2 June, 2023


Sri Lanka Should Have Rolled The Red Carpet To Rathika

By Veluppillai Thangavelu –

Veluppillai Thangavelu

Veluppillai Thangavelu

Sri Lanka Should Have Rolled  the Red Carpet to Rathika, MP  Instead of Unleashing Sleuths to Harass Her

Sri Lanka like Don Quixote has gained notoriety in fighting imaginary enemies. Tilting at windmills is an English idiom which means attacking imaginary enemies. The phrase is sometimes used to describe confrontations where adversaries are incorrectly perceived, or to courses of action that are based on misinterpreted or misapplied heroic, romantic, or idealistic justifications. It may also connote an importune, unfounded and vain effort against confabulated adversaries for a vain goal.  Don Quixote is Spanish novel written by Miguel de Cervantes and published in two volumes, in 1605 and 1615.In the novel, Don Quixote fights windmills that he imagines to be ferocious giants.  For instance Quixote sees the windmill blades as the giant’s arms.

Sri Lankan politicians and bureaucrats are so paranoid like Don Quixote that they perceive visitors to the country as potential enemies or to be precise LTTE sympathisers, proxies, rumps etc. Such visitors are treated roughly no matter their status.

A classic example is the deportation of Mr. Bob Rae back to Canada in June 2009.  Mr. Rae travelled to Sri Lanka on a private visit with a valid visa issued by the Sri Lankan High Commission Office in Ottawa. Upon arrival, Mr. Rae was detained, accused of being a national security threat by the government of Sri Lanka, and refused entry into the country.  He was further accused as a supporter of LTTE. 

“He is barred from entering the country. He is being deported. . . . We have intelligence information that he is supporting the LTTE,” chief immigration controller P.B. Abeykoon said, according to Agence France-Presse in Colombo, the country’s capital.

“To describe me as ‘an LTTE supporter,’ as an army spokesman has done today, is a lie, pure and simple,” Mr Rae fired back in an e-mailed statement. “The Sri Lankan government has made this decision because they have apparently reached some ill-conceived and defamatory conclusions about me. But after 30 years of public service at home and abroad, I have to say, this decision reflects on them, and not on me.”

Since Bob Rae’s deportation several other prominent personalities have been denied entry into Sri Lanka or after entry forced to leave the country mostly on the grounds they are supporters of LTTE. 

The Sri Lankan government itself is desperately trying to silence any critics and the best way is to deny entry visas to such critics. One of the victims is Callum Macrae who is a writer and award winning film-director. He is also accused as pro-LTTE supporter. He has produced   war documentaries like Enemies Within and Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields for Channel 4, Witness and People in Power for Al Jazeera.  Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields won the Current Affairs – International category of the Royal Television Society’s Television Journalism Awards 2010/2011. His latest war documentary  to earn the ire of Sri Lankan authorities is ‘No Fire Zone – Sri Lanka’  covering the true stories of war crimes committed at end of the civil war in Sri Lanka in 2009.

Last year Callum Macrae managed to enter Sri Lanka as part of the team of journalists accompanying the British Prime Minister David Cameron to attend CHOGM. Sri Lankan authorities had no choice but to allow entry of Callum Macrae and his crew. Mahinda Rajapaksa said Macrae is free to visit any part of the country, but that was an empty rhetoric! After allowing him and his crew into the country, the government started harassing them. A government engineered demonstration by Sinhalese mobs was held against him at Anuradhapura while he was on his way to visit to Jaffna. Callum Macrae and his crew were forced to return to their Hotel in Colombo under police escort! However, his woes and tribulations did not end as he expected. Next day Immigration Officials descended on the Hotel and started interrogating Macrae and his mates. A frustrated Macrae booked out of the hotel and flew home the same day.

Callum Macrae was previously warned   through emails “You are welcome to come to Sri Lanka only to go back in a coffin”. And another said: “Callum Macrae – do not come to Sri Lanka. You will be abducted in a white van, and sent to meet Lasantha Wickrematunga.” White vans are recognised as an instrument of terror in Sri Lanka, regularly used to abduct government critics. Lasantha Wickrematunga was the editor and founder of the Sunday Leader – a respected newspaper critical of the Rajapaksa regime. He was shot and killed by unknown assassins in January 2009, just a few days after criticising the government’s conduct of the war.

An angry and frustrated Callum Macrae announced that he is more determined to tell the story of Sri Lanka and will produce more documentaries on war crimes committed by the Sri Lankan army during the last phases of the war. He accused the government of engaging in systematic repression, denial of freedoms and attempts to ethnically re-engineer the north of the country, where the majority of the Thamil population live.

Last year on Christmas Day, the army stationed in Kilinochchi arrested 24-year-old, Thamil Prabhakaran who was supposedly working for Ananda Vikatan magazine based in Chennai. His offence? “He had been photographing military installations trying to produce a documentary and write articles tarnishing the image of Sri Lanka after coming into the country on a tourist visa” said police spokesman Ajith Rohana.  He further said “We deported him this evening without pressing charges, but we deleted all the pictures he had taken in the north” he said.

There is no official censorship in Sri Lanka, but unofficially foreign journalists travelling to the former conflict zone are still required to submit their passport to the military before entering, four years after the end of the war.

Also in November last year, authorities deported  two Australian journalists International Federated rights activists after accusing them of entering the country on tourist visas and participating in a rights forum. Immigration chief Chulananda Perera said the activists, from the Brussels-based International Federation of Journalists, were found attending the meeting in Colombo yesterday.

Sunil Jayasekara, convener of the local group Free Media Movement, said Jacqueline Park, and Jane Worthington were on holiday and joined the meeting after an informal invitation. Park, who is Asia Pacific director of the IFJ, is also director of the media union-supported Walkley Foundation, and editor of The Walkley Magazine, while Worthington is deputy director of the IFJ Asia-Pacific and The Walkley Foundation.

Jayasekara said officials raided the meeting, took the activists to their hotel and left with their passports after questioning them.  He said the Australians were not engaging in any work, but meeting with old friends.

Sri Lanka is known to have blacklisted many foreign journalists over their reports on the country’s human rights record and alleged war crimes in the final stages of the ethnic war in 2009

The New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) accused Sri Lanka of keeping up a policy of harassing independent journalists despite the end of the fighting with Tamil rebels in May 2009.

“Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapakse continually insists that his administration has nothing to hide, yet time and time again, we see authorities harass and intimidate journalists in an effort to prevent them from doing their work,” CPJ Executive Director Joel Simon said.

The Sri Lankan government is spending millions of dollars to polish its tarnished image abroad. Its paying a top British PR firm about 3 million sterling pounds (Rs. 545,880,000) a year to try to boost the country’s post-war image.  Reliable sources say hundreds of millions of rupees have been paid to Bell Pottinger to improve the country’s image in advance of Sri Lanka making a bid for the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

Millions of rupees are squandered on hiring PR firms when Sri Lankan families are creaking under the cost of rising food prices. Most essential food items are selling at an all time high making the daily grind even more difficult to bear. World events, poor weather globally and short term planning has all conspired to make life extremely difficult for ordinary people.  But the government carries on regardless recklessly spending public funds.

But all this expenditure on PR makes no sense if the government and its bureaucrats  treat foreign media personnel like criminals. It makes things worse for the government. Instead of winning them over by extending a warm welcome, the government is doing the opposite. Antagonizing the media is a PR disaster for  any  government.

Another ‘victim’ to Sri Lanka’s paranoia about LTTE’s perceived supporters is Ms Rathika,  NDP Member of Parliament for Scarborough Rouge River riding. She was on a low key private visit to the country of her birth to see her extended family members and a few places she remembered during her childhood days. Her visit on a tourist visa has nothing to do with politics,  leave alone human rights concerns. It was not a political trip and she did not want any publicity.    Nonetheless it   ended in   another monumental PR disaster for the government. There is a saying in Thamil; you give the stick only to get beaten with the same stick. This is exactly what happened when war of words exploded between the government and Ms Rathika.

The news that Ms Rathika went to Sri Lanka 27 years after her family immigrated to Canada broke out like a storm a day after she landed in Colombo on December 28th.  Till then the media was in the dark about her visit, so the news came as a surprise to many. I knew she had accepted an invitation to speak at the Sangamam 4 cultural even to be held in Chennai from January 04 – 12, 2014. But the event got postponed to January 24 – February 02, 2014 which did not fit into  her itinerary.

Various rumours started circulating in Toronto among the Thamil community that Ms Rathika was under house arrest and she is going to be deported back to Canada.

On Tuesday night (December 31, 2013) Sri Lankan media reported the NDP MP was on a fact-finding mission in the country and was placed under house arrest.

On December 31, CBC carried a news item quoting Ms. Rathika as saying she was subjected to political intimidation. Ms Rathika told she could be subject to arrest and deportation, as several commonwealth MPs from New Zealand and Australia recently faced. She was referring to two politicians who were detained in November on accusation of breaking visa laws. “I now look forward to exploring and learning more about the country of my birth,” said Ms. Rathika. She   confirmed that she has NOT been placed on house arrest in Sri Lanka.

On the same day TamilNet reported Thamil parliamentarian Rathika Sitsabaiesan, MP who was on a visit to the island has come under the harassment of the occupying Sri Lankan military and police establishment in Jaffna. Sri Lanka  ‘Terrorist Investigation Department’ Officer-in-Charge in Jaffna Ranaweera accompanied by two TID female officers  have placed the visiting Canadian parliamentarian under an ‘unofficial’ house-arrest after she entered the hotel around 7. 00 p.m. This after concluding a visit to the uprooted people of Valikamam North with the chairman of Valikamam North Pradesha Sabhai (PS) Mr S. Sugirthan.

The 8-10 TID officers stationed at the hotel did not allow anyone to meet the visiting Canadian parliamentarian according to news sources in Jaffna.

On January 08, The Toronto Star carried a news item on page 2 titled “New Democrat MP trying to embarrass us, says Sri Lankan official.”

“The Sri Lanka High Commission says NDP MP Rathika Sitsabaiesan was on a tourist visa and had been advised not to engage in political activities that would amount to flouting Sri Lanka’s immigration laws and regulations. It further said “Sri Lankan authorities handled the issue in a responsible manner, adding that Sitsabaiesan’ s allegation she was subject to “political intimidation” is erroneous and an attempt to unfairly embarrass the government.

The accusation Ms Rathika attempted to unfairly embarrass the government is simply hilarious, if at all it is a self-inflicted embarrassment. No embarrassment would have been caused to the government, if it handled her visit diplomatically and discretely.  The government treated her shabbily instead of rolling the red carpet welcome for a woman of Sri Lankan origin who has become a Member of Parliament in the country she migrated.

The fact of the matter is the government itself is a huge embarrassment among a considerable section within Sri Lanka and within the international community. 

The Sri Lankan government has come for severe criticism   for its poor human rights record and the threat of an international inquiry into country’s human rights. Already two resolutions have been adopted against Sri Lanka at the UNHCR   in 2012 and 2013 due to diminishing human rights and failure to conduct credible investigations into allegations of war crimes. Despite an exhaustive, sometimes aggressive, Sri Lankan campaign the resolution at the UNHCR was carried by a big margin 24 voting in favour, 15 against and 8 abstentions.

Sri Lanka’s media is in crisis. Since 2005, 34 journalists have been murdered, not a single murderer has been brought to justice. And up to 25 journalists have fled the country.

2013 World Press Freedom Index ranked Sri Lanka 162 out of 179 countries surveyed!

Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index 2013 shows Sri Lanka placed 91 along with Malawi and Morocco out of 177 countries surveyed. Corruption enforcement of laws and regulations of the country, abuse of power, subversion of the rule of law, secret dealings and bribery.

The President has been allocated a sum of Rs. 8,567,700,000 in the 2014 Budget for the upkeep of his official residence. In comparison the Northern Provincial Council has been allocated Rs.15,520 million out of which Rs.1,876 earmarked for capital expenditure. This amount is only good enough to construct 17 kms of road!

Right now the unearthing of more than 40 skeletal remains from the mass grave at Mannar, close to Thirukkethiswaram Temple, is a huge embarrassment to the Sri Lankan government. This is the first mass grave to be found in the former war zone; it is spread over an area measuring about 400 square feet (37 square meters) and is 5 feet deep. The discovery has fuelled speculation that there may be many more like it containing the remains of thousands who went missing during the three-decade war.

Sri Lanka is already under international pressure to address alleged war time human rights violations. A failure to probe the discovery could fuel the anger of Western nations demanding an independent international investigation into suspected abuses.

Sri Lanka must first take the plank out of its own eye before removing the speck from other’s eye. Too long Sri Lankan government is blaming others for its own miseries.

Ms. Rathika Sitsabaiesan says her recent experience in Sri Lanka strengthened her resolve to fight for human rights in the country and across the world.  That’s the reality for people in that country and she had “a small taste of it.”

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    “Sri Lanka Should Have Rolled The Red Carpet To Rathika”-they did.Srilankan style.

  • 24

    This man has no right to talk about transparency. He is misleading CT readers by not disclosing he was the Vice President of the World Tamil Movement, an LTTE front organization based in Toronto, when it was banned by the Canadian government in 2008. Please see the two articles below. The World Tamil Movement was involved in collecting funds for the LTTE from Tamils living in Canada through intimidation and extortion. It was also involved in arms procurement for the Tigers. Nobody knows what has happened to the huge sum of money collected and who is now controlling the businesses in which part of the money was invested by the WTM.

    Thangavelu, by not disclosing his active and high profile involvement with the LTTE he has hidden the conflict of interest involved in his writing this article to CT. Where is the transparency and accountability that he is preaching to GSL in his conduct? Further this man has the audacity to suggest the GSL should have given Radhika a red carpet welcome. It’s a joke for two reasons. First, Radhika is well known in Canada for her Sri Lanka bashing at the behest of the LTTE rump in order to keep her vote base. Secondly, Thangavelu knows that in spite of her trying to please the Tigers, they are not going to back her in the forthcoming elections. In fact the Tigers have put forward another Tamil whom they trust more to contest against her.

    World Tamil Movement
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Since 2006, The World Tamil Movement has been accused by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and the Government of Canada as being a front organization of Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).[3] The group’s Quebec and Ontario branches are currently under police investigation for allegedly raising money for Sri Lanka’s Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam rebels, which was proscribed in Canada in 2006 by the Conservative Government of Canada.[4] In April 2006, five days after the federal government labeled the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) a terrorist organization, police raided offices of the World Tamil Movement in Toronto and Scarborough, sealing the buildings and confiscating boxes of documents. The government and media outlets such as The National Post and CTV deemed the move coming in line with the United States and Britain who had previously designated the organisation as a terrorist organization.[5]

    The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) accuses the World Tamil Movement of collecting “war taxes” from Canada’s large ethnic Tamil community and funnelling the cash to the Tamil Tigers guerrillas in Sri Lanka. During the raid on WTM offices in April of 2006, RCMP officers claimed to have found “pledge forms, receipts, ledger books and lists of contributors.” The RCMP claimed it had “obtained lists of Tamil Canadians and the amounts they had donated, as well as pre-authorized bank payment forms; – Lists of businesses that had made donations in multiples of $10,000; – Plastic collection jars with the WTM and Tamil Tigers logos side by side; – Computer disks that police said suggests money flows from Montreal to Toronto, then to other countries”, with one RCMP Corporal describing what they stated they found as “significant evidence of terrorist financing.”[6]

    Sergeant John MacDonald, the lead investigator and a member of the RCMP-led Integrated National Security Enforcement Team, claims that “The World Tamil Movement acts as the de facto taxation arm of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam and … utilizes collectors to collect funds from Canadian Tamils on an organized and systematic basis.” He further claimed he found “a manual on missile design, tributes to Tamil Tigers “martyrs,” large numbers of documents pertaining to LTTE cadres, operatives and activities” and photos suggesting the WTM encourages Tamil Canadian children to “develop a cult-like devotion and obedience” to the leader of the Tamil Tigers.”[6]

    In April 2008, Conservative MP Art Hanger tabled a petition in the House of Commons containing what he claimed were “the signatures of more than 1,000 Canadians of Sri Lankan origin.” It urged the government to “ensure adequate surveillance and prosecution of the LTTE’s front organizations and bogus charities.”[6]

    On June 16, 2008, the Government of Canada formally listed the World Tamil Movement as a “terrorist organization” under the Criminal Code of Canada. [7] The World Tamil Movement, the Canadian Tamil Congress and the International Federation of Tamils condemned the move. Its vice president Velupillai Thangavelu refuted the state’s allegations of extortion, arguing the RCMP had not prosecuted a single case.[1] At the time of designation, no charges had been laid against the group or its members.[8] Sithampalam characterised the listing as “the first step on a slippery slope, where all of our fundamental rights and freedoms can be eroded. We see the listing as a political move intended to silence a voice within the Tamil diaspora.”[8] Insisting that the organisation would fight the designation, their lawyer Marlyss Edwardh stated “This is not the conduct of a democracy where people are entitled to meet a challenge in a courtroom . . . it’s much more for them like the actions of a police state.”[1]

    THE TORONTO STAR June 19, 2008
    The World Tamil Movement this afternoon denounced the government of Canada’s decision to label the group a terrorist entity, arguing that the listing process violates the constitution.

    “We believe this act is the first step on a slippery slope, where all our fundamental rights and freedoms can be eroded,” Sitha Sittampalam, president of the now-defunct group, said in a press conference.

    The WTM shuttered its Scarborough offices, disbanded its board of directors and cancelled community services after Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day blacklisted the group on Monday.

    The listing was the latest step in a lengthy federal investigation of the organization and its activities. In an affidavit filed in federal court, the RCMP accuses the group of running a complex extortion scheme that pressures Tamil Canadians to donate money to the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, better known as the Tamil Tigers.

    The Tigers, a militant separatist organization fighting in Sri Lanka since the 1970s, were added to Canada’s list of terrorist organizations in 2006.

    Marlys Edwardh, who represents the WTM in its appeal of the listing, said government officials made the decision behind closed doors, without granting the group an opportunity to review, much less challenge, the evidence.

    In fact, the organization did not know it had been outlawed until Day’s press conference earlier this week, the lawyer said.

    “The members of the community feel they have been tried, convicted and sentenced, without even knowing they were charged,” she said.

    Asked to address the RCMP’s allegations against the group, Edwardh declined to comment, saying she would respond to each one in court.

    Velupillai Thangavelu, vice-president of the WTM, stepped in to contest one of the accusations. “We categorically deny any extortion charges,” he said. “There is not a single case of prosecution from the RCMP.”

    So far, no criminal charges have been laid against the group or its members.

    The group’s legal team is establishing a defense fund, to be administered by a lawyer and members of the community. The fund will be kept separate from the WTM, Edwardh said, since it is now illegal to finance or help the organization in any way.

    The listing seems to have divided the Sri Lankan community, with some organizations, like the Canadian Tamil Congress, backing the WTM and others, like the Sri Lanka United Association of Canada, supporting the government.

    The Sri Lankan Consul General, Bandula Jayasekera, said on Monday that many Tamils in the GTA “breathed a sigh of relief” after the announcement, though most were too scared of retribution to openly show it.

    • 17

      Thank you for good information.

    • 10

      Rathika won the last election with the support of the LTTE in Canada. She openly had the LTTE logo on her campaign website. All she was trying to do was to get some brownie point with the Canadian Tamils so she could get re elected.
      Besides, she was treated well. I do not recall her getting the “Devyani Kohbragde” treatment for breaking the laws of Sri Lanka. Where is the outrage for that Mr Thangavelu? Is it because Devyani was from a low caste?

    • 3

      Ranarajah: ( You Sinkalam)

      First of all you have wasted a lot on time and effort writing a lot of Crap.

      The World has changed my friend and if you want proof read the following ( THE TORONTO STAR June 19, 2008) and now we are in January 2014.

      1)Ontario Premier met with Sri Lankan Tamil man formerly linked to LTTE.

      2) Mr.Rapp goes to Jaffna and meets the Tigress Mrs. Ananthi
      3) Miss.Sison goes to Jaffna and meets Ananthi and this was after Gotha threatened to Rehabilitate her Sri Lnakan style.
      4) Mrs.Biswal is scheduled to visit the North and talk to CM , Mr.Sambanthan and also Ananthi.

      So stop having a dig at Thangavel and you may have a personal grievance against the LTTE so don’t play politics with Tamils live anymore.

      What you hear from your Sinhalese masters ( Sri Lankan Consul General, Bandula Jayasekera ) might be Music to your ears and that may be because you are on his pay roll.

  • 1

    To dream the impossible dream to fight the unbeatable foe to go where the brave dare not go to right the unrightable wrong I believe in these to. I believe in the missing LTTE people. There are many individual graves in the north. They are all alike and are not identified. Their are many widows. The orphan the widow and the alien have to be looked after.I saw the mass individual graves at vauniya. The President is doing a great job. So is the colombo telegraph. All problems cant be sorted out but there is a national government of all parties. Many more should join. The Presidents relations are helping. But Shiranthi and Namal mu7st play their part on the national stage.The impossible dream is my signature tune. Sometimes I am mentally ill sometimes the world is mine for the taking. Yet I do not fear to go to the public asylum. Here one may have only one peice of cloth. I have begged on the public street. I like If by Rupyard Kippling.He believed in siyalu sathvayo suvapath weva. All I have I will gamble for justice in this country. I feel for Karu Jayasuriya. He only wants to serve this country.

    W@hereever we are lets do our utmost for mankind.

  • 10

    The Canadian woman MP was followed by local lads on motor cycles in Jaffna because they thought she will be wearing a low cut, much revealing T-shirt she was photographed with sometime ago. The word went round that she was in town and many got excited. The oldies did not like her, taking local culture into consideration. The lads had a great time!Blame the GOSL 100% for everything, always at fault.

  • 11

    Dear Sir,

    You titles refers to Rathika, you actually start talking about Rathika on the 23rd paragraph. By then you lost your readers and your point.

    This is simply bad writing, a rambling pointless word diarrhea that has no end, no beginning and no structure. I was actually looking forward reading your argument.

    • 6

      Who wastes time reading this kid of crap.
      Next time, don’t worry, well roll Rathika in a red carpet.

    • 5

      The argument was simple.

      It is always the fault of the GoSL and the Sinhalese.

      Thangavelu is a certified LTTE supporter, formerly being part of the WTM

  • 8

    Preaching to the converted again! LTTE die hard, this writer fellow. 45 Journalists killed in Sri Lanka? By whom? We all know people aren’t getting killed now as many as they did prior to the decimation of LTTE terrorists. So what is the complaint? There is peace now, Enjoy!

  • 11

    Quote: The Canadian woman MP was followed by local lads on motor cycles in Jaffna because they thought she will be wearing a low cut,….. Single and sexy,its was the usual boys chasing a girl…….

    Why is this Papa getting sexcited …. Rathika was up for grabs..
    Who knows, the former TERRA BOYS would have got sexcited & one of them would have dreamt of a ticket to Canada.
    Anyway, it was agood try TERRA BOYS.

    Quote: An angry and frustrated Callum Macrae announced that he is more determined to tell the story … Yes… Callum boy is yet straining & probably his guts will pop out one of these days.

    Quote: Ms. Rathika Sitsabaiesan says her recent experience in Sri Lanka strengthened her resolve to fight for human rights in the country OR TO FIND A HANDSOME EX TERRA BOY FROM THE NORTH???

  • 7

    This guy i think is being paid to speak through his hat…. many have actually forgotten the reason why a red carpet is rolled out..!

  • 15

    Thangavelu was the president of WTM and collected millions of dollars [Edited out]
    Had Radhika visited Vanni,she would have been killed by Prapakaran.

  • 14

    Mr. Velupillai Thangavelu:

    Please read the comments posted by “Haruki Ranarajah”. This is what happens when you undress behind glass doors and windows. Is there anything yet for you to hide? Now you are left with the “underwear” (Amude). Please remove that and cover your face. Good lesson for you. But I know you guys ‘never learn’.

  • 10

    Velupillai Thangavelu,

    You must be joking. Why on earth should SL have rolled out the red carpet for Rathika Sitsabaiesan? Why, what has she done that is so marvellous? What has she done to bring honour and prestige to SL? She’s been elected to the Canadian parliament; so what’s the big deal?

    I know that many SLs think when a SL gains public office or is elected an MP in the West, it is something fantastic. The locals certainly don’t give a hoot about such things and cannot understand what all the fuss is about.

    Having said that, most SLs would want to congratulate Rathika on her election to the Canadian House of Commons and wish her every success in her new role. I do. But I do also hope that she does not forget that she has been elected to represent the interests of her ENTIRE electorate – not just a part of it or only some sections of it. Sentimentally she will have attachments to the land of her birth but the problems of SL should not be her primary concern as an MP of the Canadian parliament.

    She is fortunate to be able to live in a liberal democracy like Canada and by now she should have been able to appreciate the many good things she is able to enjoy in Canada and to appreciate that the average Canadian citizen is not concerned by divisions along racial lines. This is the message she should have taken to ‘her people’, not just visited her traditional home and familiar places of old.

    Most SLs will be happy about her becoming a Canadian MP and wish her well. They would also be thankful to her if she remains conscious of her true obligations as an MP and be truthful and fair in her comments and statements on Sri Lanka.

  • 7

    “… I do also hope that she does not forget that she has been elected to represent the interests of her ENTIRE electorate – not just a part of it or only some sections of it… “

    Spot on Fred! Why are the (mainstream Canadians – if there are any left in Toronto) such a bunch of wimps? They should be making it clear to her. If she is a Canadian citizen, she should be putting Canada first.

  • 9

    These are the people who funded Pribha’s terror outfit terrorizing Tamils, Sinhalese and Muslims, doing Genocide and warcrimes….all names he mentioned were knowingly or unknowingly had become contributors of terror against innocent. They should not be allowed into SL.

    • 1

      No You Sinahala Racist from Sydney,

      These are all people trying resist the State Terrorism sweeping the Country unleashed on Innocent Tamils by your Mahintha Rapapakse who is a Criminal , A Thug, Looter and a bloody Lier.

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