17 June, 2024


“Sri Lankan Tamils Have Lost Everything”

By The Hindu –

DMK president M. Karunanidhi. Photo: R. Ragu

Sri Lankan Tamils will not settle for anything less than a separate Eelam as they had already paid the highest price towards achieving the goal, DMK president M. Karunanidhi claimed on Tuesday.

“The prospects of a political solution and devolution of power remain only on paper and the Sri Lankan government does not even have the basic honesty of fulfilling the promises made on world forums. Sri Lankan Tamils have given lakhs of lives in sacrifice towards achieving the goal. Tamils have lost everything in their own country, lost their relatives and roam the streets of many countries as orphans and refugees. They have paid the highest price,” Mr Karunanidhi said in a statement here.

The DMK leader, who favours the formation of a separate Eelam on the lines of East Timor, Kosovo, South Sudan and Montenegro, said efforts made by moderate Tamil leaders, such as A. Amirthalingam to find a peaceful solution, were nipped in the bud and agreements with them were thrown to the winds.

“The armed struggle was crushed by unprecedented military deployment. Sinhalese majoritarianism does not show an iota of interest in giving equal rights to the Tamils,” Mr Karunanidhi said, reacting to the argument of BJP leader Sushma Swaraj and CPI(M) MP T.K. Rangarajan that Tamil leaders were not for a separate Eelam.

Mr. Karunanidhi, an ally of the Congress-led UPA at the Centre, said as far as the Sri Lankan Tamils were concerned, he had not asked India to intervene the way it did in Bangladesh. “I just want India and the United Nations to intervene and conduct a referendum for the formation of a separate Eelam,” he said.

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    Thats great we need more and more and much more grave yards.. until the flower of Tamil youth are confined to this eelam grave yard.

    i should have stayed in malaysia or gone to TN.. to free them from bondege.. silly me to choose Lanka..lol

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    After the Mission has failed with their complicity keeping quiet when it was drummed of the annihilation thinking the game plan laid will work, now they have realised their folly that they have been taken for a right Royal ride by the Centre and their allies the Zionist Americans. There is no point in lamanting now at least admit to the world and the Tamil Diaspora how ADMK failed in their bargain.

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    “SL Tamils Lost everything”
    True because of Tamil Nadu’s racist politics.Why is TN silent over Tamils in Fijji, Malaysia?

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    No offense, but all these TN politicians are big fat idiots…

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    I do quite agree with this insane TN politician, the President of the DMK Karunanidi. The Tamils in Sri Lanka haven’t lost everything but mainly the following but very vital things.
    1. The historical myth that the Tamils are above all other races.
    2. Prestige achieved through Dravidian invasions in the past as a “super power” in the region.
    3. Some human qualities preserved and transmitted to the present generation by their progenitors.
    4. Trustworthiness and confidence that made a certain binding with other communities.
    5 Hopes for a separate country even in the unknown future.

    What the Tamils in SL did not lose is:
    1. The eternal craving for an unknown destiny governed by the mythical illusion for a self governed State.
    2. Hatred for Sinhalese and jealousy towards the other ethnic group.
    3. incurable inferiority complex inherited from the former leaders in the post-independent era who were only dreaming of an Ealam.
    4. Ungratefulness
    5. Frustration above everything.

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    All these war allegations were done when Karunanithy was on power and he accepted this massacre. Under M.G.R it has never happend.

    This corrupted politician use our situation to do his local politics

    He should give up his seat to give power to younger generation

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