17 May, 2022


Tamil Eelam Beleaguered In The Matrix Of Delhi And Colombo

By J.A. Kathiravan –

Tamil Eelam Beleaguered in the Matrix of New Delhi and Colombo: Notes on the regional geo-politics of an oppressed nation

There has been a vivid and enthusiastic endorsement of Modi’s premiership by Sinhala chauvinists, nationalists and the Sri Lankan State. Modi reciprocated such a hearty welcome by sending a ‘prestigious’  invite to genocidal Sri Lankan president Rajapakse for the inauguration ceremony in New Delhi.  Afterwards the BJP legitimized the move by camouflaging it as a standard invite to all the heads of state of the SAARC. Nevertheless it is to be noted that such a move to invite neighboring heads of state at the inauguration ceremony is in fact extraordinary. In regards to Colombo the previous BJP government led by Vajpayee in 1998-99 did not invite the then Sri Lankan counterpart for the salient state ritual.

DiasporaWhat is at the crux of the matter is that the President of Sri Lanka is the chief executive of a genocidal state which carried out the Mullivaaykaal genocide in 2009 in which tens of thousands of Eezham Tamils were deliberately and brutally massacred. However apathy towards genocide is nothing restricted to the BJP alone when considering that all the previous governments in New Delhi, mainly when led by Congress, courted successive governments in Colombo during their genocidal efforts against Eezham Tamils. In fact from 1987-1990 the Indian establishment was directly involved in brutal attempts to annihilate the Eezham National liberation struggle through the occupation of the Tamil homeland by the Indian Peace Keeping Force (IPKF). This was the consequence of the bilateral deal signed between Colombo and New Delhi known as the Indo-Lanka accord in order to impose the feeble 13th Amendment to settle the national question on the island.

There are  strong links between the establishment in New Delhi and the one in place in Colombo; beside the military ties there is heavy economic interaction between the two states and an estimated 100 Indian companies are currently entrenching themselves on the island and the occupied homeland of the Eezham Tamils (1) . Moreover India is also the largest trade partner of Sri Lanka, and the island constitutes the locus for an estimated 50 % of the overall Indian investment within the SAARC. In a similar vein there are strong military ties between the Indian armed forces and its Sri Lankan counterpart as exemplified by their joint ventures at the Palali air base and the Kaangkesanthu’rai (KKS) harbor, both located in the homeland of the Eezham Tamils.

Additionally the New Delhi establishment and its state apparatuses, like the Sri Lankan state, exhibits genocidal characteristics through its past and present indulgence in multiple counterinsurgency operations against national liberation movements and people struggles.  It is based on the strength of military linkages, economic and other bilateral ties, common brahmanical facets in their respective Aryan centered state ideologies as well as commonalities in terms of the inherent structural violence  perpetuated against other nations that both the Indian and the Sri Lankan state might be inclined to enjoy friendly relations in the future.

It is in this light that the dominant criticism against Modi is in essence limited in terms of critical analysis. While these discourses are rightfully criticizing Modi for being a Hindu chauvinist, they fail to identify the Indian state and its chief patron the Congress party as holding fascist, anti-people, neo-liberal and atrocious qualities. In these discourses the Congress and New Delhi is absolved from the criticism placed towards Modi, thereby the idea of the secular, plural and multicultural Indian state is reproduced in line with Congress ideology. What history has proven is that the Congress state has covertly perpetuated many of the fascist, anti-people and chauvinist policies being criticized, but have seemingly successfully camouflaged it under liberal democratic and secular rhetoric whereas the BJP regime informed by Hindutva will overtly exhibit such qualities of the Indian state. While  Narendra Modi’s involvement in his capacity as chief minister of Gujarat in the brutal anti-Muslim pogrom in 2002 in which over 1000 Muslims were butchered has been rightfully scrutinised, the discourse tends to suffer a structural limitation as it is restricted in its critique of the Indian state. Neither does it extend the critical analytical logic to the Congress governments nor does it account for the various violent counter insurgencies and other anti people processes executed during their custodianship of the Indian state. Through this limited critique the Indian state is mystified while such qualities of the Indian statecraft is mechanically confined solely to the rightist section of ruling classes as embodied by the BJP. As a consequence the Congress and the Indian state are mystified from the 1984 genocidal massacres of Sikhs in North India in which over 5000 Sikhs were murdered or the 3- year IPKF occupation of Tamil Eelam in which an estimated 15000 Eezham Tamils lost their lives.

New Delhi and Tamil Eelam :

While Modi and Rajapaksa were showing signs of friendship and courtesy, some sections of the Eezham Tamil diaspora openly opted for Modi in hope of altering the current domination of the Indian bureaucracy in determining the relationship with Colombo.

As an oppressed nation facing structural genocide with profound threats to its national existence and foundations, it is understandable that the Eezham Tamils have to explore the geo-political venues in the region to find adequate means to gain leverage in arresting the processes unleashed against them. This means a form of lobby based diplomatic engagement with the regional establishments in order to discover or stimulate friction between them and the primary enemy of the Eezham Tamil nation, the Sri Lankan state, in a bid to isolate the latter. While this is a diplomatic act to be executed with skill and acumen in terms of negotiation and maneuvering, the logic utilized in such endeavors is never to be espoused as the core of the struggle nor is it to be implied that one should strive to legitimize the modus operandi of the concerned establishments.

It is also imperative to resist any attempt to insert a cognition of servitude to the establishments among the people as to be the guiding raison d’être in the national political ideology or strategy. Consequently those pursuing the lobby with New Delhi have no mandate to propagate compromise among the people in a bid to advance the rationale of the establishment. Doing so implies a paradox as the diplomats of liberation are promoting imperialist logic among the oppressed instead of the reverse. In this regard rather than acting within their mandate, the lobbyists are delegitimizing the foundations of our nationhood as well as sidelining the rationale of our national liberation struggle and the basic principles of our national aspirations. The chief pillars of our basic political principles can roughly be said to be concerning: 1) Eezham Tamils constitute a Nation 2) The Eezham Nation traditional homeland is the North and East provinces 3) the Eezham Tamils are entitled to national rights and the right to self determination, 4) The Eezham Tamil nation have been subjected to a protracted structural genocide by the Sri Lankan state since the early 20th century reaching its zenith in the Mullivaaykaal in 2009.

With this said, the diplomatic engagement with New Delhi should also account dialectically for the unfolding dynamics in the relationship between the various establishments in the region as well as critically asses the Modi government’s friendly approach towards Colombo.  In this light it is to be carefully noted that Subramaniam Swamy defended the invitation on the 22nd of May by stating that Tamil Nadu leaders cannot speak on the ‘Sri Lankan Tamil issue’. Likewise Subramaniam Swamy, renowned as a relentless opposer to the Eezham national struggle is a chief advisor to the newly formed BJP government. Moreover BJP spokesperson Nirmala Sithraman justified the invitation to Rajapaksa by saying “this is essentially an attempt to participate in a joyful celebration of democracy and the invitation should be seen in that context”.(2). If the presence of the head of a genocidal state and the total disregard of the historic T.N. state resolutions in which Rajapaksa is accused of genocide is “a joyful celebration of democracy”, then the Sri Lankan state is indeed the optimal candidate as it is the best practitioner in the region in propagating fascism, chauvinism, national oppression and genocide as popular democracy, patriotism and development.

If the New Delhi oriented lobby attempts to gloss over such ‘unfavorable’ dynamics and in its place emphasize an uncritical or unconditional engagement with New Delhi, there will be a need to course correct it or counter such elements. This is due to the fact that the Indian bureaucracy has long pursued a structural approach of patronage and cooperation with Sri Lanka and has at several venues actively attempted to hijack the Eezham Tamils political struggle. Such a similar logic is applicable regarding the diaspora lobby amongst the Western imperialist establishments.

The significance of Tamil Nadu

Although there might be a rift pertaining to Sri Lanka and Eezham Tamils between the Indian bureaucracy and the Modi government or any political leadership at the centre, the recent approach of the BJP government points to the contrary. In such a light it becomes imperative to look toward Tamil Nadu, in order to gain the geo-political leverage and the political power to pressurize New Delhi into taking a decisive stand against Sri Lanka and in implementing the demands put forth by the agitation on the streets and by the T.N. state resolutions in the recent years.

Engagement with the Tamil Nadu government is strategically speaking, more fruitful a move to pursue in terms of balancing geo-political leverage with adherence to the political principles of the national struggle. This is based on the political grip the historic pro-Tamil Eelam agitation holds on the T.N. state government and the electoral process in the state, as the advocacy for Eezham has become a wide public expectation and thus a centrifugal component in the competitive populist politics of T.N. Subsequently such processes and factors have transformed the T.N. state government into becoming the only judicial-political entity in the world which has advocated the righteous political demands pertaining to Eezham.  These were passed through the T.N. state resolutions in 2011, 2012 and 2013. These resolutions held within them mainly the demand for 1) An international investigation into genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity committed against Eezham Tamils by Sri Lanka 2) To hold a referendum on Eezham among the Eezham Tamils in the Diaspora and the homeland 3) To initiate economic sanctions against Sri Lanka.

Lobby and engagement with state establishments is necessitated by the historical conditions in which our national liberation struggle is situated at the present. However parallelly what must remain a persistent process akin to our political ideology for national liberation, is our attempt to build solidarity and alliances with the liberation and political struggles of other oppressed peoples and nations in the region and the world.  Even in these terms a naïve and unholy alliance with the Modi government is a negation and would breed contradictions. Moreover Modi’s adherence to neo-liberal policies, capital-centrism and a people unfriendly “development” paradigm is also a lurking liability for Eezham Tamils, as Colombo is already utilizing such processes to implement its structural genocide in the Tamil homeland targeting the Eezham Tamil Nation.

A dependence on either transnational solidarity or establishment wooing alone does not suffice in altering the geo political constellations to the avail of the Eezham Tamil nation in arresting genocide. The most identifiable alternative and in fact what should be the imperative strategy is obviously to pursue tighter integration with Tamil Nadu; with both the political forces at work in the state apparatuses as well the movements agitating in the streets. While lobby can be mobilized by sections in the diaspora, there is also a dire need to strengthen the work towards building a transnational solidarity among oppressed people. The former is to deal with the states dominating the geopolitics of the region, the latter is pursued to build a transnational movement of people struggles to change and restructure the imperialistic and comprador geopolitics of the region.


1. http://www.srilankaguardian.org/2011/08/dangers-of-indias-business-in-sri-lanka.html

2. http://www.dailymirror.lk/news/47478-bjp-justifies-inviting-mr-for-swearing-in.html

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Latest comments

  • 5

    J.A. Kathiravan –

    “the Indian Peace Keeping Force (IPKF). This was the consequence of the bilateral deal signed between Colombo and New Delhi known as the Indo-Lanka accord in order to impose the feeble 13th Amendment to settle the national question on the island.”

    The National question is the Question of the Paras.

    Para-Sinhala, para-Tamils, Para-Muslims and other Paras.

    If the paras go back to south India and Naga land, the National Question of the Paras will be solved, in the land of Native Veddah.

  • 5

    Tamil Elam is accursed.

    If all Tamils in Colombo go back to Jaffna, etc. then there is some possibility.

    NOT otherwise.

    • 1


      Behead the mullas and the 40k tattes – problem sharia style.

      Up with BBS down with jewish/islamic axis of evil-

    • 3

      Fathima Fukushima

      aka Lorenzo aka “Jaffna Christian Tamil?

      If they go back to Jaffna, there will be caste discrimination.

      If they go back to South India, the land of the paras, there will NOT be caste discrimination.

      Take your Para-Sinhala and other Paras along with you, back to South India and Nagaland.

      Then there will be peace in the Land of Native Veddah.

    • 5

      These guys funded a ruthless war machine recruited 13 year olds to kill civilians and monks and babies. Same guys now shouting “we were beaten, we got hammered”. Hoping that the people outside of SL believe only one side of the story.

  • 8

    The photo accompanying the text says it all – propaganda at its worst. Two little Tamil children wearing T-shirts with the crossed assault rifles of the LTTE, and the aggressive LTTE Tiger, intentionally taken by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam from the powerful and aggressive Chola empire of India. The children carry a banner showing a gruesome photograph of a dead child. The dead child and the little Tamil children are being used for the purposes of propaganda – specifically the false claim that the Tamils of Sri Lanka are being subjected to “genocide”. These children and others like them are being simultaneously brainwashed into a lie.

    Genocide is mentioned several times in the text, but no mention is made of the genocidal crimes – race based killings, mutilations, abductions and ‘ethnic cleansing’ of Muslims, Sinhalese (and Tamils) by the Tigers. No mention is made of the “liberators” cynical ritual of ‘honouring’ Tamil children with a cyanide necklace to prove their “commitment to the struggle”. Kathiravan claims “genocide” in Mullivaikal but fails to mention the Tigers shooting at Tamil civilians who were trying to escape, or the well-established fact that the LTTE were forcibly recruiting children right until the end of the war, as well as using Tamil civilians as human shields.

    Genocide is a monstrous crime, and I have published elsewhere evidence of genocide during the Cold War using biological weapons – notably HIV/AIDS. The motive for this genocide was concern about “Third World overpopulation” in the 1950s and 1960s. The roots of this genocide were racism and concern that there were too many dark-skinned people in the world, especially in Africa and Asia. Evidence of this genocide can be found in my book “Eugenics and Genocide in the Modern World”. It demeans the laws against the serious crime of genocide to falsely apply it to the conduct of the Sri Lankan government and armed forces in their war against the ruthless LTTE.

    • 7

      LTTE are no saints but to compare acts of state actors like Army with non state actor doesn’t make sense. UN is rightly investigating and there is no turning back!!!

    • 3

      Machang b 4 write rubbish u really need medication…keep on taking.

    • 2

      It is difficult to understand what this double barrelled gentleman with a Dr in front of his mixed up name is trying to say. Genocide is defined in the Genocide Convention as killings with an intention to destroy in whole or in part members of an ethnic group. The killings of innocent civilians by the Sri Lankan Army clearly falls within the definition of genocide. I have no doubt that LTTE committed gruesome killings of innocent civilians as well. But, their leaders are not there to face the music. Neither is it clear that they killed with the necessary intent. Programs like the Black July incidents were designed to eliminate Tamils as a group. There is a credible case to be made. THe linking of the Tigers to the charges of genocide is hardly a defence to the genocide committed by the Sinhalese forces. The argument perhaps justifies the trial of Padmanathan and other LTTE leaders who are with Rajapakse now. They are the next level leaders of the LTTE still alive. But the fact that the LTTE committed genocide can in no way excuse what an official government did against its own people. It would be difficult to prove genocidal intent in the case of the LTTE. But that is not the issue. The writer only shows that anyone can books and get PhDs these days even without an iota of clear thinking. The ruthlessness of the LTTE, their killing of Muslims are just whitewash to hide a horrendous genocide committed by the Rajapakse government and previous Sinhala governments against the Tamils.

      • 2


        The point that I am making is that the photo shows children being used for propaganda reasons, which I find offensive. I also made the point that the motive of genocide was more clearly demonstrated in the behaviour of the the LTTE than of the Government and its armed forces. If there was a central intent to wipe out the Tamil people, how do you explain the large number of Tamil people living happily in Colombo?

        The other point I made is that in my professional opinion there IS genocide occurring in the world today. I do not want people to agree with me about HIV/AIDS being deliberately manufactured and used as a biological weapon to reduce the “population explosion” without checking it out and evaluating my evidence and arguments. The reason I reached this conclusion was original research I conducted in Australia into the covert biological warfare programs conducted by Australia and the Allies during the Second World War and Cold War and the role of the eugenics movement in shaping medical, political (including immigration) and social policies. I did this research with a background as a family doctor and clinician, rather than an academic (I have a medical degree from the University of Queensland, not a PhD).

        I am not saying that the Tamils have not been discriminated against in Sri Lanka. The massacre and terrorization of Tamils in July 1983 is a blight on the country, and the Sinhala-only act of 1956 was understandably seen by the Tamils as an attack on their language and culture. The standardization of university entrance marks in the 1970s was discriminatory in practice, and probably intent. The burning of the Jaffna library was a monstrosity, that does support the idea that there was an attempt of cultural genocide at this time. But now there is official language parity and a trilingual education policy in Sri Lanka – I think this can bring lasting peace to a united country. If the foundations of multilingualism are built upon.

        • 1

          Dear Romesh,

          Thank you for your measured response to my somewhat emotional outburst. I do share your concern that the Tamil community is pursuing its traditional path to perdition by its emotional attachment to the LTTE. Its use of little children for propaganda is a case in point.

          You are optimist in seeing progress in the official language parity which has existed for quite a while though Sinhala and Buddhism are still exalted in the Constitution. There is a massive presence of military forces in the North. People live in fear. There is resettlement taking place there so as to ensure that the character and culture of the place is changed. Tamils have a genuine fear. You must also remember that over a million Tamils live outside their homeland. Many may be economic refugees but not all. They were driven out of SL through fear. Refugee cases decided by many courts around the world have held that they have a well settled fear of persecution in their homeland. Should this fear not be removed?

          Tigers are no more. It is best to leave them out of the argument. It is to be hoped that Tamils will not hanker for a return to the situation of the LTTE which was in many ways a repressive organization.

          But, if the charge of genocide can bring about changes to SL which is under an oppressive regime, it is best to pursue them. It will provide a deterrence against future behavior towards the Tamils, ensure that violence is not used in the elimination of opposition ( a practice used against the Sinhalese in eliminating 70,000 young Sinhalese and continued by the Rajapakses to kill off their enemies) and return the country to a modicum of decency through retribution,

          Also, the law on genocide has moved since your experiments. The law now recognizes notions of structural genocide where rape and killings are used to induce a people to follow a prescribed behavior. This is what the SL government is doing in the North and with the Muslims. All concerned Sri Lankans have a right to object to these events.
          Thank you for your comments and my apologies for my petulance.


  • 7

    Tamil Eelam from the start is a non-starter. Sri Lanka cannot and should not be divided. What we all require is equal rights for all citizens of Sri Lanka to live in Peace and in freedom and in a democratic environment.

    Even today for small children to wear Tiger T shirts and hold Tiger Flags is wrong. If any parent thinks that the child who is carrying the tiger flag today, without knowing what they are doing, after they attain certain age are going to carry the same flag, is a dream.

    No doubt most diaspora support Eelam while living comfortably in a developed country. They make noise but even to give money they have to be pressured or entertained (buying tickets for events). More and more younger Sri Lankans are recognizing that Tigers were Terrorists. Any individual, group or government that kills civilians is a Terrorist organization. These youngsters who are growing up want a Sri Lanka where every one has equal rights. So Diaspora support to Eeelam or Tigers is a dying phenomena, with time its going to fade.

    Modi has clearly understood it and he is putting pressure on President Rajapakse to deliver on his promise but he will never divide the country and create an Eelam.
    Let us all forget about the Tiger Flags and Tamil Eelam, lets all fight for equal rights, democracy, rule of law and democracy.

    • 3


      “More and more younger Sri Lankans are recognizing that Tigers were Terrorists. Any individual, group or government that kills civilians is a Terrorist organization.”

      I can go along with your assertion. Now the LTTE phenomenon is dead gone thanks to Hindians and IC. However the underlining problems are still there. It is up to the state and the ruling party to magnanimously address the real issues. War stopped, peace not achieved.

      A devolution package is not just for the Tamils but for the whole of the country, to all nine provinces. People must understand war was brought to an end by Hindia not by MR. Therefore Hindia is the guarantor of integrity of this island. Devolution of power may reduce conflict and assure the people of their share of ownership of this island.

      If not handle well the second generation with its world view, net work, resources and in its sophistication will continue to undermine the Sinhala/Buddhist one nation, without bullet being fired or blood being shed.

      Its time Sinhala/Buddhists are informed about the transformation that is taking place among the second, third or even fourth generation of the Tamil/Sinhala diaspora. They are not parochial as their parents once were.

      • 2

        Native Vedda, I agree with you that is the reason why I said “minority issu” and not Tamil issue.

  • 11

    We cannot afford to quarrel with India and have any hopes of finding a solution for the national question which may have to be reached in steps. If we continue to take the stand, Eelam or nothing, the chances are we will end up with nothing! Doesn’t experience teach you anything? We have already almost lost the East and do you want to lose the North as well and yet continue to harp about Eelam from the cool comfort of the Western countries?

    Sengodan. M

    • 5

      I agree. If the LTTE had not foolishly pursued Eelam or nothing policy with ruthless violence, Tamils would have something now as well as the sympathy of the international community. They have nothing now.

      • 1

        Quite untrue. The LTTE proxies wield considerable power abroad as demonstrated to the whole world by the actions of a certain David Cameron in Sri Lanka itself. What’s more, the natives of Canada and the US would literally die to be able to show even a tiny percentage of the power garnered by the newly arrived LTTE. Dead it is NOT.

  • 3

    Its quite astonshing that BRAHMINS are punching bag for all!! For every Swamy there is also a Jayalalitha. Classic case of generalization.

  • 1

    The writer is right in saying
    What history has proven is that the Congress state has covertly perpetuated many of the fascist, anti-people and chauvinist policies being criticized, but have seemingly successfully camouflaged it under liberal democratic and secular rhetoric whereas the BJP regime informed by Hindutva will overtly exhibit such qualities of the Indian state.

    So, what it means is, what ever be the party in power in India, the “Eezham Tamils” are cooked. Ergo, link up with Jayalalitha and begin a struggle by tighter integration with Tamil Nadu; with both the political forces at work in the state apparatuses as well the movements agitating in the streets.

    In other words, begin the same tactics inside T. N., directed against the center, that were launched in the North/East by Prabhakaran against the Colombo government?

    In other words, pit the Tamil Nadu tamils against the other Indian states, with the battle funded by the Diaspora?
    Doesn’t this strategy sound familiar after four Eelam wars?
    The Indians and the Sinhalese do not need to carry out genocidal action against the tamils. The “Eezham Tamils” have themselves done it far more efficiently than the Sinhalese or the IKPF. First, the top leaders decided to pit a small North/East population against a majority 10 times bigger than itself. Second, the initial 30 odd Eezahm liberating groups annihilated each other, as well as the top TULF leaders. This Darwinian process selected the most ruthless person as the “Leader” of the Eezahm Tamils. He in turn equipped our young people with Cyanide, and then sent them as cannon fodder to combat a state military machine only restrained by political indecision. So, the Eezahm Tamil leadership seemed to be hell-bent on eliminating both its respected older generation, as well as the younger generation. T

    The GENOCIDE against the Tamils was executed by the Eezam Tamil leaders, with the collusion of Sampantan and others, and they are more guilty of Genocide than the Indians and the Sinhalese. When Ponkoh Sivakumaran says I have no doubt that LTTE committed gruesome killings of innocent civilians as well. But, their leaders are not there to face the music, he forgets that the TNA leaders who accepted the LTTE and became their spokesmen are still here, and they have to face the music for aiding and abetting terrorism, just as the leaders of the Vichy government in France had to face the music after WW-II.

    When finally the Vanni Tamils were made to march into NandiKadal by the Eezahm leaders, forming a human shield for them, they wanted to ensure complete genocide. But the Sinahalese Army did not understand this, and opened up the Mud Bunds constructed by the Eezam Leader and released some 300,000 Tamils from this pooja of self-extinction to the cause that was the dialectical evolution of the Eezham project, where self-determination became self-extermination as death is better than Eelam-less defeat.

    Now, if the Kathiravans and Fr. Emmanuels join hands with Jayalalitha, they can pit the 60 million Tamils against the 940 million Indians and the Indian army, using the old Prabhakaran tactics. Begin by assassinating a few “traitors to the Eezaham cause” in Delhi. This is certainly a very effective approach to Tamil Genocide and Mr. Kathiravan must be congratulated for explicitly formulating it, using his dialectically argued plan for the “historic Eezahm struggle”, to finally extinguish even more Tamils.

    The structural isomorphism of the style of the narrative with machine-produced thinking characteristic of a narrow ideologue is symptomatic of the pathology of the Eezam syndrome where just one set of neuron circuits continues to fire, irrespective of the input stimulus. (This type of phenomenon is well known in molecular biology as Apoptosis).

    That is not genocide in the normal sense, but pathological geno-suicide symptomatic of the Eezham syndrome, already powering four Eelam wars. Now we can plan to have four more such wars, centered in Tamil Nadu itself, but operating from safe houses in every Indian city.
    But beware, they might hire Gothabaya to run the Indian Army!

  • 0

    Another diatribe from a defeated genocidal propagandist. Genocide is what Tamils dished out to Muslims residents of Jaffna. If Tamils can live in Jaffna, so can Muslims and Sinhalese, afterall Jaffna was predominantly populated by Sinhalese. The military presence of SL forces in Jaffna will be a permanent feature to secure the region for the increasing numbers of Sinhalese who will reclaim their birth right to settle there. If any innocent Tamils perished during the last stages of the war the Tamils wanted, started and lost in a humiliating fashion, it’s their problem. The state had to act to protect citizens and property and they did. There is no such entity of Eezam and there never will in Sri Lanka. Tamil homeland is Tamil Nadu – a squalid land without toilets where people squat and defecate in public. Those of you who do not like living in Sri Lanka can go there.Sooner the better.

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