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Sri Lankan Muslims At The Cross Roads – V – Against Ethnolunacy On Muslim Extremism

By Izeth Hussain

 Izeth Hussain

Izeth Hussain

Ethnolunacy is a neologism coined by me to designate a phenomenon that has been, and continues to be, frighteningly destructive in Sri Lanka. If it is not curbed, it can even lead to the disintegration of Sri Lanka. In my view there are two defining characteristics of the racist. One is an essentialising habit of mind which makes the racist believe that ethnic groups have essential characteristics that never change or change only very slowly. The other is a stereotyping habit of mind which makes the racist believe that what is true of the part is also true of the whole: if some Sinhalese and Tamils are racist, then all of them must be racist, and so on. These defining characteristics of the racist are of course totally irrational, for which reason I regard irrationality as an integral part of racism, not something accessory to it.

It is important to note that there are different degrees of irrationality in racism. Sometimes racist objectives could seem quite rational. I suspect that the present Government’s racist anti-Muslim project includes the taking over of Muslim business interests and putting them into Sinhalese hands – which some old-timer Muslims like myself might see as the maturation of the program of the anti-Muslim racist D.S. Senanayake. Some Sinhalese might see that program as quite rational because, after all, this country belongs to the Lion race and it is meet and proper that the Lion’s share should go to the Lion. On the other hand, infinitely more irrational is the widespread belief that there is Muslim extremism against the Sinhalese, and the less widespread belief that the Muslims constitute an existential threat to the Sinhalese. Symptomatic of advanced ethnolunacy, showing an extreme irrationality, was the story that Muslim businessmen were distributing confectionary that induced sterility among Sinhalese females. That kind of advanced ethnolunacy is not peculiar to the Sinhalese. For instance, many white Americans believed after the Civil War – as shown in Griffith’s classic film The Birth of a Nation – that the blacks though a small minority could take power from the whites.

Muslims display the victory symbol as they hold a picture of Osama bin Laden during an anti-Israel and anti-U.S. protest demonstration after Friday prayers in Colombo, Sri Lanka, Friday, July 21, 2006.

Muslims display the victory symbol as they hold a picture of Osama bin Laden during an anti-Israel and anti-U.S. protest demonstration after Friday prayers in Colombo, Sri Lanka, Friday, July 21, 2006.

I will now make a few comments to show how ethnolunacy has been operating in Sri Lanka. By 1970 the Sinhalese had firmly established their supremacy over the minorities; any remaining asymmetries in majority/minority relations resulting from 450 years of colonial rule could be corrected without difficulty; and Tamil political aspirations could be met by a modest measure of devolution. But the JRJ Government unleashed its State terrorism on the Tamils, which after the 1983 holocaust led to the 26-year war. That surely was a masterpiece of ethnolunacy.

The present Government after winning the war in 2009 proceeded to relentlessly wreck the peace. It kept promising 13 A plus for about four years and finally offered 13 A minus. When the Northern Provincial Council was set up there were hopes that a success might be made of it, and that a political solution might grow out of it. That hope has practically vanished by now. But, to be fair, we must acknowledge that this Government did attempt a political solution though without avowing it. Its major components were the following: massive infrastructure development instead of focusing on the grass roots needs of the Tamil people; demographic change to ensure that there is no predominantly Tamil or Muslim area in Sri Lanka, so that separatism will never again raise its ugly head; a massive military presence in the North, far in excess of security needs, so that the Tamils will be permanently reminded of who’s boss in this country. It was an extreme irrationality on the part of the Sinhalese power elite to expect that our proud Tamils would ever accept so humiliating a political solution, behind which was majoritarian racist arrogance compounded by the arrogance of the conqueror. The failure to achieve a political solution after 2009 – when the conditions were so propitious for it – was yet another masterpiece of ethnolunacy.

I come now to the third masterpiece, which has a mind-boggling grandeur about it: the creation of a Muslim ethnic problem. As I have pointed out many times, you cannot imagine a more abjectly submissive a minority than the Muslims, who since 1948 supported the Sinhalese in every bit of  ethnolunacy against the Tamils, and contributed to the war effort to the extent of incurring a genocidal expulsion from the North. They never asked for a separate state, and even their case for a Muslim enclave in the Eastern Province is an offshoot of the Tamil demand for devolution. And yet, over the last two years there has been a Government-backed hate campaign against them, with much propagandist garbage bellowed forth on the microphone. And now, after the Aluthgama/Beruwela outrages, we have on our hands a major Muslim ethnic problem. It would have been unimaginable if our lords and masters had just a modicum of good sense. Their racist irrationality made that impossible, so that we are now witnessing a masterpiece of ethnolunacy of mind-boggling grandeur.

In this article I will make some comments on only one point in that propagandist garbage that displays grotesque irrationality: the alleged Muslim extremism. Practically all over the Muslim world there are two movements going on: an attempt to return to a pristine form of Islam through Wahabism and its off-shoots, and the other what might be called “political Islam” which has spawned monstrosities such as Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and now the ISIL. The spread of Islamic fundamentalism has been mainly due to the expenditure of Saudi oil billions, since the Saudis seem to have a deep commitment to keeping the Muslim masses in a backward state so that the entire Muslim world will be submissive to brutal tyranny, as in Saudi Arabia. As for “political Islam”, there seems to be strong evidence pointing to some Western powers fomenting it, because in devious ways it could be made to serve brutal and greedy Western imperialist ends.

In Sri Lanka Islamic fundamentalism has been spreading for decades but as far as I am aware there has been no attempt to spread political Islam. There certainly has been Muslim extremism through the spread of Wahabism and its off-shoots, but that extremism has been directed against fellow Muslims and never against the Sinhalese. Some years ago in the Eastern Province the corpse of Pailuwan, a mystic and theologian of real ability I am told, was desecrated by the fundamentalists, and there have been several clashes between the fundamentalists and the orthodox Muslims. Later there was a lethal clash involving the Buhari mosque in Beruwela after orthodox Muslims were intolerably provoked by fundamentalists. But all these outbursts of Muslim extremism had no extra-Muslim dimension to them at all, and nothing whatever to do with the Sinhalese. The notion that Muslim extremism constitutes a serious problem for Sinhalese-Muslim relations is nonsense, and signifies only that ethnolunacy has gone intolerably far among Sinhalese racists.

I have much more to say on this subject but that is not possible within the space of this article. I will conclude this one by making some clarifications because what I have written above could offend some Muslims. I hold that Wahabism is a caricature of what Wahab originally preached in his attempt to return to Islam in all its pristine purity. Above all Wahabism must not be confused with the simple faith of simple Muslims, which I hold in awe and respect, and I am not the first to do so. Charles Doughty, in the great prose of his Arabia Deserta which is full of the horrors of life among the desert Arabs, wrote something like this: “The Arab has his feet in a cloaca, but his brows touch heaven”. During my time in Paris in the first half of the ‘sixties there were moves among the Catholics to have Charles de Foucauld canonized. He was an army officer of aristocratic descent who, at the time he went to serve in Morocco, led the easy-going hedonistic life of the upper class French. He suddenly became devoutly religious because he was so deeply moved by the intense faith of the desert Moroccan. Peter Brook, the theatre director, wrote after going to Afghanistan that he had never imagined that a people could be so close to God. I seem to recall that the great Catholic poet Paul Claudel wrote similarly of Muslims more than once. So, as attested by those great figures, the simple ordinary Muslim can rise gloriously to the transcendental. We don’t need the Wahabis.

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    The writer claims ‘But all these outbursts of Muslim extremism had no extra-Muslim dimension to them at all, and nothing whatever to do with the Sinhalese’

    As these things are taking place in Sri Lanka they are certainly of great concern to the Sinhalese. Once the Wahabbis have finished ‘correcting’ other Muslims where will they turn next?

    • 2

      Izeth Hussain –

      Religion is the Opium of the masses- Carl Marx.

      For good people to do bad things, it takes religion- Weinburg, Physics Nobel Prize Winner.

      How true!

      “Once the Wahabbis have finished ‘correcting’ other Muslims where will they turn next?”

      Wahhabis and BBS are Mirror Images of Devil Following “Muslims” and Mara Following “Buddhists”

      The “Moderate” Muslims did nothing to Stop the Wahhabi Terrorists.

      Now the “True” Buddhists are NOT doing anything to stop the Mara following BBS.

      The curse of the Paras from South India in the land of Native Veddah.

      The Vedda Tribe


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    You seem to be out of the loop. I suggest you google the following

    ISIS Releases Global Takeover Map

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    Sinhalese suffer from Islamicphobia. They fear for Muslims for no reason . As they did for LTTE.
    Of course. LTTE had help and support of Tamil Nadu. They had arms and money to fight Sinhalese and they did so for more tha 30 years. Do Muslims have any thing like that . Tamils occupy from jaffna to putvil in east . Their geography is more than300 hundred miles from north to East . They could fight and they will once again. . May be in 20’years or. 50’years. They are waiting for opportunities . They are waiting for a change in TN. And they are waiting for helps from international community. They are waiting for a change of minds
    What Muslims in SL have done. Did they fight to devide the country. No. Rather they help sianhsle to defeat LTTE . Look greatness of sinhalse today ? In return they they become ungrateful .
    Who said Muslims have arms and weapons.
    No place to hinde
    They will have to hinde in Sinhalese friends house if they have arms

    They will have to get arms from Sinhalese .

    All villages and Muslims areas are surrounded by sinahalses
    They are living at mercy of Sinhalese
    What do you want from them
    Do you expect from them to fight
    What a suicidal thought it would be
    Mulims of Srilanka hail from Sinhalese race
    Most of them married Sinhalese ladies with support of Sinhalese kings
    They came with invitations and support of sinahlse kings
    Look at history of vethamahathayas . Some of them worked as personal doctors for kings those days.
    Some of them worked as security guards for kings
    Some of them worked in diplomatics to get good market for SriLankan spices abroad those days with support of kings
    Some of them were given houses and mosques near to kings courts and near sacred places
    These all happened with wishes of sinhalse kings
    Now the grandchildren of these kings says that what their grandparent did was wrong
    DNA is only way to test blood of Muslims in SL to convince these Buddhists extermsits
    If you harm Muslims it is as if you are harming your own people
    If you say Muslims have arms produce evidence
    If you say we have Talibans or al- Qaida please bring them out
    You have an army of 2000.000 who deafeated LTTE
    Why do you have fear of Muslims
    This is indeed, psychological fear . This is not fear at all
    Rather communal jealousy over Muslim business
    You can not see Muslims people doing well in business
    It is your communal hatred persuads you to come up with evil thought
    It is against Buddhist thought
    It is against your human sense what you have done in Aluthgama.
    If you are brave enough you do not fight unarmed and innocent people
    It is animal act to fight unarmed and innocent people
    You come up with all forgery as excuse to do all harms on poor and weak community .

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    That was a fascinating revelation Izzeth, and so I believe ethnolunacy has come to stay with us for so long and we didn’t realize it. I guess it must be coded and locked into the genes of the majority population, and every few years it starts itching to do its thing. That is why every few years, we notice a kind of paranoia setting in, suggesting an inferiority complex, sense of hopelessness and explosive feeling of ‘dutch’ courage to fight back. Next is the release of bottled-up energy in revenge attacks, which are again based on imaginary issues blown completely out of proportion, perceived as threats to their very existence. It must be painful to know how they feel when they are hallucinating their complete annihilation of their race, religion and ethnicity from the face of this earth. Aha, so now I understand what drives them towards commuting violence and the extraordinary measures they take to safeguard a 2500 year heritage, allegedly entrusted to them and this country by their Supreme Leader – Lord Buddha.

    Thank you Sir, for this extraordinary ‘ethnolunacy’ theory, which is quite tantalizing. Wonder how we missed it all these years.

    Oh, and I also need to add the word to my dictionary. It keeps showing up with a red squiggly line as a spelling error.

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      Thank you Marwan for explaining decades of complex politics, rivalry, caste, race, religion, colonialism, death and destruction in such a short post. Its all genetic, simple as that.

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    Much of the ethnolunacy that Mr Hussain talks about stems from the Sinhalese raise and their assumed superiority as the Lion race. So, we have had to cope with the lion carrying its erection as the national flag, the symbol of Sinhala stupidity. It is that mindset that is carried through in their relations with the the minorities. They stole the jobs of the Tamils; now they are stealing the businesses of the Muslims. They seem incapable of progress on their own. The minorities have had to put up with this for over 60 years. There will come another round of violent struggle by the minorities for as the Tamil saying goes, no man goes on bending down to the aggressor and it is not wisdom in the aggressor to continue his aggression after defeat. But, wisdom escapes the Sinhalese.

    Mr Hussain fairly says that the Muslims have to reform themselves too. They have a malaise in that they are unlike the Muslims that we have known in Sri Lanka all this while. Though Mr Hussain says that they have not directed violence outwards, their militancy does scare others a bit. Perhaps it would be good if the Muslims went back to their old ways and do not join the militancy that afflicts the Muslims of the world. Their religion preaches peace and love and not militancy.

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    If you’re insinuating that they will target the buddists then show some evidence of this happening anywhere else. Even if they did, as the 70% majority plus the other non-Muslims and the majority Muslim population in Sri Lanka who will always oppose it, can easily defeat such an attemp within the confines of the law. There is no rationality to pre-empt such a scenario and punish every Muslim and in the process alienate every Muslim
    and force them into the arms of the very devil you are scared of. If that’s the logic amongst the majority of Sinhalese then we have a serious lack of common sense. You’re just regurgitating BBS’s excuses. If you”re honesty concerned about the Sinhalese or Sri Lanka then just look at who benefitted most from the recent anti Muslim riots and it’s timing and who is now in the back foot ? Stop thinking like a frog in a well. The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

  • 2

    How come SL has no Islamic terrorism when it is there in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Maldives, Burma, Afghanistan, Iran, Thailand, etc., etc.?

    The entire neighborhood of SL has Islamic terrorism.

    How come SL still don’t have Islamic terrorism?

    It cannot be.

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    This is one best analyses by Izeth with his near accurate assessment of the Sri Lankan Muslims in relation to other communities/races. It is unfortunate that the Sinhala Buddhist extremists and their masters have failed to appreciate this. Bensen

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      Correction: “The first line should read “This is one of the best analyses by…….” Bensen

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    Ta modaya, no Islamic terrorism in SL since Muslims in this country bear all the pain with patience and prayer, and leave it to God to mete out justice to the perpetrators of injustice.

    The fact is they live peacefully amongst a lot of good friendly Sinhalese Buddhist people, going about their normal business and gathering in the Mosques for religious observances, and living out a peaceful existence. On a daily basis, they will be interacting with each other, exchanging and indulging in all of their customs and traditions, as best they can.

    In such circumstances, how can anyone expect ‘eye-for-an-eye’ type of retaliation strikes to attacks perpetrated by fools from outside areas, who know only hatred, mayhem and yes, looting. Retaliatory strikes would have destroyed all the trust and mutual friendship built up over the years, and send it all go up in flames in an instance. Fools are those who do not represent good Sinhalese Buddhists, but Satans, Yakkas and Nagayas who re;present Gala uda rena Gandassara’s religion.

    Muslims are peace loving people. Those terrorists you refer to in neighboring countries do not all Muslims, but are those who have hijacked Islam, similar to the BBS monk mentioned above, who has hijacked Buddhism. We Muslims living in SL expect justice from above.

  • 0

    Dear Thamodaya.
    You look like real Modaya. Or real meharaka.
    Who said that Indian or other country have terrorists
    It is a creation of Aemerica
    To suit their needs why do you link SL Muslims with other countries
    Why is this .
    We do not have any connection to any Muslims of other country
    Why you have such fear

  • 1

    Of all the theological beliefs around the world , Islam poses as the greatest threat to civilized global society. Whatever nation that Muslims flood into,— death, destruction, mayhem , and horror follows. Muslims do not go into another nation with the intent of trying to assimilate into the already established culture and sovereign national state , but rather they go into the various nations with the goal and intent to change or convert the society to Islamic culture and sharia law. Muslims are the only group of people who cannot get along with their neighbors. Muslims want respect for their beliefs unquestionably , yet they have absolutely no respect whatsoever for the beliefs of others. This is how radical theology destroys any form of rational thought , compassion for others , and sensible fairness and equality. People around the world do not fear in any sense on a general basis being terrorized by Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Scientologists, etc ., but are justifiably horrified of a society run by Muslims and sharia law. If world society does not stand up to the encroaching sharia crusaders that are marching globally, then the world will be cast back into thousands of years of ancient “darkness” and barbarity. Our civil societies, freedoms, high standards of living, technology , medicine, industry, justice, equality, fairness, love , compassion, mutual respect , entertainment, and overall general happiness and contentment will all be gone completely and replaced with barbarism and savagery.

  • 0

    I have got to agree in part after what read of Champika Ranawaka said, ….something about Sinhala-Buddhists being of superior genes and things…………I would say that it is sooooo embarrassingly Nazi-like, and I only hope that the rest of the world won’t start looking at us pathetically and witheringly.

    However, I do agree that the Sinhala Lion race are indigenous to Sri Lanka and are her majority, and therefore for those reasons Sinhala-Lion-Race-Buddhists rights should be upheld first and foremost, and minorities should work with them, and for them. A system of acceptable laws validated by UN should be developed for this (what exactly is the judiciary doing other than working around in circles on 13A+++ ?).

    Don’t worry, the UN will validate it if put to them in correct form . However, those supposedly higher-minds (who go around like Oxford scholars), have no love for the country and people of the Lion (even their own), as half these Lion-people have been reduced in circumstances for many a-century.

    What they see of half the Lion race is poverty, violence, embitterment, filled up with racism, and for that reason, they would rather the country be divided (starting with 13A++++), and propagate the superior race myth in Western countries (sucking up to White fellows of whom many revel in these kinds of thinking, so they can prove one step of higher evolvement), while the other half of the Lion become untouchable Tamils.

  • 0

    Dear Kuma: of all theological dogmas Islam has got so beautiful and meaningful theology . That is so simple and so logical and it makes sense. That is why dispute of media display of Islam with negativity, thousands of people come to Islam every day. Christianity spend billions on poor to converts poor in African and Asian country Sri Lanka is not exceptional to this . But Islam does not have such crafty trick to make people Muslims but people by nature want to know the truth and the truth is with Islam or divine revelation in fact all Judo- Christian and Islam are primarily from one divine source: God of Moss, Abraham and Muhammad is one and only : He is same and yet, people of Book deviated. Last message of Islam is a culmination of all previous message:
    Now let us examine theology of all religion as you claimed good and bad
    Look at Christianity
    One in three and three in one : God: son, Holy Spirit and God:
    What logics will accept to have one and three at same time
    What logics will accept to have son for God
    If God got son why can not he have more sons
    He could have married and had many children? Why not daughters ? Tell how many children Jesus had ?
    Does it make sense ?
    Secondly come to Hindu and Buddhist theology
    Because both of them are same root
    Buddhism is a part of Hinduism ? Is not it Buddha is a Hindu ?
    What theology has this religions has
    Please do not take me wrong if I use bad words
    Hinduism does not have any theology ?
    Once human being dies his soul will be dissolves in the air or he would incarnate into some thin else ?
    Does this make sense and what is scientific proof that
    Do you think that you are incarnated from a pig or dog ? What a disgrace is this for this marvel human,?
    Hinduism tells people to worship private parts of males ?
    What type of religion is this ? Is it theology you talk about ?
    Hinduism believe that people are born as low and high caste ? What type of ugly theology is this ?
    Buddhism does make sense at all? It does have a set of theology or sets of laws as we’ll.
    it is some sort of mysticism nothing else.
    Islamic theology make sense
    Each work act and intention will be recorded
    Your life has a purpose ?
    Your life has a meaning
    When you die you soul will not dissolve in air and it has long life?
    This life a test and next life is true life
    This life is a begging of your life and when you die all your life recorded will be seen by you
    If you have done good you would go to paradise
    If you have done bad you would go Hell
    Do not have any wish to see your children and parent your next life
    Islam tells us that we will all life in the next life with family as we did in this life
    Look hitler killed more than one millions ?
    According to laws of this world he would be killed only once
    But Islam tells us his real punishment would be next life one million times
    Look how people Praha would have killed and got away with it ? Islam tells
    He would stand for justice on the next life
    Why do you think that many people come to Islam despite all these media portrayal of Islam badly with negative picture
    It is because of this fact. Islam is the only and one true religions : all others so called religions are man made religions : mixed with human desire and evils thoughts

    Foundation for modern science and technology is laid by Muslim Spain . Western scholarship rightly acknowledged that . Read Muslim Spain history of 700 years
    Do not judge Islam because of some fanatics of Muslims youth
    Read Islam from real sources
    Read Islamic history from early period to modern time
    Read Islam from real sources of good writers
    One day you would become Muslim if you read Islam with open heart
    Believe me that is what happened to many enemies of Islam
    They start to attack Islam and end up Muslims

  • 1

    Hussain says, he cannot “imagine a more abjectly submissive a minority than the Muslims.” I say, today’s Thowheed fundamentalists are worse than ‘hambaya’ of yesteryear. To understand the innocence of ‘hambaya’ what caused 1915 Sinhala-Muslim riots in detail please read my comment to S.V.Kirubaharan’s article here in CT. Just like the ‘hambaya’ of yesteryear, Thowheed fundamentalists of today do not let traditional Muslims of Sri Lanka to live in peace with Sinhala Buddhists.

    While the war raged on for 30 years, Thowheed fundamentalists had used the law and order vacuum created by LTTE to further their interest. LTTE didn’t like Muslims taqiyya and kitman style, hence they have chased them out of Jaffna and hoards were butchered thereafter while in isha prayer. What choice Muslim had other than come to Sinhala areas and give a hand to fight LTTE? But Hussain projects a different view.

    We say, since the end of the war, Thowheed fundamentalists are using the space avail by the ongoing peace to extend their foothold. What more proof than The Sunday Times reported on August 16, 2009, that a number of Muslim home guards had deserted their unit with weapons to join Tawheed for a “Jihad” against traditional Muslims.

    Hussain talks a little bit about ‘Muslim extremism’ but insists that “that extremism has been directed against fellow Muslims and never against the Sinhalese.” If so, how come Abdul Razik, the secretary to Sri Lanka Thowheed Jamath uttered an unprovoked derogatory remark on Buddha. Razik said ‘Buddha had eaten human flesh and ‘Triple Jem’ is just three stones’ at a meeting in Maligawatta on 13th April 2013.

    In contrary to writing by Hussain, M.C.A. Hameed, president of ACTM, a traditional Muslim of a Sufi order says not many Wahhabi followers were in Sri Lanka until Saudi became super rich overnight in 1973. And since they have funded Sri Lanka madrassas to teach the Wahhabi interpretation of Islam. Saudis gave scholarships to Sri Lanka Muslims to study Islam in Wahhabi schools in their kingdom. Those who studied Islam in Saudi and follow the Saudi traditions are known as Wahhabi Thowheeds or simply Thowheed.

    And these Thowheeds strongly believes that they have every right to oppose those who practice Islam in a wrong manner and correct them.

    Traditional Muslim clerics like MCA Hameed do not accept it. They say, “we do not believe in propagating Islam with a sword or a gun. That’s against Islam and we have been a peaceful community of Muslims.” But Hameed also say that they are now helpless in the wake of the Thawheed-backed Jihadi groups. Here Hameed meant the preachers of Thowheed Jamath and their insistence to preach “true Islam.”

    As Mr Hameed said, we also say that, this “true Islam” is nothing but to to pick on fellow traditional Muslims and reprogram their brains. Looking at the Thowheed acts around the world, can this writer Hussain deny those three Muslim youth who picked a fight with Ven Ayagama Samitha are not Thowheeds. I think it is Hussains who cover the truth is the crux of the matter.

    BBS and Ven Gnanasaras point is, this ‘true’ Islam is forcing all Muslims to become ‘true’ Islamists meaning Thowheeds. And that is affecting Sinhala Buddhists in every way because Thowheeds are confronting Sinhala Buddhists and they aim to turn sri Lanka Muhammadan and that’s what lead to riots in Aluthgama.

    Let me dig deep into that Husssain mentioned ‘lethal clash involving the Buhari mosque in Beruwela’ to prove my point. On 23rd 2009, Quadri Sufis had their annual kandhoori (feast) at 150 year old Buhkary Thakiyya. What did Wahhabi Thowheed do? They used loud-speakers to tell the entire village of Mahagoda that Buhari Thakiyya is like a Buddhist Temple, the Kandhoori is a Dansala, the old archway erected at the entrance of Buhkary Thakiyya is a Vesak Pandal. Is that not a deliberate trouble making by Thowheeds with both Sufis and Buddhists. Yet Hussain says, ‘Muslim extremism is never directed against Sinhalese.’ What an answer from an ex diplomat of Sri Lanka!

    Mr Hussain we’re convinced that the root cause for this riot is the Muslim fundamentalism that has spread to Aluthgama and Beruwala area. Attack on Ven Ayagama Samitha by Muslim thugs is a result of that. And dumping of decapitated heads and the 4 hooves of an Ox in front of his temple about 2 weeks before the riot is a result of that. And Ven Gnanasara’s speech is a result of all those act by Thowheeds.

    Razik should have known this country has that over 70% of are Buddhists and our constitution compel the government to protect and foster Buddhism. Razik chose to pick on Buddhists. Yet Razik manage to get away with a mere apology at a court of law. If such a statement was made by a Buddhist or a Christian in Pakistan, Bangladesh or etc against Muhammad, that person would have lost his head.

    So, apathetic Sinhalese Buddhists may accept Thowheeds claim that Muslim-Muslim fights are their problem and not a problem of Sinhalese. We the Gnanasaras insists that Thowheed instigated Muslim-Muslim fights are to breed jihadists and then to turn Sri Lanka a Muhammadan country.

  • 0

    If the BBS/Ravaya have their way, we shall have every TUAN MOHAMED DILSHAN turned into A TILLAKARATNE MUDIYANSELAGE DILSHAN. Sunneth! and everybody will live happily ever after.

  • 0

    Dear Banda.. This man from a village in Sri Lanka speaks non- sense. He has been an angent of Rajapakse family. Whatever this ruling family does or BBS does this village man always support blindly without any rationale or logics. This man lost his human sense and humour . How on earth any man could justify broad day barbarism of BBS thugs. I would not call these thugs Buddhsists at all. These are murdurers, looters and robbers. What is the difference between LTTE and these thugs: LTTE is unofficial killers and these thugs are official murdurers with support of police and STF.
    That is the difference . The entire world knows who is behind BBS . It is a well planned broad day murder . It is well known fact BBS has been doing this type attacks on innocent Muslim for more than two years now . More than 300 incidents of racial attacks are recorded against Muslims. You have cooked up and fabricated many stories of this nature to start riots and violence:
    Who gave BBS permission to hold such incitul demonstration knowing that they would attack Muslims
    This country has got laws of jungle now . That is why this demo was taken place against the wishes DIG Kalutsura.
    You do not have one justice for Praba and another for MR . Both will have to pay the price for their injustice . Praba already paid price for that and yet, MR in waiting and he want to earn some more for his list of crimes that is why God prolongs his life .
    With regards Wahabism: SL will be happy with them.
    Read history of Wahabims and you will know that
    Wahabism doesn’t mind who rules and they do not interfere in politics : that is why Wahabism get support of King in Saudi.
    I agree Wahabism is an internal problems of Muslims and we would sort it out
    But do not cook up this Wahabism and BBS : BBS are murders and looters
    Buddhisism and Buddhsists are free from them.
    We like Buddhists but do not BBS thugs
    We like Sinhalese not BBS Racists
    We like Lankans but not enemies of Sri Lanka
    We think today BBS is enemy of SriLanka. No difference between them and LTTE.
    We believe BBS is a curse for SL they would bring destruction soon
    We believe that we should build a stronger SriLanka with support of all communities
    Tamils have money today
    Muslims have business skills and investments from Midle East
    Sinhalese have man power and politcal power
    We all should be united to build Lankan Idenity
    We all should build a strong economy and strong Sri Lanka
    My dear village man :
    Now fighting is not with arms but with brain
    Now we live in the world of economic wars
    The stronger is not the one who fight with arms rather with brain and money
    Today we should think how to bring prosperity to SL
    Nearly 3 millions Lankan work abroad and 2 millions in Midle east countries
    If they all come back home one go
    SL would be in bankruptcy .
    If there is no remittance Lanakan economy would be in a trouble
    Do you know Iraq used be number one importer of our tea
    Do you know Paksitan played a greater role to defeat LTTE
    But people like you live with four walls of narrow well.
    You my dear viallge man you need to come out of village and think globally before acting locally.
    I will continue to argue on BBS
    If you have rationally and logically sound come up with evidence
    We shall engage with argument
    I could reply to your for all forgeirs and fabricated stories of BBS about Muslims
    Like that of Muslism marrying Sinhalese girls
    Muslism population increase
    Muslism business
    Muslism dress
    Muslims mosques
    Muslim food
    Muslism employment and so on
    Please be ready with evidence for such academic arguments with evidence
    I do not say Muslisms are always rights
    I do not agree as human beings they might have mistakes and yet no as BBS say
    Not as you assume
    Not as you fear
    Not as you image
    Do not judge entire Muslism community for actions of some
    Do not judge Islam by actions of some wrong Muslisms.

  • 0

    Firstly all are Sri Lankan citizens and any One imposing between Muslim-Muslim also a problem because Muslims are members of Sri Lanka as buddhist,Christians or hindus. Specialy goverment authoritys Are also concern.
    Private individuals or religious Group taking law in to their hand and inserting violence and destruction is unacceptable.

    We are living in more developed civilised world and What is happening is we are moving to backword socity.

    I would also like to write to one of The comments about Hindu religion, this religion started in Hindus Valley, The Hindu sastra’s explain about religion and its principle. Our Body consist of atom and when we die our atoms Can be moved to a pig aswell.. The Soul is The vibration of energy , same like mobile transmitter and data..

    Buddha is a prince and was born to Hindu family, same here with Mohammed, who was his parents? Muslims?

    We talk and write rubbish because we are not clear in mind and do not know about religions and live in a vacum, we need to learn to co exsist and make our lifes Happy.

  • 0

    I am happy to see Hussain mellowing and coming down to earth – at least so far as his earlier jaundiced views on the Tamil Quesion is concerned. I will explain as I go along. To begin with let us not confuse and add to an already complex discourse with Hussein’s discovery of a “new word” to enrich the English language. The word Chauvinism will do fairly well, I think.

    “infinitely more irrational is the widespread belief that there is Muslim extremism against the Sinhalese, and the less widespread belief that the Muslims constitute an existential threat to the Sinhalese..” I can understand Hussein labouring to cushion the blows on his community. But he has chosen the wrong example. The current agitation is an expression of Sinhala fear against Islamic extremism and certainly one that is interpreted as a threat to the Sinhala nation. The Halal hoax was originally meant to cover only Muslim consumers but lo and behold, when the Ulayama (?) calculated over 10,000 businesses will be forced to buy Halal Certificates at Rs.2,500 per year, the Muslim clerics went viral and greedy – and BBS was born.

    When Hussein now speaks of the welfare of Tamils I am reminded of the wag recommending Jack the Ripper to be appointed to take care of Women’s welfare. Hussain misleads himself when he concludes “But, to be fair, we must acknowledge that this Government did attempt a political solution though without avowing it. Its major components were the following: massive infrastructure development instead of focusing on the grass roots needs of the Tamil people…” Good Sir,
    Most of these “massive infrastructure” components started by the Rajapakses in the Tamil North-East were not entirely calculated for the benefit of the Tamil Nation. The Komis Kakkas at the top of the hierarchy first calculated whats in it for them and then went on. They concentrated on the very large projects first. It will be less than grateful if I don’t express admiration to the larger Power/Energy, Water projects the Rajapakse regime has identified for the region – rather reluctantly, I must add. If the regime is keen on a political solution, as Mr. Hussain suggests, the first thing they would have done was to provide sufficient resources for the NPC to function effectively from last September – something which the Tamil people are kept unnecessarily and unfairly waiting. Looks like, if this takes shape at all soon, it will be because of the pressure India and the international community bring to bear on the Rajapakses to honour their primary obligations by the NPC.

    As to Mr. Hussain’s comment “Practically all over the Muslim world there are two movements going on: an attempt to return to a pristine form of Islam etc.” The fact is from the time of the death of Prophet Mohamed the religion has been violently divided first into two and then into many feuding parts. Wahabism, Salafism then and now the Jihadists, the Taliban (in the Asian region) are all part of the confusion that has reigned for over fourteen centuries that will perhaps continue for long. As the Jews mockingly claim “there will be no such thing as Islamic Brotherhood”

    “The spread of Islamic fundamentalism has been mainly due to the expenditure of Saudi oil billions, since the Saudis seem to have a deep commitment to keeping the Muslim masses in a backward state so that the entire Muslim world will be submissive to brutal tyranny, as in Saudi Arabia” At least, this realisation will serve educated Muslims well as they realise the source of all their trouble, after many decades of peaceful co-existence with the majority community. Sometime last year, US Intelligence sources estimated the Saudis have pledged US$250 billion to Islamise and in other ways subvert, forment unrest in non-Muslim countries in the world where Muslims live as minorities with other large communities. This, to some extent, explains the sudden appearance of over 200 Muslims in Sri Lanka (perhaps more) in the past two decades. It was said Kattankudy alone has so many mosques 9 Muslims can easily have one of their own. Trying to change street names into Arabic, plant Date palms along the streets and the attempts to bring Camels into the Batticoloa District are acts of utterly misdirected arrogance on the part of radicalised young Muslims – watched with deep concern by other communities.

    Tamils, naturally, welcome the change in Mr. Hussain’s mindset where he, at once stage, recommended to the Govt to starve the entire Tamil areas in an attempt to bring the Tamil resistance down on its knees. More than one commentator made mention of this in these columns to which Hussain took umbrage – though not denying that he wrote this in The Island. I suppose that was when Muslims like Hussain were in the erroneous belief the Lankan Tamil Nation is finished and it is time to fill the void. He apparently thinks more liberally now as he notes “It was an extreme irrationality on the part of the Sinhalese power elite to expect that OUR PROUD TAMILS would ever accept so humiliating a political solution, behind which was majoritarian racist arrogance compounded by the arrogance of the conqueror“ How well put Mr. Hussain, Sir. The Rajapakses know that it will take much more than the the “fun” of the regular harassment their oversized undisciplined armed forces to bring Tamils to their knees via means unjust, illegal and inhuman. It is a different world out there today with R2P being a powerful tool to protect suffering minorities under dictatorial regimes. These days the Rajapakses will begin to understand this in greater perspective what with the ubiquitous UN and the combined concerns of Madam Jayalalitha, Shri Karunanidhi and the Indian PM Narenda Modi. The Sinhalese will have to accept responsibility for
    internationalising our issue that should have been settled long ago using justice, reason and political will. The greater responsibility lies with the higher Buddhist clergy whose antics and lack of a worldly overview are now despised by the Sinhala Buddhists themselves.


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    Are the BBS for real?They don’t realize that if they start another 83 they can reap another 30 years of misery for the whole nation.Can we afford that. Sri Lanka is already 30 years behind times.We are just trying to catch up with countries like Malaysia.Why cant they stay in the temples and just eat the daney?We don’t need the clergy to get involved in politics.They think they are bigger than the Government??

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    just islam is noy areligion islam is every thing

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