4 December, 2022


SLFP Convention: Rajapaksa To Duck Out

Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa has decided not to attend the 65th Convention of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP).

Mahinda Matugama

Mahinda Matugama

Rajapaksa, who was initially on the fence whether or not to attend the convention, which will be held in Kurunegala, his constituency, will avoid the convention, and instead travel to Kuala Lumpur where he will take part in the Asia Pacific Parliamentarians’ Union convention. Several other Joint Opposition MPs are also expected to join Rajapaksa on the trip. The Parliamentarians convention will be held from September 1 to 4.

Sources said that even though Rajapaksa has decided to give the SLFP convention a miss, he has however not disapproved other Parliamentarians of the Joint Opposition from taking part in it, but instead he has informed them to take a decision based on the sentiments of the voters, in their respective vote bases.

“It is the people who should tell you’ll whether or not to go,” Rajapaksa had reportedly said.

The 65th SLFP Convention will be held on September 4 in Kurunegala under the patronage of President Maithripala Sirisena, who is also the SLFP leader.

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Latest comments

  • 2

    From the 8th of Jan 2015 this so-called but self made God has been ducking. This is no different.

    • 2

      Why MR behaves today as a teenage politician – would do. We can understand the behaviours of Gonthadipila or the like ones that make every efforts to betray anything and everything ot succeed and collect their own experiences in politics, but we are speecheless when looking at so called self proclaimed veteran lanken parlaimentarians behave no different ot the former.

      This world should be so naive, if anyone with a bird brain would not notice this.

      Good luck to srilankens.

  • 2

    The only respectable thing to do. I am sure there are people who do not want him to be respectable so they can continue their MR-bashing

    • 2

      You racist and the boot licker can continue to worship the biggest thieves ( The whole family ) of Srilanka for centuries .
      They never cared about the poor man on the road.
      Your kind have no conscience , decency , nor brain to think of the future of the country or for its future generations.

      You still can’t fathom the damage he and his cohorts had caused for this country or for the future .

      All because it to do with racism and jealousy.
      He and his family allegedly robbed the country and all the foreign aids.
      In the process he destroyed the country destroyed those ( Decent Patriots ) who were against his wicked motives.
      You brainless fool carry on singing the song of Para Pakshe Hallelujah !!’

  • 1

    Analyst. I was surpised by your response, however as a fellow Sri Lankan, I would say that honest criticism should be welcome:

    Firstly, racism:

    Full Definition of racism
    : a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race
    : racial prejudice or discrimination

    I do not believe in the superiority of any of the major races in this country, I respect each one as having very commendable and admirable practices and cultures. Of course there are faults in any – I hesitate to say race – but ethnic groups.

    Secondly, I do not believe in racial prejudice or discrimmination. However, since they say “Sinhalaya modaya” maybe the Sinhalayas should be given preferential treatment? Otherwise everything should be on merit. I believe there is room for everyone in Sri Lanka if they do not get too ambitious or greedy like it is alleged of the previous president’s family.

    Being a boot licker should not bother anyone else. That’s an opportunity for everyone else to be better than I am.

    If MR never cared about the poor man on the road – well it’s not a chargeable crime, since many politicians do this. But they have me fooled. Once it is proved that they stole millions/billions, that will settle the issue, I think the only thing remaining is to prove they did not win the war and managed it badly.

    I believe the guilty should be punished, but I suspect it will ‘decimate our leadership’ it is only for that reason that I am not too keen on punishing bond scams.

    No I cannot fathom the damage MR has done. He ended the war and brought development. I cannot fathom the damage done bny the MS/RW leadership either, I prefer that there be no damage but that seems to be out of the question. One may argeu the damage prevented by ending the war against the damage done, I have a feeling the balance in lives saved would have been worthwhile.

    Being brainless and a fool should not bother you, since it will be easier to defeat me in arguments. One up for your side.

    By the way the country is not destroyed, it is still here and soon to be restored to its former glory by the current set of beloved leaders Hallelujah !!’

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