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Supreme Court To Hear FR Case On Church Attack

The Supreme Court yesterday granted leave to proceed for a fundamental rights case (Case Number 19/2013 SCFR) filed on behalf of the Jeewana Alokaya Church in Weeraketiya, which was violently attacked on December 9 2012 and March 18 2013.

Attacks on Christian churches/ File Photo/ AFP

The green light from Sri Lanka’s top court comes just days after two churches in Galle were attacked by a mob led by robed individuals. The Supreme Court granted leave to proceed based on the Freedom of Speech and Expression, Article 14 (1) (a) and the Right to Equality, Article 12 (1) and Article 12 (2) of the Constitution of Sri Lanka 1978. Mr. Chrismaal Warnasuriya (Attorney-at-Law) Counsel for the case together with Nalaka Jayasuriya and Indika Udeshkumara, junior lawyers, appeared on behalf of the petitioners.

The National Christian Evangelical Alliance of Sri Lanka issuing a statement welcomed the decision calling it a “step toward recognizing the right to religious freedom and equality as guaranteed by the Constitution.”

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