29 May, 2023


SriLankan Airlines’ Fraud Confirmed: Union President Adrian Cramer

The President of the Flight Attendants Union Adrian Cramer confirmed the ongoing EPF/ETF and Tax fraud committed by his employer SriLankan Airlines.

Replying a letter sent in by Capt. Renuke Senanayake of the the Airline Pilots Guild of Sri Lanka, Cramer in a harshly worded letter, went on to even state the chapters of the EPF and ETF Act that the airline has been fraudulently violating.



Whilst claiming to be the elected president of the Flight Attendants Union, Cramer stated that his intention was only to protect the airline by highlighting this on going fraud.

Meanwhile Colombo Telegraph reliably learns that a prominent member of the FAU’s Ex-Co is on the verge of quitting the union.

It has been brought to light that he himself had submitted fraudulent personal information to the airline at the time of his recruitment.

We publish below the FAU President Adrian Cramer’s reply to APGSL President Capt.Renuke Senanayake in full.

Capt. Renuke Senanayake AFAU / 47
President – ALPGSL

Dear Mr. Senanayake
Your Communication dated 20th & 21st February 2016 and publication of same on Tabloid Press
Your above communication has been received with equal disapproval and abhorrence and you will find herein my response on behalf of the entirety of the FAU membership over which I have been elected to preside, limiting my comments to only the very few matters of fact that warrant any reply; leaving the larger remainder of its content which is simply abuse and verbiage in the corner of the gutter from where it emanated.
On the aspect of EPF and ETF payments on meal allowances I suggest that you subject your mental faculties and attempt to digest (if you can) section 47 of the EPF Act and section 44 of the ETF Act and see if you can comprehend the interpretation afforded in plain English language to the meaning of “Earnings”; this should hopefully answer your question as to why we as a responsible and duty conscious union of this Air Line and this Republic saw it fit to ensure that “our Beloved Airline” (as you referred to it) will not be found fault with for violating the laws of this land by which we are all meant to be governed.
Whist this was our sincere effort to protect this airline at this very crucial juncture, which efforts were initiated in strict confidence and with utmost good faith, your intentions on the other hand though proclaiming an abundance of love for all appear to be as sinister as your communication which, for some odd reason, has been copied to all and sundry and has now even appeared in the cheap Tabloid media. This unwise course of conduct have also now compelled us to keep those same parties informed of our response, only necessitated by your childish and imprudent actions aimed at cheap publicity.
I hope at least now your membership will permit sanity to prevail and engage in a meaningful dialogue if you really wish to resolve common issues affecting both unions and not stage them on common public gallery which will only serve to be counterproductive to the airline and of no benefit to anyone.
Adrian Cramer
Flight Attendants Union
Flat No 13, Bogala Court, Dickman’s Road
Colombo 5, Sri Lanka. 00500

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Latest comments

  • 3

    Thank you Adrian. Get some anti corrosive and paint this white elephant black for good.

    • 2

      All fixed allowances are taxable and EPF and ETF should be paid.

      What is the issue?

      Are you aware that meals given to hotel staff is taxable as an employment benefit? Loans given to bank staff at discounted rates are taxed as an employment benefit?

      Only reimbursements are tax free and not liable for EPF and ETF. Fixed allowances given to crew definitely doesn’t fall into this category.

  • 10

    Good Morning, this is your unappointed purser speaking.

    Please ensure that your seat backs and tray tables are in their full upright and stowed positions, and your seat belts are securely fastened.

    We anticipate turbulent weather over the next few weeks and passengers should expect a bumpy ride.

    Please bear with us if your requests for drinks, assistance etc are ignored as cabin staff will be preoccupied with ‘other’ matters.

    Please excuse our forced smiles duing this period.

    WE know you will understand and appreciate the hardships under which we serve.

  • 8

    Well done Cramer , atleast you showed these privileged Bus drivers where should they stand, when they go to USA and get the pilot license within 9 months and get in to the airlines thus aunties and uncles they think they can dictate terms,

    • 9

      Privileged bus driver? You’ll be calling him your God when he saves your insignificant life on your next flight. You clearly have no idea what you’re talking about.

  • 10

    The classic “Sri Lankan” response. Lots of words when the crux of the matter being….if Sri Lankan paid allowances without deducting taxes, who is responsible? Were these treated as overseas operations expenses or personnel remuneration. There is a difference and no govt authority has still answered this question.
    Isn’t the cabin crew also collecting the same payments? If yes, what is Mr. Cramer so excited about? Just for the opportunity to insult a Pilot?

  • 11

    Not again! For heaven’s sake Isn’t there anyone in the UL hierarchy who has the requisite knowledge on this issue and has the courage to make a public statement so we know for sure who is right.

    Where is that Head of Human resources ( Kekulawala ?) or if he wants to hide behind someone, at least the Guy who is in charge of Corporate Communications.

    Mr.Ajith Dias: surely your Management has an obligation to let the stakeholders of this Airline(tax payers)know the truth rather than keeping mum and allowing two different groups to sling mud at each other in public.

  • 0

    We can all go back-and-forth on this issue till we are blue in the face and it will mean absolutely NOTHING

    What is Inland revenue’s ruling on this ?

    This seems to be a large enough of an issue that they can wade in and say either Yea or Nay.

    Over to you Inland Revenue. What say you ?

  • 1

    Wasn’t Adrian Cramer the same chap who “Took an unqualified ETOPS pilot on a two man cockpit operation to fly CMB/CGK/CMB (ETOPS Flight) violating laid down procedures. As a Designated Check Pilot himself (DCP) for the CAA. No record has been seen up to date or known if any action was taken against him.”? Subsequently downgraded to cabin crew?


    Or are there two people with the same rare name working in Sri Lankan airlines? Sinners casting the first stone, etc.?

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