO KNOW ARE THE PEOPLE BEHIND THIS PROJECT??

        • 1


          I am all for transparency that the Sri Lankns were staved of during the MR reign! As for the Sri Lanka Campaign, can you pick holes in their endeavour? Many people fund projects that are associated with developing countries including Sri Lanka. If such funding and support were to cease to exist, the third world would be much poorer in a real sense!

          I think you will find that Sri Lanka Campaign is being funded by concerned expat Sri Lankans; their objective may not be your taste predicated on your political and ethnic persuasions! If you are one who is interested in Good Governance, Rule of Law, and Ethnic Reconciliation with equality, you will have nothing against the endeavours of Sri Lanka Campaign.

          I like to know your background and your objectives!

          • 6

            Burning Issue.. We know who Might be Funding them.. I as a SRI LANKAN CITIZEN.. have the Right to know who are the Heads of this Group???? Thats is a ‘human right’ YET THIS cLOAK AND dagger secrecy from this Group.. so what makes them different from say AI International and HR watch, and the host of OTHER SO CALLED HUMAN RIGHTS GROUPS… We all know when transprancy lacks from such groups what they mean.. FOR EG: tHEY HAVE hIGHLIGHTED eTHICAL tOURISM.. And Pointed out to certain hotels supposedly Run by the Military.. YET THEY SAY THE MILITARY ARE HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATORS AND WAR CRIMINALS’ I dint know they were in the Business of ACTING AS A INT COURT AND A JUDGE THIS so called HR Group.. Even the Major and Respectable HR Groups have not gone far to Brand the Military Establishment as War Criminals, yet highlighted Individuals to be ‘ENQUIRED’…(PLEASE READ HR REPORTS AND UNHCR REPORTS) SO how did these so called Group JUMP to that conclusion and calling for a BOYCOTT..Again 500GBP to fly a Human Rights Activits to SRi Lanka’ How are they Going to Choose this socalled Activitist?? and background??? they ask money for ‘online ads raising the alarm about the situation in sri lanka’ All these from Hidden human rights so called Defenders… Yet The Fundemental Right of information and Transprancy Is denied.. THESE GROUPS MUST BE LOOKED AT CLOSELY.. UNTIL THESE CLOAK AND DAGGER GROUPS SAYS WHO IS REALLY BEHIND THEM, HOW THEY LOOK INTO THE BACKGROUNDS OF THE PEOPLE THEY WANT FUNDS TO SEND TO SL FOR ‘HR MONITOR’ IS VERY VERY SUPSECIOUS.. we have all seen this MOVIE BEFORE..SO THIS SHOULD BE THE RESPONSIBILITY OF COLOMBO TELEGRAPH.. AND WHO ARE THE OWNERS OF COLOMBO TELEGRAPH??? WHO IS IT’S MAIN EDITOR??? because if we dont know who these cloak and dagger, hidden behind the curtain people are.. they get away with lies and never held accountable.. IF GROUPS SUCH AS THIS LANKAN GROUP AND EVEN NEWS PAPAERS ARE DOING HONEST AND GOOD WORK.. THEY HAVE NO REASON TO HIDE. WE ALL CAN AGREE TO THAT

            • 1


              Good Governance means adhering to democratic principles in every sense of the word. If there are allegations relating to war crimes and crimes against humanity exist, the state should be duty bound to investigate them. This, the LLRC recommendations attested! You cannot pick and choose as to which aspects of good governance you would to accept and which aspects you want to discard. The only reason you harp on about the Sri Lanka Campaign is because they highlighted the unresolved alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity! You are prepared to ditch anything as long as such investigations are not carried out!

              The new administration have stated that they will cooperate with the UN investigations and initiate an internal mechanism to investigate the alleged crimes. I have no problem with the internal investigation as long as it confirms to the international standards. There must be confirmation from the NU itself that it is stratified with the methods and standards adopted. What do you have against it?

              • 2

                @Burning Issue.. I am all for it.. when the LAW IS APPLIED EQUALLY THEN ITS IS CALLED JUSTICE. WHICH EVER Right Minded person and Group without Hidden Intentions will accept.. It all good for you to Point to us about SRi Lankan war crimes in sri lanka.. yest what about the WAR crimes of those who are OUTside sri Lanka..Who Funded, Armed, Carried out The Properganda, Trained the LTTE terrorist Groups.. The Sri Lankan Foreign passport holders??? To the very end That gave Cover to the LTTE??? YOu and people like you seek jutice in sri Lanka Mainly against The sinhala so called regime and troops and the Traitor Tamils.. And that is where it cease to be the LAW…We want the LAw to be applied to all Involved Not just in sri lanka but outside.. Or we will never have ‘reconciliation’ And I have seen many so called Human Rights Groups such as this With Faceless and nameless who might use a puppet as a cover and their intentions are one sided. let me give you a Example a True story.. I have been going to Jaffna alot and after the war met a Former LTTE commander and he has been ‘rehabilitated’ what ever that means.. SO we became Friends and one day i asked him why did the LTTE Murder Neelan Tiruchelvam he gave me a vague answer..which i want very convinced with. Over the years we got very close and helped him with business etc etc.. One day over a drink i asked him the question again ‘why did the LTTE murder ‘Neelan Tiruchelvam’ he said beacuse he talked about ‘PEACE’ at the time we can handle Singala talking about peace BUT Not the Tamils… Then I understood..

            • 1

              You approach is no different to a GOTA strain – keep it up, for
              the sake of transperancy at least. The new governanace must reflect
              the higher standards of public reporting, that was lost for 9 long

          • 4

            @Burning Issue.. Surely you are not that NAIVE..To beleive in such fairy tales.. I started with CMB Telegraph using a Nut case in Maldives as a Sourcse to Report a Creative story.. Then CMB telegraph Realised the Lies and Got even more creative with the news saying a ‘SEA PLANE’ landed with gota dropped off passengers and took off back to SL.. (truth GOTA NEVER LEFT SL) Where would GOTA have GOT on this sea plave in SRI LANKA???? We dont have capacity Sea Planes to Fly without Refueling.. We only have MAX 45min One way sea Planes for tourist purpose.. And the Picture shown by CMB Telegraph did not show any Re fueling station.. The Last Time a Maldevien Sea plane came to SL was with Anton Bala and Adelede during 2002 cease fire.. And It was the SL Airforce that Refueled the plane back to its Journey.. So Simple questions like these put CBM telegraph story into disrepute.. Just like the SOurcse Just look at his twitter Feed. ‘paris gunmen usa Cia job’ enough said. Now if CMB Telegraph is Giving Publicity to this NGO.. then we must even question more..

            • 0


              “Surely you are not that NAIVE..To beleive in such fairy tales..”

              May be such allegations are fairy tales for you but for many they are very important. If you say they are fairy tales, you will have nothing to worry about investigations, have you? You do not need to get hot under your collar; just sit tight and wait for the investigations to conclude then we can see where we are at!

              • 1

                @ Burning Issue.. A so called Prominent HR Group well known here.. Reported a Certain LTTE cader and his entire Famil were killed.. Gave us witness Reports etc etc.. 2 years Later this person Turend up very Much Alive with his Entire Family in Tamil Nadu, Where the TN police arrested this LTTE Criminal as he had taken million from Tamils promising them Travel to the west (A Human smuggler). A criminal.. Now this report and incident was used during the UNHCR and INT ORG the previous years before the Truth came out.. So you see the Problem of witness who hide in the shadows

    • 0

      Sri Lanka Campaign

      RE: SLC To Review Progress Of Real Change Under Maithri Regime

      1. Establish the base IQ level od people in Each Electorate and the National Electorate.

      2. Measure Every year.

      3. See if the IQ goes up or down. If it goes up well above 79 doing good.

      4. If it goes down, well below, doing bad. Then Medamulana MaRa will come back to power.


      National IQ Scores – Country Rankings

      28 Guatemala 79
      28 Sri Lanka 79

  • 1

    Yaha palanaya is drooling,

    “When we set up a party office in my own electorate, a group of thugs led by UNP Parliamentarian Palitha Thewarapperuma, came there and threw rotten eggs at the office,” Samarasinghe said addressing a press briefing at the SLFP Headquarters.

    Video evidence clearly showed that the UNP Parliamentarian made Pradeshiya Sabha member Murugan Pushpakumar kneel in public as a punishment. It was alleged that the Parliamentarian had also assaulted the PS member.

    So this is what you lot all voted and fought for?

    Let us see how the law and order works in the Maithree palanaya?

    This is why I say you must be an idiot to expect anything else from Sri Lankan politicians, My only worry is we had an economy going in the right direction, Now it looks like everything is going down hill!

    • 0

      Police spokesman – once called as NATIONS PETHAPPU – Ajith Rohana being the same person confirmed yesterday that not even a dozen of complaints related to post election violence are reported yet. So what are u bubbling here. Please respect it as due, whoever whatever is done should be held wrong. .. Be it as it may – if Rajapakshe won, he would have been celebrating his victory even today, by allowing all and sundry to create a funny place fooling the nation before the international communtiy. He surely made Papal visit an opportunity to paint the picture highly in favour of him – uttering all untruths to the gullible, vulnerable masses – how magical his powers have been. You the ones once in whle come with mixed thoughts, by being unable to distinguish the right from wrong – make it a confusion is no longer difficult to grasp

      • 1

        I am bubbling, because new president came to power, and I did not see him giving instructions to law enforcement agencies to uphold the law impartially,
        All I see is witch hunts on bull shit, Did you read what Ravi said about the account managed by Gotabhaya in MOD and the current defense secretary confirmed Gotabhaya’s explanantion?

        We have a finance minister who does not know the difference between cooperate account and a personnel account.

        Yeah Economy is in the hands of a suspected money launderer!

        Everyday I see the development! It is time for these guys to deliver! Law and order is a prime requirement for the country.

        • 0

          i know you are used to seeing president giving orders to police to uphold the rule….when pres says that we know rule is NOT going to be upheld…

          You have to realize when rule of law properly functions pres need NOT to order president to order…Police has enough power and authority.

          Go and see how Thewarapperuma is now arrested..not only that Anuradha Jayaratne is also arrested..

          Between investigations are underway to see how Cabraal built 500 million house in Nawala…..an MR stooge….

    • 0

      Economy going in the right direction? Where did you get this information. They were all projected by the authorities concerned. So where are all those great guys who projected a rosy economy. Cabraal/Jayasundera due are missing. Most of the higher ups have run away. This new interim cabinet will do their part within 100 days that the previous regime could not do in 10 years. Thevarapperuma will get his desserts. All miscreants will certainly be chased away by the people at the forthcoming general elections. Everyone should have learned a lesson from the election concluded just now.

      • 1

        Keep reading what ADB, IMF, Rating agencies have been publishing before the election and after the election, Economy was in the right path, Only it will take little bit more time for everyone to benefit, Unfortunately the suffering of the people was unbearable which changed the government,

        • 0

          MR knew that…that is why he called a snap election 2 years earlier because economy was going in the ‘right’ direction

      • 0

        this particular Srinath believes everything as intoxicated Rajapakshe people in Hambantota. Had the newly elected govt raided on almost every corrupted men and women, they would have named the current people as only on POLITICAl REVENge. Now they are not happy since current rulers did not.

        Alone fatherand son painted wall clocks should have been paid by the tax payers funds. That is said to be over millions of dollars. Rajapakshes should be forced to return these funds so that current admin can finance the pay hikes as promised.

  • 0

    I am dismayed -sofar almost ,8 out of 10 Sinhalese Buddhist and approx 6 of 10 sinhalese Catholics and other denomination Sinhala Christians are adamant in their will to bring Rajapakse and Gotabaya back in the next general election .

    The believe it is better to let them do whatever they want with the resources and money of they Country ,as long as they develop the infrastructure and keep the Muslims and Tamils taking control of The Country’s economy, they also believe that only the Rajapakse were able to bring glory and dignity to The Sinhala race of those country.

    They also believe in the next general election the Sinhala peoples force will bring back the Rajapakse regime in full swing with a landslide victory through Sinhala only vote, they also believe JHU should stop bickering and apologise to The Sinhala people for shamelessly joining hands with Muslims and Tamils and betraying a hero like Mahinda Rajapakse who is indeed a King of this Country and not just a politician ,and a pride of The Sinhala race and Sinhala Country.

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