25 March, 2023


Sumanthiran Keeps Away From Today’s Rally

TNA parliamentarian MA Sumanthiran today kept away from the rally organised by the Citizen’s Power Movement, pointing out he feels his attendance would be ‘inappropriate’ as his party still has not made a decision on whether or not to support the common Opposition movement.

M.A. Sumanthiran MP

M.A. Sumanthiran MP

A majority of members actively involved in the common Opposition movement are due to partake in the rally that is scheduled to start at the Hyde Park grounds in a short while.

Releasing a statement on his decision to refrain from participating in today’s rally, MP Sumanthiran has pointed out that his decision to address at this event has been interpreted by certain groups as an indication of TNA joining the Common Opposition movement.

He has pointed out that since no such decision has been made by the TNA so far, he does not believe it apt for him to participate in the event today on a personal capacity.

He has however, noted three main concerns which all democratic forces in the country shares to which includes,

– Concentration of Executive, judicial and parliamentary powers in the hands of a single family

– Economic mismanagement and corruption

– Break down of law and order

while adding that he hopes the emerging political forces will create the means to solving these national issues faced by this country.

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  • 13

    The main factor – Family Dynasty rule. A turn-around appears to be
    in the making – a Blessing in disguise. TNA can afford to go-slow.
    Justice will prevail. [Edited out]

    • 4

      There goes another one!.

      This campaign looks more and more like the “andi hathdena kanda ivva wagei”.

      What a debacle.

  • 15

    Well, whether you keep away or not My3 will get the TNA vote isn’t it?

    TNA helped MR into the chair at the right time. Now its doing its national duty yet again doing the opposite.

    TNA timing has always been perfect. Good on you fellas!

    • 6

      The common candidate himself is a part of the hardline Sinhala Buddhist group way more than even MR. I don’t think he wanted TNA: if he did he wouldn’t have brought JHU into the fold. Only time will tell whether Ranil and Chandrika can convince Sampathan or MR will exploit the issue. Its a window of opportunity for MR.

    • 0

      As KT Rajasingham reveals in Asia Tribune the TNA is probably still waiting for the Rs 100 Crore sought from the ‘common’ candidate for it’s support.

      Does this mean that foreign power/s are funding the campaign ?

  • 6

    You are either with MS or MR.

    Looks like Tamils want to continue with MaRa.

    • 3

      ¬¬Looks like Tamils want to continue with MaRa. ¬¬

      FatChow, (my3eee) lets that pretty face of yours smile

      sugar bum, sugar bum,

      did you see the situ at Jakarta??

      previously they shot the chinese like flies and mainland chinese feared to visit as tourist even of late.

      Now they have a new governor ethnic chinese christian.

      the irony is they too like you look westward and pray but don’t mix it with duty so they turn east like the wise to catch the morning light first time.

      It seems they like to see all the satakayas thrown into the lions cage and observe how they feel like any other common sihala or muslim who has lost life limb or driven away from land of birth and relatives isn’t it so??

    • 0

      Obvious False Dichotomy is Obvious!

      • 0

        palmsunday,tweet tweet jin in with mecca radios bedouin

        Its not sunday they eat eat cat-o-lics on friday;)

        & there is no munday but you kiss her tight.

  • 13

    Will the Tamils who voted in large numbers soon after Mullivaaikkaal for Saratha Fonseka think twice before voting for Maitri? Whatever the TNA may decide, the Tamils would have already made their decision!

    Sengodan. M

    • 5

      More than any other community in Sri Lanka Tamils vote as a block. This is why Douglas could do nothing even after throwing many govt projects and getting MR, Basil and Narmal to visit before the NPC. Whichever way TNA goes it is taking over 60% of the votes.

  • 12

    Between the devil and the deep sea.
    or cou could say known devil is better than the unknown devil
    either way no solution will be offered for the Tamils who ever wins, things will only get worse

    • 3

      It has been always the case with Tamils. Because the Tamils do not have one policy, wavering minds, disagreements within the Tamil politicians and so on and on. The enemy has to be destroyed and that is for certain. So let the Tamils vote for the devil unknown to get rid of the known devil.

      • 5

        perhaps you are right, an unknown common delvil may be better

        • 5

          new broom sweeps clean is the initial position & now its for the broom to negotiate than take it for granted.
          `all are equal`- no 2/3 majority to change this.
          Then strip army etc to bare min as just a formality like before the Satakyas terrorised.

          • 2

            to SOB,
            headless mine sweeper moth bitten with tics aren’t you being overworked for a pittance that you are sooo afraid to meet with positives

            your masters condemn what they do not understand they are awe stuck fat cats awaiting to be blood sucked by a monster.

            The law is hard, but it is the law, stupid outlaw.

  • 5

    What had they in mind when they voted for SF? Has that changed? MR
    has be tried out in many ways than one for the Tamils of N/E and any
    promise he may hold or dramatic anouncement he may make at the last
    day – following his cry to Buddhists – may NOT change for N/E tamils is
    my guess.

    • 7

      To be fair to MR he has pumped in a lot of money into the North. One of the reason being the 30 year war dictated that it had to be done to sustain the region.
      I do agree that this govt is corrupt and incompetent but you got to give the devil its due.

  • 9

    He is right in not attending the meeting today. TNA has to make a decision first as to whom they are supporting in the elections.

    • 6

      The Tamils are not supporting any candidate for sure as nobody deserves it from the Tamil people. But let them openly caste their votes to defeat the candidate who is not fit to rule the country.

      • 10


        “But let them openly caste their votes to defeat the candidate who is not fit to rule the country”

        Damned if they do, damned if they don’t.

        Both parties don’t give a damn about ordinary people. It is a competition between two parties.

        • 1

          Yes I agree but there is already a huge tension and division created by the Hard-line Sinhala politicians between the two main races and it is building up. The Sinhala leaderships do not want to accede to the legitimate demands made by the Tamils for the last 60 or more years. The hunger for power is the basic problem in that community and not partiotism. The common candidate is and was an SLFPer and he too was part and parcel of Rajapaksa’s regime. How did his sudden change come about?. Yet there are other hard-line forces joining him for power. The Tamils have to cast their votes to him to defeat Rajapaksa as he should not be allowed to gain more power.

          • 2

            take a lesson from Basque country on both sides of the divide French+Spain Pyrenees their unemployment is almost zero-community with language respected by romans but not today (they speak at home if necessary)ETA

            (Basque: Euskal Herria) No money is exchanged. Nearly all of the cheeses aged here are produced in the mountain zone, La Haute Vallée Béarnaise, where sheep graze on lush mountain pastures. … After 4 days of eating cheese all day every day, we decided to take a little break and spend a day in the town of Itxassou. Famous for its cherries, Itaxassou (or Itsasu in Basque) is also one of eleven AOC towns permitted by the French government to grow one of our all-time favorite hot peppers: Piment d’Espelette.
            Down below,
            They have Europe leading engineering innovation and manufacture industry and the Arts because of natural resources
            One of the top basketball clubs in Europe, Caja Laboral, is located in Vitoria-Gasteiz. (Tamil’s prefer it to cricket)
            In recent years surfing has taken off on the Basque shores, and Mundaka and Biarritz have become spots on the world surf circuit.

  • 6

    The non-vote by the Jaffna Tamils consequent to Prabakaran pocketing
    the 800 million gift undoubtedly put MR the bogy now in the chair,
    which only caused deadly consequences to the very Tamils who helped put him in the Presidents chair! Whilst it is good that the LTTE was eliminated it is a pity that the Tamils are having to suffer the
    consequences of Prabakaran’s deeds,which goes to show the sword in MR’s hand can cut both ways.
    The question is,is there going to be a repeat of the same conspiracy,
    perhaps on a different format,which will only help to continue the MR era??
    Regardless of what the TNA or anybody else thinks,it is ONLY the VOTE
    that can change the present power that is now, and that vote MUST be
    used independently WITHOUT being led by your nose. Never miss a chance
    to make PEACE (keeping in mind that not all are MR duplicates) even if
    you have to shake hands with the devil!
    May I also add the isolationist attitude of the Jaffna man- growing up and living and thinking the way they did/do- has become the bane of ALL Tamils in Sri Lanka!!!

    • 2

      When the Tamil Youth Congress called the Tamils to not take part in the voting when the Do No More Commission(Donoughmore) proposals were invoked it made a serious mistake which later on developed the form of representation which ultimately led to the majority taking advantage of the electoral system which later on resulted in the constitutional form which The Soulbury Commission brought in in 1948 and the firsf casualty of that was the Tamil estate workers.

      The Tamils have always made mistakes .The made a mistake of gigantic proportions when they proclaimed the Vaddukoddai Resolution in 1976.
      When the 13th Amendment was introduced at the behest of India, the Tamil leaders surreptitiously rejected it giving a nod and wink to the LTTE a monster they created which later on saw to their annihilation.
      Likewise in 1995 when CBK brought in a set of reasonable proposals to solve the problem, they sabotaged that, siding with RW and his UNP gang forgetting the part that the UNP played in 1958 and 1983 in culling Tamils.

      Any decision that the TNA makes on the question of which of the candidate, whether My3 or MR that the Tamils should vote for should take those past mistakes into consideration.It is important that the TNA that both of the horses are from the same stable, their differences are blurred and similaries abound.
      The Tamils cannot be led up the garden path any more,they have suffered enough and are continuing to suffer being humiliated daily in the country they have lived for thousand of years.
      If the TNA remembers that this Presidential election is something which urban and rural Sinhalas are having to elect their president and does not involve Tamils.
      The only way for the Tamils to safeguard themselves is to get involved with those Sinhalese who understand the real issues involved and get rid of the oppression that both communities are subjet to.
      All this race,languagage,and religious differences are just illusions which are accentuated and relied upon by unscrupulous leaders to empower themselves by indulging in corruption,nepotism and look after their own self interests by diverting attention of the general public.

  • 3

    MP Abraham must have seen a copy of the Sira Rathna Agreement..SRA

    Can the TNA get self rule to the North with its own Police and Land Rights with that agreement in place?.

    In contrast, the incumbent President hasn’t signed any contracts with any of the UPFA partners.

    And he has repeatedly asked the TNA leader to come to talk some sensible and pragmatic solutions.

    But TNA wasn’t interested.

    Because they had other agendas running in parallel.

    Change the Regime, make Ranil the President, Please Cameron and Harper by getting them the Diaspora vote by hauling the Rajapaksa brothers and the Army Commanders to Hague…

    But Ranil upset the apple cart big time , Didn’t he ?..

    Why. one may wonder..

    I mean Ranil has .50 seats , TNA has 11 seats. How many does JHU have?..

    Abraham may be a politician but he is not stupid .. Right…

    • 5

      Im happy that K A Sumanasekera real identity has now been revealed he is non other than Kandiah Arsaratnam Sumanasekeram from a high caste Vellala family in Jaffna! the fellow was masquerading as an Aryan Sinhala weeraya all these days folk!

  • 5

    Here is a online vote on a Srilankan Tamil daily from Colombo.

    ஜனாதிபதி தேர்தலில் வெல்லப்போவது யார்? Who will win presidential election.
    மஹிந்த ராஜபக்ச (MR)
    மைத்திரிபால சிறிசேன (MS)
    கருத்து இல்லை
    total : 14024

    Courtesy Thinakural.lk

    • 1

      Has Abraham seen this ?..

      It is a three to one thrashing .. Isn’t it ?..

      Wonder why Abraham boycotted Sira’s inaugural public rally?…

      • 3

        “Wonder why Abraham boycotted Sira’s inaugural public rally”

        When Abraham heard that K A Sumanasekera too is a Vellala and his real name is KANDIAH ARASARATNAM SUMANASEKERAM he boycotted it knowing that your the man with a double agenda !

    • 1

      Once Basil Jarapakse goes to pay a visit to the elections chief’s office around 2am, the final results will look like this;

      MR – 10953
      MS – 1
      Total – 10954

      MaRa will be president for life.


  • 1

    The TNA behaviour has to viewed in light of what mother India and its pet goat Subramnian Swamy thinks of who should rule Sri Lanka. They sure as hell don’t know much about My3. My suspicion is that they will back MR as they always have including when they gave money to Basil to hand over to Prabha. Love those Indian buffoons to stuff things up spectacularly.

  • 3

    TNA should not participate rallies in southern Sri Lanka. It can back fired. They can do in northern and north east provinces. Maithripala will get tamil and Muslim votes. No need to spend time for that. Victory depend on how many votes he break from Mahinda,s block vote Singhala Buddhist. Sajith , Champika, Anura kumara are the leading speakers who can do that. Chandrika has a bigger role in Gampaha district.

  • 2

    The TNA is indeed in a dilemma,understandably so.The issues taken up by the Common opposition candidate-Abolition of the EP.rule,reinstating the 17th amendment,restoration of LAW and ORDER corruption free Governance etc etc will apply to all in the country Sinhalese,Tamils and Muslims.Therefore,it could be argued that the TNA should join these forces and demonstrate that they too are with the rest of the country at this historical moment.The fact that extreme Sinhala Buddhist elements like the JHU are aligned with the CC should not stand in their way.I can see this same dilemma faced by the SLMC.with the BBS and Ravana Balaya pledging their support to MR.Perhaps,the TNA fears a backlash in the form of Anti-Tamil riots in the guise of Post-Election violence!

  • 2

    I hope Sumanthiran will read these comments. I think TNA/Tamils have to vote for however agree in paper for self rule under unified srilanka. Most probably MR will do that in exchange for dropping war crime against him. If both of them refused to agree, TNA/Tamils have to vote for the commom candidate to abolish presidency and to establish indipendant judisary to get limited justice for tamils. Then diaspora have to work towards a refarandom to go separate.

  • 2

    Mr.Sumanthiran,you are educated,you are a “karuvaakkaaddu” leading lawyer and even appeared for Shanmugalingam who raped a 14 years old poor girl(nobody knows the fate of the poor girl).But,dont try to fool the people.
    -Sammanthan,Wigneswaran,Mavai et al,want the withdrawal of the army from the Tamil area.But,the common candidate Mr.Sirisena didnt utter a word about that.

    -TNA and its puppets demand north,east merger etc.,etc…..But,Mr.Srisena didnt mention anything about that.

    Even though Sammanthan wanted you to participate in the meeting,it is because of the opposition from the extreme elements within the TNA,you decided not to participate.SHAME ON YOU!
    You all are being exposed not only among the Tamils,but also among the Sinhalese.You all are puppets of the Tamil diaspora and dance to their tune.
    Be realistic.Join hands with the opposition. we need change!
    A leader should lead the party,should not be led by others.

  • 0

    Will this be another tactical masterstroke by We Thamizh like the famous election boycott of 2005 :D

  • 1

    TNA in principle is concerned about the long term interests of the Tamil community. The objectives set-out by the opposition coalition does not spell out anything related to the issues of the Tamil people or minorities in general. Therefore, the TNA will not be in a position to totally commit itself to the program of the opposition coalition, and they have to go slow watching the developments.

    • 0

      Mohamed Marzook – Sir, you are a Muslim and you understood, in what
      predicament TNA is placed in right now and the Tamils do not seem
      to understand it. You rightly said that the TNA,is concerned about
      the long term interest of the Tamils of N/E.and so with the Muslims, even after BBS attack on them. Mr. Sirisena has not spelt out one word about the on going problems faced by the Tamils of N/E and his plans to solve it and why should TNA take a rash decision to support the opposition. They, with noted legal brains in the party, did a big blunder in the last elections by asking the Tamils to vote for a retd.
      General who was in charge of the Northern division during the war and he is under human rights watch for atrocities committed during his tenure in the North and TNA is not going to repeat the same mistake this time, getting the wrath of the Tamils. Wait & watch until end Dec. is the best suggestion for TNA and decide when the situation is more clearer as to who Tamils should vote for.
      President has 2/3 majority and can undo the wrong things he did against
      the Tamils before the election date and situ. for Tamils may change to better and India is already there as a mediator to assist.

  • 1

    Tamils have only 2 choice now, one self rule under unified srilanka or the second one is to Go separate. Singhalese have to pick one of them. Those days tamils got favours from White people inside srilanka, thanks to rasist singhalese for now tamils are getting favours from white people in their own countries.We have to thank our thali Prabaharan for, he fed courage and self confidance to Tamil boys and girls.

    • 0

      “he fed courage and self confidance to Tamil boys and girls. “

      And cyanide, don’t forget cyanide. If he fed them half of his Beef pittu lunch every day instead he could have sustained most of the population of VVT while losing a few pounds himself :D

  • 1

    Sarma, your local knowledge about VVT is amasing . so definitely you are a panagkoddai. I do not have any interest to share my views with you lots.

  • 1

    TNA is on the fence due Indian intervention. It is indeed a dilemma
    for TNA and the Tamils as both Sinhala parties are not talking to TNA due back lash expected from the majority as they themselves brain washed them by saying in their vote catching meetings that Tamils are terrorists and aliens of this country, even tho’ the current position is that minority votes will decide the presidency. TNA too, cautious after a serious blunder they made to ask the Tamils to vote for the retired General who commanded North during the war, in a previous election
    Tamils will not listen to TNA this time as they may want to use their universal franchise and vote for an unknown devil who promises to bring
    in at least, abolish of EP system, law & order, independent judicial system and crush nepotism & corruption, but they also know that the defence minister is going to be retd.General Fonseka who will not undo what he did while he was the Northern commander I.e. withdraw the large contingent of armed forces and reduce the size of the security zones in N/E even tho’ the war is over for people to move freely . It could be a ‘from the frying pan to the fire’ situation for the Tamils of N/E. as the thinking they will preach would be that Tamils of N/E are aliens and their areas should be under occupational forces at all times . MS should clarify this position if he is aiming at Tamil votes without TNA taking his side,officially.

  • 2

    The Sinhala people want TNA and Tamils to vote for Mr. Sirisena as he
    has promised abolition of EP system , maintain law & order, bring back
    independent judiciary system and do away with nepotism & corruption but he has not spoken on devolution of power to Tamils to administer their areas where they live, the N/E , including the Tamil speaking Muslims area, reduction in the strength of the armed forces in the N/E as this is peace time,keep them in barracks, and deploy when required, instead of them roaming around in the N/E, being a hindrance to the public and no word mentioned about the NPC to be permitted to
    function normally so that they look after the needs of the people of the North,who voted them to power and all that sounds like that Mr. Sirisena is not for reconciliation efforts

    The ploy behind this wish is, for the majority to live in peace and enjoy above freedoms at the expense of Tamils, who will be treated as second class citizens by who ever comes to power. The Tamils should take a serious note of this and act intelligently,when they cast their votes this time and TNA, the party in demand now, must be under serious
    discussions, quietly with all parties,should work out a plan for the Tamil voters by least, end of Dec,having analysed the latest position, both candidates are placed in and what were offered.The Tamils will accept your verdict with all respect.

    • 1

      Abolition of the much abused EP system, good governance and a wider space for democracy will lead to an atmosphere where reconciliation measures and Tamil rights could be discussed more freely. It could also pave the way for legitimate and peaceful protests by Tamils if the necessity arises. A continued overwhelming military presence will never permit more space for democracy and good governance. In the current situation, we cannot expect too much too soon. We have to be realistic, weigh the pros and cons and make a sensible decision.

      Sengodan. M

  • 0

    The common candidate cannot commit anything to tamils but MR’s position is different life or death.If he loose, all the rasist singhalese who encouraged to do warcrime will leave him alone to face war grime or get money and show him. So winning the election by giving what he promissed to tamils and west is vital now. Diaspora is very adoptable -they will drop war crime cases if MR give powers within unified srilanka. Now the ball is in MR’s court.If i am in MR’s position , i will do anything to save my life, singhala Bhudism will not save his life and he is not a person 100% commited to Bhudism either.

  • 1

    There is still an easy way out for the govt. to win the hearts and minds of the Tamils without consulting TNA,if Tamils considered as
    a part and parcel of the Sri Lankan community at large.

    1. Withdraw the military Governor and the non cooperative chief secretary of NCP with immediate effect and appoint an educated
    Tamil or Sinhala civilian governor and not a political stooge as
    Tamils of North always respected educationists as an age old

    2. Limit the Armed forces to a size required for a province, reduce
    the size of security zones or abolish allowing more land for
    cultivation. Army to be kept in barracks in the North and deployed
    only when required.

    3. Allow the NPC to function normally like any other provincial
    councils in the country, where a governor is only a figure head
    and do not touch on touchy subjects like religion & language as
    these two are too dear to the people.
    4. Every police station in the N/E should record statements from
    the people by policemen proficient in Tamil language. They could
    be Singhalese, Muslims or Tamils and deploy more Tamil speaking
    Police personnel on the streets. Five youths from leading families
    in Trinco would not have got shot dead if the shooters spoke the
    same language

    5. Promise the people of N/E that dialogue with TNA will commence immediately after the elections and problems solved amicably within
    a time frame with a third party assistance.

    6.Harassing of the people of N/E by army, police and the armed thugs
    of a particular party must stop and free movement in any part of N/E
    and for that matter, all parts of Sri Lanka should be allowed and English made the link language.

    7. Allow the farms & schools to flourish and give employment to the
    unemployed locals and import of labour from other provinces into the N/E should stop until such time unemployment problem is solved. As
    per media reports , unemployment rate is the highest in the North,
    tho’ major infrastructure projects are being done in N/E

    8. Disarm all armed militiamen in N/E harassing the people and take
    the fear out of the minds of the people of N/E so that the people get a feeling that democracy is at work. They are a part of the cause ,
    Tamils have a hatred against the govt. and govt must stop pampering parties who instigate harassment thro. their militias

    9.Fisher folks to be given every assistance, financially to resettle in the coastal areas where they lived before the war, buy mechanized boats and nets and conduct their business as normal.There is a fear that this community may extinct as they were the hardest hit during the war and they are scattered.
    10. Resettle people, lingering in refugee camps in SL & India,in their own lands and give assistance for their survival and India will certainly be willing to provide financial assistance in this case and do the transfer of refugees they have on hand provided their lands are given back and helped in their settlement.

    The president need not consult the cabinet as these simple problems, but major hindrance to the Tamils, could be solved by snap of a finger
    by the President and the majority of Tamil votes of N/E will be his, if he accepts the ‘ten commandments’ .Its best if he does it before the arrival of the Pope, but not in pieces.

  • 0

    Hon. Sumanthiran, Tamils have paid a heavy price and suffered enough in the past.Whether we like it or not,we have to live in Srilanka.We are the ones who face all the problems,not the Tamils diaspora.Diaspora Tamils could become French,canadian,British etc.,etc citizens at the sufferings of our people,but they are not going to help us in any way.
    Even though you are not elected by the Tamils,I was very happy when Mr.Sammanthan made you the national list MP..Educated people like you should represent our people in the parliament.It is unfortunate Suresh,Selvam,Mavai etc.,etc in the parliament as representatives of the Tamils.
    Please forget about the withdrawal of the army,north-east merger etc.have dialogue with the opposition and work for the rights of our people.

  • 0

    The fact is politics is a complicated, dirty game and ordinary people(how much educated) can not understand and it is not fair to ask politicians for explanation. Now tamils have only 2 choice, one to vote for MR and other is to vote for Mithiri , there is no third option which is boycott because once we boycott and elected MR and made the historic mistake. We know MR will not do anything for tamils and we cannot trust him for a peny, so the only one choice left to us is to vote for Mithiri and see the rest later.(please all tamils vote for Mithiri) We all know that he can not openly support tamils and get singhala votes, why our tamils can not understand this simple logic, are we the modern time Modias. Once we elected politicians we have to leave them to work freely without poking our nose into every aspect. Politics is not same as after a full meal , sit at a culvert and chat and forget.

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