14 June, 2024


Sri Lanka Campaign Rejects Allegations Against Yasmin Sooka

The Sri Lanka Campaign (SLC) has today rejected the accusation that Yasmin Sooka was involved in the complaint against Sir Desmond de Silva.

Sending a petition to the President, a group Sri Lankans including former diplomats Dr. Dayan Jayetilleka and Tamara Kunanayagam said; What was hidden from everyone’s eyes, was that the organization making the complaint to the Bar Standards Board in England against Sir Desmond in the UK was the Sri Lanka Campaign for Peace & Justice, which has listed the co-author of the Darusman Report, Ms Yasmin Sooka, as its Executive Director!

Yasmin Sooka - Executive Director - International Truth & Justice Project - Sri Lanka

Yasmin Sooka – Executive Director – International Truth & Justice Project – Sri Lanka

Writing to Colombo Telegraph the SLC’s Executive Director Fred Carver said; “that letter contains a number of falsehoods about the Sri Lanka Campaign and Yasmin Sooka”

We publish below the SLC’s letter to CT in full;

Dear Editor,

I notice you’ve carried a letter from a number of academics calling for the release of a number of reports.

That letter contains a number of falsehoods about the Sri Lanka Campaign and Yasmin Sooka.

The allegation that Yasmin Sooka orchestrated the complaint against Sir Desmond de Silva is entirely false. When this allegation first surfaced in the Daily Mirror last month I wrote to them demanding the withdrawal of the allegation and that they publish a correction. That letter is available publicly here.

As it states in that letter, Yasmin Sooka was in no way involved in our decision to bring a complaint against Sir Desmond de Silva and played no part in making the complaint. Indeed she would not even have been aware that we had done so until reading about it in the press.

The allegation that Yasmin Sooka is the executive director of the SLC is also false. I am the Executive Director (although I use the title Campaign Director). Yasmin Sooka is merely one of our 23 advisors; as I explained to the Daily Mirror as Yasmin Sooka has been engaged in other matters of late we have not had occasion or opportunity to call on her advice in some time.

I can also confirm that the Sri Lanka Campaign was in no way involved with the creation or publication of the letter of the 4th of August mentioned in the letter. The reason that the letter of the 4th of August does not mention our name is that this letter was nothing to do with us.

At no point was there any attempt to hide the fact that the Sri Lanka Campaign were making the complaint against Sir Desmond De Silva. Indeed that information would have been readily available from us, from the BSB, from Sir Desmond, and from the first sentence of the article written about the complaint in the Daily FT on the 5th of August.

However we do feel that in the interests of due process we should refrain from commenting on an ongoing investigation and that is why we have limited our comments and our activities on the complaint itself to confirming that we have lodged the complaint.

I would be grateful if you would ensure that if this letter continues to be made visible on your site then it be made clear that these facts contained within the letter are false.

I would also be grateful if you could furnish me with the contact information via which you received this letter, as I wish to contact the publishers of this letter to request that the circulate a correction to all recipients of the original letter.

Kind regards,

Fred Carver

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    very interesting.

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    Dr. Dayan Jayetilleka : former diplomutt. The President has already consigned the Petition to trash can. [Edited out]

    • 6

      This goes to confirm that Dayan is a damn liar – that we have always been saying.

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    I would like to categorically state that Sri Lanka Campaign is not part of the Sri Lankan diaspora here in the UK.
    When His Excellency President Mahinda Rajapaksa visited the Sri Lankan diaspora members from all community in 2010 at the Sri Lanka High Commission we were all impressed by Sir Desmond De Silva who rose to the motherland’s needs just as the illustrious line of lions he originates from has done so on the past. It was due to Sir Desmond De Silva’s unmissable presence that we could discuss development projects undertaken by His Excellency President Mahinda Rajapaksa when Tamil terrorist propaganda had started via Channel 4. His grandfather Sir George E De Silva saved our freedom fighters from the gallows in 1915 when the colonial rulers of Sri Lanka were operating without knowledge of United Kingdom. His father Fredrick De Silva too was an illustrious lawyer. Sir Desmond De Silva was a Trinitian and his wife, Princess Katarina De Silva of Yugoslavia too is serving Sri Lanka well. Princess Katarina De Silva has even brought forward future leaders of United Kingdom such as Euan Blair, eldest son of former prime minister Tory Blair to help with tourism and development.
    What gas Sri Lanka Campaign ever done for our motherland?
    If Yasmin Sooka is also not in the board then who is in the board?
    Does Sri Lanka Campaign know that Sir Desmond De Silva is a member of the Privy Council that advises on the sovereignty of United Kingdom?
    What steps has Sri Lanka Campaign taken to safeguard the sovereignty of Sri Lanka?
    Sir Desmond De Silva will defend even His Excellency President Maithripala Sirisena if he was to be placed under pressure due to Tamil terrorist propaganda. So the petition must be read and acted upon.

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      The Desmond De Silva was representing Mahinda Rajapaksa as early as December 2010?
      That is even more serious.

      Who ever denied anywhere that Yasmin Sooka was on the board of SLC? Read it again. Fred Carver claims responsibility of Executive Director and points out Yasmin Sooka has not been engaged for sometime in his campaign.

    • 5

      Patriot? My foot!

      Desmond de Silva is an opportunist money-grabber who will side with anyone who pays him handsomely.

      This is a well orchestrated campaign by the losers (Dayan and Tamara) around the mega-loser Rajapaksa to tarnish the reputation of Ms Sooka who is a very effectrive campaigner for the tamil victims of the Sri Lankan state in the war in 2009. As before these loses will fail.

  • 2

    Fred Carver

    I hear you, man. Sooka is not the “Sooka” in Anthony Burgess’
    A Clockwork Orange.

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    ”What has Sri Lanka Campaign ever done for our motherland?”

    Please look up: https://www.srilankacampaign.org/

    a.Board of Directors:
    Edward Mortimer (chair)
    Carolyn Hayman (secretary)
    Allan Marson
    Ian Martin
    Lucy Popescu
    Angela Seay

    Fred Carver – Campaign Director
    Richard Gowing – Deputy Director

    • 0

      c. Advisory Council
      Sharry Aiken
      Beate Arnested
      Nirmanusan Balasundaram
      Adele Barker
      Lakhdar Brahimi
      Basil Fernando
      Charles Glass
      Bianca Jagger
      Damien Kingsbury
      Antony Loewenstein
      Jake Lynch
      Chibli Mallat
      Rajan Menon
      Farah Mihlar
      Natalie Samrasinghe
      Teesta Setalvad
      Yasmin Sooka

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    Fred Carver


    I do not know who you are, though I have seen some E-Mails indicating your Organization’s endeavors. But don’t, please, take seriously what our CJ (Chief Jester) Dayan Jeyathilake wrote and posted with some other names. He further came to the thread and defended it too. It is ok. We enjoy his jokes.


  • 1

    Where the PhD in lying?

    What is the hold back in coming and responding the thread?

    The man born with silver tongue lost the sense on that metallic one?

    Dayan lied on the UNHRC with zero casualty in 2009. That is so simple. It is a political place. They like to hear lies. But not outside Dayan. Somebody will find mistake on your statement and come challenge.

    Dayan can give the gentleman his contact information so that he need not to come and publicly rebut Dayan’s lies. Can Dayan do that at least, instead of writing lies and hiding.

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    People who buried a hatchet to trotsky’s skull , are doing same to Yasmin Sooka.

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    All the people who initiated the letter Dayan & Clan suddenly go silent. Wonder why?

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