4 June, 2023


SLFP Not For Curtailing Executive Powers If Not Implemented With Electoral Reforms

The SLFP today said it would oppose to any form of amendments to Executive Presidency, if they are not implemented simultaneously with electoral reforms.



Opposition Leader Nimal Siripala de Silva during a media briefing held this afternoon had said that they have learnt of an attempt by the UNP to present an ‘urgent’ bill in the parliament to curtail the Executive powers of the President and added that although they admit this is the most apt time to introduce such reforms, they would not support it if it is not introduced concurrently with electoral reforms.

Various viewpoints have been expressed with concern to the electoral reforms in the offing, with parties such as the JVP claiming that they are completely against reforms proposed by the Dinesh Gunawardena committee. They claim the proposed system does not reflect a true representation in the parliament.

The two main parties, the UNP and the JVP however seem to agree on the proposals and it has been reported that the reforms are to be introduced within the next few weeks.

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    Can you comment, please, a;; yours. Amarairi is too busy.

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    Executive Presidency and electoral reforms go hand in hand. As such, amendments to both should be done simultaneously. SLFPers may have an ulterior motive but the stand that they have taken is good for the country.

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    SLFP MPs’ know that they will not stand a chance at the next election. Hence, they are trying their best to stay in power and delay the elections.

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    right now in the plans is not stopping the ability to abuse the powers of Executive presidency, instead making the president a puppet of the parliament.

    that will lead any minority making demands from the prime minister to subjugate the president in return for their support.

    electoral reforms needed. No of parliament seats should be decreased and appointing drug lords, criminals, thugs via the national list should be stopped. Jumping side to side as well as competition among MPs and provincial councillors should be stooped.

    Candidates should have some minimum educational qualifications as well as they should go through a thorough review for their back ground.

    Party nominations boards must be legally bound to select only suitable people.

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