26 May, 2022


Sri Lanka: Stop Impunity For Genocide And Torture

By Ron Ridenour

Ron Ridenour

Tamils’ history in Sri Lanka is one of constant discrimination and misery. Ever since independence from colonialist Britain half-a-century ago, Sinhalese governments have subjected them to policies of genocide as defined by the United Nations in its Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide, Dec. 9, 1948.

Article III of this Convention makes liable to punishment: a) Genocide; b) Conspiracy to commit genocide; c) Direct and public incitement to commit genocide; d) Attempt to commit genocide; and e) Complicity in genocide. Article IV states that, persons committing genocide shall be punished whether they are constitutionally responsible rulers, public officials or private individuals. (1)

Although Sinhalese governments strive to re-colonialise Tamils, treating them as inferiors and second-class citizens, no foreign government has wished to seek an indictment against Sri Lanka’s governments. Tamils have no political power or state territory, and the most powerful nations have their own genocidal ghosts in their closets, including aiding Sri Lanka’s genocide.

Evidence of war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide, is vivid. Satellite photos taken by the UN and the US show the slaughter of civilians during the end of the civil war. Channel 4 documentaries, testimonies of victims and UN aid workers have been released to the public. There is the revealing UN panel of experts’ 214-page report and recommendations, and the reports and recommendations of the High Commissioner, Navaneetham Pillay. Yet no session of the Human Rights Council has even discussed these recommendations for an independent investigation under the United Nations.

For decades Sri Lankan government military and police forces have tortured and continue to torture Tamils routinely. There can be no healing as long as impunity is granted torturers. The tortured feel society accepts this worst of all violence, leading to loss of confidence in democracy and in humanity. The failure to punish perpetrators encourages endless repetition of torture.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 5, states:

No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

Who are the genocidal accomplices?

India provided weaponry, radar, training, and even troops since 1987 to wipe out Tamils. India has spent billions of dollars aiding Sri Lanka government policies of discrimination and annihilation.

The United States financed Sinhalese genocide of Tamils. For the last two decades of the civil war, it provided an average of $1.5 million annually in military warfare, training and intelligence. In the last three years of the war, the Bush regime was bogged down in the Middle East and provided less material aid, but it encouraged its racist Zionist ally, Israel, to continue its military aid.

Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) 2009 yearbook and a March 2010 database report place Israel as a major supplier. From 2000 to 2007 Israel, along with the US and India, supplied “several large warships.” Israel offered unmanned aerial vehicles, 9 Kfir fighter jets, 38 Shaldag fast and 6 Super Dvora patrol craft, mines, ground surveillance, radar equipment, training, and Mossad assistance. It even sent some pilots. Already in 1980, estimates were that Israel had sold $1 billion in weaponry.

Israeli Zionists support Sri Lanka Sinhalese genocide against Tamils, in part, because they view them as they do Palestinians, whom they subject to genocide. The two genocide regimes celebrated their ties following the 2009 civil war with the exchange of ambassadors. Sri Lanka sent their highest military man, Donald Perera, chief-of-state during the final offensive.

Perera coupled Israel’s fight against “terrorism” with Sri Lanka’s. In an interview with the largest Zionist newspaper, Yedioth Ahronoth, he spoke proudly of having “a great relationship with your military [and aerospace] industries…For years Israel has aided our war on terror through the exchange of information and the sale of military technology and equipment.”

SIPRI also documents that several European nations provided warfare materials. The UK, Czechoslovakia, Slovakia, France, Russia and the Ukraine sold hundreds of millions of dollars worth of: jets, helicopters, patrol boats, transportation aircraft and trucks, tanks, rocket systems, radar equipment. As late as 2008, the UK exported £1.4 million in arms.

Many of these sales of military equipment were illegal under the 1998 European Union Code of Conduct on Arms Exports.
Italy, Australia, Canada, Singapore, and South Africa during apartheid also supplied lesser amounts of weaponry and military technical aid.

China, Pakistan and Iran came into the picture in the last three years (China even earlier). Pakistan provided $100 million in military loans in 2009. It donated small arms and pilot training. In 2008-9, Iran provided loans, credits and donations to the tune of $2.35 billion to help Sri Lanka fuel its war needs. China contracted $150 million for infrastructure communications. In 2007, China gave Sri Lanka six F7 jet fighters. The same year, China sold $36.5 million in arms. It also invested ten times that sum for construction projects at Hambantota harbour.

Every one of the five members of the UN Security Council has materially and politically aided the Sinhalese governments in exterminating Tamils. They are co-conspirators in genocide.

Genocide history

Complicity in genocide is a severe international crime. But who can punish traditionally imperial Great Britain, Spain, Portugal, the colonialists Belgium, Netherlands, France; the imperialist USA?

In just the last two centuries of annihilation of “third world” peoples, it is estimated that Britain was responsible for some 100 million murders through direct killing and starvation. In the 1870s alone, Britain forced India’s peasants to cease cultivating their food crops and made them sow cash crops for export profits for the empire. Due to that process and with a drought, 30 million Indians died of starvation. Britain wiped out the entire indigenous population of Tasmania. It did nearly as much in Australia and parts of Africa. Genocide was condoned by the “theory” of Social Darwinism: coloured natives are sub-human.

In earlier centuries, Spain and Portugal, especially, wiped out many indigenous peoples in Latin America. The US did the same to millions of Native Americans and black African slaves.

The Rockefeller Foundation funded euthanasia research, which Nazi Germany incorporated against mentally handicapped people, gypsies and the holocaust of Jews.

USA today

Let us never forget Hiroshima and Nagasaki!

Let us remember the International Court of Justice (ICJ) case: The Republic of Nicaragua v. The  United States of America. In 1984, the ICJ held that the U.S. had violated international law by supporting the ruthless Contras in their rebellion against the Nicaraguan government and by mining Nicaragua’s harbors, and must pay reparations.

The United States refused to participate in the proceedings and refused to pay reparations.

The Court found that the United States was “in breach of its obligations under customary international law not to use force against another State”, “not to intervene in its affairs”, “not to violate its sovereignty”, “not to interrupt peaceful maritime commerce”.

The Court stated that the U.S. encouraged human rights violations by the Contras by the military training manual entitled Psychological Operations in Guerrilla Warfare. The US had trained, and continues to train, thousands of Latin American military personnel in the use of torture at its School of the Americas at Fort Benning, Georgia, where I shall demonstrate this November along with thousands of others.

What can Tamils expect from imperialist USA, Britain and the other European colonialists, who are currently reacting neo-colonialist re-conquering of African agricultural lands, vital fuel resources, raping its economy?

The current US president is at war in seven countries, circumscribing United Nations laws against invading countries that have not invaded the propagator of war: Afghanistan, Iraq [ten thousand US civilian war mercenaries still occupy Iraq], Pakistan, Somalia, Uganda, Sudan and Libya. Furthermore, without US backing the Palestinian people would have been liberated from Zionist Israel ages ago.

What can one expect of the superpower, and its colonialist allies, which warehouse the world’s greatest arsenals of chemical weapons, the largest stockpile of nuclear weapons, depleted uranium, napalm, poisonous pesticides such as Monsanto’s Agent Orange? The US is by far the world’s largest world arms trader—from $21.4 billion in 2010 to $66.3 billion in 2011, half of that to Saudi Arabia; global arms sales in 2011, was $85.3 billion.

The US also has the largest private mercenary armies in the world, which it uses in the Middle East, including in Syria (Blackwater), and Africa. But these facts get lost by the “international community” and by the mass media when the US imposes its globalising domination.

The US has ruined Iraq, much of Afghanistan and Libya. Iraq and Libya were secular states, as is Syria, with regimes that allowed many equal rights for women, and provided free education and health care.

Yes, these governments committed atrocities against their opposition. What country in the Middle East has not done so? Certainly US-EU allies help oppression in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan, Israel, and their current governments in Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan.

Yes, Syria’s government does have chemical weapons, and has probably used them as have some of its opposition Islamic fundamentalists. Yet one cannot expect justice from the world’s greatest terrorist state, the USA.

Will the US use depleted uranium against Syria if a UN settlement can not be reached, such as it did in Iraq? Or will it use sarin gas such as it helped Iraq to use against Kurds and Iranian soldiers? (See: Foreign Policy, August 26, 2013.) Will it use Agent Orange, napalm and numerous other heinous and illegal weapons as it did against Southeast Asians? Will the US starve hundreds of thousands of children? Or use drones, or “precision bombs” that have a mysterious tendency to destroy hospitals, schools, blast public broadcasting stations, private vehicles, wedding parties, and even entire villages, such as in Iraq and Libya?

When the “international community” invades and mass murders it is called “rescuing” the people by “protecting human rights”.
When the “international community” propagandizes to prepare populations for yet another attack, remember its slogan against the Vietnamese people: “We had to destroy the village to save it.”

Cuba-ALBA complicity

Sadly, in May 2009, Cuba introduced a resolution in the Human Rights Council, which Sri Lanka’s regime had written. Its resolution praised Sri Lanka for its “promotion and protection of human rights”. Cuba extended unconditional political support to the brutal government. Nothing was stated about the suffering of Tamil civilians and the takeover of their homeland. This resolution passed, and the hypocritical complaint made by many former colonialist governments simply asking Sri Lanka to investigate itself for possible human rights abuse failed.

Since the 2009 resolution, the majority on the HRC has asked Sri Lanka’s government to look at itself although without any real measures to do so or any sanctions. All governments on the HRC view only the Liberation Tigers for Tamil Eelam as terrorists.
Ironically when, in 2012, Cuba-ALBA blasted the US for its “interference in the internal affairs” of Sri Lanka, Cuba’s ambassador to the Human Rights Council stated that the West had provided 40% of all war materials and military aid to Sri Lanka in its war of annihilation during three decades.

Although the greatest terrorist state in the world introduced the last two semi-critical resolutions, the United States is a partner in the war crimes and in genocide against Tamils. But it sees a propaganda opportunity here to polish its image as a “human rights supporter” while maintaining systematic human rights abuse in its many invasions and military interventions in the world.

Although the US currently indicates that it is dissatisfied with Sri Lanka’s government, it donated $6 million in equipment for maritime patrol, in 2010, and last year it approved a World Bank loan of $213 million for development in the capital city. Britain licensed £5 million of military equipment and armament between 2009 and 2011. The US and UK keep their fingers in the economy, because the Rajapaksa government is offering more economic concessions to China and Russia. China got its commercial-navy port at Hambontota, and the US lost its long-hoped-for port at Trincomalee harbour, which China will probably acquire.

Furthermore, Britain offered a political, even a moral, garland to racist Rajapaksa. He is to be host of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting scheduled in November 2013, in Colombo.

Cuba has its history and facts wrong. Cuba, which started the ALBA (Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of our America) coalition with Venezuela in 2004, needs to reflect upon its foreign policy stance to Sri Lanka. Cuba and its ALBA back Sri Lanka because, in part, they are all members of Non-Aligned Movement. Cuba often acts in a knee jerk manner when the US criticizes third world countries—understandably—yet Cuba acts wrongly in backing this ruthless Sri Lankan regime.

In June, 2012, Cuba added insult to injury by inviting mass murderer Mahinda Rajapaksa as an honoured guest for a four-day visit to Cuba. This major terrorist was even presented to the families of the Cuban 5, imprisoned in the US for protecting their country against terrorists in the US. At the time, I wrote the following:

“I am indignant and sickened by the Cuban government’s hypocritical support of Rajapaksa and his family regime and, consequently, the immoral acceptance of the genocide against a minority people…By condoning the subjugation of the Tamil people, Cuba acts in contradiction to its long-time solidarity with the oppressed and exploited peoples of the world.”

As Fidel Castro told Lee Lockwood in his book, “Castro’s Cuba, Cuba’s Fidel”:

“Those who are exploited are our compatriots all over the world; and the exploiters all over the world are our enemies…Our country is really the whole world, and all the revolutionaries of the world are our brothers.”

What to do

True solidarity activists have no choice. We must stand beside people under attack by aggressors, just as we did in the wars against Vietnam-Laos-Cambodia, in Angola, and in South Africa.

Solidarity activists and governments viewing themselves as progressive-socialist-communist-revolutionary must act to help preserve the very lives and rights of the Tamil people in Sri Lanka.

As solidarity activists, we advocate the right to resist and the necessity to conduct armed struggle once peaceful means fail to change oppressive governments from terrorizing us.(At the same time, we must denounce all perpetrators of terrorism, no matter the party or cause.) Now is not the time, however, for armed struggle in Sri Lanka.

Since May 2009, there have been many peaceful protests against Sri Lankan crimes.

A day before the March 2013 resolution vote at the Human Rights Council concerning Sri Lanka’s “possible” human rights abuse, the greatest Tamil protest took place with upwards of one million people in India’s state Tamil Nadu. For many days they denounced the US-led resolution as “ineffectual” for calling upon the Sri Lanka government to investigate itself. Protestors demanded that the government of Sri Lanka be investigated by an independent international body for its war crimes and genocide against the Tamil people. They called for a UN plebiscite for Tamils in the north of Sri Lanka.

Varieties of creative actions, including civil disobedience, occurred in several Tamil Nadu cities and schools. People denounced the “empty resolution further diluted by New Delhi.” Tamils in many countries in the Diaspora demonstrated against the resolution, even burning it before US embassies in several cities. Protestors viewed the US as actually “facilitating the agenda of the genocidal state”.

These massive protests forced the hand of the opportunist government of the state of Tamil Nadu to condemn the central government for complicity and demand the prosecution of Rajapaksa for war crimes. The conciliatory role that India’s Congress party-led government plays to placate Sri Lanka with massive economic aid, and by diluting the original draft of both 2012 and 2013 HRC resolutions, led the Tamil Nadu DMK (Dravida Munnetra Kazhagan) party to withdraw its participation in the coalition United Progressive Alliance government. By losing 18 seats in the government, including the minority party’s five ministers, Congress President Sonia Gandhi felt compelled to falsely state that, “We are fully committed to the cause of Lankan Tamils and an impartial inquiry should happen into the allegations of atrocities against them.”

If Tamils in the Diaspora keep up the pressure, if grass roots groups, anti-war movements, and representatives of other oppressed peoples seeking liberation (such as Palestinians, Kurds in Turkey, Basques, Irish…) would join in united fronts for liberation for one and all, then we might be able to bring some real hope for Tamils in Sri Lanka and for other oppressed peoples.

Be not fooled: no government, left or right, wants true accountability or a Tamil Eelam homeland for the oppressed minority. Nevertheless, the spotlight is turned on and peoples’ power could bring some relief, at least, to the down-trodden Tamil people. We need to take our message in front of buildings of the complicit governments and the United Nations. We need to conduct many campaigns, including civil disobedience—satyagraja.

If morality does not become integral to our struggles, I’m afraid we are headed for a worldwide moral collapse, which is already underway due to the intrinsic immorality of capitalism and its imperialism; the foundering of contemporary socialism; and the rise of fascism throughout much of the world. I am certain that if Che were around he would rant and rave, and that is what I ask all solidarity supporters to do!

(1) Sinhalese governments are responsible for implementing discriminatory laws against Tamils: inequality in education and employment opportunities, in religion and language. These governments are responsible for many tens of thousands of civilian murders in five pogroms and during the civil war, murders through extra-judicial executions and disappearances. They are responsible for systematic torture and rape, for incarceration of hundreds of thousands without due process; for absconding with Tamil homes and businesses, places of worship and building hotels upon Tamil graveyards. Governmental genocide is aided by self-styled Buddhist monks and so-called Communist parties of various stripes, and by a score of foreign governments.

Delivered at the Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam “Accountability for Tamil Genocide in Sri Lanka—Its Significance for the World” conference, London, September 28-9, 2013.

Among the experts delivering papers and recommendations were international human rights lawyers and professors from half-a-dozen countries.  Several Tamil organizations in the Diaspora were represented. Also among the 150 participants were representatives of Nations without States, oppressed minority peoples, some of whom have been subjected to genocide, and all of whom seek their self-determination: Kashmir, Sikhs, Kurds, Matabeleland in Zimbabwe; Tuareq people in Libya, Algeria, Mali and Niger; Sabah and Sarawak people in Northern Borneo.

The assembly approved a multi-point resolution including: endeavouring to establish accountability mechanisms so that military and political actors responsible for genocide and crimes against humanity are prosecuted under available means in international law. This could include cases brought before the International Court of Justice, International Criminal Tribunal for Sri Lanka established by the UN General Assembly, and Human Rights Committee judges. It was also agreed that peaceful actions should occur all over the world in the spirit of Gandhi’s satyagraha.

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    If every ethnicity had a separate country there would be a few thousand countries. Balkanization of the world will be right up the imperialist alley. That being said there is no denying that the ethnic tamils of this island have been on the receiving end since independence.

    Steve Jobs once said that Edison’s light bulb did more to alleviate poverty and suffering that Mahatma Ghandi ever could. Any attempt to help Tamils in SL will only work if there is an attempt to help all on the island escape from the ills that flow from poverty.

    All the oppressed minorities represented here have one thing in common. There are all from poor countries.

    • 0

      If all men do not respect their wives and Wives do not love their husbands, then there won’t be single marriage, all will be separated. Usually minorities respect the majority because majorities are more powerful, but if majority do not respect minority (or minorities felt disrespected), there will be divorce or separation similar to families….. This may be classified as a Principle of Nature….

  • 0

    Cuba’s complicity in protecting the criminal Rajapaksa regime is inexplicable. The Cuban regime that claims to stand up for the oppressed people all over the world showed its hypocrisy when it repeatedly defended the Rajapaksa regime’s atrocities against the Tamils of Dri Lanka.

    Rajapaksa’s hypocrisy in accepting aid from Israel is understandable because Rajapaksa is a shameless hypocrite who claims to be a friend of the Palestinians in their fight against Israel.

    • 0

      Thank you Ron Ridenour,

      At least there are few moral individuals in the world to tell the truth as it is.

      All imperialists are brutal Genocidaires, wherever and whenever they exist. – That is how they create and expand their empires.

  • 0

    Pure vitriol. All this raving about genocide. More than 50% of the Tamil population lives in Sinhala dominated areas outside the North. They do have grievances but this rant is ridiculous. Amazing that the website thinks it worthy of publication.

  • 0

    This Ron guy associates himself with TGTE and Rudrakumaran, he then has disqualified himself as a defender of human rights. TGTE and Rudrakumaran have participated in advocating murder of innocent Sinhalese, and this Ron guy sees no evil there. From Sunda, Chelva in the 1940s to Rudrakumaran, the high caste Tamils have been misleading poorer Tamils with a racist agenda against the Sinhalese, which Ron guy seems to be unaware of. Or, is he the usual “Englishman”, who emerged as a defender of rights of “disadvantaged” in Rhodesia, Punjab, Sudan, Egypt and elsewhere in the past and, engineered their enslavement to the Empire. Nobody has treated the Tamils as badly as the English. Ron should visit the plantation sector of Sri Lanka and make submissions to the British government to pay compensation to estate Tamils. That is, if he is man of conscious and substance.

  • 0

    True to form, Ron. But it must have been a wrench having to ‘admonish’ Cuba; and I am sure you would have done it with heavy heart. It was nice, though, to see both Russia and China our latest very best friends escaping unscathed. But Ron, the game has changed. Both you and the Diaspora have, sadly, lost the plot; just like the LTTE did. The Tamils of Sri Lanka indeed deserve better and we now live in the hope that men and women of goodwill can take us all to a better place in time to come. Please give peace a chance. You fought the good fight, now take a rest Ron. You have earned it!

  • 0

    The biggest genocidaires are in charge of ‘protecting’ the world!
    God save the world.

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    Look here about this genocide bit. Tell that to the Americans. They did a good job of wiping out their Indians. Leave us alone to deal with ours.

  • 0

    AND most with a brown or black skins living in the 1st world don’t suffer discrimination ?

    Why do you think American and UK citizens are going back to be Jihadists’?

    It is how the world works minorities are always dominated by the Majority, give it a rest, even though it is your way of earning a living !

  • 0

    “Tamils’ history in Sri Lanka is one of constant discrimination”… RR
    Yes, it was Discrimination by the British in favour of the Tamils, as they chose Christianity and Catholicism, for the benefits of an English Education and other Perquisites. It was not difficult for them as it was a case of changing the name of one Hindu God to the Christian One.
    Buddhists did not believe in an All-Powerful God, and could not start to believe in one now, except for the few, who saw the benefits and perquisites that were available to the Converts.
    What is happening now, is the creation an even playing field for all Sri Lankans!

  • 0

    What an article Ron! Without the support of India and US, the Srilankan government would not have the courageous to go far such brutalized killings of civilians. May be US, in its interest to withstand the global melt down took the side with hypocrite congress led Indian government. Bush is the war mongered who mush be punished for all his misdeeds in all part of the globe. UN is a puppet of body of big 5 security permanent members which has no courage or interest to seek justice for affected innocent civilians.

    Srilankan muslims now must be clear why after the war, their elected state unleashed the terror on them, it is just to catch the support of zionist and through them to US.

    • 0


      “Srilankan muslims now must be clear why after the war, their elected state unleashed the terror on them, it is just to catch the support of zionist and through them to US”.

      You comment is rubbish here because Zionist never interested on Sri Lankan Muslims and they are very few. And KSA and Zionist are good friends for long……..that is the LTTE diaspora and German Nazis who supported the BBS activities! what you think about this?

      • 0

        Oh Alan, read the message, it is GoSL which is under that notion doing all this, creation of certain forces to threaten muslims and trying to align with certain anti-muslim establishments in world at moment.

    • 0

      Mani, when are you along with your diaspora supporters of racist, terrorists going to accept your stupidy of wanting to harm Sinhalese, and losing the war Tamils started? For years, the LTTE and their supporters were bragging how good they were at warfare, killing unarmed Sinhalese civilians, women, children and even babies. Do you expect the Sinhalese to feel sorry for you and those murderous, gutter born thugs of LTTE? Try me with your fantasy numbers; be they 40K, 100K, 250K or beyond. The world cannot be fooled by you lot anymore, they have had enough of lies! Of course, NGOs and the unethical journos will continue do the bidding for the LTTE terror agents for a fee. It ends there!

      • 0

        I am never the support of LTTE, but admitting that I was sympathetic to Tamils who had no choice other than embracing to it because the state who as a citizen they belongs to miserably failed and unleashed terror on them.

        “The world cannot be fooled anymore”, yeah that’s why the world( UN) set the target of march 2014 for war crime investigation to see whether they were fooled or it is you who were fooled by one family.

  • 0

    The hypocritical cacophony from those who live in lands taken by genocide on an unprecedented scale is hilarious, if it was not so sad. The Americas when taken over by the invading Europeans/Anglos cost the lives of some 60 million natives (or savages as they would have us call them). This has ONLY been exceeded since by the Bolshevik murders of Russians/Ukrainians (Orthodox Christians) etc not too long ago, and it is NO secret that for this Churchill wanted to use Chemical weapons on them on a huge scale.

  • 0

    Commenting on some comments. 1. I earn no money from my writings and solidarity activities. In fact, it costs me money, for example to fly to London for the genocide conference. 2. I am not English but born in the USA. 3. I did blast in this piece, and others, all states which help the Sinhalese governments commit atrocities (genocide) against Tamils, and that includes: Russia, China, Iran…and yes, Cuba and the ALBA countries for backing this mass murdering government politically.

    And, yes, it does hurt to know that those Latin American governments, whom I have supported for making revolutions and positive changes for their people, so blindly back mass murderers. All states, it seems, are mixed up in geo-politics, which takes priority over morality.

    Our only real hope is with people taking up the struggle on the streets, work places, schools…We need mass actions, civil disobedience, campaigns to address our needs and our very right to exist and do so in equality with all.

    • 0

      The US government is still making ‘revolutions’ ie destroying nations and their national wealth in foreign lands which DO NOT kowtow to your government as exemplified here


      Your inability to comprehend the Tamil terrorists’ demands of privilege at the expense of the rest of the citizens is rather pathetic. All communities suffered in the 30 year long campaign of terror by the LTTE, and sadly it was the Tamil civilians who suffered most as any and all political plurality was denied by this self-appointed ‘representatives of the Tamil people’. Their torture and etnic cleansing of the North and parts of the East is undeniable fact.

  • 0

    The genocidal actions of the Sri Lankan regime need to be understood in the context of the wide support the LTTE enjoyed amongst the Tamil people. This was evident in the rhetoric employed by TNA’s Wignesvaran and Sumanthiran to garner support at the elections for the Provincial Council. During their campaign TNA leaders clearly sought to evoke the memory of the LTTE and its leader Pirapakaran.

    The only way to destroy a movement such as the LTTE was to destroy the people along with it. Rajapaksa did just that!

  • 0

    Thank you Ron. You made many things clear to all level headed people and as usual,not to the the other immatured, uncivilized, chronically sick minded racist rascals who will never accept or agree with any one who speaks truth with common sense. They are the ones trying to destroy the nation,Buddhism and minorities without a clue as to what they are doing. It’s very clear that these idiots will not allow anyone to live in peace in silly lanka. Let them destroy their country themselves & the fake Buddhism they say they follow, and then others can live in peace happily thereafter. These guys don’t deserve a lovely country like this. For god’s sake write sense like Manisekaran,Thiru and the likes. Do not try to destroy any religion or people , be it Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity or Islam. The Buddhism which originated in India is almost dead there. Who did it ? Who cares ?
    Buddhism in Mayanmar is a joke. They are killing Muslims. In Sri Lanka they are killing & harassing Tamils & Muslims. Thailand, a Buddhist nation the call, is full of Sex tourism, Vietnam & Cambodia is busy making money after selling their soul to the west. Nepal, where Lumbini, is doing a good balancing act without murdering Buddhists or Hindus. Poor Tibet , where the real Buddhism still thrives are haunted by SL’s criminal friend China, destroying Tibet. So the days of fanatic Buddhism is numbered, because they are not the real followers of Gautama Buddha the great Hindu or his preachings. All the Sri Lankan fake Buddhists should be kept in their place or educated, if they can learn. Especially, People like JR, Premadasa,CBK,Ranil,MR and so many other converts who faked as Buddhists for political mileage. They all wear white national dress with dark agendas in mind and acts with the help of yellow robed thugs in disguise. They were never patriotic or sincere but communally biased, criminally active, chauvinistic dishonest leaders and brought all of us to this disaster and calamity filled boiling point. No country belongs to any specific people, it’s all for people who live in it now and it’s a simple arithmetic. If not,
    Just get a divorce or go live on your own and be independent. There is no other way and let the dreamers make silly Lanka the “Wonder of Asia” if they can.

  • 0

    If the genocide is on Tamils please don’t stop. Until Tamils leave to Tamil Nadu continue their structural genocide in SL.

    SL must be a Buddhist-Muslim country in the interim. After that let people decide the best of the two. The choice is obvious.

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