23 July, 2024


Taliban Bullet Grazed Pakistani Girl Can Make Smooth Recovery, Doctors Say

Malala Yousafzai, the teenage girl flown to Britain for treatment after being shot in the head by Taliban gunmen in Pakistan, has the potential to make “pretty much a full recovery”, her doctors have said.

She is able to stand with help and is writing notes, and although the bullet grazed her brain she has not shown “any deficit in terms of function”, doctors at Queen Elizabeth hospital in Birmingham said on Friday.

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    Where are the Great Muslim Defenders of Islam decrying this action? Why, does it hurt when the true nature of Islam Babarism is revealed? It is said that the Holy Quoran has been checked and rechecked and it is authentic. With what has the Quoran been checked with? Another set of man written Scripts? How does one confirm that it is authentic or truthfull?

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      Gamini there you go again! This action of the Taliban has no sanction in our sacred texts. You jolly well know that all religions notwithstanding the fact that you do not believe in them, exhort good deeds, mercy forgiveness etc and comes down harshly on wickedness etc. These men have hijacked Islam and issue their fatwas according to their warped understanding of religion. To explain the tests of Authenticity will take more space than a forum like this would allow. In any case that is not the issue here. We all sympathise with the poor girl and condemn vigorously the actions of these deviant men who call themselves Muslim. The reply of Asif is very relevant. We also decry ( and I have not the slightest doubt that you will wholeheartedly support ) the barbaric killing by the American and allied forces of little afghan children in their cowardly style. Much as I am tempted I desist from calling their actions CHRISTIAN.

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    Selective Rage
    The Malalas You Will Not Hear About

    By Wendy McElroy

    …..America’s mainstream media does not seem to see the children.. — at least, not the ones victimized by American drone attacks.

    Fouzi Slisli, Assistant Professor at St. Cloud State University, Minnesota stated,

    If Malala had been killed in a drone attack, you would neither have heard updates on her medical status, nor would she be called “daughter of the nation,” nor would the media make a fuss about her. General Kayani would not have come to visit her and neither would the world media be constantly reporting on it. The pliant Western media and its liberals do not give even 1% of this attention to the Pakistani and Yemeni girls their government kills with drones everyday. Even humanitarian outrage, they only express it when it serves the interests of their snake governments.

    Why have the children killed by U.S. drones received so little attention? The drone strikes are no less vicious than the shooting of Malala, and every true victim deserves to be acknowledged. Both the Taliban and the United States government have the blood of children on their hands, and those hands can never be wiped clean.


    The cause of the selective rage for Malala and the selective silence for the 176 Pakistani children killed by American drones is purely political. American lives matter; Pakistani children’s lives do not … unless, of course, their lives and deaths can contribute to the narrative of terrorism and war being spun out of the White House. The fact that politicians, the military, and the media consider some dead children to matter while consigning other dead children to an Orwellian memory hole merely spotlights the depth of their depravity.

    Wendy McElroy is the author of The Reasonable Woman: A Guide to Intellectual Survival (Prometheus Books, 1998).


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      Asif undoubtedly the American ruthlessness should be condemned where there have been many innocent casualties of little children. But this can in no way be exempted, to pass under such cover. It is very sad that these short comings are allowed, merely to protect Islam and the Prophet. Attempts to play down, is more due to IGNORANCE than fear or reverance.

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    Gamini, man, Al Qaeda and Taliban are not synonyms or related words for Islam. These guys are the long lost cousin brothers of Sunday Sil Monday Kill brigade!

    We know their extreme doctrines and deviant ideologies because it is not a new phenomenon. These snakes emerged from their holes during the time of the third caliph of Islam Hazrath Uthman ibn Affan (RA). Back then they were know as the “Khawarij”; people who had gone out of the fold of Islam. They plotted, planned and killed the third and the fourth Caliphs of Islam. In fact, the fourth Caliph Hazrath Ali (RA) spent most of the four and half years of his rule fighting these extremists.

    The companions of the Prophet were unanimous in their decision to fight Al-Khawarij. Also, the majority of the scholars of Islam state that it is an obligation to fight them. It is a problem we are wrestling with but without much success. Well, as you know, you and I, we are Keyboard Warriors!

    By the way, Jamal has done a great job explaining Islam to you and clearing some misconceptions. But I guess you prefer to learn the Mullah Omar version of Islam, right? No problem, catch the next available flight to Kabul. Oh, please don’t forget to take our local Taliban Rauf Hakeem with you! When you reach forty thousand feet, please open the emergency exit door of the plane and kick the fellow out! Let him do a Felix Baumgartner free fall and make us all proud!

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