14 June, 2024


Sumanthiran Criticizes Gota’s ‘Rule By Decree’ In Parliament

“Rule of law, it has been said is the bedrock of democracy. Even rule by law is undesirable. But what we have now is far worse: it is rule by executive dictats! That is what we have today.”

M. A. Sumanthiran MP, speaking on the Appropriation Bill 2020 in Parliament today, exposed the government’s flagrant violation of the law across a range of matters.He alleged that the Appropriation Bill 2020 is an attempt to cover up illegal activities that the government has carried out in respect of public finances. Parliamentary resolutions can only be used to draw from the consolidated funds for specific public services expenditures such as the paying of government servant salaries. The constitution does not permit the levying of taxes or government borrowing under this arrangement. Similarly, the constitution does not permit spending on developmental activities under parliamentary resolutions or presidential authorisation. For such necessities, an appropriation act must be passed in advance.

Sumanthiran pointed out that the government having failed to do so in advance is now trying to retrospectively cover up its illegal conduct through sneaking in an appropriation bill at the tail end of the year. He faulted the government for stubbornly refusing to reconvene Parliament earlier in the year which would have helped avoid violating the law.

He described the Supreme Court’s decision to not grant leave to proceed on the parliament dissolution case as ‘strange’. “Ordinarily, the decision whether or not to grant leave to proceed is arrived within the first 10 minutes. But on this occasion the court heard the case for 10 days before dismissing the case without assigning reason,” he highlighted.

In closing, the parliamentarian from Jaffna criticised government’s shift away from the rule of law to ‘rule by decree’ as fundamentally undemocratic. He stated that there is no legal basis for the Army Commander’s recent announcement prohibiting travel out of the Western Province until November 15 and for the so called ‘quarantine curfew’. As an illustrative example of the general lawlessness pervading the country, Sumanthiran referred to the convicted criminal Sivanesathurai Chandrakanthan alias Pillaiyan being allowed to chair District Coordinating Committee meetings and attend office opening functions over the past two days in Batticaloa.

To watch the speech, click here

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  • 27

    “Court heard the case for 10 days before dismissing without assigning reasons”. What more can you expect from a “Judicial System” that is been disrobed with the implementation of “20A” of its INDEPENDENCE? There are so many cases that have been decided without writing down the reasons for judgments by high profiled Judges. Has this fact of NOT ASSIGNING reasons received any attention of the CJ or the Judicial Service Commission? Very soon it will be the “Decreed Judicial System” of the “Executive President. Hereafter “LAWLESSNESS” will be the “NORM” at every level of Governing. That “6.9 million votes” will be the “TOOL” used in “Defense” of the system of “We do as we please”. The Legislature will only be used equivalent to that of “Pickedely Square Soap Box Oratory”.

    • 19

      People like Sumanthiran, who actually know the law, are an increasingly rare breed. Our people prefer to vote for people like Gota, who is convinced that only HIS word is the law, or Sajith, who is a talking dictionary , all sound and no substance.

      • 1

        Old Codger
        Certainly, there is no other person who knows the Malabar customary law “Thesawalamei’ practiced by Vellala Tamils that prevents land passing to low caste Tamils (Dalits) and discriminate them than Sumanthiran.

        • 5

          Eagle Brain Dead Blind Eye

          “……………………that prevents land passing to low caste Tamils (Dalits) and discriminate them than Sumanthiran.”

          When did the Tamils stop you {low caste Tamil (Dalit)????} from buying land in areas where Tamils consider it as their Habitat using Thesawalamai law?

  • 37

    Sumanthiran is talking of niceties of a bygone age without realising that there is a new system in play. The dictates of GR are law. The man has said so. His oral orders must be given effect to as if they are written regulations. The matter ends there. The man has spoken. No one is to question it. Things will change. Until then, good men like Sumanthiran must hold the fort, make the speeches and hope that they would have resonance in the brain-dead who elected MR and GR. May the Triple Gem keep our country safe.

  • 27

    Lawlessness of the government will be an unwritten law in the Constitution to come.

  • 8

    Was Sumanthiran’s mouth stuffed with ‘Pittu’ when Ranil was running a ‘Police State’?
    Where was ‘Rule of Law’ when Ranil sitting in Temple Trees with few ‘Jadapalana’ guys and ‘Rathu Ali Petiya issuing orders to arrest Rajapakshe family members?
    Those who gave evidences at the Presidential Commission of Inquiry to investigate incidents of political revenge revealed how ‘Rule of Law’ which is the bedrock of Democracy worked during ‘Jadapalana’ Government.

    • 13

      “Was Sumanthiran’s mouth stuffed with ‘Pittu’ when Ranil was running a ‘Police State’?”

      No you plonker.!
      Ranil’s mouth was stuffed with hoppers, made at Gota’s Kitchen, at that time,.

      Sumanthiran was escorted by STF to the Idly joint down Ramakrishna lane….Shanmugas?
      they make nice Idly

    • 11

      Eagle Brain Dead Blind Eye

      Let us come back to Sumanthiran’s parliamentary speech?
      Do you expect/think Gota must do something about him, a white van short visit to parliament or Sumanthiran’s home?

      The essence of what Sumanthiran spoke in the parliament would have been lost in translation.
      Is GL available now?
      He would be useful only if he hasn’t gone ga ga.

      By the way when is the American Gota going to visit White House? He will find it difficult to serve several of his masters all at the same time, Ji, Trump, Modi, Gevendu, Asgiriya, Elle, Gnana, …….

      Take care as your age group is vulnerable to …..

      • 0

        Dear NV

        White vans came much later…….the FP/TULF sponsored the training of the “children” in India for their killing…………please refer to the non existing “Ratha Pottu Mafia FP/TULF/TNA/TN Killing Fields in Jaffna a Tamil crime against Tamil 1970-1977-1981” coming to your screens near you soon.

        Facisim/slaughter/open-thuggery/intimidations/harassment/30 min boat ride attacks from Tamil Nadu/ child abuse under the disguise of democracy makes a mockery of white vans you will get to know soon.

    • 2

      During the jadapalanaya time, Sumandiram acted as a Vice Roy of Sinhalese Ariyan country Heladiva (Sri Lanka) Even Raja-virodhi Sambandan (Oldest sleeping, Tiger) still counting his days now

      • 7

        NPererera, what a bitch s son you should be. See nothing is better today. Now almost everyone down there in SL, would start praising PISSU Sirisena to be powerful than Gotler. Last 12 months what Gotler et al have done is nothing other than strenghtning their family rule. Now with that Pattapal hora becoming the next man to enter the PARLIAMENT,… to the eyes of very same stupid people…. now they have realized Rajakashes are the worst politicians that mother lanka ever produced. Today, the cost of living is not affordable to the average down there. Just because them being feared, they would not open their mouths. Not a single tiny thing is achieved for the benefit of the masses. THAT IS WHY ALMOST EVERYONE IS COMPELLED TO THINK THAT GOTABAYA HAS FAILED… it is a failer so as that SIVURU WEARING BP s such KELANIYA chief monk brought relics through water snake stories… remember ?

    • 12

      Who released murderers within six months of taking power? Was it Ranil? How many died in police custody pre-2019? Why are so many “drug dealers” dying, but not Lanza?

  • 20

    We need more politicians with back none!

    • 4

      ha ha correction
      “We need more politicians with backbone !
      who will back none ……other than his principles

    • 2


      “We need more politicians with back none!”


      • 2

        Native Vedda: well spotted ! but I think I beat you to it and post the correction:

    • 2

      Most back borns Tamil politicians wiped out by Velupillai Prabakaran. Go to google and see who killed those Tamil politicians.

      • 4

        N. Pererass

        In the case of Kathirgamar the jury is still out.

      • 0

        Dear NP

        Please name few??

  • 4

    No point in making speeches like this in this DEAD AND DEF AND BLIND PARLIAMENT.This is useless.best thing is to CLOSE DOWN THE PARLIAMENT UNTIL THIS 20TH DEATH WARRANT IS REMOVED FROM THE BOOKS.

  • 0

    Dear CT

    “the constitution does not permit spending on developmental activities under parliamentary resolutions or presidential authorisation. For such necessities, an appropriation act must be passed in advance”

    Well Excellency should have taken few leaves from 400+++++ resolutions in NPC as to how the development work to be done?? is about time the rest of the Nation learn something from TNA???

    the riotousness/constitutional experts/lawyers is all we need in our Nation???………..I hope the new constitution ban all the lawyers being the politicians until such time we reestablish Nationhood that was robbed by them since Independence.

    Well the first action list/progress report/mile stone achieved in delivering what the People ofJaffna send these folks to do in Colombo……….in this case TNA is speaking for the entire Nation is noble too.

    How much our Jaffna economy contribute to the National kitty???? since Independence??

  • 15

    Sumanthiran, MP belongs to a class of refined legal luminaries who had maturity, integrity, sincerity, substance and respectability that is vastly lacking in the lackeys appointed to key positions in the judiciary. As a Tamil, he lacks popular support due to a racist mindset prevalent in a degenerative society. That is clearly the misfortune of Sri Lankans still to be born.

    • 2

      Dear LP

      Totally agree. He should leave the TNA as is an illegal entity period.

      We need people like him to help us nation build with his ability and all the credentials you have rightfully placed in your remarks above we have noted for a Long time. That party with its history is not reformable..will take him down with them….you should learn the difficulties he had being himself in Jaffna with the NPC and without the NPC too….I know equally well personally as we are all the victims to this parties criminal activities before his time. He does not have to live the past history go the party being a very progressive man well liked by all the folks in the Country. My classmate Late Hon Ravi Rajah also had the same respect in his time even with the Sinhalese people.

      Once he leaves this rotten party am sure he will be someone very special we can all look unto. That will be natural flow he will overcome all the obstacles you mentioned just many others before him who were Tamils too.

      • 1

        Thiagarajah Venugopal,
        Sumanthiran with Jayampathy were the chief architects of drafting the constitution under ‘Jadapalana’ Government with the intention of breaking the ‘Unitary State’ that Sinhalayo protected by sacrificing hundred and thousands of lives since 3rd century BC and forming a ‘United’ State which is a confederation of nine units to fulfill the aspiration of racist separatist Vellala elite politicians. So do you expect Sinhalayo to trust him?

        • 1

          Dear EE

          We have something in common that is we believe in “One Sri Lanka”.

          I do not see and never have seen Sinhalese/Tamils/Muslims……and all other divisions and biggotory not just in Sri Lankan but all around the world too does not matter what they pray and speak as is totally irrelevant for my cohabitation with my fellow man and woman.

          I am equally oppose to anyone and everyone making reference/subscribe to all these ghetto politics period.

          It is not “Sinhalayo” but Sri Lankans who fought and died for our ills?? I consider my Father and the likes as the soldiers (inclusive) who died in the front line trying to save our Nation including everyone you may have in your mind too. These are battles and martyrdom of a different nature/category we have not even begin to revisit/understand or rather in denial…a cognitive issue.

          We can only hope all those who wronged their fellow man and woman would learn something from the “travel of time” and begin to be “honest themselves” so they can join with us for a common path/success so to lay a great foundation for our children.

      • 4

        Thiagarajah Venugopal

        “We need people like him to help us nation build with his ability and all the credentials ……………………..”

        What those functionaries and elected crooks who were in total control of the state doing in the past 72 years. Weren’t they single handedly building a Sinhala/Buddhist state without the intervention of minorities?

        • 1

          Dear EE and NV

          For us to perform (applies to all of us in a normal working environment) one need to be under a credible and stable management. We have that right now one need to utilise that envoronment to unit the Nation and help her heal of what happened in the past.

          I think within the elected Hon Sumanthiran is a capable politician if he moves away from the FP/TULF/TNA shadow/clout and do something for his Nation. Once you are an inclusive person speaks for all else will fall in to place.

          He should have been a person playing Mayor roll play/GA for Jaffna not wasting his time as an MP representing TNA??

          All LP said above about him is the characteristics that should reflect us the people of Jaffna (Tamils/Sinhalese/Muslims and all SL citizens who reside in Jaffna) as we all deserve better politicians fit for the times. Hon CJ can join him leaving his party politics too.

          EE…we should all learn from our past mistakes?? In fact we do not need party politics in Jaffna for another 20 years but capable people who can unit the people and give them the liberty back for free thinking away from the FP/TULF brain washing for 7-8 decades?? almost a century???

          • 1

            In fact Hon Sumanthiran should create a “Green Party” for the Nation with JVP/Muslim parties/Workers Congress should do the same.

            This is a good transition to mainstream politics whilst addressing/contributing to the real need of the Nation for law makings/policy making/implementation in sustainable living.

            Without these intellectuals complementing and contributing and bring their supporter base to such critical issues we can not move forward……….these are the areas we need hard work and nature has her ways to unite her “species” she has created too.

            They should also bring the young and all our environmental movements under their wing help our Governance (whoever that is) to be the panel of experts on these subjects too.

            The magic word we complement each other and have diverse expertise for the Nation Building.

            In fact we Sri Lankans do not need/deserve these ghetto discussions any more.

    • 4

      Lasantha Pethiyagoda

      I thought Wimal Weerawansa is the only intellectual who can match Sumanthiran.

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