1 December, 2023


Sri Lankan Authorities Must Exercise Restraint In Use Of Force & Facilitate The Right To Peaceful Assembly: Amnesty International

Responding to the news that one protestor had been killed and dozens injured as a result of the unlawful use of water cannons and tear gas by the police in Colombo in Sri Lanka on Sunday, Harindrini Corea, Regional Researcher for the Right to Protest at Amnesty International said,

“It is worrying that even after months of widespread protests in the country, the Sri Lankan police needs to be constantly reminded of their duty to facilitate the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and exercise restraint in the use of force while policing assemblies. Their actions over the last several months have cost the lives of many peaceful protestors including another death today.

“Less lethal weapons that have indiscriminate effects and a high potential for harm must not be used where there is no widespread violence against persons during a peaceful assembly. Videos from yesterday show that the protesters were in a confined space without the possibility for dispersal or escape and yet the police used water cannons and tear gas in violation of international human rights law and standards on the use of force.

“Independent and impartial investigations must be promptly launched into all allegations of human rights violations, including the deaths reported in the context of the protests, so that all those found responsible are brought to justice in fair trials.”

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    Ranil politics using force and Amnesty International forcing Ranil government Use Of Force & Facilitate The Right To Peaceful Assembly. Global warning Ranil is getting discipline orders This what great people saying digging his own grave. Instead of solving their problems, the government is trying to suppress the people by force.

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      Sri Lanka is back in the USAID and NED funded and backed Aragalaya Season of Protest to Divide, Distract and enable the IMF Firesale of the islands strategic assets.
      March April is when the NATO_QUAD_AUKUS war machine goes into high gear to deliver Exogenous Economic Shocks around the world – either through ISIS Easter Sunday CIA Terror attacks, or SARS-Covid biowar fare lockdowns and Staged Debt Defaults.. while everyone is distracted with the Humanitarian Emergency as happened in Syria-Turkey border where the US wants regime Change. The US military controls the Syria border after setting up ISIS to invade that country using former Iraqi military and Staged the Earth Quakes by drilling deep into the earth, like they caused the Norde Stream gas lines undersea attacks..
      Back in Sri Lanka now All sides – the govt, opposition and protestors are gamed in a Complex Systems Analysis Model and manipulated via social media narratives about Climate Change the new Global Governance promoting fear narrative via cyber ops with data manipulation…just like they did with Covid-19 Lockdowns to destroy and debt trap the Global South..

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    Please see this interview.
    That’s an article, isn’t it?
    Embedded in it is this half hour interview:

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    This “Tragedy” that was inflicted on the protest march by Law Enforcement (The Police) must be condemned by civil society. Still, there is one more (an Engineer by profession whose spouse is a Medical Doctor) fighting for his life at the ICU.

    Shouldn’t or would not have avoided this “Protest March” and the “Tragedy” is a question that the general public must pay attention and question.

    If the Government as stipulated in the Constitution and required as per the Laws of the country held the LG elections, there wouldn’t have arisen a situation for any of these “Protests” “Court Litigations” and unnecessary “Debates” in Parliament. We would have avoided “Loss of Life” and all other “Costs” and “Civil Disturbances”.

    All that happened was due to “Arrogance”, a lack of “Statesmanship”, “Fool-hardiness” and “Qualitative Leadership” on the part of the Powers in charge of the government and its machinery.

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