22 May, 2024


SLFP Convention: Rajapaksa Contemplating ‘To Go Or Not To Go’

Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa is yet to make a final decision on his attendance at the 65th Convention of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP), scheduled to be held on September 4.



A formal invitation was handed over to Rajapaksa by Minister W D J Seneviratne at Rajapaksa’s Mirihana residence. However even though the former President had accepted the invitation, he has still not decided whether to attend the convention, which will be held under the patronage of his one-time confidante turned political rival, incumbent President Maithripala Sirisena.

Incidentally, the convention will be held in Kurunegala, which is Rajapaksa’s constituency. He contested last August’s Parliamentary Election from the Kurunegala district, ditching his home constituency, Hambantota.

Both, Mahinda Rajapaksa and Chandrika Kumaratunga who are former Presidents are senior patrons of the SLFP.

Meanwhile, several SLFP local government representatives has said they will boycott the convention if it is held under the patronage of Sirisena. Citing reasons for their decision, the representatives including former Pradeshiya Sabha chairmen said that Sirisena had taken the leadership of SLFP by force from Rajapaksa, and therefore they do not recognize him as the president of the party.

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  • 34

    DON’T GO!!! You are not wanted, you were invited out of courtesy…..

    • 33


      The only place he should be going to is Welikada Prison. Along with his criminal family, clan, cronies & henchmen.

      Nobody is invited to Welikada, but taken there.

      Mr. Rajapassa need not waste any time contemplating ‘To Go Or Not To Go’. In due course, he will be taken there.


      • 22

        Ben Hurling

        ” he will be taken there. “

        I doubt it for Sinhala/Buddhist establishment would not tolerate it. By the way who is brave enough to bring charges against the clan that can be proved at the courts and the court would not dare to pass sentences against MR, GR, BR, …. in case the political fortunes changed in the next few years.

        The present government and the state could use all kind of delaying tactics to defer all cases until the next election. Oh the files can go walkies.

      • 17

        Ben Hurling

        One more thing on this issue of taking the clan to Welikada, we have a rich tradition of protecting crooks, common criminals, … murderers, terrorists, war criminals, rapists, wrong-doers, politicians, tax dodgers, ballot riggers, money launderers, ….. hence we cannot go against the already established norms.

      • 12

        Walikada Prison is very familiar place for Mahinda Rajapaksha. He used visit Walikada prison 3 times a day to take food for his family members.

    • 11

      Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa

      RE: SLFP Convention: Rajapaksa Contemplating ‘To Go Or Not To Go’

      Don’t go. Preserve whatever you are left with. Your dignity is eroding every day.

      There is a time to go and a time not to go. This is the time not to go.

      Would you like yo go to the wedding of your former girl-friend who dumped you for a better guy, Gamarala Siriesna?

    • 3

      Of course he must be invited; too bad for the Western puppets, if they don’t like it.

      • 12

        Send this Fraudster to the Welikade Prison with his family members. Wali bath should be given to him for the enormous crimes he committed including abduction and killings.

    • 4

      Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa

      If you go, can you sing the poem, Kavi, below and announce that MaRa, Mara is me!

      MaRa MaRa ChaTu Mara
      Mara MaRa AmaNa MaRa
      MaRa MaRa PacHa MaRa
      MaRa MaRa DhushaNa Mara

      Everyone is Born Here, Everyone has to Contribute, but some selfish Politicians exploit differences for personal gain Their Own-nura Kumara Dissanayake.


  • 21

    This guy will scoop down to any level to save him and his family from ongoing investigations.

    I will not be surprised if he falls on his knees at MY3 to protect him. Such a shameless person and he proved he is shameless when he started swindling the Tsunami Fund and went onto bankrupt mother Lanka.

    My bet is he will go.

  • 15

    “Citing reasons for their decision, the representatives including former Pradeshiya Sabha chairmen said that Sirisena had taken the leadership of SLFP by force from Rajapaksa, and therefore they do not recognize him as the president of the party.”

    These idiots don’t even know their own party constitution. It clearly states that, the incumbent president will become the president of the party. This is an amendment introduced by MR to oust CBK when he came to power. It ha now bitten his own hand.
    These pradeshya gonas lapup anything their guru says. No power to think independently.

  • 12

    Former president, to show your colors; have courage to go for a convention called 1st convention of New the SLFP (or any name as you like) on the same day at the same time in Kurunegala.

    Something better than Pada Yathra.

  • 7

    wow sounds Shakespearean
    To Be or Not To Be

    • 0

      In his case, BB or no Bs

  • 5

    Whether I am going or not is only on whether Biriyani is Mutton or Chicken or Vege. If no Vege I am not going; period! When the spicy hot Vege Biri is itching on the tongue an icy cold and crispy coke brings the moon’s coolness down to earth. Those who never enjoyed that don’t know that. So please don’t ask me any more if I am going.

    CT cannot wedge between those who have no shame. So tell to CT have cup of coffee and relax. Old King is in.

    If that man had shame would he wouldn’t have reduced a “former EP” status to ordinary MP post. This guy did not understand what majestic job, with fame and prowess, JR had created. He spoiled it by 18A because of the greed for raw power.

    When he was left out empty handed, it was it was Wimal and Dinesh created this Joint comedian camp by breaking million coconuts for Pathini Deviyo. How that idiot foolishly acted and lost his power before the end of his term, that much he has already done to the Joint Comedy amp by promoting, Younger Brother Prince and Elder Son Prince in the Pada Yatra. This guy has to capture SLFP to protect him from UN electric chair. He has no more confidence in Ranil. So he grabbed the Joint Comedy camp to spear his agenda. What the communist Joint Comedy camp look for is, to inject poisonous communism into Lankawe, a Sinhala Buddhist spear head that can penetrate even an elephant’s skin. This is the game they played to Sirimavo and she wiped them out in 1970s. Joint Comedy camp is only a fringe for him. This camel will not walk on the map Wimal and Dinesh draw. One can ask Champika that; he knows a lot about it. This camel is not going to go into Joint Comedy Camp and make Wimal, Dinesh and Udaya Gammanpila as his bosses. The camel will enter tent when it is ready to tear it off and let the occupants out of it. But in contrast, all what Old King looking for are only some threats to SLFP so that it will surrender leadership to him. New King has no way other than let the Old King has his says in SLFP. The Unity Government was formed only fence American State Secretary John Kerry. So it is time for New King to leave that. New his fear of his war crime investigations has been cooled by New American ambassador Atul Keshap.

    So I do not think CT organizing “WWF”‘s September-5th “clashing of the titans” will take place. I will not buy ticket for that. I just want make sure I get my Vege and coke will be delivered.

  • 6

    Don’t worry. He definitely will not go; because there will be an “Invitation” from abroad to time with this Convention. Our “PATRIOTS”, based abroad and other “DUBIOUS” organizations are extending invitations to MR. The nature and purpose of these invitations and visits still remain a “Mystery”; but we will know more in the near future.

  • 4

    Simply asking “Am I still popular ?”

  • 6

    What difference would it make if you go or not?

    You are anyways still running the country with your crooks in the government , UNP and Ranil are side shot puppets of the show & as usual people are too blinded with prejudice and can see through ,only Ravi has some power from your goons calling the shots,because he is willing and giving.

    How easy to fool the people of Sri Lanka, you,your family and your side goons are all still living in luxury , smugglers continue to smuggle, drug peddlers are continuing their business, Tenders are still approved under the table , and you and your family still continue to get your cut ,you are now more well off than before , The human donkeys have agreed to do the dirty job for you, and the rest of the human goats are willing to be sacrificed for you, you have all the devils blessings and luck.

    Ranil and his good parliamentarians will never be allowed to do anything sincere to the country and will remain as scapegoats .Budika was smart not to take a Ministerial post.

    The poor guy who lost the most is Poor Azath Sally , he is too honest to be a politician,

    This is not yahapalana -This is MARA’S PALANA , Whatever mahinda says will be done, the only guy who had the guts to say it openly was Anura ,JVP leader.


    Ranil will never be allowed to be the leader , because most Sri lankan are bad losers , they do not like competition , they prefer to let the leaders rob and just hop on the wagon and rob rob until Sri lanka becomes paupers.

    සත්යය කටුක වේ, නමුත් එය සත්යය

    truth is bitter ,but it is the truth !

  • 0

    Ranil W… of UNP and CBK of New UNP member, never been to any Prison for an hour which done all sorts of political crime during their ruling governances many years.

    Why is that?

    They are not for the people and current state for control by Christen and Tamil decants of interest under the cover by ” democracy” of family roots of politics. The God blessing of US and Indian vested interest of plundering our nation wealth by local agent of UNP.

    State power and enforcement authority in hand of Ranil W.. and CBK has been operated by vested interest of rotten bourgeoisies of US and Indian interest.

    The people has to realized MR are not in their political inner circulars of US and Indian not that supporting by foreign -related bourgeoisies.

    That is why MR family members are in and out of prison from time to time by same corruption charges by “Rule of Law” of UNP’s.

    Needless to say an unfortunate “democracy” of UNP guided and funded by US and Indians hegemonies.

    Is this mistake of democracy not that a painful lessons need to study by right thinking of democratic activities and their parties.

  • 1


    You are right!
    He will avoid the convention by going overseas,ostensibly on invitations received from his catchers.The real purpose of-course is to relocate the robbed money,meet up with his B-I-L.
    My guess is that his priorities have changed,since a wide cross-section of the population now realise,that he is a common thief!

  • 2

    Send this bugger to serve tea and biscuits. That’s all he is capable of doing.

  • 1

    Rajafucksa can go to hell if he does not want to attend.Who cares if he is there or not.After all he is just a former president and now just an ordinary MP.

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