2 April, 2023


“Stop Squandering The People’s Mandate” Rajiva’s Party Tells Rajapaksa

The Liberal Party of Sri Lanka (LPSL) has expressed their concern at the rising momentum in the country on the possibility of a snap Presidential polls at the beginning of next year.

Leader of the LPSL,  Dr. Rajiva Wijesinha MP

Leader of the LPSL, Dr. Rajiva Wijesinha MP

LPSL General Secretary Kamal Nisanaka in the statement has noted that the President should hold office until the six year period of his term is completed without squandering the mandate given by the people. He has gone on to state that thereafter the government should seek to implement the constitutional reforms since there is rising acceptance by all political parties for such a move.

He has stated furthermore that it is high time the major parties discussed and reached an agreement on some of the vital reforms prior to the next Presidential election.

The LPSL has pointed out that formulating a program for political reforms within the next two years through a collaboration with two major parties in the South and the leading political alliance in the North would also place reconciliation efforts on a speedier track.

Nissanka in the statement had also expressed their views on the debate on choosing between the existing presidential system or the parliamentary system with the cabinet government.

“The Liberal Party believes that an alternative to abolishing the Executive presidency could be a presidency with reduced powers,” he has stated adding that they believe the incumbent President would response to the needs of the country rather than the persuasions of partisans who do no represent the views of the major parties in the UPFA.

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    Ah Rajiva and Nissanka, Rajapaksa has not squandered the people’s mandate at all. He has stacked the most important jobs in the country with his brothers, children, family and well wishers. He has made a mountain of wealth and craftily secreted them in the Seychelles. He has created huge projects though dubious in nature and pocketed huge commissions. He has let loose the BBS on hapless Muslims now that the Tamils are totally subjugated. No he has not squandered the people’s mandate at all.

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      Squandering the mandate? Which mandate?

      King Kong first won by bribing VP. Then by unprecedented “Gil Mart”.

      He never received a mandate.


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      Most of his (MR’s) personal wealth is held in proxi by Sajin Vaas, his baggage boy and pin-piya to evade any direct exposure if confronted, who knows every nook and cranny of MR the Tsunami Hora.

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      Rajiv’s “party”, my foot.
      Which party is that?

      The Saturday night party?

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    Calling oneself “LIBERAL” and then being with the regime such as this is an insult to all liberal principles.

    By the way, how many votes will the liberal party get contesting on their own even in Colombo?
    I predict 2 votes, Rajiva and Kamal Nisanaka (provided they are registered to vote in Colombo).

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      Professori and his party of ‘Liberals’ are about as alien to the term, as the so called ‘Socialist’ parties of Sri Lanka. Most politicians of Sri Lanka have one guiding principle – ‘Serve myself, my family and my cronies’ – let God help the common man!

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    Leader of the LPSL, Dr. Rajiva Wijesinha MP

    “The Liberal Party of Sri Lanka (LPSL) has expressed their concern at the rising momentum in the country on the possibility of a snap Presidential polls at the beginning of next year”


    1. Rajapaksa is afraid, because of corruption, thuggery, lack of law and order and racism and chauvinism,, in order to maintain the Family Hegemony and Dynasty, waiting will mean increased probability of losing the Prudential Election.
    So, they are on to “Make Hay while the Sun Shines”

    2,Need to maintain family hegemony, corruption and protect the Rajapaksa Dynasty. ( Did you heat about Jayalaitha?)

    3, Is, Lanka, the Land of Native Veddah Aethho, a Kingdom or a Republic?

    Want to know more? Ask the JVP.

    JVP explains why masses should fear Mahinda
    THURSDAY, 16 OCTOBER 2014 11:40


    JVP is carrying out a campaign stating that Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa cannot contest the forthcoming presidential election and if he contests the presidential election would be illegal. The JVP campaign is to build an opposition to the move and is creating a point of view that Mahinda Rajapaksa cannot contest for a third term. Meanwhile, Mahinda Rajapaksa supporters come out with various arguments.

    The JVP has released a media announcement explaining why ‘Mahinda cannot contest a third time’. The media announcement states:

    “Mahinda cannot a third time – No illegal presidential elections!”

    News have been published that incumbent president Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa, before his second term concludes and immediately after he completes four years of his term, is preparing to go for a presidential election. It is evident that this presidential election is against the constitution which is the fundamental law in our country and violates its clauses. As such, we believe all people in this country should know the important facts regarding for what purpose is the sudden presidential election is to be held, could it be held legally, what would be the outcome of an illegal presidential election and how could it be avoided.

    For whom is the sudden presidential election?

    As President Mahinda Rajapaksa was elected for a second term at the presidential election held in January, 2010 and was sworn in November 2010 he could be in power for 6 years; that is until November, 2016. Why is the sudden presidential election called if he has time till 2016? It is to get power for 6 more years before the people’s opposition that is developing daily against him and his government aggravates further. As such, this sudden presidential election is not in the interest of the country or the people but is held for the greediness for power of one individual and is held due to panic that his power would be lost. The move spending billions of public money and ignoring opposition of certain quarters of the UPFA is to further establish the despotic family rule. It would undoubtedly be a massive future hazard for the country as well as for its people.

    Read on using the link…

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    Rajiva, has at last mentioned the name of his party “Liberal Party”. Is this because he can feel the ship sinking and he wants to be another rat who wants to jump off the ship and join UNP ship carrying the Liberal Party flag? These guys have to be kicked out of politics.

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    What is the Liberal Party’s position on a third term for the president? Should he serve out his 6 year term and not serve again?

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      They want the six years that they were promised in 2010. They want their full ride on the Gravy Train. Rajapaksa may want to gamble with his luck but Rajiva, Vasu et. al are wondering why the hell should they loose two years of their ride. Not like they are spring chicken, you know?

      If they were sure Rajapaksa was going to win these guys wouldn’t have made a whimper.

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    Learned Professor,

    You are talking about people’s mandate. But learned ( from Havard) Hindian Subramaniaswm has recommeded to Indian PM Modi to award BARATH RATNA AWARD to your current boss MARA .

    It looks like the leagalty of MARA standing for the third term, is going to depend on the contest of learned Sarath N Silva Vs Dr. Subramania Swamy legal expertises.

    Can Sarath Silva follow Swamy ‘ s style ( WHAT SWAMY DID TO JEYALALITHA going back to Jeya first term ) to go back to Tsunami days and revive the case against MARA ?

    The snag may be the Indian Constitution written by Ambedkhar and SL constitution are two different kettles of fish like real original Buddhism from Lumumbini , Buddha Gaya, and Nalanda Vs Maha Vamsa Buddhism by Mahanama WHICH GOVERNS the Theravada Buddhism of Sri Lanka..

    MARA visited KURUVARYUR APPAN after his victory 4 years back.

    So he has the protection by Swamy and KURUVARYUR APPAN.

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    Professor Wijeyasinghe,

    For me Sarath N Silva has come out more cleaner than you and put countrie’s interest at this critical juncture.

    Do you know learned ( Havard educated ) Hindian Subramaniaswam has recommeded to Indian PM Modi to AWARD BHARATH RATNA AWARD to your current BOSS MARA ?.

    It appears that it is going to be a legal contest between Silva Vs Swamy wailing their expertise .

    CAN SARATH N SILVA follow Swamy ‘ s style ( fixing JEYALALITHA going back to her 1st term ) and go back to Tsunami days by legal avenues ?

    The snag is Ambedkhar ‘ s Indian Constitution and S L’ s ones are 2 different kettles of fish like real Buddhism of Lumumbini – Buddha Gaya and Nalanda Vs Mahanama ‘ s Maha Vamsa virtual Theravada Buddhism.

    After his 2nd term Presidential election victory MARA visited KURUVARYUR APPAN for thanks giving

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    Stop squandering people’s mandate?

    It was squandered when 18A was implemented!
    Election manifesto2010(MC2010) says EP would be removed but after the elections 18A wasimplemented to remove term limits!

    Dear learned Professor
    How can we tell our children to behave well?

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    I thought the Election is for renewing the Mandate, like renewing the Vows?..

    Where this Dude get his “Squandering” bit ???

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      Sumanasekeram, just like how you get your rubbish.

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    How many votes his party got?

    Zero? One?

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      He wouldn’t want a Parliamentary Election either…!!!

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    Are there any patriotic people in Sri Lanka? Are we still Veddahs? Buddha landed in sri lanka and was supposed to have eradicated evils who were living at that time. Are you sure he did eradicated? NOPE. For fking dirty bastards of a politicians to be appointed for power,most of the sri lankans do not believe in Working for their money but robbing public funds, does not believe in law and order or equal oppotunity. Again if these rajavassas come in to power illegally those who vote for them in to power shold be hanged to death. And also that would be end of democracy. These fuking villagers who come to rule want to stay in power for ever and rob the whole country. even bling dog mothre fkr should not brought in to colombo. Thanks SF we wont against LTTE. But if not for SF we wouldn’t have won.

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    This Professor is drawinhg two salaries and has to keep writing now and then! He will not resign under any circumstances as much as Sajin.
    All squandering should be detailed in chronological order as part of
    the Opposition propaganda, in vernacular, thereby educate SB Voters.

    As to squandering, Sumanasekera does this piece ring a bell?
    (comments made elsewhere):
    “The baggage-boy and the King jointly have done well – even a future COI will not touch them. Culled from comments in CT reveals this wealth:-1. 7 helicopters and a company called Cosmos Avaiation + Offices – $500,000 x 7 = $5,000,000 2. Owns a luxury 15 roomed luxury mansion at Horton Place Colombo 7 (with large swimming pool,jacuzzi and elevator facility – $500,000 3. 100 roomed Luxury Ameythist Resort in Passikudah – $2,000,000 4. Owns a 79 room resort in Maldives – $1,000,000 5. Owns a fleet of Benz,Jaguar,and other luxury vehicles. – $2,000,000 6. 23 room mansion in Toorak, Melbourne, in the millionaires’ row. – $3,000,000 7. The block of 16 apartments in Pitt Street, Sydney City Centre. – $2,000,000 8. Part owner of the racehorse Black Caviar, (Australian Thoroughbred undefeated in 25 races) with the Emir of Kuwait. – $2,000,000 9. A vineyard (350 Ha) in Borossa Valley, South Australia – $3,000,000 Totals only 20 M USD!!

    1. Sajin’s palatial house down Horton place Colombo 7 is located in the private road right opposite the Laksman Kadirgamr Institute of International Relations.It bears assement no.19/2.Just a look at the palatial house reveals it’s luxury.An unauthorized guard house at the top of the lane blocks free movement of cars on that road.The dozen or so of back up vehicles inconvenience the neighbourhood but no one dare complain for sheer fear. 2.Sajin is always provided with an escort by armed Commandos who always follow this rouge in 2 government owned Land Rovers.In addition a black Land Rover with thugs dressed in white short sell even shirt and black pants also follow .So tax payers are paying to protect a thug !!! 3.Sajin also owns the massive building down down Dudley Senanayake Mawatha ( formerly Castle street) Colombo 8.this building is located in the lane next to the MINI Showrooms, the first private road to the left as one travels from the Horton Place / Kynsey Road traffic light junction.The building is is the second to the right on that private road.It now houses KOICA a Korean company that pays Sajin Rupees three million a month.Formerly this building housed Cosmos Aviation Services which operates Sajin’s fleet of 7 helicopters.What a tragedy , afellow who could not afford to pay1800 bucks on his Volvo car fiancé now travels in one of his own helicopters when he visits his luxury 100 roomed Ameythist Resort in Passikudah. Who will inquire and punish this thug who has made millions out of the deal setting up Mihinlanka alone”

    • 0

      Can anybody call Interpol to investigate above properties and other fraudulent dealings like Geneva Sri Lanka office renovation.

  • 0

    Prof I like ask a simple question don’t you know the difference between a valid coin and a dud coin? And you call yourself a professor.

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