7 June, 2023


Sri Lanka Cricket: Thilanga Commences Ranatunga Residue Mop Up Operation

Recently elected Sri Lanka Cricket Board President Thilanga Sumathipala is determined to wipe out the Ranatunga’s support base from Sri Lanka Cricket administration, sources within the cricket board told Colombo Telegraph today.

Shane Fernando

Shane Fernando

Taking the first casualty, with barely three days to depart for the Under 19 Cricket World Cup scheduled to take place in Bangladesh, Shane Fernando the appointed Manager of the team had been removed from his duties yesterday and replaced by cricket selector Ranjith Madurusinghe.

Fernando who had been appointed to the post since January 01, 2015 up until the scheduled Under 19 World Cup which takes place on the January 22, 2016 in Bangladesh, had been working with the squad from day one.

He has been relieved of all of his Managerial duties and responsibilities and they have been handed over to the Under 19 selector Madurusinghe instead.

Fernando will nevertheless still make the tour to handle all other logistical duties.

Colombo Telegraph contacted SLC CEO Ashley De Silva to seek clarification regarding this matter. CEO De Silva refused to speak to the media stating that all media related questions should be posed to SLC secretary Mohan De Silva instead.

When Colombo Telegraph asked the SLC CEO De Silva if the Secretary was more powerful than himself being the CEO, De Silva said ” I have no comment. Please speak to the Secretary I dont speak to the media regarding these issues”.

However it is reliably learnt that it was the CEO De Silva himself who broke the news to Fernando when he summoned him to his Head Quartered office yesterday to inform him of this change.

Subsequently when Colombo Telegraph contacted Sri Lanka Cricket’s Secretary Mohan De Silva he confirmed the news to be true.

” The Executive Committee of SLC felt that it was necessary to have the travelling selector Madurusinghe manage the team on this all important tour being a former national cricketer himself. We still wish to utilize Shane Fernando’s experience too and he will also be going on the tour” said De Silva the newly elected Secretary of SLC.

It is widely believed that this decision taken by the current Executive Committee is because Shane Fernando despite being a paid employee of Sri Lanka Cricket, had indirectly supported the Ranatunga camp leading up to the recently concluded SLC Executive Committee elections.

Fernando’s affiliations and friendship to the Ranatunga camp dates back to the 80’s when he opened batting for Sinhalese Sports Club when Arjuna Ranatunga was the captain.

However Fernando, the former Outstation School Boy Cricketer of the Year in 1986 and also a former UAE national cricketer is still to be served an official letter in this regard.

” This is the SLC President Thilanga Sumathipala’s first step at removing all Ranatunga residue left behind. There will certainly be more mop up operations taking place as the days unfold” said a SLC source on the condition of anonymity.  (Filed by Marlon Dale Ferreira © CT )

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  • 22

    “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

    What a third-class carnival Sri Lanka Cricket has become.

    I have nothing against removing Ranatunga clan from Sri Lanka Cricket’s administration. Nishantha Ranatunga should not have been in the race at all. He should have been in jail for life. For the rotten CSN deal alone.

    What is exactly Thilanga Sumathipala’s agenda in Cricket anyway? Why is that guy willing to die for it? He is only a businessman of highly dubious dealings. His politics are even worse, to say the least.

    Why are Nawaloka’s Dharmadasa brothers meddling in Cricket? Have they ever palyed the game? I don’t think so.

    No doubt the Gentlemen’s Game has been hijacked by unsavory characters in Sri Lanka. We may never rescue it again.

    Remember the time when Dr. N.M Perera was the President of Sri Lanka Cricket? We have every reason to be nostalgic of that era.

    Do not blame the men with questionable track records that currently govern Cricket though. Whether we like it or not.

    Blame corrupt, spineless, calculating politicians who have overseen Cricket’s descent into a lawless, chaotic mafia in Sri Lanka.

    Blame men of good reputation in SL who have walked away from helping to administer the game. Likes of Ranjan Madugalle are nowhere to be seen. Sri Lanka has plenty of such skilled gentlemen with unquestionable bonds to Cricket who can run a transparent SLC.

    Alas! They shy away from SLC administration as if it is some sort of a pest.

    They have handed over our national sport on a platter. To be run by a pack of thieves. While they watch from the sidelines. Without lifting a finger.

    That is the real tragedy of Cricket in Sri Lanka.


    • 6

      Thilanga is a proved [Edited out].

      This means president elected for Cricket in SL is [Edited out]
      This mean again deputy speaker of the parliament is [Edited out].

      Sure, Arjuna et all created all the grounds those idiots to abuse today.

      I dont think even if his siblings could be with idiots (Rajapakshes) that Arjuna would follow the same path.

      Whoever whatever being expressed, they are being investigated as I heard from Arjuna yesterday, that manner Thilanga Sumathipala added his thoughts were beyond all ethics and morals… like a pettah street man would do, he challenged AR last week. This should not be the nature of a deputy speaker of a country.

      Anyway, these men were entwined with Rajapakshe criminals, SO what better we can expect from these men ?

      It is believed even the dogs of Rajapskhes are fierce than the average dogs.

      • 10

        Thilanga Sumathipala is the A-Yahapalanaya crook, Sirisen’s catcher.

        So called President of Good Governance Sri Lanka brought this crook into the Parliament of Corrupt morons deputy Speaker post!

        • 4

          You cant criticise president this way. That is not right. He is caught by devils. Only way out would be him to resign, but that will not do the job for he is elected. So, something is better than nothing is being done by president. RW is also caught by today s situation. He cant react self because he is bound to be shared each and everything with the constutients.
          SO, for you guys, as JVPERs do it from dawn to dusk, it is easy to criticse, but being cuaght by the situatoni, thing s look different . getting the bangwagon move, RW and MY3 have to work diehard, amidst every bodys disrepect. Lanken politics – politics in third world is not easy at all.

        • 1

          Very same president was the man to have allowed Constitutioual amds done. Oky ? Meaning president s situation is comparable to being caught by devil. Please use the wisdom which is though not an easy task in a country like ours- where over 90% are corrupted and abusive.

    • 6

      There will be a somebody above Sumathipala’s wait and see. Ranil is planning to do that with the approval of ICC.

  • 5

    If there is one area that is an Index of the social changes that has taken place & is taking place in Srilanka,it is Cricket.
    True,it is broad-based bringing in talent from across the country but the Administration of the game has gone into the Lumpen elements.In short,the Gentlemans game is now being managed by those who do not fit into the class of Gentleman.
    Talking about the dogs of Rajapakses it may have been Pedigreed as per the Kennel association Pedigree chart.But by association with their Masters those canines would have shed their Pedigree!

  • 13

    Thilanga Sumathipala is a convicted criminal who was sentenced to Two Years R.I
    He is also a bookmaker.


    How does such a person become SLC President?
    This does not happen in other cricketing nations.
    Rules have to be changed.

    • 8

      Who allowed himn to become Deputy speaker of UTTHAREETHARA parliament ?

      Are srilankens that low class people to appoint criminals as deputy speaker of the country parliament ?

      Man, where are we going today ?

      • 3

        Thilanga lost the election but ‘Appa My3’ appointed him from the national list & then as the speaker. It shows the credibility of the president.

        • 1

          Appa MY3 is 100000000000000000000000000000000000000 times better than megalomaniac murderous Rajapakshes. They tortured all ethnic groups of srilankens.
          a)Notherners – but they are srilankens
          b)Southerners (aluthgama) they are also srilankens
          c)Down south southerners they are also srilankens, our man priniciple has looted the properties of poor owners not for valid reasons. Reasons may be they are not rascals as Rajapakshe have been

          They are born rascals that have been added to lanken history.
          Even today, as if he is made to go on with his kind of politics, he dares to open his cesspit while visiting kovils and temples.
          Last night listning to ASP liyanage on the screen, I thought, Rajapakshe is born to manipulate any low esteem men and women of the country.

    • 7

      “Thilanga Sumathipala is a convicted criminal,how does such a person become SLC President? “
      Find the answer to this one first, how did a convicted criminal became a ‘Minister’. Answer: it only happens in ‘Paradise’ island.

    • 3

      When the National Government, both the previous and the present have “men” of dubious character, any surprise that Sri Lanka is having all kinds of problems? Likewise, the ONLY entity of which we had some joy is also going down the chute. Unless the “Purawesi Movement” moves, we are finished.

  • 8

    PM Ranil, who knows something about cricket,should intervene and settle
    the current issues affecting cricket in SL.and in fact he should bring
    SLC under his command and appoint Sidath Wettimuny as the care taker. He should ensure that finance of SLC is well protected and audited properly. The good news is that Mahela & Kumar, two great cricketers
    of international fame & respect have agreed to assist SLC and they
    should ensure that no one should interfere with their work, which will
    be always towards betterment of cricket in SL. SLC should heed to their
    advice on team selection of all three version of the game,as they are experts in this field.

  • 4

    Thilanka is a well established crook who is also a MaRa bootlicker.
    He should be kicked out from politics at any cost. He has unlimited Talent of bragging!!!!!!!!!!

  • 5

    It is strange how this Bookiepala who got his own underworld thug who turned against him bumped off inside Courts, yet continue to hold any kind of Office? The assailant was caught but no legal action taken as then Thilanga will get exposed.

    • 2

      Mr Wickramarate,
      I think not the bookiepala but the people to be blamed.
      Why the bugger is elected by stupid voters
      That is where we have to focus on.
      And the fact we also need to criticise the ones that appointed him as deuputy speaker.
      Please it is high time to call a spade a spade.
      Even today, rulers are lagged by all kind of culprits that are trying to do other way around and paint the picture in favour of them.
      All these should be made clear by prevailing law and order that they have to turn to the good.

      • 4

        Sama ,

        This Crook Bookipala has been rejected by the Colombo voters ,for bizarre reasons MY3 had thought of him and offered an MP post as well as deputy speaker position . Bookipala is a born criminal , he is the one who bribed a high court judge for Rs 8 Million to get him free on a pending court case .
        Nishantha R is yet another crook who always likes to rub shoulders with the the so called elite. Arjuna was a good cricketer ;nevertheless , it is advisable for Arjuna to stay away from SL cricket for good. Sidath W , Ranjan M, Ana Punchihewa type gentlemen should get involved in SL cricket administration.

  • 4

    Both Arjuna and Thilanga are not gentlemen, So they are not fit to administrate the gentlemen s game

  • 1

    Sunday Leader has the record of TS. We remember what he was doing during the time CBK was reigning.AR also has been changed completely.We are not happy with the way he is functioning.

  • 1

    Our Two Up Sumathpala & the Yahapalana Porky Minister are having a go at each other because the latter missed out on getting his hand in the till.

    I didn’t make this up.

    Even a half with like the ones Wije mentioned would conclude that , it is the case, by listening to barbs they exchange on prime time TV.

    Funny part is both are now in the same Yahapalanan camp.while the Yahapalanaya is driving us in top gear to bankruptcy .

    Free loans and grants from the Chinese were cut off to please the West.

    West promises but never delivers.

    Galleon and Batalanda have been digging into our FX like a hurricane.

    USD 7.5 has been whittled down to sort of nothing.

    Galleon Ravi is now borrowing from only God knows who, to pay the invoices for imported goods , mainly for the Elite and Cargills,

    Galleon even has the guts to tell the Yahapalana suckers to go to court, if they find Galleon’s Belgian Buddy’s cash is “hot” and or sus..

    And Yahapalanaya is only a yearling still..

  • 0

    The people who know Thilanga knows that he is a crook! Last time he was at the Cricket board, he ripped it off, did illegal activity. This bookie is no innocent party, he want’s to takeover Sri lanka! Will be worse than the Rajapaksha if he does!

    Arjuna and clan is legitimate, but the issue is they do not have the bookie money to buy peopel over, unlike Thilanga and Jagath S. In today’s society, it all comes down to Money! And Bookie has plenty of it to go around….

  • 0


    ‘Arjuna and clan is legitimate …’ Don’t think so. Bull shit has been replaced with horse shit, it’s still shit. The question is who is worse.

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