29 June, 2022


Sri Lanka Police Is At Its Weakest: UNP

Sri Lanka Police Service is presently undergoing its weakest phase since its establishment over a century ago and the sole responsibility of this situation has to be borne by the Rajapaksa regime, the UNP remarks.

Major General (Retd.) Nanda Mallawarachchi - Secretary to the MInistry of Law and order

Major General (Retd.) Nanda Mallawarachchi – Secretary to the MInistry of Law and order

Issuing a statement on the kidnapping of five year-old child from Meegalewa, the UNP has pointed out the incident is a reflection of the sorry plight Sri Lanka has come to.

“The situation has deteriorated to such a level that it is no longer possible to keep a child safe at home,” the statement reads adding that it is not simply the country’s economy, ethics or the judicial system that is in grave danger but the security of its citizens

The UNP has asserted the Rajapaksa-regime should bear full responsibility for collapse of rule of law in Sri Lanka, pointing out its a resultant effect of the Sri Lanka Police Service that bears the primary responsibility of maintaining law and order, turning into an extension of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party following the quashing of the 17th amendment.

“Independent, impartial and skilled official are no longer given a chance to full their duties,” he said.

Quoting statistics off a recent research in which it has been revealed at least five cases of child abuse occurs in Sri Lanka daily and the rise of murders, abductions and other crimes, the statement asserts hat dark shadows of politicians are luring behind these crimes.

Expressing concerns on the incident further, the statement has noted that those with the influence of politicos are convinced that the absence of rule of law and the irrelevance of laws for the powerful has made them invincible and will help them avoid any atrocity they have committed.

“These incidents should not occur in any civilized country and every possible step must be taken in order to ensure these crimes are curbed,” the UNP statement reads while calling upon the government and the law enforcement authorities to ensure the abduction of the five year-old boy or the distress of his aggrieved parents are not taken lightly.

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  • 6

    When all the CRIMINALS are in the Legislature and run the Country, what can the helpless Police do? We need to rediscover our lost Democratic Sri Lanka and a Statesman to take it forward, serving the entire Nation not themselves, immediate & extended families and the criminals associated with them to do all the dirty work for them.

  • 2

    Certainly Yes.
    It is Top Heavy………………………………..

    Each one is threading on others toes.
    Very soon a Headquarter Inspector’s position will be manned by an ASP
    as there are insufficient table and & Chairs & logistics to provide to an ASP………….

    All this at the expense of the Welfare of the front line Rank & File.


    Too many square pegs in round holes today.

  • 4

    Why the maha-loku-hoo-ha now? This once prestigious peace keeping force has been going downhill for years and it has been the norm for many years for the head of the force to be kept at the end of a very short string by the puppet masters at the top. Now the IGP is only a ceremonial title and the man appears like a dummy on stage at ‘important’ occasions. What to do?

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