4 June, 2023


Sri Lanka’s Mainstream Media Blindly Follows War Mongers’ Western Media

By Latheef Farook

Latheef Farook

Latheef Farook

Sri Lanka’s mainstream media, once known for its independent views on international affairs, has now become blind follower of United States led European war mongers’ pro Israeli media.

There was a time when numerous enlightened writers expressed their views highlighting their independent views on international affairs and super power crimes against third world countries. However during the past decade or so this trend has changed and the local media, by and large, have become US led war monger’s bulletins when it comes to covering international affairs.

As a result readers were deprived of the opportunity to know the truth about developments especially US, UK, European and Israeli wars raping and ravaging Muslim countries worldwide since the collapse of the former Soviet Union in 1989.

Blair ChandrikaIn doing so they not only do injustice to the victims of war but also help hide the atrocities of war mongers and their evil agendas against humanity perhaps for reasons better known to them.
For example the recent visit to Sri Lanka of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, a war criminal, on the invitation of Sri Lanka’s Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera on a two week holiday. While in the island Blair was also honoured when he was requested to deliver Lakshman Kadirgamar Memorial Lecture at the Lakshman Kadirgamar Centre and a reception with President Maithripala Sirisena.

Certain section of the local media gave wide publicity to his lecture at Lakshman Kadirgamar Centre and meeting with President Sirisena.

However the media was completely silent on his crime against humanity. Is it due to ignorance or indifferent?

Iraq has been very friendly country to Sri Lanka. It has helped the island on many occasions. I remember once when late President R Premadasa asked the Iraqi Ambassador in Sri Lanka Abdo Ali Daeri whether Iraq could help tide over the crisis of oil shortage, Iraq National Oil Company ordered six shipments of oil loaded at Basra Port to the island.

More than anything else Iraqis are human beings who have not even dreamt of harming anyone in US.UK, Europe or Israel. It is also an ancient country where many great ancient civilisations such as Mesopotamia, Sumer, Akkad, Mesopotamian, Babylonian and Assyria flourished between the Tigris and the Euphrates rivers for more than 7,000 years.

Tony Blair joining hands with former US President George Bush Jr declared war on Iraq stating Iraq possess weapons of mass destruction though United Nations weapons inspectors repeatedly said there was no such weapons of destruction.

Selling lies and deception both Bush and Blair bombed Iraq with the most destructive weapons turning this almost modern country where people enjoyed all modern comforts into a wasteland. They indiscriminately killed around two million Iraqis, raped and tortured hundreds of thousands besides pushing 5.9 million Iraqis into refugees where they languish in appalling condition for more than ten years.

However the mainstream local media failed to mention a word about this crime against humanity. Isn’t this intellectual fraud to please war criminals?

This has been the pattern for long in the local media.

For example under various pretexts hoodwinking the world, US,UK, Europe and Israel invaded or interfered and destroyed many Muslims countries during the past two and half decades. This range from Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, now Syria, Egypt, Yemen, Bosnia, Kosovo and several other countries under the guise of fighting War on Terrorism which in fact is “ MADE IN US AND ISRAEL”

In almost all these invasions victims’ sufferings and the atrocities committed by US and its allies were never highlighted. In fact ignored.

As we all know that Middle East has been one of the most peaceful places in the planet until Israel was planted by European imperial powers in the robbed Palestinian lands. Palestinians who lost everything due to western conspiracy continue remain in refugee camps where Israel periodically invade and massacre them with impunity. Since 1930s Israel has committed more than 65 massacres of Palestinians and now turned the entire Middle East into a killing field.

Unfortunately these Israeli crimes were never highlighted in the local media in its proper context. Instead the local media, perhaps increasingly is coming under Israeli influence, never fails to publish articles often distorting facts in favour of Israel on Israeli Palestinian issue.

In February 2013 I published a book entitled “America’s New World Order-EXPORTING WARS”. The book provides a clear picture of the international scene and the US led European forces which turned the Middle East into a killing field to suit the evil agenda of western corporate conglomerates worldwide.

It has comments from Sir Paul Craig Roberts, late US President Ronald Reagan’s assistant treasury secretary, Nobel Laureate Tawakkul Karman, Clair Short, Secretary of State for International Development in War Criminal Tony Blair’s government until her resignation in 2003 over British involvement in the Iraqi invasion, Stephen Lendman, Chicago based Research Associate of the Centre for Research on globalisation,. Chandra Muzaffar, Malaysian social activist and Ram Punyani, Indian writer and activist working for communal harmony and peace.

I gave copies of this book to almost all English language news with a write up .Except one which carried few paras, no paper published. One editor was frank enough to tell that he didn’t want to write anything negative about US.

On the other hand Muslim countries have been traditionally and historically some of the best friends of Sri Lanka. In times of crisis they were the first to rush to island’s rescue in all international forums- this range from during JVP uprising in 1971 to LTTE’s defeat in May 2009.

Around a million Sri Lankans are employed in Middle East remitting around seven billion dollar annually. Besides there are numerous other benefits to the island. Do the media highlight these positive sides? Instead the mainstream media has been indifferent.

This is the shameful state of the so called journalists and media in the island.

In the local scene too the local media in general promotes racist elements against the Muslim community and pitting Sinhalese against Muslims.

In June 2014 organised violent attacks on Aluthgama, Dharga town and Beruwala Muslims made the local media a laughing stock. This was a disaster for the local mainstream media which made an all out effort to cover up this carnage. However people were kept informed of the barbarity with minute by minute comments by several sources including mobile phones, sms, face book and twitters.

In one of the most shameful developments in the history of the island’s mainstream media, wide publicity was given to news and views of politicians and others who tried to hide the crime and put the blame on the victims.

However, foreign media covered the carnage with all the details exposing local media’s hostility towards Muslims and hypocrisy.

It is not an easy task for Muslim point of view to find some space in the local media which built up racist elements such as BBS and JHU to the detriment of the country.

The mainstream media suffers from some kind of anti Muslim hysteria though the Muslims in the country have been the most peaceful of the three communities and Muslim countries in the world remain the best friends of the island in the world.

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    [It is not an easy task for Muslim point of view]

    Latheef Farook any point of view regarding ISIS they seems to do pretty well getting the point of view across.

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    Sri Lankan journalists must make sure they remain independent. The American media is controlled by powerful Israeli lobbies, and many are run by Jewish people. The American people are deprived of getting unbiased information from these news outlets. They are made to believe that the Palestinian people are all terrorists, and that the violence inflicted on them by Israel, is all because Israel must “defend itself”. The question is, what are they defending themselves from? Home made rockets that hardly hits it’s mark, and stones thrown by children? For the last 14 years the number of Israelis killed by rockets total 33, while last year Israel killed over 2000 Palestinians mostly women and children, with precision bombs and sophisticated weapons. They leveled homes and did not even spare UN shelters. Following the US media and other Western news outlets may not be the best source of information – you will never hear the words “occupation” nor “illegal settlements” in any American news channel, and their coverage is far from being unbiased. With social media, and the ability to receive news very fast, there is no reason for the Sri Lankan media to blindly gather information from any other source.

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    Latheef Farook

    RE: Sri Lanka’s Mainstream Media Blindly Follows War Mongers’ Western Media

    “Sri Lanka’s mainstream media, once known for its independent views on international affairs, has now become blind follower of United States led European war mongers’ pro Israeli media.”


    1. They were bribed and paid by Norway, Israel and western Countries?

    “As a result readers were deprived of the opportunity to know the truth about developments especially US, UK, European and Israeli wars raping and ravaging Muslim countries worldwide since the collapse of the former Soviet Union in 1989.”

    What role do you think Wahhabi and their Clones played in this?

    Who is worse?

    Who is popping up these Wahhabi it regimes?

    Do the Wahhabis Follow Iblis, Satan or the West UK , Israel and USA Follow Iblis Satan?

    Who is the “Great Satan”

    PS. Tony Blair was a War Criminal.

    • 4

      A good analisys…Latheef.

      You know recently about a week ago (in late August) I happened to watch a discussion at HIRU (Media of the drug baron) showcasing the Yellow robed Mossad Agent Gnanasara (Everyone is expected to call these thugs with a title ‘Venerable’ even though they’re criminals) about his failure in the recently held elections.

      During the entire discussion what I found really amazing is that the 90% of the discussion was used as an anti-Islamic and Islamophobic drivel. HIRU guys have designed the program to in a very cunning way on the premise of Gnanasara’s election failure to restart the attack on the Muslims back again.

      This is an indication HIRU and its Mossad backers want to highlight that even though Gnaney has lost the elections, the WAR ON ISLAM should be taken forward. By this way they are hoping to keep the subject alive in the discourse of the country’s day to day affairs.

      IT MUST NOT BE FORGOTTEN-this is a PSY-OP they want to keep waging on the population of the Sri Lanka.

      With the conclusion of the General Elections, the Zionist West lost miserably due to the loss of the thugs Mahinda and his ilks and also the Ugly piglet Gnaney.

      The US/UK Zionist Axis was expecting a favourable place for the BBS doggys as it might be then easier for them to manipulate the country by pitting one aganist the other and with hope of re-starting another conflict with another community – The Muslims.

      So, the US somehow found a scapegoat or a boogeyman in the so called “ISIS TERRORIST” of Sri Lanka origin. Oh Please!!!!!

      Everyone who don’t watch and do not anymore believe or trust THE STONE AGE MEDIA they call as “Mainstream Media” (the CNN/BBC/CNBC/FOX/SKY etc) knows with facts that the ISIS is the baby of NATO/US/Israeli evil axis.

      “I.S.I.S. Could Stand For… Israeli Secret Intelligence Service”

      ISIS have never threatened or want to threaten ISRAEL for any reason. They attack only the Muslims and Arab countries destroying and paving the way for more Zionist manipulation on the pretext of attacking ISIS. This is the comical and deadly mission the US/British is carrying it out for centuries.

      Coming back to the main topic of Sinhala Zionist Media, these bastards have been using Sinhala Buddhism as a cover to implement the 100 years old Zionist-Buddhist alliance established through the Crypto/Jewish Freemasonic NWO propellers Blavatsky/Olcott/Leadbeater team’s Theosophy/New Age cult backing the ZION. In the modern era, Ven. Soma was brain-washed/Programmed in Australia and BBS/Gnaney was programmed in the Norway/Israel with on the spot VISA approvals when applied for. Travelling to Zionist countries was not a issue at all for these Sinhala Zionists.

      What these scumbags in 1900s did was not Revivalism of Buddhism, they incorporated the Jewish Kabbalistic-Talmudic evil ideas into Buddhists and introduced them to the cult of Master Race concept. That was the beginning of this rot that we find today in the Sinhala elites in the Political and Religious field. The media is a big part of this evil.

      Show me one instance where the Zionism is critically reviewed or condemned in harsh terms for its immense crime committed on the world population….NONE.

      The US/UK evil axis needs Sri Lanka more than ever now due to the imminent collapse of the petro Dollar as the world reserve currency. The Chinese Tianjin explosion is a prelude to the expected WW3 the Zionists are planning to stage. When that happens Sri Lanka will be the most strategic location for WARFARE and the US needs a secure base to check India & China in the Indian ocean region.

      The Tianjin Explosion Caused by Pentagon Space Weapons According to Natural News! Are we at war?

      The attack on Tianjin in China was a warning by the US to CHINA to ditch the devaluing and the expected launching of Yuan as the trading currency for their dealings in international trade.

      I think the Sri Lankan state and the politicians will learn a bloody lesson for their wretched dealings with the Zionists once the WW3 starts and when the bombs of Russia/China/India starts falling on its territory. You will then see Syria/Iraq/Afghan combined devastation happening all over Sri Lanka.

      The Sinhala Buddhist Zionists will not be able to answer to the public by then.

      Maithripala is another scumbag who is showing the same SLFP stupidity that happened during its entire history of implementing when it was in power and the things it did to the country by its many draconian laws harming the minorities and the many good governance opportunities.

      US is very active in the local politics so much so that many of the policies are now fashioned in Washington and showed through the posterior of the SL state to be implemented.

      SRI LANKA NOW HAS A VERY DARK FUTURE with the Zionist cabal imposing their evil through back door diplomacy.

      SINHALA ONLY will be destroyed by CHINA/RUSSIA/INDIA combination when the WW3 breaks out. Let us wait and see what happens.

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        How big is your tin hat?

        • 1

          Yo Sam,
          This discussion is not for the juveniles. Go home and smoke a pot. These stuffs are too hot to handle by muck heads. Go home sunny.

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    Latheef Farook:

    It is Muslims who are killing Christians and destroying civilizations because it is not Islamic.

    ISIS is not western. It is all Islam. that is what Mohamad wanted.

    Tamils used the same rhetoric that you use. they killed every for thirty years and they destroyed every thing. Once they were busted fro good, now they want war crime investigations, as well as reconciliation and a political solution.

    Your crap just looks like learned from Tamils.

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      Yo JIM SOFTY….

      You must be a dumb nitwit but the world population are not so stupid to buy the Zionist propaganda in twisting the truth.

      The Zionists, although they have the biggest Military, big banks or almost all the banks, MEDIA etc….they are losing the game in WORLD PUBLIC OPINION.
      The whole world have turned into switching their info sourcing to alternative media.

      The ZIONIST media (CNN/BBC/FOX/CNBC/SKY…etc) are dying or dead already.

      If you want real news then watch RT (Russia Today) or check in the internet…

      Let me give you a reply to the propaganda of linking ISIS to Islam….

      watch this if you have guts to know or can bear the pain in knowing the absolute TRUTH:

      1. Why The CIA Created


      3. GENERAL WESLEY CLARK explains ISIS was created by U.S. Allies

      Enjoy the TRUTH……please do not consume Alcohol during the time of watching these video….your life may in real danger.

      • 0

        It is Zionist big banks, that say “Allah u akbar” and fix dynamite to ancient places in Syria.

        • 0

          @Jim Softy….
          Exactly you Dumbo. …wow you begin to think. ….?

          • 0

            So, zionists are people brain washed by a cult.

        • 1

          Jim softy

          Or chant Jeyawewa and set fire to entire collection of books in a large library.

  • 1

    Latheef Farook,

    I think your article is a bit economical with the truth.

    Remind me, who was a key player in the

    1 demise of the marsh Arabs.
    2 massacre at Halabja
    3 invasion of Kuwait (that involved the mass evacuation of SL workers)
    4 the longest conventional war of the 20th Century (Iran v ????)

    True, much of media have always been biased. Most are in hock to their paymasters. That is why we have free speech (and Al Jazeera?).

  • 1

    Best friends because of their oil wealth !! They are friends to western countries too!! But this Muslim countries are not friend with their fellow Muslims countries !!Western media and its governments only taking the Muslim refugees from troubled Iraq ,Libya and other countries but not a single Muslim country welcome them!! Also they the refugees not select to refuge their neighboring Muslim countrie

  • 3

    There are decent Muslims, but you are not one of them.

    First, face up to the fact that you are a Sri Lankan Tamil who was born in to a family that practised Islam. Now you write, in English, against the West, and against Jews who are very close to you in religious practice.

    YOU are one of those nurturing dissension in this country! At least you can stop drivelling!

  • 1

    What lies and half truths. The latest destruction of human beings is by Syria and ISIS. NO comment on that?

    Also can you tell me why all these refugees are fleeing to “evil” “immoral” UK and Germany and etc instead of going to Saudi Arabia the homeland of Islam? Thoughts to ponder.

    • 0

      ISIS is a creation .. the latest manifestation of what the Americans spawned when they started arming the Islamist groups in Afghanistan.. it has spread out of control and taken on a life of it’s own

    • 0

      Could it be simply they want to get away as Obama proclaimed Islam the religion of piece so they wont be tortured oppressed raped murdered limbs cutoff and beheaded.

  • 1

    It is a sad fact of life that the activity of Wahabbis ans ISIS in the ME makes it difficult to defend them even in the face of wanton destruction of these nations by the West.

    The West (some NATO countries) with help from their ‘democratic’ friends in the ME first destroyed a stable Iraq, illegally as we now know, concocting stories about the brutality of Saddam Hussein and possession of non-existent WMDs, leading to near anarchy. Then they took on Libya, stable and reasonably wealthy and destroyed it via proxies and acting as the air force these samr terrorist proxies. Then they created another set of terrorists, funded trained and armed by them (using some weapons collected from Libyan armouries). These were let loose on Syria. These terrorists have been supeceeded by other funded by wealthy ME states, who are on the ascendant, with the NATO funded terrorists too joining them in large numbers.

    The reaction from the West has been to bomb Syria, ONLY the areas occupied by ISIS, but Turkey taking the opportunity to bomb the Kurds who have been demanding independence. Saudi Arabia has bombed Yemeni cities wiping out civilians. Millions have become refugees, some within the borders and many more outside for three years or more, some of whom now making the attempt to escape to the West. This never foreseen by the Western politicians and the hooray Henry ‘journalists’ who were at the forefront promoting and facilitating military actions.

    What is most galling is having to watch these hypocritical media people, alongside their political masters now shedding crocodile tears for one dead Syrian child who drowned in Bodrum, Turkey.

  • 2

    You know what I’m tired of? Muslim chauvinism – not only in the world, but in Sri Lanka as well. Latheef Farook himself has written article after article bashing Buddhists, attacking the Sinhalese, degrading the Tamils and making racist statements against Jewish people and the state of Israel. He expects everyone to look kindly upon his views after all the attacking of other communities that he has done. This is not acceptable.

    Muslims cannot forever pretend to be the victims. Perhaps Latheef Farook should turn his attention to Sri Lankan Muslim extremism and terrorism. Already one Sri Lankan Muslim has died fighting for the Islamic State. Another was arrested in Malaysia for plotting to bomb western embassies in South India. Wahhabism is a real issue in the island with hate speeches by imams against the Shias, Sufis and Ahmediyyas and sporadic attacks by these Salafi extremists on the mosques of other sects. This is Muslim terrorism and it is not happening in the Middle East but in Sri Lanka..

  • 0

    They them self are (Sri Lanka’s Mainstream Media}War Mongers!! And how about you where are were you when people killed in srilanka by the state armed forces !!

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