30 May, 2023


SLFP Now Wants To Resolve Central Committee Issue Amicably

The Sri Lanka Freedom Party seniors have now opted to hold negotiations with President Maithripala Sirisena to resolve the issue surrounding the SLFP Central Committee amicably.

Anura Yapa

Anura Yapa

SLFP General Secretary Anura Priyadarshana Yapa ans several other seniors are expected to meet President Sirisena on Wednesday to discuss about the matter.

The Colombo District Court issued an order last week preventing the SLFP from convening its Central Committee without the party leader’s approval.

The party General Secretary attempted to convene a Central Committee meeting last Wednesday after President Maithripala Sirisena’s special statement on the UPFA nominations.

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Latest comments

  • 26

    Well done MY3, Let the rogues come to your turf.

    First sign of TSUNAMI HORA MARA crumbling under the rubble.

    I think MARA is being heck mated tactically by MY3.

    August 17th will be the death knell for the Tsunami Hora.Even the soucerers have said it in, no uncertain terms.

    • 19

      Mr. President Maitripals Sirisena,

      “Well done MY3, Let the rogues come to your turf.”

      Wait it out. Let the Due Process take its time. Let the courts take its time. Tell the court thee is no need for a meeting now, and that you are not calling the meeting. You will call the meeting when it is appropriate.

      Remember, they are all cronies of MaRa.

      MaRa MaRa Chatu MaRa Amana MaRa Dhushana MaRa Ego MaRa…

      Yapa is Kade Yana Shopping for MaRa..

      • 10

        Mr President, Watch your step with these crooks.

    • 16

      SLFP seniors? My foot.

      Who are these so called seniors? Susil, Anura Yapa, Siripala, DM & Ratnasiri etc, I guess.

      Will you even consider buying a used car from such a bunch of corrupt & deceptive clowns?

      Still you entrust the future of our country to them? How stupid is that?


  • 12

    Anura Pridharshana Yapa

    Please have mercy on yourself. Please[Edited out]

  • 15

    MS should now think seriously about replacing voter fatigue and corrupt politicians in his party…prune a tea bush for better results,prune your party office bearers.

  • 18

    Another ploy is in the offing for SLFP to meet and remove the country’s
    president from the position of president of SLFP and he should be firm
    if ever he chairs the meeting and see that no such motions are brought for discussion.He should pay back in the same coin and break some rules
    if necessary, if it is in the interest of good governance and the country as a whole.
    If he does another somersault , the people, who excused the President solely because he was duped and betrayed by both the secretaries, of SLFP/UPFA, will not support him in his 5 years long carrier and seriously speaking, people want Dr. Rajitha chosen as the SLFP secy.
    and lead the faction in the UNP coalition under SLFP(S)banner and the President will have the rights to address the SLFP(S)meetings, which is legal.

    50 odd civil society organizations under the leadership of Most.Ven.
    Sobitha Thera, the leading light of Sri Lanka are signing a MOU with UNP for good governance and it looks like the opposition forces against the President are weakening and howling are diminishing as MS becomes a hero, once again.

  • 15

    The Seniors are Mahinda Rajapakses brokers. You seniors supported Mahinda’s attempt to assasinate Mithiri. You all have blood and balck money in your hands. In your terms “amicable” means another attemptto assasinate Mithiri.

  • 12

    This is the man who did not do anything for his district.
    Well corrupted.

  • 17

    People should realise that this election is about the future if Sri Lanka and NOT about future of Mahinda Rajapaksa. We must elect people with a foresight who could steer the country out of the present mess.

  • 12

    The President should kick these people out, just as they kicked him and pissed on him.

    They are crooked in their mentality and actions. They cannot be trusted. They do one thing while planning to do the exact opposite.

    They discarded the President and grievously insulted him.

    The President should act with self respect and get rid of them.

    He can NEVER expect to work with them on carrying out his policies. They will be interested only in surviving in public life with THEIR chosen leader.

    Right now they are trying ONLY to recover from the damage they have suffered in the election process. They know they are losing and the public will consign them to the latrine pit.


  • 13

    RE: SLFP Now Wants To Resolve Central Committee Issue Amicably

    “The Sri Lanka Freedom Party seniors have now opted to hold negotiations with President Maithripala Sirisena to resolve the issue surrounding the SLFP Central Committee amicably.”

    Mr. Sirisena should drag it until the court gives its verdict.

    Then the Election will be over, and its a new set of MPs.

    MaRa MaRa Chatiu MaRa Amana MaRa Cronies

  • 16

    If MS agrees for this boru “amicable settlement” then he is foolishly allowing MR and his cronies to drive the last nail on his head or digging his own grave 6 feet deep. This amicable settlement scheme will be fast forward scheme than the Nalin de Silva’s iimpeachment of MS after MR becomes PM.

  • 9

    President should not trust these corrupted huligans for even a second. They are waiting for a right time to oust you and CBK as they did to Anura and Mrs. B. President must take the full controle of the central commitee in order to carry out future good governance of the country.

  • 3

    Here’s the list of candidates i believe will loose this elections.Do you guys agree ?
    1. Susil Prem (water petrol)
    2. Wijedasa Raja
    3. Thilanga Sumathi
    4. Dinesh Guna
    5. Bandula Guna
    6. Dhanasiri Amara
    7. Kanthi Kodikara
    8. weerawansa
    9. Rohitha Bogols
    10. Gampila
    11. Mangala Samaraweera
    12. Sunethra Rana
    13. Srinath Perera

    • 4

      UPFA losers

      Mahinda Rajapakse – Wayamba will vote for Wayamba sons & daughters
      Namal Rajapakse – after fathers betrayal, NO to anyone from D.A. Rajapakse bloodline
      Chamal Rajapakse – after the brothers betrayal, NO to anyone from D.A. Rajapakse bloodline
      Anura Yapa
      Susil Prema Jayanth
      Bandula Gunawardane
      Rohitha Bogols
      Dinesh Gunewardane
      Thilanga Sumathipala
      Manusha Nanayakkara
      Prasanna Ranatunge
      Pavithra Wattiamma
      Nishantha Mutuhetti

    • 5

      Thilanga the Bookiepala will come with so many uneducated and those voters who can be bought with money.

      Wijedasa Raja should be alright and should be in.

      Weerawansa the animal will win easily with the fake patriotic lines.

      Mangala Samare is one of the best ministers we had in 200 days and he have shown his colors.

    • 17

      Mangala Samaraweera will not be defeated for sure.

    • 2

      Thumpane Gamaya – You are almost there but Wijedasa Rajapakse and
      Mangala samaraweera will survive.

  • 11

    All politicians in sri lanka are corrupt. The difference is in the scale!

  • 12

    Anura Yapa is an incompetent and servile goat. How he joined hands to present a false report to Parliament to impeach CJ? He bends in five before MARA

  • 9

    This Secretary General of SLFP from Kurunegala proved his “Incompetency” and “Deceitful” behavior as a Parliamentarian and a “Peoples’ Representative”, when he headed the Parliament Select Committee that handled ex CJ Mrs. Shiranee Bandaranayak’s “Impeachment Motion”. Do we need any more evidence to send this man to wilderness in Politics along with his “Ex Supremo” who is also trying to get into Parliament from the very same constituency – Kurunegala. Mr. President be very careful when these types of people come to you for discussions. They are “snakes under grass”. This man is one among a whole “LOT” who should be sent into wilderness in politics at the forthcoming election.

  • 5

    Sri Lanka Freedom Party’s ethical politics and tranquility in competitiveness politics have been dead and buried and replaced by total ruthlessness and openly shameful greediness with the entrance of Mahinda Rajapaksha into active politics 45 years ago. He is a clan of MEP that was responsible for slaying of SWRD B, the founder of SLFP, and that origin of ruthlessness, has not been finished yet. In 1971 Dudley Senanayake, had to say “seek within your same feathers for trouble makers” to the ruling party SLFP. Mahinda Rajapaksha has injected the ruthlessness and open greediness to the entire party since the gone decade with ulterior motives and with exception of few properly thinking people. Enough with these hijacked mind set and corrupt as well of these senior pros of Susil Premaeya, Yapa Priya, Rape Alakiya and Sri Pola … its time for complete revamp of SLFP with hard working young guns at an appropriate time decided by you Excellency, not by the time those crooks wanted!

  • 3

    Series of organizers for SLFP are being appointed by the President for each electorate,amidst the active electioneering by Mahinda Fraction. Some thing is slowly cooking up for the goodness of SLFP I recon!

    All the best

  • 0

    Is the editor of CT taking the CT readers for a ride as the above subject never appeared in any of the SL dailies. Are you testing our
    patience ?

  • 0

    In his own admission Sirisena conceded 99pcent of the leaders and 100pcent of the members of the UPFA are with Mahinda. If That is so why the hell are you hanging on to the chairmanship?

  • 0

    Having realised that MR is not going to be a winning horse, these so called SLFP seniors are now trying to place their bets on both sides. MS is a smart person and I hope he will take them along the garden path and dump them down the precipice after August 17 so that they will never be able to climb back into a political life again in their life time.

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