6 October, 2022


Suspect In Bharatha Lakshman Killing Injured In Shooting

Sirinayaka Pathirana Chaminda Ravi Jayanath alias ‘Dematagoda Chaminda,’ a suspect in the killing of Bharatha Lakshman Premachandra was injured when a prison bus carrying him came under gunfire this evening in Dematagoda.

He has been rushed to hospital.

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  • 13

    Dumi vs Chami ?

  • 6

    yahapalanaya is showing its colors

    • 16


      “yahapalanaya is showing its colors”

      What do you see?

      Blue and green perhaps,

    • 8


      “Anyone who sees and paints a sky green and fields blue ought to be sterilized.”
      – Adolf Hitler

      Are you?

      If not, contact Otara’s Foundation. They will only be too happy to fix you.


      • 5

        Ben Hurling

        Very good quote.

        Not Otara Foundation and it must be Gnanasara and Gota- a best Hitlerire partnership.

        • 5

          yamapalana licker has opened his mouth

    • 12

      Seriously, what is wrong with man?

      Gotabhaya Rajapakse style – Mafia Style – assassins blocked the way of the van, ran in and tried to shoot everyone. and the accused survived. Imagine… if these guys could do this even when they are not in power, what level of things they would have done during their ruling!

      Ballah must be in their payroll, or just escaped from the mental asylum. Only other possibility is that he has nothing between his ears.

      • 3

        a yamapalana fool got offended….wonder who fathered you? was it Gota or MR?

        • 0

          Indha Bow Bow

          A characteristic Balu yojanawa

          • 1

            A characteristic pathetic reply from girigoris

  • 11

    Usually, you can see this type of actions only in Cinema. Fortunately, Srilankans have such opportunity to see this type of scenes with their political leaders as actors in real life. What a Paradise?

  • 25

    MR Silva worried that he is going to get caught THIS TIME!?? or is someone allowing this to happen!?

  • 6

    Did the Yahapalana police catch the AK 47 wielding political activists in Bloemendhall Street ?..

  • 23

    The police, CID And other intelligence agents know all these criminal so why are they not getting rid of them once and for all so that decent Sri Lankans can turn this nation into something beautiful!?

  • 7

    Wow, real mafia style.

    The question is was ‘Dematagoda Chaminda’ the target or some other person in the van.

    If ‘Dematagoda Chaminda’ was the target the question is who will benefit from him being silenced.

    I am sure Duminda will know.

  • 3

    @ BBS REP
    How does Duminda the know.. the bugger is senile.
    Can’t remember

    I think like premachandra this bugger also ended up shooting himself.

    What happened to that doctos woman … Sumal’s engine oil changer who issued this bugger with his senile certificate.

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    ‘Dematagoda Chaminda,’ was shot because he knows the truth and poses a lots of risks to very influential politician who was the mastermind, so the suspect in custody should be eliminated before he spills the beans the politician gets caught.

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    Sri Lanka was taken into the Chicago/Wild West path by Maru Sira when that Keselwatta Kolla was in power. The Kolonnawa area, the main supply and distribution source of drugs since then, was overseen by the late Weerasinghe Mallimarachi, one of Premadasa’s henchmen. Thanks to the wise leadership of men like him the drug trade was widened and is now an all-Island phenomena – thanks also to one of our honourable PM’s of recent vintage. This trade – a historical monopoly of Muslims in Colombo Central – was taken over later by Bharatha Lakshman, father of the current legislator, the so-called British-educated lawyer. Bharatha died the way most drug-pedalling gangsters go all over the world – gunned down by gun-slingers of the other side – incidentally, in this specific case by legislators themselves. By the way, when Colombo Central dominated the drug trade one of the leading men in the trade was to later become a senior Minister in several governments.

    Assassination gangs and settling scores by gun fire has now become the norm in majority Sinhala Buddhist Sri Lanka – the land that was meant to be kept clean and neat for the next (4th) coming of the Compassionate One. So the Good Book – authorised by a Tamil half a millennia after events – tell us.

    It was only the other day, yet another semi-educated “Senior” Minister – yet another new billionaire – was to accuse on TV for all to see and hear that a key man in the Speaker’s office in Parliament, yet another well-known good Buddhist, arranged the assassination of a key witness within the highly-guarded Court Complex. This is yet another first to this country that claims many firsts in the world. To add insult to injury, it was done on a Poya Day – when the Court process was manipulated to be kept open. By Gad, what has happened to the Resplendent Isle.

    So that is today’s Sinhala Buddhist Sri Lanka. Things are getting worse to the amusement of the entire world thanks to leaders green, blue, red no less.


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