8 August, 2022


Sri Lanka – One Country But Two Worlds: Mangala

UNP MP Mangala Samaraweera speaking today said although Sri Lanka stands as one country following the end of the  war, the governance system of the Rajapaksa regime has created two worlds within this single state.

 Mangala and the President

Mangala and the President | File photo

Speaking at a media breifing today, MP Samaraweera lashed out at the government and held them responsible for the creation of two worlds within the country – one to which less than 1% of the population belongs and is comprised of the close relatives and friends of the Rajapaksas and the other in which 99% of the population comprising of the common people stand.

“One is the world of the super luxurious – where its people pay Rs. 200 per hopper, where they are able to take the law of the country into their hands and where they oust innocent people from their homes and acquire the premises to build casinos and hotels. In the other world meanwhile, the burden of the cost of living has crushed the masses and dragged them to the point where entire families are now committing suicide,” he said.

Speaking further on the economic lows that Sri Lanka has fallen to, MP Samaraweera said that despite the rapid development projects carried out by the government, close to 42% in the country live on a daily wage that is less than Rs. 275.

He went on to highlight the plight of state institutions, pointing out nearly 46 state institutions are presently in debt to which includes Rs. 419 million by the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation and Rs. 44.3 million by Ceylon Electricity Board.

“These figures reflect the poor financial mangement and discipline of the Rajapaksa regime,” he asserted.

He also heavily criticised the nepotism and favouritism prevalent in awarding appointments in the state sector services, particularly the foreign service.

“It is time for the people of this country to rise against this injustice. People in Uva should use their vote on September 20 against the injustice, corruption and thuggery of the Rajapaksa regime,” he said while adding that apart from working towards strengthening the UNP, the time has come to build a common platform that goes beyond party politics and bring together all forces that oppose the Rajapaksa regime.

He said the government is preparing to distribute Rs. 2500 per family in Uva province within the next few days to win over votes.

“This money after all is not the private funds of Rajapaksas – they are tax payers’ money. But the people of Uva should follow the example set by the Northern province voters – they defeated the government using their vote,” MP Samaraweera added.

When inquired of the media reports that have been circulating regarding his opposition to the decision made by Opposition Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe to award the UNP Deputy Leadership to UNP MP Sajith Premadasa, MP Samaraweera said, “I have always fought for princples, not against individuals. In 2007 when I was asked to rejoin the government I rejected the invitation based on principles. So even with Sajith I dont have any issues with him as a person,” he said.

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  • 2

    Who is he trying to fool?

    • 2

      President of course!

      He has said that he had a ‘brotherly’ discussion with the president recently to overcome the annoyance of Ranil making Sajith Deputy again.

      Looks likethe the president is teaching him to clean the log in his own eye before pointing to the speck in the brother’s eye!In good brotherly spirit.

      Puk.Puk.. Puk…

  • 3

    Man-gal thinks we are suffering with Alzheimer disease or born again in a different country. We still remember very well what we were like while he was a powerful minister for many years.

    In 1994 we have elected Man-gal’s boss Chandrika on her solemn promise promise to solve LTTE problem and abolish the Executive Presidency. By the end of her term, the duo had transformed living in Sri Lanka to be worse than in country with the bubonic plague let alone fulfilling what was promised. That’s what we should compare with doing by MR.

    Poor in the richest country, the US have no health care and face death with no treatment at a hospital. They rely on soup kitchens for survival. But today, people in Sri Lanka enjoy the best living standard in SE Asia. No one dies of hunger. And that’s not bad for a country that ended a thirty year war just five years back.

    Look at Iraq after 10 years of ending the war. An Islamic caliphate that behead kafirs is being carved out. Here in Sri Lanka, people of every race and every religion enjoy absolute freedom to travel anywhere they like without harassment or even routine checks.

    MR has delivered what he promissed: He promised to solve the terrorist problem, and he did it. So, now detractors accuse the army for studying northern civilian’s body language. How desperate these guys must be. But they readily accept CIA ad FBI to monitor phone calls of friend and foe anywhere in the world as a part of true democracy.

    Some people may willingly pay Rs 200 or more for a hopper and others may wan to pay Rs.5,000 for a haircut and Rs.100,000 to be with a jewel like boy. That I say is the freedom and taste available now a days for an individual in a free country. How much of that you enjoy Mangal?

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    However much one tries to explain to these foolish masses that this MARA/GORA and Company are plundering and extracting the blood of the masses and giving away a minute percentage of that to the voters to fool them, they will never come to their senses.

    Such is the mental status of these idiotic masses. Let us see whether they have come out of their slumber even in UVA elections or go along the way they have done thus far for a bottle of Arrack and a Rice Packet, now as per Mangala says an additional 2500/= per family as well. What they don’t realise is that they are being taxed for the amount dished out during elections every day and month by these MARAUDING MURDERERS AND PLUNDERERS.

    We can only hope and pray that saner counsel prevails over idiocy.

  • 1

    Our TV stations should do more interviews with this dude leading up to the next Prez Election

    Even the thinking Intelligentsia will try get in to the Rajapaksa camp more they hear this sort of stuff from the Opposition UNP.s main Media Guru.

  • 1

    S. V. Kirubaharan said the following:-

    “Further we can’t forget the behaviour and activities during the war of the present livewire and lieutenant of the UNP, Mangala Samaraweera.”

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    horapakse is telling Mangala, this is where the bullet will penetrate next time you talk. horapakse’s wonderful brother, half wit gas station cashier called goat will get his goons to carry out the task.

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