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Sri Lankan Muslims At The Cross-Roads – Part III

By Izeth Hussain

 Izeth Hussain

Izeth Hussain

In the second part of this series of articles on SL Muslims at the cross-roads I dealt with the bizarre case of a Muslim who reportedly made outrageous statements against Buddhism at a public meeting. He had reportedly stated that in worshipping the Triple Gem the Buddhists are worshipping stones, that Buddhism encourages cannibalism, that the Buddha himself had once eaten human flesh, and that the Buddha had spoken about Allah. His statements were reportedly recorded in a video which has been in circulation since June 2013. My initial reaction, as well as those of my Muslim contacts, was one of total incredulity because it seemed to us impossible that any Muslim in his right mind would have made such statements. It seemed to us further that the video was probably inauthentic, just a piece of anti-Muslim propagandist garbage.

But it turns out to be authentic, and had been put across on MTV about a couple of weeks earlier. According to my informants, the person who made those statements was the President of a group that calls itself the Tawheed Jamaat, about which I must make a very important clarification. It is quite unlike the Tawheed Jamaat of South India which is very powerful with a huge membership, and boasts in Zainul-Abdeen a theologian of high caliber, according to a friend who is capable of making informed judgments on Islamic theology. The local Tawheed Jamaat, on the other hand, is small and relatively insignificant. It cannot be regarded as representative of mainstream Sunni Islam in Sri Lanka, nor for that matter of Wahabi Islam. Undue importance should not therefore be given to the utterances of its leader.

It appears that the members of the Tawheed Jamaat had been irked, just like many other Muslims, by the ignorant denigration of Islam that has been going on in Sri Lanka, inspired partly by the Islamophobic idiocies of the West. That had led to the issue of a challenge to the BBS for a public debate on religion – there is an authentic video on that challenge also. It was in that context that the Tawheed Jamaat representative had made absurd observations on Buddhism based on wrong interpretations of obscure Buddhist texts – or so I am told. The upshot was that he was arrested, brought to trial, apologized, and released. Evidently the apology meant that he repudiated his absurd charges against Buddhism.

What importance should be given to this episode? I think none whatever because it is just too ridiculous to be taken seriously. As I have pointed out above the Tawheed Jamaat has no representative capacity worth speaking about. How many of the more than one and a half million SL Muslims share the views about Buddhism expressed by the TJ representative – that Buddhism encourages cannibalism, that the Buddha ate human flesh and so on? I believe that none, none whatever, share those views because the TJ representative himself, by his apology, repudiated those views. It would therefore be totally absurd for anyone to draw any conclusions from those statements about Muslim extremists and Islamic fundamentalism. I am making this point because there seems to be something sinister about the revival of that offensive video. It was originally issued in June 2013, it was seen by thousands, but it evidently failed to make much of an impact. It is possible that it has been revived – shown on MTV and so on – with the objective of rousing mass anti-Muslim hatred.

One point about this episode cannot be ignored. Those absurdly offensive statements hurt the Buddhists, and therefore it was meet and proper that the perpetrator was subjected to action under the law. But what about all the offensive statements about Islam that hurt the Muslims deeply? Why were the perpetrators not subjected to action under the law? I refer to the most outrageous of all the insults to Islam in Sri Lanka: the demonstration in which Allah was imaged as a pig and burnt in effigy. The police performed their accustomed role of passive spectators. I believe they did a little more than that by restraining horrified Muslims who could have got out of hand – and perhaps that was wise. But why was there no legal action thereafter?

That leads to a crucially important question: what really is the strategy of the Sinhalese Buddhist State towards the SL Muslims? It was earlier expected that the anti-Muslim campaign would culminate in another gory July ’83 holocaust, this time against the Muslims. That is not the general expectation today, not because it is thought that the Government has developed moral scruples but because it fears the possible international repercussions. But other horrors can be perpetrated against the Muslims that are just as horrible as July ’83, possibly in the long run even more horrible. I have in mind the fact that the Sinhalese State seems to be in the grip of a fierce hierarchical drive aimed at establishing the Sinhalese Buddhists firmly and securely at the apex and relegating the Muslims to the position of outcastes. That seems to be the significance of the double standards to which I pointed above: punitive legal action against the Muslim but none against the Sinhalese. It is true that the culture of impunity applies to the Sinhalese as well, but not so consistently as against the Muslims, as shown during the anti-Muslim campaign of the last two years.

It should be beyond dispute that the Muslim strategy of political quietism has proved to be utterly disastrous: polishing the boot of Sinhala power has only earned good hard kicks on the backside. Just as well maybe, because the strategy of political quietism was essentially self-seeking, not aimed at the national good inclusive of the good of the Muslims. I have advocated a two-pronged strategy: struggle for the impartial application of the rule of law to all, and dialogue on the issues that have been bedeviling Sinhalese-Muslim relations for decades. The first, the struggle for the rule of law has a very particular importance. It has been a besetting vice of Muslims in the decadent phases of Islamic civilization to withdraw into themselves, to go into a self-imposed ghetto and limit their interaction with the others to the bare minimum. That goes against the greatest Sri Lankan need of the present hour: the need for national integration. In struggling for the rule of law our Muslims will be making common cause with the Sinhalese and the Tamils in a common struggle for the national good.

There is one point in particular that our Muslims must bear in mind. Under the brutal and stupid rule of the 1977 Jay Gang the SL civil society was practically dead, not much more animate than a door-mat. In recent years it has been becoming vibrant in unexpected ways. It is not so vibrant, not so vital, as in India and the West but it certainly counts in the affairs of the nation. The SL Muslims can therefore make their struggle to live in peace and dignity part of the national struggle for a better Sri Lanka. I have in mind the splendid statement of the Bar Association of Sri Lanka against the BBS and in support of the Muslims (Island of May 22). Let the Muslims invoke the blessings of Allah on the heads of the BASL members, and let their names be inscribed in gold in the memories of the Muslims.

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  • 2

    Do the Muslim inhabitants in Srilanka want a separate Homeland?.

    If so where do they want it to be located?.

    Ex Tamil inhabitants and their proxies in Srilanka have clearly marked the boundaries of their so called Homeland,

    It covers 1/3 of the land and 2/3 of the coast.
    And the Indian govt has forced the Srilankan inhabitants to recognize it in their Constitution by the 13 A which was rammed down their throats in 1987.

    Are the Muslims who are now equal or just above the percentage of the inhabitant Tamils as a minority happy to accept the 13A and live under the TNA?.

    If not shouldn’t they be going full bore to abrogate this 13A and get something to suit and reflect their current political , social and economic needs as well as their future generations going forward?.

  • 12

    According to 13A the president at the centre controls the PCs through the governor as demonstrated in N and E PCs. So the Muslims will continue to ‘live under’ the almighty who can only be from the ethnic majority.

    At the rate the mosques and businesses are destroyed along with temples and churches together with grabbing of lands for the military and families from the south all the ethnic and religious minorities will be confined to the history books soon.

    • 2


      What you say is the intention of the Sinhala Buddhist supremacists who have ascended to power in Sri Lanka today. Mahinda said after winning the LTTE that there will be no more minorities in SL: He meant it;

      we see now the practice of the dark ages when minorities were persecuted and either assimilated as lower ranks of the social order or annihilated altogether.

      This is the goal in Sri Lankan regime and its supporters today to rid of Tamils, Muslims and Christians: They are doing it in a gradual way sending the message to the minorities in various forms while hoping to fool the IC.

      The Tamil diaspora and the West don’t seem to cooperate with this strategy of SL: That’s the snag.

      The writing is on the wall: A million Tamils fled the island, a few hundred thousand Tamils perished in war and genocide. Their lands are grabbed and given to Sinhalese settlers to make Tamils insignificant in their own strong holds, same to Muslims too.

      Muslims’ mosques and businesses are destroyed, Churches and Hindu temples are demolished and sooner or later Tamils, Muslims and Christians are expected to become low caste Sinhala Buddhists.

      This is how the majorities in Countries did it the dark ages with the connivance of the king and the state. Similar things happen in some countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh Myanmar and some other countries.

      Will Sri Lanka continue in the dark age is the question now?

  • 2

    With Modi becoming Indian PM, Muslims are doomed!

    No need to mince words about it.

    • 3

      You seem to know very little of Muslims around the world. Still water runs deep.

      • 0


        This is tribal Tradition, not Islam. People are confusing Tribal Traditions with Islam.

        The Arabs do it. The Afghans do it and the Pakistanis do it.

        Pakistan woman stoned to death
        WEDNESDAY, 28 MAY 2014 11:26


        A 25-year-old woman was stoned to death and killed by her family outside a high court in the Pakistani city of Lahore, for marrying the man she fell in love with, according to police and a lawyer. Police said about 20 members of the family started attacking Farzana Parveen, and her husband Mohammad Iqbal, with sticks and bricks as they waited for the high court to open on Tuesday afternoon. Farzana Parveen, resident of Faisalabad, had married Mohammad Iqbal of Jaranwala a few months ago against the wishes of her family.

        As a crowd watched outside the courthouse, the family of the pregnant woman beat her to death The woman’s father, brother and spurned fiancé were among about a dozen male relatives who used bricks and clubs in the so-called honor killing of Farzana Parveen for disobeying her family’s wishes of marrying her cousin. She suffered massive head injuries and was pronounced dead at a hospital.

        Lahore police charged her father, Mohammad Azeem, with murder, and the others were being sought. Azeem told police he helped kill his daughter because she had shamed the family.

        • 1

          Amaraya wants to show us as if he knows more about sense of justice of Muhammadanism than the muhammadan, Maghribi. What a laugh.

    • 1

      Please note that Tamodaya is Fathima Fukushima also known as Lorenzo (from Canada) at Lankaweb

    • 0


      70% of Bollywood film industry alone is controlled by
      Muslims.Check it out.You will have your magic dream
      of ‘Muslims perish’ kicked off quite easy.Good luck!

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    Dear Izeth Hussain,

    Thank you very much for your factual and thoughtful article.

    1. “Religion is the Opium of the masses”, said Karl Marx.

    2. The core problem is the the belief in the various religious myths.
    We have Islam Myths, Buddhist Myths, all are Myths. The core-problem the Tauhed guy forgot was that his beliefs and those of the Buddhists are equally not proven, just beliefs.

    So, the Tauheed guy was applying DOUBLE STANDARDS.

    2. So, he insulted Buddhist beliefs, but the real problem is that he was making statements with no historical support. It was the right thing for him to apologize. Even the Church apologized to Galileo, 350 years later.

    Then we have the Double Standards of the Buddhists and unequal application of the Law.

    “Religion is the Opium of the Masses”. The Whahhabis, The Wahhabi Deviants and Monk Mahanama Buddhists and others are proving that.

    Deja Vu..Have seen these Myth fanatics before…

    Steven Weinberg


    His views on religion were expressed in a speech from 1999 in Washington, D.C.; see also Quotations related to Steven Weinberg at Wikiquote:

    “‘Religion is an insult to human dignity. With or without it you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.”[14]
    He modified his comment in a later article derived from these talks:

    “Frederick Douglass told in his Narrative how his condition as a slave became worse when his master underwent a religious conversion that allowed him to justify slavery as the punishment of the children of Ham. Mark Twain described his mother as a genuinely good person, whose soft heart pitied even Satan, but who had no doubt about the legitimacy of slavery, because in years of living in antebellum Missouri she had never heard any sermon opposing slavery, but only countless sermons preaching that slavery was God’s will. With or without religion, good people can behave well and bad people can do evil; but for good people to do evil — that takes religion.”[14]

    Proof is given below by the writer

    1. “According to my informants, the person who made those statements was the President of a group that calls itself the Tawheed Jamaat, about which I must make a very important clarification. “

    2. “One point about this episode cannot be ignored. Those absurdly offensive statements hurt the Buddhists, and therefore it was meet and proper that the perpetrator was subjected to action under the law. But what about all the offensive statements about Islam that hurt the Muslims deeply? Why were the perpetrators not subjected to action under the law? I refer to the most outrageous of all the insults to Islam in Sri Lanka: the demonstration in which Allah was imaged as a pig and burnt in effigy. The police performed their accustomed role of passive spectators. I believe they did a little more than that by restraining horrified Muslims who could have got out of hand – and perhaps that was wise. But why was there no legal action thereafter?”

    Answer : Double Standards.

  • 3

    Izeth Hussain –

    Petty Politics

    Sri Lankan Muslims At The Cross-Roads –

    Sri Lankan Buddhists At The Cross-Roads –

    Sri Lankan Tamils At The Cross-Roads


    Muslims Of Sri Lanka Or In Sri Lanka?
    By Imaad Majeed

    “The SLMC came out with a religious cry,” he said, “This was evidenced by their first leader M.H.M. Ashroff shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ at the opening of political rallies. It is a political abuse of religion when the name of God becomes a rallying point”.

    According to Dr Ali, the Tamil National Alliance, the Bodu Bala Sena and the SLMC are one and the same. “They are all playing petty politics with ethnicity,” he claimed.

  • 3

    Dear Izeth Hussain –

    Sri Lankan Muslims At The Cross-Roads – because of the Wahhabis, who follow the Devil.

    The Real Terrorists: Wahabi Infiltration Worries Sri Lanka

    The Wahhabus are called Abd-Shaitan or Slaves of Shaitan, or the Devil…


    P K Balachandran

    First Published: 20 Sep 2010 11:43:00 PM IST

    Last Updated:

    COLOMBO: Moderates among the Muslims in Sri Lanka are expressing deep concern over a massive and determined Saudi petro dollar backed effort to spread the extremist Wahabi ideology among Muslims in the island nation, who have traditionally been a peace loving and tolerant community.

    Sufi leaders, who have taken up the cause on behalf of the moderates, told Express here on Sunday, that there was a real danger of Wahabism preparing the ground for Islamic terrorist activity in Lanka. This could reach India also, the warned.

    SAUDI MONEY: The Sufis see a Saudi hand behind it all. “The Saudis are spending US$87 billion per year on spreading Wahabism across the globe,” said Riyyaz M Sally, president of the Islamic Solidarity Front (ISF). He pointed out that there was a proliferation of mosques promoting Wahabism in the island and most of these were unauthorised.

    “The Wahabis (who belong here to a variety of organisations like the Tawheed Jamat and Jamat e-Islami) give money to a poor Muslim to take a house in a locality, convert it into a Madrasa and then into a mosque. Most of these mosques are not registered as registration has to have the approval of three other mosques in the locality, a requirement which the promoters will not be able to fulfil. Only 35 of the 300-odd mosques in the island are registered,” Sally said.

    Scholarships are given to young Lankan Muslims to go to religious institutions in Saudi Arabia. They are sent back to spread Wahabism. Funds are no problem.

    STATE APPARATUS INFILTRATED: If the authorities are turning a blind eye to this, it is because the state apparatus has been infiltrated by Wahabis over the last 15 years, says Sally. He said the three members of the reconstituted Waqf Board were Wahabis, who he feared, would start using the mosques’ assets for promoting Wahabism.

    According to fellow Sufist Ahmad Shah Maulavi, the Wahabists have infiltrated the Muslim broadcast section of the state owned Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC). “Ninety eight percent of the participants and staffers in the Muslim section are Wahabi and use the programmes to propagate its tenets,” Maulavi said. The Wahabists run private unlicensed radio stations too, as a recent seizure showed.

    SCHOOL CURRICULUM: With the Wahabis entrenched in power, the prescribed texts for Islamic studies in the English medium Ilmi international schools are being revised to rid them of any reference to variations in Islamic laws and practice. These are substituted by the rigid Wahabist thought. “References to the four Madhhab or schools of law, namely, Hanafi, Shafi, Maliki and Hanbali have been steadily shortened over time and substituted by Wahabi laws,” the Maulavi said.

    FOMENTING CONFLICT: Wahabism was creating animosity not only towards the non-Muslims but also towards Muslims, the Sufists said. “The Wahabis force others in their family to follow them.They attack mosques of the Sufi sect and have attacked Sufis leaders with guns (in the Eastern province). The incorrectly interpret Jihad as a war against non-Wahabis and non-Muslims, while it is a battle against one’s ego,” Ahmad Shah said.

    So, why is America flirting with the Saudis. Temporary gain of Saudi Oil money for a lifetime and generations of ruin – economically and socially.

  • 4

    The trouble with the Muslims here is that there are too many writing in these blogs for them. While Izeth Hussain appears to be well-informed and articulate many others, flaunting various “degrees”, enter the scene and create complications for the community in boringly regularity with different theories and positions. This case of the nondescript Tawhjeed Jamaat, mentioned by Hussain, supports my fear. It is time the small Muslim community close ranks and get a team of capable speakers and writers to articulate the single Muslim position vis-à-vis the different concerns of the Sinhala community.

    R. Varathan

    • 0


      Like Sambanthan,Douglas Devanantha,Karuna,Arumugam

      • 0

        I take the point of reader WhyWhy. In democracy 100% consensus is virtually impossible. Even in the advanced democracies 75% is very
        difficult – save the exceptional cases. But the not-so-united Tamil Nation closed ranks last September and voted over 80% for the TNA in the NPC. In the case of the Muslims this is becoming increasingly difficult as the East-North Vs Southern cleavage of the community is becoming more pronounced and sharper.

        R. Varathan

  • 1

    Last year, Abdur Raziq of Sri Lanka Thawheed Jamat had degraded Buddha and Sinhala Buddhists using the wildest words. Had Buddhist done it in a Muslim majority country he would have lost his head. But here in Sri Lanka Raziq wasn’t even jailed. Now, this writer Izeth Hussian rationalises Raziq’s unbecoming act as an accomplishment saying he had done so because ‘Islam had been denigrated in Sri Lanka.’

    Izeth is boasting about Muslims of Tawheed Jamaat’s “challenge to the BBS for a public debate on religion.” What is it there to debate on Islam? Ali Sina, an ex-Muslim and Iranian is a strong critic of Islam. In 2001, he challenged to pay $50,000 to anyone who can disprove logically any of the dozen (a paedophile, a lecher, a narcissist, a mass murderer, a rapist, a torturer, an assassin, a looter etc.) of the accusations he made against Muhammad through his ‘Faith Freedom International’. Many higher calibre Muslim scholars than in Tawheed Jamaat had taken up that challenge. You can read those debates in http://www.faithfreedom.org/debates.htm. BBS is aware of all the material there.

    Izeth says demonstration depicting image of Allah as a pig and burnt in effigy is an insults to Islam and is outrageous. May be so on Muslim point of view. But he must understand that others see it differently. I say, if Allah can degrade unbelievers saying they are “panting dogs” (Koran 7:176), and he transformed Jews of the past into apes and pigs (5:60), and etc. and etc., why not unbelievers and/or Jewish sympathisers burned Allah in effigy to show their disgust and disapproval of his sayings?

    For Allah effigy burning and many other issues, Izeth is accusing the government of double standards: He says that there are ‘punitive legal action against the Muslim but none against the Sinhalese.’ Perhaps, Izeth and Muslims want Sri Lanka government to pass the blasphemy laws as in Sharia to chop the demonstrators’ heads off for insulting Allah and Muhammad.

    We read Muslims in Muslim majority countries openly degrade unbelievers with absolute impunity. What more degradation of Christians by Muslims than they openly reduce Jesus from ‘the creator God’ to a man. In Egypt, Muslims burned Coptic churches. In Bangladesh, Muslims burned and ravaged Buddhist villages. There are routine attacks by Muslims all over the world. No one is known to have been punished for any of it. But here Izeth and co demand punishment for ‘degrading’ Allah.

    Let us ask ex-diplomat, Izeth, which Muslim majority country has taken punitive action for degrading other religions. Tell us, which Muslim majority country governs with egalitarian principles? Muslims have one track mind; they grasp and believe only their point of view. NOP says, 28% of British Muslims want Britain to be an Islamic state. Muslim state means Sharia law and suppression of other religions.

    Even today, 70% of the Sri Lanka population is Sinhala Buddhist. They have a 2500 years of written history. This has been a Sinhala Buddhist governed country bar the limited period and the areas ruled by raiders. Fortunately for Sri Lanka, Muslims had no part in our rule other than in trade. With their rabbit like breeding pattern however, Muslims are 10% of the population today. Worse, emboldened by Wahhabi Salafi and Tawheed psyche we see even our ex diplomat Muslims want to change our history, values and culture.

    We read Muslim writers and commentators here accuse Sri Lanka is a dictatorial and a failed state and its president and ministers are a bunch of ‘uneducated fools’. Sri Lanka is a democracy and we have elected the leaders who understand our traditions, values and culture. We do not want to be the epitome of democracy in western sense nor do we appreciate Muslim laws, values and the murderous culture. Unless Muslims want to be outcastes, they must learn to accept Sri Lanka for what it is. They mustn’t be the hambays of pre 1915.

    • 2


      The Land of Native Veddah belongs to the Native Veddah, irrespective of the lies and imaginations of Para-Monk Mahanama.
      This must be printed and distributed at each BBS rally as the True Viewpoint, along with Amarasiri’s Poster.

      The Imagination of Monk Mahanamea and Buddha Flying to “Adams Peak”, not withstanding, they are illusions.

      Question: What does all this prove? This has to be considered along with other scientific, biological, geological and anthropological evidence. Let’s see.

      1, The Native Veddah walked over 25,000 yeas ago, when the sea levels were low, as low as 120 meters. They did not use Prakrit or any other language.

      2. The others, the Foreigners, the Paradeshis, the Paras, the Para- Sinhala, the Para-Tamil, and all the other Paras came by Illegal Boats, by Hora-Oru, by Kalla-Thoni, to the land of Native Veddah.

      3. Analysis of the Para-Sinhala, Para-Tamils and Para-Muslims DNA will show that they all originated from South India and South-East India.

      4. So, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism are all imported foreign religions, called Para-Religions in the terminology of Native Veddah. Para-religion here refers to foreign, and makes no evaluation as to the pros and cons of the imported religion. However, the native Veddah culture and briefs are more egalitarian, and ancestor worship is not any inferior the the worship of idols of the Para-religions. At least the Veddha Ancestors gave them the DNA to continue life.

      5. So all the discussion about Prakerit, Old Sinhala, New-Sinhala etc. is secondary to the discussion as far as the Native Veddah are concerned. Both the Language and the Religion are Para as far as the native Veddh are concerned. Hoover, the paras, instead of behaving like honorary guests in the land of the Native Veddah, have behaved in a barbaric manner and started a Barbaric Para War, by killing each other.

      5. Therefore, the Native Veddah cordially requests that the Prakrit speaking and Dravidian speaking or derived Paras, get back to their native South India, East India and India, and leave the sacred land of Native Veddah. Prakrit and Dravidian Paras, please go back to your native land, India, Baharat Banda. Check you DNA and please go to South India,


    • 0

      If ‘PARAYA’ is the one that came from outside, there is no difference between the one that walked the seas 25,000 years back and the one that sailed in a boat 2,500 years back. Does this paraya Amaraya at least understand that logic?

      Anyway, which scholarly writings told this paraya that Vedda walked the seas 25,000 years back? In page 134 of James Murphy’s translation of Mein Kampf, 1925, says as Hitler wrote: “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” Paraya Amaraya thinks he can alter the history written in the fifth century and accepted by scholars the Hitler’s way.

      If that magician Dynamo can walk the Thames and fly out of a packed hall, and vanish into thin air from among a crowd in this modern day, is it a big deal for the superhuman Buddha to fly the sky. To understand rudiments of what an extraordinary superhuman can do, this mad paraya Amaraya should at least watch Stan Lee’s superhuman serious. Anyway, I suggest, Amaraya paraya should check his gene first to see whether he has the capacity to abstract the logic behind such metaphysical realities.

  • 3

    Anarasiri, it is great to see some thought provoking stuff from you.Yes these writers even with heads full of grey hair failed to see the real truth .There is no smoke without fire.Why this anti – Muslim campaign .They are dead scared or hen -pecked by their own beloved to think Muslims are at least partly responsible for this debacle. I am
    Not sure whether they are whabis or not, but any one with a decimal
    Of a brain will realise there is a movement in Sri Lanka actively propagating their religion and nbers .If one says this will not affect the historical harmony and balance of two groups that person is seriously kidding.Not only in Sri Lanka everywhere in the world the are facing antagonism because of ther secular and propagating nature.For a moment I do not believe what BBS doing is right .However,at the same time,although majority of the Muslims are peace loving tolerant people ,we cannot let these extremists to destroy the ethnic balance and peacefulness we enjoyed for many centuries. I am sorry to be critical this way but the truth is always a difficult pill to swallow.

    • 2

      dear Priya ,

      While, it is true the Wahhabis and their clones, The Abd-Shaitans, the slaves of the devil, are throwing a monkey wrench in the tranquility between the Buddhists and Moderate Muslims in modern times who follow the religion as taught by Mohamed, the fact remains that the Monk Mahanama “Buddhism” and racism was there in the 6th Century even before the advent of Islam. At that time, the PROBLEM the Buddhists had was with Hinduism.

      Why did the 1958, 1977, 1983 and the separatist war happen? It was not the Muslims. It was Sinhala “Buddhist” monk Mahanam racism and chauvinism, in order to maintain the hegemony of the Monks.

      The monks have self-appointed themselves as guardians and make people prostrate in front of them. The support for this is given below.

      Buddhism The Great Evil — Part 1


      Buddhism The Great Evil — Part 2


      A Monk in Habaraduwa gives proper education. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yNSC93mPs4I

    • 0


      Priya,priya, who told you ‘gray hair’ is sign post
      to intelligence?Just a reconfirmation of stupidity
      if someone has been all his life!That’s why mara
      has tarred his hair and his monk brigade shave it
      off!!Prema also didn’t allow the grey buddies to
      show off!But their tongues always betrayed them.

  • 1

    You said that you believe it was not authentic at the firs time you saw it. Very nice. It was published by this web site last year. Do u believe other news on this site are authentic. If ur answer is no we have to say the news on this site about attacking against Muslims have not to been authentic.
    Very Simple, your thoughts clearly expose that you are true Muslim who lies according to Islamic teaching. Since that dog has already apologized for what he said now you said these nonsense. The punishment for him is not that u have proposed. That dog should be hang as a punishment for this.
    Most of the Muslims agreed with him(that dog) read the comments on that Post of this site. But u say something totally different.

    From last two years it seems to be increasing attacks on Buddhism directly or indirectly. Even Sinhalese insult Mahavansha and Sinhalese Buddhism therefore every Sinhalese Buddhist should support BBS, Sinhala Ravaya and other organization which support Sinhalese Buddhism until those people who insult buddhism and Sinhala Buddhism quit themselves.

    • 0

      Man, you’re judging the standing of Buddhism from duplicitous and fake commentators and anti-Buddhist writers here. Dream on.

      • 0


        We are pro Buddha’s teaching that may of course can be anti Sinhala/Buddhism. It is good to have anti Sinhala/Buddhism as we feel good aboutit. Try yourself you may also feel the same as pro Buddha’s teaching will relieve you of all your parochial burdens.

  • 2


    The Muslims are at the crossroads. They are at the receiving end. Get real. Haven’t you got the plot, yet?

  • 2


    The Muslims are NOT at the crossroads. They are already at the receiving end. Get real. Haven’t you got the plot, yet?

  • 0

    There are no real Muslims in SL.

    What we have is a group of Hindus who call themselves Muslims.

    Wahabism is the only true Islam. SLs are not Wahabis so not really Muslim.

    First SL Muslims should drop their Hinduism and become Wahabis. Otherwise SL Muslims are doomed.

    • 0

      You’re fantastic Fathima. You say what you want short and sweet. And stupid Amaraya is shooting rabbits in the sky.

  • 2

    Why Islam is a cancer in non-Arab world

    “Islam has had a calamitous effect on converted peoples. To be converted you have to destroy your past, destroy your history. You have to stamp on it, you have to say ‘my ancestral culture does not exist, it does not matter’….”
    “It makes imperial demands. A convert’s worldview alters. His holy places are in Arab lands. His sacred language is Arabic. His idea of history alters. He rejects his own: he becomes, whether he likes it or not, a part of the Arab story. The convert has to turn away from everything that is his.”

    – Nobel laureate V.S. Naipaul

    • 0


      How does Nobel laureate V.S. Naipaul manage his home affairs avoiding any calamitous effect from his Pakistani Muslim wife lady Nadira Khannum Alvi Naipaul?

      Is it because her early morning cuddles are mightier than his old pen?

    • 0


      Your argument is not without truth in it but that’s
      not the whole truth.Yes,to those who have nothing to
      lose,like the Dalits of India,a complete
      transformation for a better life with a new identity
      because their real identity is being punished by all
      those above them.Is it that value of ID you are
      striving to sugarcoat with different words?Another
      different example to look at is,Cassius Clay becoming
      Muhammad Ali.The world still celebrate him and he
      basically didn’t change anything else other than his
      God.His history wasn’t touched.

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