27 June, 2022


Sri Lanka’s Controversial Ambassador To Qatar Carries Rajapaksa Sons’ Bags At Airport

Sri Lankan Ambassador to Qatar, controversial businessman A.S.P. Liyanage was seen welcoming Yoshitha Rajapaksa and Rohitha Rajapaksa, the two sons of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa – when they arrived in the country this morning.

The gesture is not in line with any diplomatic protocol as the Rajapaksa sons do not hold any positions in the government, at the moment. Liyanage was seen welcoming them and carrying their bags when the CH and FC Rugby team arrived in Qatar for a match.

While Ambassador ASP Liyanage is seen carrying Rohitha Rajapaksa’s bag, Sri Lanka Embassy official and Minister for Rajitha Senaratna’s close associate Ruwan Dananasooriya is pictured pushing a trolley containing Yoshitha Rajapaksa’s bags.

The Ambassador drove them to Mercure Grande Hotel where they were staying. They were Chauffer driven Ambassador in front seat with two sons at the back.

Liyanage, a billionaire businessman, claims to be a close friend of the Rajapaksa family. After the former President fell out of power in January 2015, he even offered his Colombo house, the Peacock Mansion, to the Rajapaksa family.

Despite his questionable links with the Rajapaksa family, President Maithripala Sirisena appointed him the Sri Lankan Ambassador to Qatar raising many an eyebrow.

Liyanage’s appointment recently came under fire in Parliament with some Parliamentarians calling him a “mad man” who was ruining Sri Lanka’s image overseas.

UNP Deputy Minister Buddhika Pathirana slammed Liyanage for getting involved in the operations of the Stafford Sri Lankan School in Doha, without discharging the duties of his diplomatic posting.

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  • 8

    dR. ROdda (what a name if you dont mind what doctor are you?????) .JD alias Jimmy is that you my boy. Seems like you are very happy to carry those bags.Go ahead. By the way do not forget their footwear. I am sure you will feel honored.

  • 17

    They are Shiranthi’s kids.

    What would Thajudeen’s parents be thinking?

    • 2


      “What would Thajudeen’s parents be thinking?”

      Eye for an Eye, is fair.

      The meaning of the principle Eye for an Eye is that a person who has been injured by another person returns the offending action to the originator in compensation, or that an authority does so on behalf of the injured person.

  • 10

    The comments speak for it. There is nothing I can add. He is a disgrace to our country.

  • 9

    This is but a typical day in the life of the lot swimming in corruption/nepotism/impunity.
    A good example of Bullyism 101. Bullies bully those under but crawl at the sight of bullies above.

  • 3

    Past It cannot be change, undone or forgotten
    Whether we live in Sri Lanka or Malaysia or India, the U.K. or the U.S remembering the past Action made us and seeing the future, The present is clay because you can mold it. But the past is stone because you can never change it.

  • 2

    Let’s remember young lad Thajudeen who rests in peace

    Hell to the murderous family especially the Siriliya woman!

  • 1

    Ayyo Sirisena!!

  • 1

    The slfp of Mahinda the largest single party ever formed in srilanka which was formed on 2005 ,,the architects of this 80 billion business economy in srilanka and the sole owners of srilankan high ranking business class ,the sole owners of the upper middle class and middle class in srilanka do any one believe that the people from the business class of slfp of Mahinda will at least respect the poor peoples party, the party of the people of lower middle class like unp or JVP or leaders like jr ,premadsa or wijeweera. No point of talking about this high great business party like slfp of mahinda. Even they Hitlers we have to bring them back for their high ranking business policies ,for our rich life style , for our rich food consumption, other wise we can’t suffer with out food , In starvation, no business ,poverty , no cheese, no wine under innocent unp governments. We are unable to eat with mallum and bath like the people eat under Jr, premadasa ,chandrika regime. We do not have any option ,this is the bitter truth.

  • 1

    During Sirimavos time, from what I heard from a very close source, a certain Army Commander ingratiated himself to Anura B and even carried Anura B’s briefcase when they returned from a foreign trip. Many people were disgusted at this blatant sycophancy. He also ingratiated himself to Mrs B, Anura, Anuruddha Ratwatte and carried tales. He also fooled Colonel Hector Divitotawela according to my sources who were very close. What was the objective? By putting fear into catholic action coup in 1962, his aim was to get an unprecented EXTENSION as Army commander and he got it. Never before and to my knowledge never after that was an Army commander given an extension. So arse-kissing worked. What he did was kept on saying “Dennis P is a good officer, but he is Catholic”. As a result, the fears those leaders had of the 1962 coup which was called the Catholic action coup, was used to deprive Dennis P of his RIGHTFUL time. I am told some were aghast and apologized to Dennis P later on after he was made commander by the UNP regime in 1977. Shameful is that this is a top top top guy in the prestigious hierarchy unlike this bootlicker lowly guy you report. The Commander of the Army did not have to behave like that for personal benefit. That is what they all do when people are in power. They curry favour, carry tales and worship people to make gains.

    • 0

      Now ASP defends by saying that young men needed his help.

      There, the ASP had no thoughts about the respect of an Ambassador.

      This happens uneducated are appointed as Diplomats – this was the thoughts of my 10 year old Grand son.

      But the president of the day seems to be okay with the behavour.
      I have no idea why CURRENT president continues to be MR principles.

      MR appointed even former VICIOUS army men as diplomats since he thought it was the way to abuse impunity.
      His cousin who was believed to have no ALEVELs but had been low level TEA taster to tea company – and became a diplomat not for any other country, but to the US…
      By having appointed the kin dof FISH mongers or the like men without any educational credentials, Rajapkashes made EXTERNAL ministry a mockery.
      But media men REFRAIN not keeping the facts before the nation. Today, it has become just okay.
      ASP is said to be a former teacher.
      But a business man who was close to Rajakshes.
      That peacock villa was allegedly bought by this man but it was a house grabed by Rajapakshe rascals.

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