30 June, 2022


SriLankan Airlines: Finally The ‘Unelected’ Flight Attendant Union President Resigns

After nine months of forcibly holding the reigns of the Flight Attendants Union as its President of SriLankan Airlines, Cabin Manager Adrian Cramer resigned from his post after a tumultuous emergency meeting was held by its members on the 8th of September 2016.

Prior to Cramer throwing in the towel, his close associates Vice President Warren Hendricks, Treasurer Elseworth Weerasinghe, Secretary Lanka Kamalgoda and the Stewardess girl Nithya Senani Senanayake who was released for MP Namal Rajapaksa’s work, also had resigned.

At the emergency meeting two former preceding FAU Presidents Sidath Dedigama and Dinesh Fernando stepped in to bring stability in the interim until an Annual General Meeting is called.

Despite the internal squabbles during Cramer’s reign, even relations between the Pilots Guild was also soured after Cramer sent in an official letter to ALPGSL President Capt. Renuke Senanayake showing scant respect and even attempting to belittle the aviation professional.

The acrimonious dispute between the Flight Attendants and the Pilots union bodies was resolved amicably at the Pilots Guild office yesterday, when Capt.Senanayake helped facilitate the meeting which was at the behest of Cabin Manager Sidath Dedigama.

All matters of conflict and disputes resolved with honest dialog and genuine goodwill. The one hour and a half meeting covered all aspects of mutual concern and a strong show of solidarity with the new look committee of the FAU extending their support to the pilots guild especially regarding the ongoing “Pilot breathalyzer test saga” which is of equal concern to the FAU.committee-members-of-the-pilots-guild-and-flight-attendants-union

Committee Members of the Pilots Guild And Flight Attendants Union

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  • 14

    Why does everything in this photo look wrong to me? The attire- t-shirts, beards, the sitting pose of committee members of fancy guild, unions…. Even the air conditioner wiring and casing all look inappropriate. Even though it is all fake with Ana, Japan airlines, I would opt for them any day.

    • 3

      Well, what looks not right is that most of the guys(FAU) are on the wrong side of 45.How can you have Flight Stewards and Stewardesses working until they are 60 years old. And Pilots who can fly until they are 65 years old. Check with other leading Airlines.

      Sri Lankan can boast about having the latest Aircraft and oldest crew.

  • 7

    ….you can all kiss and make up having all contributed to the downfall of Srilankan, once a reputed unit under a previous management, BUT do not lose sight of international obligatory practices the Pilots and Cabin staff need to follow strictly.

  • 2

    Do not trap into that UNP want privatization of Sri Lankan Air lines as soon as possible.

    They will misused industrial disputes and an issues to justified their goal of privatization of National carrier.

    UNP-Ranil will keep balance sheet of Sri Lankan airline his pocket.

    No body want to buy time being, but MS and CBK for selling National carrier by support for Ranil W….

    All selling good are lucrative deals, not that only confined
    Sri Lankan Airlines.

    Public become voiceless ,that UNP democracy been to path of “Go slow ” tactics, it is moving towards the perishable path of UNP-‘democracy’.

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    These are just basic news that should not be published.Cabin crew is also responsible for the down fall of this airline. Sub standard crew operating our main routes must realise the importance of the job,their responsibility to the airline. Some of the reasons people avoid Sri Lankan is the criticism from Govt. cabin crew and pilots pissing in the wind,so much so customers now think this airline is run by some dumb bunch of people.We should operate to Frankfurt,Munich Zurich and double daily to London. We have failed especially crew,ground service and sales in all these respective areas.The airline should have reacted last year with aggressive campaigns.If we want to be international airline,recruiting South Indian crew with the languages in the south would have helped us. If we had strengthen our sales force with out sending people for test missions, we would not have been in this mess today. Now with the privatization(if some one buys it) these are the first areas they will look at. The value of the product is not only the seats sleeper or cabins, it’s our people,who are capable and will rebound fast as usual.The question is who could motivate and bring back that vigor and urge to launch the airline to the next face. Right now appointed lot has no chance. Staff in the company has so many ideas and suggestions, but who cares? No wants to know.

    • 0

      I agree. Akin to looking up and spitting. Destroying the setup from within.

      The inaction you feel happening now, is the same we felt when talk were happening with EK.

  • 4

    Jeez! you lot, pilots included, are like school kids.

    Congratulations, well done, your school yard antics confirms, why no one should fly Air Paradise.

    Glad, you kissed and made up, now get on with it, much needs to be done to keep the carrier flying.

  • 4

    Shariff: Good observation. All this commotion started with the appointment of the new Board of Directors comprised of people of a ONE person’s choice and widely known unacceptable to resurrect the ailing operations of the airline. The next BLUNDER was the throwing of the Waliamuna Report to the dust bin and not pursuing the “Clean Up” of the airline Management. The next to be followed was the “questionable” appointments made to run the business of the airline. With this “background”, the new Management too blundered in not taking a stock of the situation and climate that prevailed “Inside” of the outfit. If anyone took a “Forensic Audit” of the situation that prevailed and took the lead in leading a “Team Spirit” approach to running the affairs of the airline, many a pit falls would have been avoided and corrected the course. Now, as at present, the situation has gone out of control and seems to be far from correction. The PUBLIC IMAGE of the carrier has been tarnished and shattered resulting in dwindling numbers of passenger opting to “SELECT” to travel SriLankan. The EMPLOYEE MORAL and PARTICIPATION have not been empowered and vanished to confine to “Just carry on” for the sake of a living. What a WASTE of a reservoir of local talents that was once a pride of the country; all because of lack of “CREDIBILITY”, “COMMITMENT” and “LEADERSHIP” on the part of the Management.

  • 2

    Sri Lankan Airlines is anyway nothing but a joke. From the Pilots Union who does not want their members been checked for been after liquor to the low level of services of the cabin crew of Sri Lankan – everything is a joke.

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