4 March, 2024


Tamil Heritage Month Remarks: Impeachment Of Chief Justice GoSL Has Shown A Gross Disregard For The Rule Of Law

Chris Alexander, MP for Ajax-Pickering, spoke in the House of Commons on Tamil Heritage Month

Mr. Speaker, over the past several weeks I had the great pleasure of attending several Thai Pongal celebrations, including in my home riding of Ajax—Pickering where the Durham Tamil Association and the Tamil Cultural and Academic Society of Durham did a great job showcasing the talents of many Canadians of Tamil heritage.


With Canada now home to the largest Tamil diaspora outside South Asia, I was proud that Tamil Heritage Month was officially launched throughout the GTA on January 9. This great initiative began in my home region of Durham with declarations by the City of Pickering, Town of Ajax, Town of Whitby, City of Oshawa and the cities of Toronto, Brampton and Markham soon afterward.

At Thai Pongal, Tamil Canadians give thanks for a bountiful harvest and abundant blessings. They leave the past behind and open themselves to the new. Unfortunately, for four long years since the end of a protracted conflict, the government of Sri Lanka has failed to live up to this spirit. There has been no serious reconciliation and no accountability for alleged war crimes and mass killings. Even basic rights continue to be denied to Sri Lankan Tamils. With the recent impeachment of Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranayake, the Sri Lankan government has shown a gross disregard for the rule of law.

I ask my colleagues to join me in wishing all Tamil Canadians a great Tamil Heritage Month and a happy Thai Pongal.

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    Thank you Chris for the interest shown to the Tamil community at a time when the Tamil community in Sri Lanka is undergoing great hardships.

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      Have you thanked any of the Sri Lankans in Sri Lanka who have stood by Nortehrn and Eastern province Tamils of Sri Lanka? Or you just jump to thank everyone as long as they are Candadian MPs open to LTTE rump manipulations.

      How about over 6000 Sri Lankan soldiers who preished trying to release 300 000 Tamils from VP’s open air prison around Vanni, Sri Lanka? When will you thank them?

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    Just keeping Eezahmish his voters happy.

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      Can you get the Canadian Parliament to declare October as the “Vishawakeerthi Sri Threesinhaladishwara” month in honour of MR who won the Sun God Eelatamileshwara.

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        Native Vedda

        Why not make it “Gen. Sarath Fonseka month”….as he the true liberator of Sinhala People from LTTE war.

        Also could you explain the menaing of your “Vishawakeerthi Sri Threesinhaladishwara”………before I put it to Guinness world record book as the longest and the most honoured title in the world.

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          This honour was bestowed by the three prelates upon MR single handedly winning the war. Please don’t ask me as I didn’t bestow it on him.

          I am accustomed to repeating many things I don’t understand a quality I learned from my Sinhala/Tamil teachers.

          If you can find a Pali/Sanskrit scholar, not from Sri Lanka but anywhere else who might be able to help you with its meaning.

          Threesinhala – the three territories of Sinhala people, Ruhunu, Maya and Pihiti.

          Keerti – Fame or glory

          Vishawa – Entire, whole, Universe, all

          Dhiswara – The Supreme Lord

          Please assemble all these meaning in right order you might find something that does not relate to ordinary person on the street.

          Universally glorified supreme lord of three territories of Sinhala people, Ruhunu, Maya and Pihiti.

          I am sure I am wrong.

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            Like the king of nepal who is worshiped as krishna and has 2 wives.

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            Native Veddha,

            Thank you for describing President Rajapakse’s Honour title given by Buddhist Preletes,

            My friend Mahela say his neighbor Mervin also gives honour titles and sent me the one he got. That is …


            Do you think I should go ahead and get same or make it little better, so I will be more honoured in Sri Lanka……and also will get me a top Govt. Job or Ministerial Secretary job through this title.

            Please advise me as to if you or your friends or CT readers have anthing more to add to the above prestige title, before I tell Mr.Mervin to go ahead.

            Thank you all.

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              Jayantha & Mahela

              Have both of you gone ga ga?

              Get the title and put it in a bonfire and then write a book about it, appropriate title could be The Bonfire of the vanities – 2

              Longer title needs more fuel to burn it.

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        Hi Native Vedda,

        How much do I have to pay to buy your…… “Vishawakeerthi Sri Threesinhaladishwara”

        I don’t mind giving a latest Rolls Royce vempire and 20 acres of prime land….and 200 Air tickets to USA and Europe or Thailand……or even could kick out couple of CJs…….

        I may like the title little longer and more honour.

        I also like to get some Idi Amin type badges

        Let me have your comments.

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          I hear two more titles were bestowed on MR by different Sanghas.

          “Sri Lanka Dharanishwara Kalyana Dharshi ”
          by Amarapura Sri Kalyani Wansa Chapter.

          Felicitated by Amarapura Nikaya and Ramannya Nikaya

          “Visvakeerthi Sri Sinhaladeeswara”
          by Malwatte and Asgiriya chapter

          Now MR has a choice, he could chose any one of the titles for appropriate occasions or all at the same time. Since he has spare ones he might consider disposing one or two and replace it with Purple Heart, Brave Heart, Victoria Cross, First Lord of the Indian Ocean, as you know these are more valuable than the indigenous products.

          Why don’t you give him an offer he can’t refuse. Beware these are used titles.

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            Hi Native, Veddha,

            Thank you very much for your information regarding the Honour Titles Bestowed on President by the Buddhist Preletes.

            SUPRISE…..GUEST WHAT!

            I just herd my next door friend Mervin volunteered to give me a honor title which I was dreaming for a long time.

            It’s worth for my prestige and honour to enter the GUINESS WORLD BOOK OF RECORDS…..and Sri Lanka Politics which I plan to enter soon.

            The title he gave me was….

            [Edited out]


            Mr.Mervin said I just broke all the above records…..both prestige, honour and title of the Guiness Book of Records, and he wants me to register with the world record counsil.

            If you or anybody could help me to reaister…. (as to where I should submit like Google, yahoo,you tube.. etc)my above longest, most honoured and the most prestigious title will be helpful.

            I want to stay on top and Mr.Mervin said if anybody try to break this record, he will keep on adding more honour, prestige and the words to keep me on top to the above title.

            As per his hard work to create this, he needs only chicken feed for a week……and I think this is a bargain.

            Please keep me posted as to the address of Guiness WR counsil.

            I will let you know when I officially celebrate with Kiribath, helapa,aggala and “Koriander” kottamalli tea (as ordinary tea is a Colonial Conspiracy by product….and I boycott them)

            Thank you again.

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              Chicken feed is the advance payment, in return for the title he might expect little bit more than what you can afford, an arm and a leg perhaps.

              My advice to you is keep the Dustta at bay.

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              Hi, Native Vedda,

              Sorry….The title Mr.Mervin gave me was……

              [EDITED OUT]

              Please see if this is good enough….or need to add more.

              Thank you.
              Hope CT will publish this for your appraisal.

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              Native Vedda,

              Sorry….my friend Mervin doesn’t eat meat. He is a Vegetarian….or I think…..a Vegan.

              He said if the charges going to be little more, he may like some Polkudu (Coconut dust) or Thanakola (Grass curry) or some Kasippu…..since now we have a sugar minister.

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    I don’t sell anything as you describe I only barter honey and herbs.

    The title ““Vishawakeerthi Sri Threesinhaladishwara” was bestowed by the three prelates just after the war had ended.

    Price and details of how such titles can be bought and sold is a matter between the prelates and recipient. If you desperately longing for a title I suggest you approach JHU, Sangha, BBS and the intermediaries.

    If you like more honourable titles please contact Weerawansa. All his utterances exceedingly honorable.

    You could also approach LTTE Diaspora for titles such as Right Hounourable, National Leader, Voice of the nation, The Patriots, Maamanithar (great person).

    The only qualification attached to Maamanithar title is that you will have to die in the battlefield fighting for LTTE. Think about it.

    Apart from these known facts I can assure you I am not a wheeler dealer in comoditised titles. If I can find one who can deliver made to desire titles, definitely I will put you in touch with him/her/it.

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    When I visit Canada I meet several Tamils who migrated from India like the early Punjabi settlers and we speak several north Indian languages but less Tamil and they like to learn classical Tamil from the Jaffna Tamils (of course which I don’t know) Chris like other MP’s are clearly mentioning the Language and culture which does not mean just 300k Tamils from Sri Lanka (immigrants and refugees) or the 2million Tamils of Sri Lanka when there are over 80million Tamils all over India but the wider audience within Canada because these folk now hold responsible positions are of economic importance and of course carry a powerful vote. The Sinhalese have some clout with the hypocritical British in the UK but the demography and cold of Canada is different for the Sinhalese to succeed.eg the Brits brought the tea pluckers because the Sinhalese did not work in the wee hours but like the siesta in the beach like the Portuguese/Spanish. Canada has had Tamils from all over Asia long before the refugee influx from Lanka and is not a miniscule ethnicity like the Sinhalese. The Sinhalese even after borrowing from several other languages has not produced a proper dictionary so native veddha correctly calls them all kallathoni.
    On the other hand Tamil is a classical language which is still spoken and written and that is the only classical language spoken and written even in India. The Tamil language gave the world the Zero and decimal points so we can today be in the world of Zero Technology plus count our billions and trillions.
    What have the Sinhalese and the half-baked low class Tamils licking MR/LTTE given the world- the idleness and the begging bowl!

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    I am half tamil myself but i myself am not too comfortable with tamil heritage month because it sounds too much like black history month.

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      Aren’t Tamils dravidian black unlike their brethren Aryan Sinhalese?

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        ABCD is half tamil…..not full……and not complete Black. If so they could have a Yellow history month for them.

        For Sri Lankan Aryan Sinhaleas …..they could have a four season month celebration.

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    Wuli – I believe in the UK too today Lankan Tamils far outnumber
    the Sinhalese – both in numbers and in influence. My feeling is there are more of them now than in Canada – after thousands moved to the
    UK from the Continent in recent times – due to the European recession.

    “Half-baked low class Tamils” – your description – are also very much
    proud part of the Lankan Tamil Nation and beneficiaries of Classical Tamil (Senthamil) you mention. In as much many Dalits in Maharasthra found their fortunes improved after Babasaheb Ambedkar. A high degree of quality education (it is virtual 100% literacy there) and a greater social appreciation in the Tamil NEP presently is helping in the gradual disappearance of extreme casteism there in that universal truism propagated by Putha-Peruman (Buddha, if you like) that there are only two castes among men – the good and the bad.


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