21 April, 2024


Sri Lanka’s Crumbling Credibility

By Kumarathasan Rasingam

Kumarathasan Rasingam

The credibility of Sri Lanka in relation to the settlement of the 60 year old ethnic problem of Tamils can be judged from the fate of several pacts, agreements and undertakings which were made from 1956 to 2009 and the Sri Lankan Governments unwillingness to comply with the implementation of its own undertakings:- LLRC [Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission] recommendations: The August 1 2015 UNHRC Resolution 30/1 and its delaying tactics in implementing the recent similar Resolution in March 2017.

This article tries to detail the failing credibility of Sri Lanka since then particularly after the Human Rights Resolution on October 1st 2015. This was a resolution adopted with the blessings of United Nations Human Rights Council and sponsored by USA with Sri Lanka being a co-sponsor. By co-sponsoring the resolution Sri Lanka unequivocally and fully committed itself to implement all the recommendations mentioned in the Resolution. Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe defended the Resolution and even vigorously justified the “establishment of a Sri Lankan Judicial Mechanism including the Special Counsel’s Office of Commonwealth and other foreign judges, defence lawyers and authorised prosecutors and investigators.”

These recommendations can be described as the corner stone of this resolution aimed to fulfill the targeted commitments of “accountability, justice and reconciliation”. Earlier Sri Lanka successfully killed the proposal mooted by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights who recommended a “Hybrid court integrating foreign judges etc” and get the international mechanism with foreign jurist’s participation.

Having fully committed to implement this Resolution Prime Minister Wickremesinghe and President Sirisena defended all the recommendations and PM Ranil even stated that there have been instances where foreign lawyers have participated and contributed their skills and knowledge in the legal proceedings in Sri Lanka like the appearance of Mr. Quass, QC in the former Prime Minister Bandaranaike assassination case in 1960. There were instances when eminent Sri Lankan lawyers have served as judges in foreign countries particularly in Africa. It is to be stated that the Sri Lankan constitution does not in any of its section prohibit the participation of any foreign judges. What is not prohibited can be allowed provided the modalities of appointments are followed involving the President and/or Judicial Service Commission as required.

It is relevant to quote the confusing and conflicting statements made by Government Ministers including the Prime Minister and the President in relation to the judicial mechanism and investigation.

On January 11th 2015: Rajitha Senevaratne – The Government Spokesperson stated: “That Sri Lanka’s new Government will not hand over anyone to an international inquiry investigating allegation of war crimes”.

On February rd3, 2015: Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera- In an interview to ‘Swarajya’ said “We hope to have technical assistance from United Nations even perhaps judges from Commonwealth”.

On June 7th 2015: Justice Minister Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe – Vowed to set up a credible domestic mechanism.

On August 24th 2015: Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe – In an interview with Hindu stated that “There is no legal basis for international investigation within Sri Lanka adding that any accountability mechanism has to be domestic in nature.”

On January 29th 2016: President Sirisena – In an interview with Al-Jazeera stated that “We definitely do not need outsiders. He also insisted that Sri Lanka was not being investigated for war crimes, but rather allegations of human rights”.

On January 31st: Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said: If we are to permit foreign judges to sit in judgement then our constitution has to be amended with the consent of the people at a referendum” [News Radio US]

On February 20th 2016: Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe – While in India at Guruvayur stated that “We may not have the full expertise to identify the exact factors that led to the casualties, so international participation is welcome for determining such cases”.

On February 2016: foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera – In an event at US Institute of Peace in Washington said that “The previous statements of the Prime Minister Ranil and the President Sirisena was their opinion and the final decision would be taken after wide consultation with all stake holders”

On July 8th 2016: President Sirisena – Stated that “As long as I am the President; I will not allow foreigners or organizations to interfere in the internal affairs”. [Ceylon News]

On July 15th 2016: General Sarath Fonseka – said that “Government had agreed to allow foreign monitors and obtain international technical assistance and the government was not in favour of including foreign judges”. [Daily Mirror]

On January 6th 2017: Minister of Justice – said that “He had no confidence in the Consultation Task Force [CTF] which called for a judicial mechanism with foreign involvement”. [Daily Mirror]

On January 7th 2017: State Minister Laxman Yapa – said “Only logistical and technical assistance would be obtained.” [Daily Mirror]

President Sirisena commenting on Consultation Task Force [CTF] expressed his disapproval of most of its recommendations including hybrid court and independent investigations into war Crimes.

On January 29th 2017: Foreign Minister Mangala – Revealed that “Sri Lanka will be pushing for a technical rollover due to the controversy around the judicial mechanism”. [Sunday times]

On February 2nd 2017: Former President Chandrika – Who earlier supported war crimes investigation backtracked and said “With new constitution and Office of the Missing Persons Act, there is no need for war crimes probe by any court”. [Daily Mirror]

On February 20th: Foreign Minister Mangala – said that “Judicial mechanism will be a domestic one with foreign participation, having foreign judges would need an amendment of the law on judiciary”.

On March 3rd 2017: President Sirisena – In an interview to Hindu news paper stated that “He has shown the strength of his backbone in dismissing a United Nations demand for seeking foreign judges to probe alleged war crimes”. [At a Sri Lanka Freedom Party Executive meeting]

On March 5th 2017: Prime Minister Ranil – said that “It is not a practical proposal to set up a hybrid court”. [Hindu News Paper]

On March 17th 2017: Foreign Minister Mangala – stated that “Government cannot bring in foreign judicial officers under constitution” and further said that “the inclusion of foreign judicial officers was just a recommendation from the United Nations Human Rights Council [UNHRC]”

On March 21st 2017: Prime Minister Ranil – again reiterated that “We will not join International Criminal Court, we will not include foreign judges in Sri Lankan judicial mechanism but there may be foreign experts and observers”. [Daily News]

On March 22nd 2017: State Minister of Defence Rowun Wijewardene – said that “This is our country’s issue, it should be dealt with domestically, and we do not need international involvement.”

On March 22nd 2017: Deputy Foreign Minister Harsha de Silva – in his twitter said that “There is no reference to hybrid court in the Resolution of October 01, 2015”.

On March 23rd 2017: Justice Minister Wijayadasa – said that ” UNHRC, European Union insisting on foreign judges amounts to a threat independence and sovereignty of the country”. [Daily News]

On March 24th 2017: Harsha de Silva – in a reversing statement said that “Foreign judges will participate but not hear cases, and participation does not mean ‘hybrid court’ consisting of foreign judges”. [Asian Mirror]

The above misleading and contradictory statements made to suit the occasions do however reveal the true intention of the Government which is only the rejection of foreign jurists reiterated in defiance of the operative recommendation No. 6 in the UNHRC Resolution. In the face of this plain rejection, to expect Sri Lanka to fully implement the measures identified by the UNHRC in the October 1st 2015 Resolution 30/1 is nothing but an illusion.

The statements of Government in relation to war crimes etc. are also relevant to evaluate the question of accountability and the necessity for a local judicial mechanism.

On March 18th 2017: Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera – stated that “We are going around telling the international community that there have been no war crimes. Our Army is disciplined” [comments on Book “Road to Nanddikadal]

President Sirisena on various occasions made the following emphatic statements:-

On October 27th 2016: “I have the duty and responsibility to protect the honour of war heroes”. [Lankadeep news paper]

On January 1st 2016: “Investigation against war heroes will never take place”.

On October 16th, 2016: in Colombo: “Military commanders who led the successful campaign to crush separatist Tamil tiger rebels in 2009 should not be humiliated in any way”. This remark targeted the prosecutions and investigations by Bribery Commissioner for corruption against military officials

On March 14th 2017: “I will not leave room for true war heroes to face any accusations and will do everything possible to safeguard the dignity and respect of the armed forces”.

On March 28th 2017: Former President Chandrika Kumaratunga – Who is head of National Unity and Reconciliation stated in Jaffna that “Sri Lankan soldiers who fought in the civil war will not be dragged into court because of the demand of Tamil Diaspora: We have no intention to drag the soldiers before the courts and send them to gallows”. She further said that “Tamils are not demanding punishment or trials for Sri Lankan soldiers”. How she ascertained the views of 2 [two]million and other Tamils living abroad is only a six million Dollar question.

On March 24th 2017: Justice Minister Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe – stated that “Investigating war crimes without promoting reconciliation was not realistic at all. Prosecutions for war crimes will actually create tension among ethnic groups”. [Daily Mirror]

In March 2017: Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera – On the eve of UNHRC session in March 2017 said that “Priority will be given to drafting a new constitution and the Government has put on the backburner the task of setting up the war crimes accountability mechanisms including a judicial mechanism” . [Ceylon Express]

On March 28th 2017: President Sirisena – made a climaxing statement when he said that “I would take fullest responsibility on behalf of war heroes”. By this sweeping statement President has taken over all the allegations of war crimes etc. made against the security forces.

On April 3rd 2017: Minister Rajitha Senaratne – while in Jaffna said “We do not agree with war crimes”

Besides the above confusing and contradictory statements of top officials of present government, Former President Mahinda Rajapaksha and his brother Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksha are also joining the band of opposition to any investigations into war crimes with Gotabaya saying that “They are baseless allegations and politically motivated. After a war what can we do”?
Above all, President Sirisena’s requesting help from newly elected US President Donald Trump is only showing his desperation and troubling position of Sri Lanka in the United Nations and/or UN Human Rights Council while exploring all avenues to extricate itself from the mess resulting from the war.

In conclusion, nothing is more obvious than the Sri Lankan Government’s stand to deviate and or reject and disregard the UNHRC recommendation calling for foreign lawyers, judges etc. All the contradictory statements are leading to the above conclusion only, with each actor dishing out differing excuses and reasons to placate and stifle the opposition in the South and derail the accountability, justice and reconciliation process.

The argument that war crimes investigation will create ethnic tensions and act as an obstacle to reconciliation is nothing but an empty rhetoric. A victim of a criminal offence always demands appropriate punishment before everything else. Accountability is the universally accepted principle in the criminal justice system all over the world in democratic countries. By denying or keeping it away is only an assault on the rule of law, an insult to the criminal judicial mechanism and a slap on the victim of crime. Above all, it accepts and promotes impunity. It encourages commission of crimes with no fear of prosecution and fails to prevent recurrence. It is like asking the husband to behave as friends with the killer of his wife or any family member with no charges filed against the killer.

The Government’s argument is that the constitution does not permit foreign judges or jurists is also hollow and baseless. No constitution in the world is drafted with a provision to allow foreign judges or personnel. If there is no prohibition, it is perfectly legal to allow foreign judges etc. provided the proper procedures are followed by the President and or Judicial Service Commission.
In the face of the Government’s firm decision rejecting foreign jurists and the firm undertakings to protect the security forces with declared impunity, the necessity to establish an internal judicial mechanism also does not arise, except only to haul up the released and rehabilitated Liberation tigers of Tamil Eelam cadres including K. Pathmanathan known as KP

This internal judicial mechanism is all the more irrelevant and will be an exercise in futility in the face of the Government’s denial of any war crimes etc. committed by the security forces, as declared by the Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera on March 18th 2017 in Colombo.

Sri Lanka is sitting in a position employing its time tested tactics on promises, friendly cajoling, delaying, diplomatic manoeuvring and lobbying to avoid the punishment of UN or other countries and expect the Resolution to become stale. There is no doubt that the Resolution on March 23, 2017 requesting Sri Lanka to implement the 30/1/15 resolution fully will surely remain fully unimplemented until another UNHRC Resolution is passed with another extension of time.

With an embedded system of impunity in the Sri Lankan Judicial system, international community and UN are the only hopes for the suffering Tamils to secure the long denied justice and not leaving them in the lurch opting for radical options.

*Kumarathasan Rasingam – 
President: Tamil Canadian Elders for Human Rights

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  • 11

    President Sirisena – On January 1st 2016: “Investigation against war heroes will never take place.”

    President Sirisena – On March 28th 2017: “I would take fullest responsibility on behalf of war heroes.”

    It looks like one man’s war criminal is another man’s war hero.

    • 1

      Estate Labourer

      “President Sirisena – On March 28th 2017: “I would take fullest responsibility on behalf of war heroes.”

      Can Sirisena be hanged along with Mahinda Rajapaksa and Gotabaya Rajapaksa for the war crimes.

      After all, Gotabaya Rajapaksa wanted to war hero Sarath Fonseka.

      Sri Lanka threatens to execute General Sarath Fonseka Sri Lanka threatens to execute General Sarath Fonseka


    • 5

      I don’t know whether President Sirisena cheat UN or Sinhala massess or himself. I agree that war heroes should not be face trial. But war criminals should face trial. As a head of the Govt. President Sirisena accepted the UN resolution on Srilanka. The UN said that both Srilankan Govt and LTTE committed war crimes. So, both Govt and LTTE face a trial that brings out truth and who and who committed war crimes. It was agreed by both LTTE and Srilanka Sinhala govt for a international participation. The honesty andcredibility of Srilanka is well known fact. They are always against to the truth and trust.

  • 9

    Making speeches and passing resolutions does not solve our problem. What is required is taking steps to bring the communities to live together. One such step is to make Singhalese and Tamil children to study in the same school.This is what used to happen pre-1956.

    • 5

      The Tamil leadership is obsessed with International Inquiry.
      None of the Tamil leaders even spoke of a local judicial inquiry into any mass killing (be it of Tamils, Muslims and Sinhalese) over the years.
      They fell for the American bait, designed to trap Mahinda R. for moving close to China.
      Once the new regime came they let go a few of the tough terms.
      But the US and its chorus know that they have to keep the act going, in case MR returns. Also they are a bit cheesed off with the M&R road show which has achieved nothing and, despite the pre-election bravado, meekly yielded to the Chinese.
      This regime too knows the game.
      There is no credibility for the regime to salvage, and even less for the TNA (and its bogus militant rivals).
      There is no simple answer to the problem. Much needs to be done among the public, bypassing electoral politics.

    • 1

      For the Sinhalese it is more useful to learn Hindi.


      • 2


        Namaste नमस्ते

        “For the Sinhalese it is more useful to learn Hindi.”

        Finally, Et tu somass (you too soma)?

        At last you have found a way to shed your imagined little islander identity.

        Now that you have realised the importance/necessity of learning other languages hope you will question Modi in Hindi about Hindians’ lack of toilet policies.

        You better apply for membership to Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHS) and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and learn about Hindutva.

        Soon you will be forced to follow Hindutva diktat. Ramayana will be part of your History curriculum. Learn to live with Hindutva’s Aryan supremacy. Hindians believe in Ramayana myth (took place variously between 7000 BC and 3000 BC). According to the Hindians they won most worst Rakshasa and expect you to be far inferior to them.

        It reminds me of Mahawamsa and VP.

        You may be forced to learn Hindia’s National Anthem and here is the lyrics:

        Jaana Gaana Maana Adhinayaka Jayehe
        Bharata bhagya vidhata;
        Punjaba Sindhu Gujarata Maratha,
        Dravida Utkala Banga,
        Vindhya, Himachala, Jamuna, Ganga,
        Ucchhala Jaladhitaranga;
        Taba Shubha Naame Jaage
        Taba Shubha Ashish Maage
        Gaye taba jaya gaatha.
        Jana gana mangala dayaka jaya he
        Bharata bhagya vidhata.
        Jaya he, jaya he, jaya he,
        Jaya jaya jaya, jaya he!

        Trust me somas, I am only trying to help you and make your life easy.

        Jai Hind (जय हिंद)

      • 3

        Not Bengali or Odiya from where the mythical part lion part human founder of the Sinhalese people originated from?

        Similarly for Tamil people it is far more useful to learn English than useless Sinhalese spoken only by around 15 million. A hybrid mongrel language that is not rich in anything

  • 10

    We owe the writer our thanks for chronicling these statements showing the government has no intention to keep its promises at the UNHRC. This is probably why Mr. Sampanthan feels we are at the end of our tether.

  • 6

    How far can you trust the UN, after their activities during the war and immediately thereafter. UN is very often in the hands of US and the chances of of obtaining justice from them is questionable?.

    • 6

      Mr Anga

      How UN was forced to change their unbiased observations during the war and immediately after is the real mystery. There was a RAW agent under every other tree in Wanni and every other lamppost in Jaffna. To suggest that India kept mum on war crimes is ridiculous. Tamils even voted for Sarath Fonseka. Every thing changed with decision on regime change.


      • 3

        सोमस जी (somass ji)
        नमस्ते जी(Namaste Ji)

        “To suggest that India kept mum on war crimes is ridiculous.”

        Why would Hindia open their mouth and confirm their part/share in/of war crimes committed since 1971 on this island?

        “Tamils even voted for Sarath Fonseka.”

        Do you know the reason why Tamils Voted for the other war criminal Sarath Fonseka? Please share with me.

        Are you implying that Sarath Fonseka was also involved in war crimes yet the Tamils had forgiven him?

        धन्यवाद! सोमस जी (Thanks somass ji)
        जय हिंद Jai Hind

  • 4

    Mr Rasingam

    “…the necessity to establish an internal judicial mechanism also does not arise, except only to haul up the released and rehabilitated Liberation tigers of Tamil Eelam cadres including K. Pathmanathan known as KP”

    It is the opposite. International involvement will necessitate treating both sides equally and therefore rearresting the released cadre for trial. It is important that the LTTE supporters are kept informed accordingly as well as the cadre themselves.

    A domestic mechanism on the other hand has the option of identifying the release without trial as a first step towards reconciliation. That Tamils do not acknowledge it in that spirit is another matter.


  • 3

    UK just released a man committed to prison for war crimes. OK you members of WTF go ask Theresa May or the Courts why they did it? All other military murderers in Afghna, Iraqi, Libyan and Syian Wars have been white washed as poor innocent soldiers. So go and ask them if they were war criminals

  • 5

    Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander

    So, Sri Lanka has lost credibility. I am not worried. But why that worried look on the author’s face?

    Is it because all the atrocities comitted against the Sinhalese and Muslims also will come out in such an inquiry? Especially the 176 Muslim worshippers killed while praying. One of the Thrumbars (I forget which) tried to explain it by saying that it was done by Karuna Amman to blame VP. It is like saying that Karuna Amman ate all the chicken curry to blame VP. In the absence of eye witnesses (the blown up suicide bombers) the Tigers may even make it stick. They are pretty good at making things stick with the stacks of money they pay to UN, Clinton foundation, ICJ and other circuses.

    Anyway, I say that the sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. Or to put in the Sri Lankan conetxt, the sauce for the cock is sauce for the chicken. These guys may turn around and say that it does not apply to the Vanni chicken. OK. Go ahead and say that and you will lose the eggs too. When I say eggs it does not mean chicken eggs only. I say that it applies to any chicken. Even Buttter Chikkken.

    • 3


      How many Sinhalese died in the hands of the LTTE and how many Sinhalese died in the hands of the Sinhalese? Don’t be an imbecile in not holding your govt responsible for the more than the 70,000 sinhalese deaths, murdered by a sinhala regime. You have zero moral lecturing others when you have no balls to hold a regime that slaughtered sch a large number of your race.

      • 2

        T.Rump & Co.

        Jansee, you misjudge me. All I am saying is that all parties who are responsible for atrocities should be investigated and punished. I am speaking about the Eelam wars not about insurrections.

        T.Rump & Co. has paid the ICJ, UNHCR, Clinton foundation etc. to investigate the killings of Tamils by Sinhalese only. I am asking for the killings of Tamils by Tamils only as a counter business proposition, not because I love Tamils. I don’t. And I don’t think your bosses love any one except themselves and the money of course. Once these are investigated and the perpetrators, including those who massacred 617 Muslims in prayer in Kattankudi, are punished, the flow of money would stop. The T.Rump business would be over. Kaput. Kalas. We can live happily ever after.

        Bringing in the killing of Sinhalese by Sinhalese was a bad business proposition. Not simply bad – but bad bad. You actually want to spend Tiger Rump money to investigate the killing of Sinhalese by Sinhalese? I don’t think that the lead Tiger would be amused by your idea. On the contrary he may be wondering what the repercussions would be if the smart tigers started bumping off stupid tigers – right away – now . It looks like you are destined for Nirvana – soon – in a matter of months, if not for weeks.

      • 2

        So what do you think we should have done? Allowed the JVP fellows to continue their killings, continue extort money from people and allow the further destabilization of the country?

        Not going to happen. Don’t think this bogus theory of Human Rights is an excuse for anarchy. Don’t think any Gamaya clad in a Sarong can frighten the country’s security establishment. Especially the Army.

        The army doesn’t stand for that nonsense.

  • 7

    I have seen several people complaining about Army engaging in business activities in the Northern Province. It appears that Army is operating business enterprises. According to an article appeared in D.B.Jeyaraj’s web site written by Ananth Palakidnar, agricultural farms managed by Army are employing more than 10,000 ex-LTTE cadres. The same source reveals that a large number of rehabilitated ex-women cadres are employed by the Civil Security Department as pre-school teachers. The most fascinating thing is, according to the same source, the ex-LTTE cadres employed in these enterprises are protesting against a move by the NPC to take over these enterprises to their control. The employees fear that some of them might lose jobs and these enterprises will be mismanaged if they come under the NPC. Any explanation by Chief Minister Vigneshwaran or other politicians in NPC or any other knowledgeable person why these ex-LTTE cadres prefer management by security forces and not by NPC which is controlled by Tamils?

    I think we should take few of these employees to UNHRC to present their views!

    • 3

      Eagle Eye/SLCitizen/Dr Clean

      “I think we should take few of these employees to UNHRC to present their views!”

      Good idea.

      Instead of Chief of National Intelligence Sisira Mendis and Rear Admiral Sarath Weerasekera the state should have send these employee. What a waste of time, money and reputation.

      At least those employees stood a chance of applying for asylum in Switzerland.

    • 0

      How do you expect Ponni and New King start an investigation when they were list toppers of the OISL’s forced by Lankawe to abandoned list.

  • 6

    This artice should be the result of recent photo op of a LTTE leader from Canada had with Justine Trudeau.

    It is funny. It is you people blew up the country for almost 30 years, including bus holts, train station, buses, trains, air planes and every thing you could. It is you people provided money for the the killers to kill civilians including infants and pregnent mothers. Everybody knows that your caste based culture is in Tamilnadu/south India and you want a base in Sri lanka because you enjoy freedom unlike in south India.

    Now, you migrents in Sri lanka wants, foreign judges, foreign lawyers and foreign countries arrange a homeland for you and prosecute the soldiers that saved 350,000 from slavery and death.

    Why do you think even the leaders from your motherland, India did not save you people. Was it Only the Rajiv Gandhi killing ?

    How do you get educated your children and grand children in Canada . Is it mixed schools or Tamils only schools where you can brain wash them with Tribalist hatred, Casteism and vilence against non-Tamils and Tamil low castes.

    • 1

      ” It is you people blew up the country for almost 30 years, including bus holts, train station, buses, trains, air planes and every thing you could.”

      hey jimsofty your memory goes only back to 30 years

      before that you Sinhalese were burning Tamils alive and throwing Tamil children into hot tar and destroy everything that is Tamil and what more all this violence against the Tamil were supported and financed by the Sinhala government of the day.

      The Prime Ministers of Sri Lanka since independence endorsed the killing of newly born and unborn Tamils kids and old invalid Tamils, pregnant Tamil mothers they all have blood in their hands

    • 1

      You should write fiction and you will be an overnight millionaire. Do you have any independent proof LTTE bombed bus halts and train station ?

  • 2

    First, prosecute the five policemen who shot dead the two undergraduates who were riding a motorcycle.

    Prosecution of war criminals can come later.

  • 1

    “Sri Lanka’s Crumbling Credibility”

    Somehow what Kumarathasan has written is misleading. It is not crumbling credibility byt lost credibility – spoosh its GONE.

  • 1

    Sri Lanka’s credibility ? what credibility SL have or had any time ?
    SL is a lost case and it should be treated with some stern measures by International countries without any political or other prejudices.

    SL politicians are corrupt to the core from top to bottom. They cannot be liberated like LTTE ex freedom fighters.

    The solution is to do something wise, before the great Satan India annex tiny SL with it and control all the Sinha Le’s and Tamil Le’s with the help of crazy President Donald Trump.

    If the Sinhalese doesn’t want to live in peace with Tamils & Muslims, this will eventually happen for sure.

    Mahinda, Gota, Fonseka, Rajitha, Sirisena, Ranil et el has to go hide before the Indian take over.
    Don’t you guys under estimate India…it’s a powerful nation, remember.
    But SL Tamils do not like an Indian take over at all. Do something before it happens, you Sinhala moda idiots. !

    But God knows whats going to happen and he has the final say here !

  • 3

    Uncle enjoy the salubrious Canadian climate and generous Dole and know that you will never return. So stop making trouble on behalf of your Tiger Tamil terrorist puppet masters. I never saw you writing here when LTTE was wreaking havoc and before the war ended. I never saw you writing here during MR regime either. Just chill with Justin Trudeau and leave SL to people who LIVE There. You will never go back; neither will I. But you keep barking for LTTE terrorists. War is over. Jaffna has a construction boom when I went there last month. I took the train and stayed at a lovely hotel by Jetwing. I took the train in the AC ExpoLanka compartment. Food was superb. I had crab curry. I went to VVT to Vadukoddai and to Kayts.

    I saw a boom in construction. Nice roads and superb causeways and bridges all built by the MR regime. People there want to be left alone and do grieve and want justice but not because you are all being propagandists for the defeated tigers.

    • 3


      “You will never go back; neither will I”

      and you type:

      “Jaffna has a construction boom when I went there last month.”

      Please clarify which of the above two lines are correct.

      “People there want to be left alone and do grieve and want justice but not because you are all being propagandists for the defeated tigers.”

      Did the people ask you when did you first entrust yourself in the employ of MR. In other words when did you start working as MR’s official b***s carrier?

    • 2


      “Uncle enjoy the salubrious Canadian climate and generous Dole “

      Motion M-24, which has been passed by the Canadian government, will “recognise the contributions that Tamil Canadians have made to Canadian society, the richness of the Tamil language and culture, and the importance of educating and reflecting upon Tamil heritage for future generations by declaring January, every year, Tamil Heritage Month.”

  • 2

    Sri Lanka is doomed and its credibility is down the drain. They are cornered into the ring, and they have a choice to sink or swim in the international muddy waters.

    The international community and the Tamil Diaspora will make or break this rogue state Sri Lanka.

    Unless SL comes clean and allows for an independent international investigation with foreign judges, prosecutors and lawyers, and the perpetrators punished, for justice and accountability, and for a two-state permanent political solution between the Sinhala Nation and the Tamil Nation, there will be no peace, or regional stability to move forward with reconciliation and economic development.

    Seventy years of history has failed SL, more so the last seven years after the war, move on or move off.

    Live and let live or perished into a Chinese Colony.

  • 0

    Dual Encryption Technology

    The author should be congratulated for the extensive research that must have gone in to the preparation of the list found in his article.

    It proves Edwin’s contention under another article, that Ranil has taken a great liking to Telugu (Andara Demala) and issuing all his statement on the ICJ situation in the same language. To the Putujjana it may appear as if Ranil is doing it to obfuscate, confuse, and cover up the confusion he has about what to do now. But that is only an appearance. The application of a dual encryption key process virtually ensures that not even Ranil can decrypt it back to the original message.

    Encryption Stage 1 employs the RSA Key. Note that RSA stands for Rivest-Shamir-Adleman, the Jews who invented the Key. Interesting is it not that Ranil is getting help from Jews on this?

    Encryption Stage 2 uses the latest and still highly classified quantum encryption technology invented by Americans but used by the Chinese. It is 100% unbreakable even with infinite computer power. The final encrypted message looks and sounds like Andara Demala.

    You remember the island-wide Wi Fi, the Google balloons, Mega polis etc.? This is the infrastructure required for the quantum encryption system. The Chinese have the largest system in the world with a 400 km of optical fiber communication link using this technology. The second largest is in Sri Lanka.

    When it is deployed, the T.Rump & Co. or ICJ will not know what hit them.

    • 1

      You are right Edvin, not even quantum computer can decrypt Ranils andara demala as he he employs third generation technology. He seems to have given the key to Sirisena.


      • 1

        सोमस जी (somass ji)
        नमस्ते जी(Namaste Ji)

        “You are right Edvin, not even quantum computer can decrypt Ranils andara demala as he he employs third generation technology”

        What do you really mean?

        Can quantum computer analyse brain? If so how?

        Do you need quantum computer to add 1 + 1?

        धन्यवाद! सोमस जी (Thanks somass ji)
        जय हिंद Jai Hind

  • 0

    Sorry Sir

    If you compile something concern to history, please do it properly, whole heartedly!

    This is an incomplete job.

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